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July 13, 2010

The Smashing Pumpkins hecklers

There were more than a few hecklers in the crowd for last night's Smashing Pumpkins show at Rams Head Live (here's my review of the show). Something feisty must have been in the air, because people were hurling curse words at the stage -- at least from where I was standing near the back bar. Here are a few of the heckles I wrote down ...

Before the show started: "C'mon Billy, you're as old as I am. We don't stay up past 11. It's Monday night."

A few songs in: "Hey Corgan, suck my [ahem], son!"

Several minutes later: "It's good to see all of the four band members."

After 'Bullet With Butterfly Wings:' "Despite all my rage, there is still only one Pumpkin on stage!"

Hang tight for that review.

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Any word on VirginFest line-up announcement?

I was standing close to the back bar as well (near the drunk guy who repeatedly screamed for Billy's opinion on Lebron James.) Still not sure what went on between the guitarist and the guy who threw the water, but there were quite a few disrespectful "fans" in the crowd last night. No, it wasn't the original line-up, but anyone who bought a ticket should have realized that. Regardless, I thought they sounded great.

I didn't pick up on the heckling at all but the guitarist was extremely upset with the guy who threw the water.

I thought overall it was a great show, They played forever. I didn't know what to expect but they did play a lot of their hits.

Let me start off by saying that I go to a fair amount of shows (probably 2-5 a month) and what I witnessed from the crowd at rams head last night was not unlike many other shows as far as the fans go. As briefly mentioned above, a kid in the audience (maybe 17yo) threw an opened water bottle into the air so that it sprayed over other fans, in the direction of the guitarist on stage. I can't tell you how many times I have seen members of other bands get hit by water bottles or sprayed. In the past, band members always reacted in a positive manner- either by brushing it off or joking about it (As handled recently by My Morning jacket and Phish at Merriweather Post)...because let's face it, it's just water! But the guitarist, 36 yo Jeff Schroeder, proved more immature than the 17yo by trying to instigate a fight with him. Not once, but twice Schroeder told the kid to come on stage and to paraphrase "was going to punch him in the face". I still can't get over the unprofessionalism and immaturity of Schroeder. He was definitely not joking. Other than that, I thought the show was fantastic!

I was very disappointed in the Smashing Pumpkin "fans". I got a pair of tickets with the sole intent to sell them for a profit on the secondary market.

Be more dedicated, "fans" ... I only made $20 off the sale. I expected a bigger payday. Hopefully Justin Bieber's fans are more dedicated than you all are.

"Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?”

Anonymous- haha...what'd you think it was going to be like the Beastie Boy's show there in the past? Unless it's the Boss playing his first show in MD in over 30 years, the Baltimore concert ticket market is pretty sub-par. Here's some advice- Due Diligence. You got schooled by Rams Head. What was initially said to have sold out in minutes was a marketing ploy and in fact, many more tickets were later released the very same day it "sold out". Additionally, you need to take into consideration the face value of the tickets and the majority age group in attendance. The majority of the crowd was under the age of 20 and thus the $45 ticket (55 with service fees) was already a pretty steep price for most interested fans. Yes, there were definitely some older fans there, with probably a lot larger disposable income, but the majority of adults age 35+ are not going to come out to a Monday night show. You also have to realize that this band is not the freshest act out right now. Had the tickets been $20-$35, you might have been able to make some money. got what you deserved

Sorry "you're welcome" ... my post may have not been clear. I profited $20 ... didn't sell them for $20.

So I did make money. And that is what I deserved, I agree.

Was standing right next to the kids that threw the water bottle. Biggest douchebags I've ever seen in my life.

I was in the front row of the balcony, right above the kid that threw the bottle. Looked like he was part of the group of about 10 idiots who thought slam dancing was a good idea.

The show was great, though I'm not the biggest Gossamer fan in the world - not my favorite way to end a great night.

i liked when that guy yelled "put your [gee golly gosh darn] shirt on" to the lead singer of the opening band. those guys were the worst. sounded like 80's arena rock

@guest -- Who doesn't like it when bands end their shows with 18-minute mostly instrumental anthems? I was the guy in the back yelling for the Pumpkins to play Emerson, Lake and Palmer's "Tarkus" in its entirety.

one oldest original pumpkin. but he is the soul, the heart, the brains. he recorded almost all of the semiase dream except drums. he wrote MCIS and recorded with all member. now he wrote TbK and record it with all the members. there will be some epic gems in TbK. Freak is awesome.the first song I honestly liked. A Stitch in Time is up there, with Freak. cant wait for Tom Tom, Zen Baby and As Rome Burns. Pure awesomness

@Sam - right on about the instrumental anthem. Kind of like when Spinal Tap did the free-form jazz exploration in front of the puppet show crowd.

What's wrong with punching someone in the face after he starts throwing things at you while you're performing? I know standards are a bit lower at rock shows versus, say, at the opera, but people shouldn't expect to just harass performers guilt and getting-punched-in-the-face-free.

I was a little disappointed in the crowd as a whole last night. I wasn't shocked when the 2 pre-show bands got heckled; that's only to be expected as people want to see the big ticket band.
But then Billy & the gang came on & as I looked up at the second & third tiers, people weren't even moving. You would have thought they were at a mandatory presentation for work, or something. They just bent over the railing, lifeless...not even keeping the beat, smiling, or anything...even during the older, more mainstream songs!
I was up in the front of the stage to the left & I saw a lot of the 'wild' stuff go down--I saw the "x's" on their hands, so no surprise they were under 21.
Still, I don't know which was more least those kids were pumped, albeit with not-so-great ways of displaying it. But, after all, it's a rock concert & they were having fun unlike a lot of the others there.
I still had a GREAT time; I loved the long set list (last number was a little out there, even for their standards), but I got to see Billy in concert. No, it's not 1993, but it was still pretty awesome.
Wish I had pictures to remember the night, though!

Nature boys. They don't have no function. Etc.

As for why the guitarist got upset, it's an ELECTRIC guitar. Electricity + water = BAD. It's true that there should not, in theory, be any high voltage or high current levels at the guitar or mike (especially if using a wireless rig, rather than plugging in with a cord), but any roadie can tell you that what should be the case isn't always true.

More than one electric guitarist has been electrocuted, as in "dead". Do a web search on Les Harvey and Stone The Crows for one such episode. In brief, the strings on his guitar were attached to ground, but his microphone was attached to a different circuit, and the two grounds were not common, so when Les grabbed the mike while holding his guitar, he completed a high voltage circuit and was instantly killed.

Those who have supreme confidence in their roadies, their gear, and the proper wiring and grounding of their equipment can laugh off water, but I don't begrudge anybody who gets a bit touchy about it.

I don't understand what they mean
And I could really give a f

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