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July 24, 2010

How did Virgin Mobile FreeFest tickets go?

So I just rolled out of bed and realized the Virgin Mobile FreeFest tickets went on sale a half hour ago. Whoops.

How did the giveaway go? How many people sprung for the $125 pavilion seats, vs the free tickets for the lawn? All in all, they're giving away more than 30,000 tickets. Did you get one?

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Ticketfly was nice to some users, but if you tried to donate (like me) you probably lost your tickets because of the slow servers.

I tried to get them at about 10:03 and was unable to. The site totally froze up. The same went for all of my friends. It was huge disappointment.

it was infuriating. i tried, right at ten, on three different computers, my phone, even BY phone. nothing. very disappointing experience, and twitter/facebook were not at all informative. worse than yesterday.

TICKETFLY SUCKS, site crashed 7 times when i was at the process order page. i don't know why Merriweather would waste their money with this cheap company who obviously can't handle this type of traffic

We were on site right at 10 and site kept freezing up or telling us web session expired and by 1025 we finally got through verification process and told no seats available even with donations.....only GAPavilion @ $125 available

site crashed constantly... hopefully next time they will use ticketmaster

P.S. This happened last year and they released more tickets the following week. Keep your eyes/ears open!

I was clicking the 'refresh' button continuously from 9.55 a.m. I got in, selected my tickets, entered all the details and hit the 'confirm' button. The page then went to 'loading' for about 10 minutes and then I got the 'web session has expired-please start again' message. Of course by then all the tickets had gone. What a waste of time. Totally frustrating.

And here I sit like a donkey still trying. 49 minutes later. It crashed on me every time. I got all the way until the end and it still kicked me out. Sad face. I took off work for this. I'M NOT GIVING UP! Free Makes Everything Better!!!!!

Really infuriating. I've attended three Virgin Festivals and did NOT receive a pre-sale code, despite what the promoters promised. Four different times this morning, I had tickets in hand, only to have the site crash or be kicked out because "the web session expired." TicketFly is completely rinky-dink, and IMP should be ashamed of itself.


I'll trade you tickets for Mothers gift certificates

i was at the checkout page 4 separate times during the past hour. each time some error would occur on ticketflys part.

Reading that the password presale did the same exact thing....10 minutes and gone and freezes and crashes

I think it's time to move on...every time I get through to the end (and this has been the case since about 10.15 a.m.) it says 'there are no tickets available at that price'. If you want to attend FreeFest now, you'll have to pony up $125, or look for a volunteer opportunity, or get tickets from the scalpers who are already on Craigslist looking to turn a sweet profit.

Gots Mines!!!

I like this blog, so I'll let your readers in on a little secret.

I don't care which of you wankers has been to my festival before. Most of the tickets for this show are free for you. It is a dice roll for me - which of you leeches are going to come in, spend $100 stuffing your fat, American faces with beer and hot dogs, and which of you are going to come for one band, spend no $, and leave?

You've been to 3 concerts before. Whoop de doo. A better argument would be "I was going to spend $500 at Merriwather on my fat family of four!" Then I would be disappointed you didn't get tickets to my show!

Keep up the good work, Sam! Cheers.

Sir Richard

For what it's worth, there are still $30 tickets available. I know, it's not free, but if you want to go, this may be your way in.

just got two free tickets through firefox keep trying!

I started right at 10, and didn't get them until 11:01, trying 2 different computers. TicketFly is horrible. But keep trying.

Tickets were still available a few minutes ago. Requires lots of patience. But went pretty smoothly all things considered. It appears the lackadaisacal will be rewarded.

just got 2 at 11 through firefox



I finally got tickets at 11.10 a.m. Despite trying dozens of time and getting the 'no tickets available at that price' message, I tried again and unbelievably it went through! Keep trying people!

it took me an hour to get through after being told time and again that my session "expired" after 30 seconds of trying to load/buy my reserved tickets. i'm happy i finally got them but ticketfly really needs to sort of its glitches. good luck everyone still trying! maybe it'll work better now that more people have probably given up

I was through to the registration page four times and each time it froze and kicked me back out. Ticketfly is horrible.

I've been trying to get tix for two hours, to no avail. Either it timed out at checkout, or it wouldn't let me on the site at all! This was my first and last time using Ticketfly, they are completely unreliable!

3 hours later and nothing to show for it. I almost feel like there couldn't have been enough of the free tickets available in hopes people succumb to the $125 pavilion seats. I had gotten through about 10 times and the farthest I got was payment info page before it failed. What am I suppose to do now? I hate your ticketfly.

This was a failure!! System kept crashing, even when you "got" the tickets, the site would crash at checkout!! Ticketfly=Evil!
Very, very disappointing. I have scored tickets the last 2 years effortlessly from Ticketmaster.

I got on the site about 9:50, and had the page up where you had a link to hit refresh at the bottom. At 9:59 I started hitting it about every 20 seconds. Just after 10 it let me get 2 tickets no problem. I guess I was super lucky! The pages quickly moved through and I didn't have any long loading times. Maybe I should go buy a lottery ticket now...

Dear anon,
I am all about barter,

serious inquires only. Haha.
And I'll be in big trouble when the powers that be read this.

(email me!)

I wish Ticketfly would get their s*** together. There was no rhyme or reason as to who got tickets and who didn't, it was just a game of chance. I can understand them selling out quickly at the start, but people logging in 11 were getting tickets while those of us who started right at 10 are still empty-handed.

I went last yr had no money, except for an ice-cream bar and bottled water I shared (unemployed ok) , still it wuz ALL good, luck striked again and I'm bringing my penniless az there once more :D :D can't complain ;) .... Better have ice cream!!!!

I got mine a little after 11. Logged in around 10:20 or so because I completely forgot. The site was having issues but if you followed VirginFest on Twitter, they told everyone that there were still tickets available, no need to panic. Its a free concert. People from all over the East Coast are going to try to attend. No one is "entitled" to go. Calm down.

ticketmaster, ticketfly, live nation, whatever - if there's enough demand for a show their sites are going to freeze up or crash or whatever...welcome to the digital age. crashing sites now = busy signals in the '90s. chill out.

It's real easy for people who got tickets to tell everyone to calm down. Of course no one is entitled to go, but they should have took some measures to try to prevent some of the chaos, including abuse of the system. Meanwhile, folks who sincerely wanted tickets don’t have them and scalpers are selling “free” tickets on Ebay.

I agree with you. The situation was bad when tickets became available, and its worse now for people who didn't get them. It is absurd that I can't buy tickets from someone to go to this show!

If Jimmy Buffet sells out, I have the option to go to a secondary source to buy tickets. But with this ridiculous ID policy, I'm totally shut out from this show. Capitalism is a pretty wonderful thing, let it play out!

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