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July 27, 2010

What's your favorite summer drink this year?

baltimore sun mojitosI scanned the news this morning, and saw stories about bedbug infestations, a homicide in Charles Village, the oil spill, and I thought 'Man, I need a drink.'

It's summertime -- one of the hottest summers in a long time. It's my favorite season for drinking, because I love ice cold cocktails.

This year, I've been keeping it simple: Vodka with light cran-razz and a splash of Rose's Lime juice. In past years, I was really into mojitos. This time around, I'm digging the citrusy twang.

What have you been drinking this summer? Beers count too, you know.

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Yikes! I just realized I haven't made a pitcher of mojitos all summer and that's my go-to summer libation. I did spend a weekend poolside sipping orange Creamsicle-like drinks. They were great when I started. Now I hope I don't have another one all summer.

Bacardi Limon and Ginger, lemon wedge. Dangerous on a hot day. It'll get you where you want to be in a hurry

Had a Moscow Mule at Bad Decisions the other day...very nice.

Hornito's Margaritas! or Skinny Girl Margaritas - watches the waist line and less sugar means no hangover!

... with light cran-razz ...

Laura, please give the keys to Midnight Sun back to a guy

I have no set name, but it has been called by many people "the ultimate summer drink." I'm not so sure, but it's in the 95th percentile.

Fill glass with ice. Preferably a high-ball or juice glass.
Add 1-3 shots of gin, depending on your preference.
A dash or 2 of bitters.
A splash of lime juice.
Fill rest of the glass with Bitter Lemon.

Moscow Mule out of a copper cup.

I would like to be able to say that a Painkiller is my fave this summer, but I have yet to find a bartender in this town who knows how to make them.

Over ice in a pint-glass:
2 oz dark rum
1 oz cream of coconut
4 oz pineapple juice
1 oz orange juice
Fresh grated nutmeg (sprinkled on top)

Hint, Hint to all you bartenders reading Midnight Sun ;-)

@Anon -- Darn right it's light cran-razz. As Queen Colleen would say, I've got to get it right, get it tight.

Sand Wedge. Rochester, NY favorite, as 1/3 people plays golf there:

-1 part citrus vodka
-1 part orange juice
-pour over ice and finish with 2 parts Fresca

Also dig the Cherry-Basil Mr. Happy (vodka lemonade) I made earlier this year (I'll post the simple method I used)

empty 1/2 each of 2 bottles of Simply Lemonade

blend together on high:
-one 750ml bottle lemon vodka
-1-2 cups fresh basil
-1/2-1 bag fresh (pitted) or frozen cherries (also works great with raspberries)

-pour the vodka mixture into the lemonade bottles and shake...portable, fierce, and amazing poured over plenty of ice in schweaty Baltimore...

gin and tonic, double lime, boodles british gin.

I second Nansea comments!


Mojitos! Margaritas! Gin and Tonics!

Oh yea, and a whole ton of water :)

Who cannot love a margarita in the summertime? The ones at Austin Grill pack a punch. Likely to get you in trouble!

Whiskey. And lots of it.

Gin & Tonic with cucumber and basil syrup. Ozzy ale for summer beer.

Anyone had this one: Turbo Painkiller? I have not (yet). It's a martini of sorts that's supposed to taste like a painkiller:

2 parts pineapple rum
2 parts coconut rum
1 part grand marnier
fresh grated nutmeg (sprinkled on top)

Sounds lethal! Maybe that new Water Street tiki bar will mix them up???

Flavored Stoli and club soda. 105 calories.

I'm hooked on Grapefruit Crushes right now, going so far as to purchase a restaurant-quality press juicer for my house.

@Rich B -- Now that's commitment.

Gotta go to pussers (annapolis) for a quality pain killer.

I've been keepin' it simple with bohs, and occasionally firefly sweet tea vodka and lemonade.


i'm with you. i've picked an odd season to get fully into bourbons and rye's

i recommend RI (spelled like pi with the bar over the i) as a damned good rye, despite the schticky name.

I've been digging anything with cucumbers & gin. It started with Hendrick's Martinis with a cucumber slice, then Bad Decisions' Cucumber-Dill G&T. Couple weekends ago, I mixed up some Twenty-Ones to cool off.

I have a feeling that I'm gonna move to basil drinks for the end of summer, though.

Purple Drank

Pour Cough Syrup, Sprite, Pieces of Grape Jolly Rancher into a styrofoam cup.


Simply Limeade & Sauze Silver Tequila on ice. The best thing that ever happened to my summer lush life.

John Dalys.

Leland Palmer

Fill pint glass with ice.
Add iced tea.
Add lemonade.
(or, if you have it, Arizona Iced Tea's Arnold Palmer, already mixed!)
Fill rest of glass with vodka.

Pretty simple...

One shot of Firefly + 8 oz's of Water + Ice


A cold can of Natty Light (of course with my No Way's coozie)

No name for it but....
Fill pint glass with ice
add Coconut Vodka (I use Van Gogh) to 1/2 - 2/3s full
add club soda almost to the top
finish off with a decent splash or two of pineapple juice

It's like a pina colada without the sticky heavy sweetness - very refreshing!

I now have to rescind my comment about no one in bmore knowing how to make a painkiller. Katie, at the Tiki Barge, knows!

When it's really hot outside, I like to slam a half-gallon carton of whole milk. Milk: It's always a good choice.

Yesss Sam, thanks for the "Get it tight, Get it Right"shout out.
My favorite drink of the summer has been Citrus Vodka and Rockstar Lemonade. Or regular lemonade. The Rockstar just helps me keep it tight a little better. It's sugar free.

"Perhaps the milk was a bad idea!"

-Ron Burgundy

I'm with Ecomm. Pint glass full of ice, half ice tea vodka, half water. Easy ingredients and gets you where you want or need to go.

Or a Natty Boh

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