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July 23, 2010

Virgin Mobile FreeFest presale: How did it go?

Advance tickets for the Virgin Mobile FreeFest were offered in a pre-sale at 10 a.m. today.

According to organizers, Virgin Mobile customers and fans who attended previous festivals were sent a promotional code, and could log onto to register for two tickets each.

How did it go? Were you able to get tickets? The rest of the tickets will be available at 10 a.m. tomorrow.

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I was able to get tickets but only going through the backdoor link (also available on the merriweather site) - the main site is full of fail.

Not pretty - crashed for about 15 minutes, but I finally got my two tickets around 20 minutes into sale.

Great ... after some initial headaches, it is super easy.

But it is also super easy to cheat. So scalpers are going to have a field day.

But they are controlling ticket flow more this year. Tix wont be available at all until the week of the show

Got mine!

Ticketfly definitely had some serious issues but whoever was tweeting for @virginfestival and @ticketfly were on top of things. They got info and links out to their followers and I was able to get tickets about 15-20 min after the presale started.

I guess sometimes it pays to be late to the party, scored mine on the first go-round, must have missed the crashing events...

looks like only expensive seats are available for presale now.

Can someone give me the promo code? Didn't know about this concert until today.

I agree with luvlyreada - twitter posts were right on top of things. I went in on Firefox instead of IE and got my tickets right away. Ticketfly was a bit of a cluster, though...

PROMO CODE anyone? Please help!

I'm really mad. I've been to Virgin fest twice. I went two years ago and I went to Virgin freefest last year and I was not sent any sort of promotional code. I didn't even know of the promo code until I tried to get tickets at 10 am. So much for sending the code to previous attendees.

as usual with Ticketfly, there were MAJOR issues. Not sure what they spent that $3 Mil they received to get up to speed, but it wasn't their servers!

My biggest beef with Ticketfly is that it seems to have caused most the large acts to go to Jiffy Lube since they still use Live Nation. Unless Ticketfly can get their act together and Merriweather can start filling their roster they should go back to Ticketmaster. This is coming from a huge Ticketmaster hater.

I have attended the previous festivals as well and received no code. I'm also on their email lists. I know several other people the didn't receive the code as well. It's pretty ridiculous for them to not reward people who having been paying customers.

not to sound like a jerk, but it's super easy to get promo codes. its called googling it. there are a ton of websties that post codes for presales for free. wiseguys presale codes are good.

The promo code was all over the place. If you followed Virgin on Facebook or signed up to receive updates from their web site, you had it.

A simple Google would have given it to you, too. It was on Slickdeals the day after the lineup was announced.

also- tickets are still available tomorrow, so all is not lost. 10am. be on top of your game.

I tried to get 2 tickets and my computer came up with a warning alert- "THIS SHOW REALLY SUCKS - DONT BOTHER!!!"

I agree with the TICKETFLY vs TICKETMASTER comment. In previous years MPP's line-up ROCKED - this year is VERY DISAPPOINTING !!

NO ONE - even people that live close to Jiffy Lube want to see concerts there!

Everything about that place is BAD

I was able to get in and get 3 pairs (using 3 different emails, addresses, and names). they said the process this year would make it harder for this to happen, but it was easier since you didn't even need to enter credit card info this time around.

If you were expecting your presale code via your GMail account, I hope you checked your spam folder.

I didn't, and I got boned.

Que sera, I'll be ready tomorrow morning.

I went last year just for The Hold Steady and had a good time.

This year, I'll be going just for LCD Soundsystem and will expect the same good time.

never got email w promo code even though i got tix last year

your ticket will have your name on it. in order to enter MPP, you will have to show your ticket and id. you are allowed one guest. So if you bought tickets with the hopes of scalping them, you won't be able to.

How is that even enforceable? They're going to look at tens of thousands of IDs? What if my guest comes later in the day, because we want to see different bands?

Are entrance lines going to be hours long?

