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June 1, 2010

The Midnight Sun Resurrection Can Photoshop Finalists

I wanna start by thanking everybody who submitted entries in the first (and probably last) Midnight Sun Resurrection Can Photoshop Contest. Some of the photos kept me giggling for quite some time.

I have narrowed down the 20-odd entries to six finalists. To help prevent this from becoming a popularity contest, I'm keeping the authors anonymous until the winner is decided.

Everybody gets to cast one vote (in the comments section) for their favorite image. One vote is the limit. Also, don't just say "No. 1" -- tell us why you like the one you picked. The voting ends at midnight Thursday.

Are you ready? Here goes ...

alien resurrection


No. 1 -- "Alien Resurrection"

aqua teen beer force




No. 2 -- "Aqua Teen Beer Force"











it's a can



No. 3 -- "It's a Can!"

















last supper



No. 4 -- "Last Sipper"










zombies and jesus beer



No. 5 -- "Zombie and Jesus Beer"
















twilight resurrection



No. 6 --  "Twilight Resurrection"








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the last supper

No 3! It's a can!
Because the idea of giving birth to a can is hysterical and the guy's face is priceless.

#6 for me; it's Baltimore-themed, a good PS job, & something I'd like to see in real life.

#6, best actual photoshopping, its local, and makes me wonder why there is not a giant inflatable can of Resurrection on top of the bromo-seltzer

I agree with #6, That can looks like its actually there. Great photoshopping

Dan..... Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.........

[scurries back to the wacky-inflatable-flailing-arms-tube-guy rental store......]

#5, zombies and Jesus.

Why? Sacrelicious.

Kudos to #6 - if zombies and jesus weren't there, it would be a clear winner.

#3, It's a Can!

What is wrong with that guy? Love it!

No 4.

The contest is over! Football in the groin!

I can't believe #2 is getting no love. That's hysterical.

It also features the can more prominently than the rest.

Love #6 for the local angle

Thanks, Chop. That was a dream I had one night after going to Brewer's Art.

#3 easily - hahahahahhaha

Have to agree with the Chop. #2 for prominent usage of the can and awesome mashup with a great cartoon.

#6! Since we can't see the tower from the ballpark anymore, a can on top is a good consolation prize.

#6 is the best...I like it because it says Baltimore.

#4 The Last Sipper is my 2nd choice.

Can I change my vote to "Football in the Groin"?

#3 Hands down.

#3 - Bwaaa?


Would hate to see the 14 that didn't make the cut.

#6 gets my vote.

Oh, really well done photoshopping. Just very eyecatching.

NO. 3. It's reborn. Great Photoshop job.

#6 because of the local flair and it's the most well done PS job of the bunch.

Absolutely #5 - it's got star-power.

#2 | meatwad get the honies, see...

#6 edged "it's a can" due to the use of Bromo tower.


Would hate to see the 14 that didn't make the cut.

Ta da. Here are some that didn't make the finals. Some by me and some by a couple of friends who are too lazy to post them on a blog of their own.

#2, that cracks me up. Good use of the product and putting Shake's features on the can is hilarious.

Second fave would be zombie army lead by Resurrection-drinking Jesus.


Definitely #6. It's a Baltimore thing.

#6 definitely! It's that Baltimore thing......

Runners up: I love the line "Last Sipper."

And I love seeing Master Brewer hangin' with Meatwad and Frylock...but it doesn't fit the brand.

Winner: Gotta be #6!

#3. It's the hat that sells it.

#2 is awesome and it's definitely my favorite...
but I see how #6 fits better with the local scene and brand image.

I don't remember the rules being that you had to promote the product or promote Baltimore. I think it was photoshop something funny. If that's the contest then Aqua Teens kick ass! Come on, Master Shake as a beer is fan-freakin-tastic!

Second funniest is zombie Jesus but way more disrespectful which is ok too.

#3 all the way, this guy must have been very unproductive at work lately to come up with this concept, the hat puts it over the top!

screw politically correct abd what the chamber of commerce woud like. this is freakin midnight sun, y'all.

Master Shake #2 is the beat out all best.\

it's a can is funny but the pshop is real primitive.

#1, because it's not getting any love and Alien needs something good to go for it.

Meatwad don't care about Chamber of Commerce. Meatwad submit completely to #2. Meatwad now drink Master Beer Shake before Carl gets here.

"local scene"?
"brand image"?

Jeez. I thought this was supposed to be fun, not a freakin' Elk's Lodge forum.

#6 is some good work with the Photoshop for sure, but #3 by far the best - it embodies the whole idea of 'new', and the guys face is priceless!

#3 Makes me think Norman Rockwell! Love it.

Going with #6 here, because it's really well done and I love that it reps B-more. I also think it's funny because wasn't "a can on top of the Bromo-Seltzer tower" one of the reasons Sam had to nix the actual photo contest to begin with?

#3 and the last supper one are hilarious and well done as well, but #6 it is.

#3 - so clean. so edgy. so Baltimore

#3 FTW - I'm impressed, beer instead of a baby. As a species we wouldn't stand a chance but it would be delicious way to go out

#6 is really great.

3 for sure. You mean to tell me that if I get a girl prego I get a case of beer. Condoms have just left my monthly budget

#3. Great face!!

go for #6

#6- it should be used as an actual ad.

#3, the guy from the beverly hill billies had a baby it.

#3 ... He's clearly the most excited!

getting a little suspicious about people voting more than once for 3 and 6. Time to compare IP addresses

#6 I like it because it is pretty and professional looking.

I am going to have to go with #6. Local, beautiful, almost surreal!

#6 for sure. I agree with someone else - could be a magazine ad.

El número 6 es mi favorito. Esto es claro e inteligente. Esto no es ofensiva también.

#6 is my chouce--very creative

Kudos to everyone. Sam should be happy that people spent so much time contributing their creative skills mostly for the sake of his little Army of Snarkness. ;-)

All of the finalists have significant merit. Given that they are being judged on ad hoc criteria not stated or different than in the contest announcement I think some reflection is in order.

Take it, and use it in a funny illustration.

#6 is lovely and worthy of a professional ad designer, but funny? No. The rules do not say promote local kitsch icons; not try to get a job promoting Brewer's Art. Funny. Baltimore people, think outside your stoop. We're better than our hackneyed symbols. Stretch and breathe.

They are all good in very very different ways and I think that's why Sam chose them – because they are unique or at least distinct.

I think Brewer's Art should award them all a case of Rez cans or at least a sixer or a sensual back rub.

The participants all did good work. Hell, even my step-bro and his brosephs' losing entries on his blog got 500 hits since yesterday based upon one comment here (according to OMG).Brewer's Art, you should kiss Sam's uh press pass.

Free beer for all gladiators, I say!!! Semper hops!

Bring on more games!!! I love the smell of Photoshop in the morning. It smells like ... victory!!!

Full disclosure: I don't know Photoshop and tried to get my 11 year old to do it for me but was rebuffed. "Oh Mom..... really!"

Sad, sad, sad.

#6. It looks cool, has that "Dark Knight" Vibe, and when was the last time anything was on top of the Tower?

Well, Kap, there happen to be lots of cell phone and emergency-communications antennas up there. And I got permission to climb up there for a series of photos in May 2001--my book "Baltimore Then & Now" has a photo on page 49 that's now impossible, as you'd be shooting into a window of the Hilton or something. Though you can still get that view on page 71.

And you know the old line about picking up the radio signals in your teeth fillings? After the time I spent up there in that antenna farm that day, I wonder if I can still have kids.

ADMIV FWIW your book is in my Baltimore Essentials collection - kudos!

I like #6 because it feels retro...very in style now.

Even though it doesn't have a prayer of winning, my favorite is #5 Zombie and Jesus Beer.

Zombies are resurrection personified. I like how the deity is depicted as a loving and genial dude instead of a heartless Judgementator, blowing up volcanoes and oil wells in retribution for homosexuality, debauchery and liberalism.

That photoshopped Res can in the hand of the smiling savior makes even the Fourteen Stations of the Cross seem bearable. Yeah, this is a guy you could spend eternity with.


Hey Sam - I have to go with the Zombie and Jesus beer. Mainly because of the many times me and my friends have been crucified by resurrection and felt zombie like the next day.... p.s. The Res in a Can was way better than i expected. Not as good as tap or bottled, but still better than anything else I've had in a can...

Def #3!! Most creative by far!!

#3 for sure. totally hilarious. the face is priceless!

Hey, wait a minute--I didn't read anything in the rules about the need for the Photoshop version to be legally registered! Hell, did it even say it had to be Photoshop and not Photoshop Elements or Photoshop LE? What about PhotoButcher or..... lessee, this CD says "Photoslop 6.0"..........

That's it, Sam: Winner gets a new laptop with Adobe Photoshop's latest edition!

Agreed- number 3-- That's so a guys face when his wife has a baby and when a guy gets beer. Baby = Beer

#3 all the way!!!

Okay, it's after midnight, now *I* can chime in.

#1: well, the problem is that the can isn't prominent enough. Catchy, insofar as Brewer's Art IS mentioned, but if you don't know the movie (and I don't), well....

#2: Okay, nice imaging job. But what if you've never seen whatever cartoon that thing is from? I mean, I kind of recognize that meatball on the ground and the french-fry dude, but with no context...... funny? No.

#3: decidedly different and funny, and humorous--but such a lousy cut-and-paste job that it makes ransom notes and "South Park" look like brilliant graphics treatments. And maybe I just have too much of a feminine side to me, but I see things from that virepoint, and I start hurting from the thought of having just passed a case of beer through my [DELETED]........... ummmmm..... I'll get back to you.

#4: Okay, so-so twist on the name/theme, but gad, I'm sick of the overdone "Last Supper" meme.

#5: Surreal in so many ways, funky, strange.... got a snort of a chuckle out of me, at least.......

#6: Okay, does NOBODY besides me know that the tower in question, originally called the Emerson Tower, got its name because it had a giant blue bottle of Bromo Seltzer atop it for years as an advertisement?!?

Well, heck, MY photo was a can placed atop the Druid Hill Park reservoir tower, with the city skyline in the background, implying that there was going to be a slight change to the water in the city soon..........

So who won?

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