Also, unfortunately its likely that by that point if you bought a scalped ticket you're out of luck. You already paid for the ticket, then you can't get into the concert,

I wouldn't go to this show even if it were free. oh wait

If you guys don't think this lineup is fantastic then you really don't know live music...LCD, thievery... you must be the people I see at shows lately just standing still, looking miserable. Especially since it's free! the last local thievery show at pier 6 had tickets starting at around $50. this is an awesome deal

If you don't like what I like, you suck

this is ridiculous
why the hell do they say they have presale for 12 horus and then 3 hours into it and its not working?
ive litereally been trying for the last hours straight and i havent gone through and my friend does it her first time while im 30 mins in and bam she got it
god i hate this ... so much

I couldn't access Ticketfly directly...I had to go through the link on the Virgin Mobile Freefest page. That worked, and I got tix at about 10:40.

the free tickets in the pre-sale are sold out. the only tickets left right now are the paid pavilion seats. more free tickets go on sale tomorrow am.

My girlfriend got the e-mail with the promo code,and after the Ticketfly servers were able to get on their feet, we easily got our pair of tickets. Looking forward to another great time.

natalie...if you're still trying to get presale tickets, I hope you've got a time machine; they sold out hours ago (unless you want the $125 pavilion seats).

There was a limit on the # of tickets available for the pre-sale. Those are gone, stop trying.

The rest of the tickets will be available Saturday at 10 a.m.

I'm incredibly disappointed. I also did not get a pre-sale code, and no, I don't think I should have to go to Google to get a code if I attended three of the past five Virgin festivals. Three times, I had tickets, only to see Ticketfly crash or kick me out because "the web session expired" even though time was remaining on their stupid clock. This is absolutely shameful.

Tickets were not on sale at 10am, they were gone, unless you mean the 125 dollar tickets. it would let you get through most of the checkout process and then tell you the tickets were unavailable. And that was when it didn't freeze up and kick you out.

ticketfly system is terrible, I advised their cust svc (after holding for 20 min) that I would have preferred to pay ticketmaster processing fee to know my transaction would actually go through...

I've been trying since 10 on three different computers I get really close, but still haven't completed the final form it keeps crashing this is ridiculous!!!!!

... Ticketfly [sucks...

Your post is factually incorrect. Plenty of people, including yours truly, got tickets. At 10 a.m., TicketFly had a lot of server issues, but by 10:30 getting tickets was a breeze.

Anyone who had the promo code, and didn't get tickets just gave up too early.

Md Music,
Don't act so entitled. All you had to do was hit the "Keep me updated" button on the FreeFest web site and you would have had the code. Lots of people have been to 3 or 4 Virgin Fests. You sound like a stick in the mud, I'm glad you'll be at home for this show

at Free Fest Attendee, I've been doing it all the way through from 10am till this very moment, and it doesn't work on any browser, if you get lucky and get through don't think that works for everyone, because I'm still trying here, and there system has javascript issues, it's not just the server it's the actual client side code...

Also, I was at the screen where I need to create a new account, so I had tickets, but it still timedOut both times on submit...

That's why I'm so livid, because I've been sitting here for over an hour...

This is some .... [bad words]

I'm speaking to yesterday's presale. I dont know what kind of mess is going on today.

Well here is what happend to me with this whole debacle.. I tried for about a hour and a half to get tickets through the site... I get to the you have tickets screen 3 times and complete the new user form, and the javascript timer on the site times out before the server response comes. Obviously due to server overload. Now... this whole time I'm on hold for customer support. I finally get through to customer support, explain the issue, and they tell me that they literally can't do anything about it, and to call the other line. Which I had called three times before and only received a busy signal each time. At this point I call customer service again, and I ask to speak to a manager, and was hung up on after they told me they couldn't do anything for me, but tickets were still available... Then, I try the other line again. Get through and was told they are just to overflow and are out of tickets. Call back to speak to a manager again where they assure me that I was not hung up on, but they were having phone issues, and that none of my orders went through, and that there is nothing they can do about it. I'm only saying all this so if other people had that same encounter with Ticketfly they are not alone.

enjoy the show guys. I've been to the last three and they have always been fun..

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