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June 14, 2010

The Bros Icing Bros post

this is a smirnoff ice, just like the one i iced Evan with this past weekendBy now, you've probably heard about Bros Icing Bros, the latest ingenious drinking game/viral marketing coup to hit the frat scene.

No one is exactly sure who started it. Could be some random kids, or Smirnoff Ice itself. It's almost too good to come from corporate.

Here's how it works: A frat guy (also known as a Bro) named, say, Sam, will present another frat guy, who we'll call Evan, with a "delicious" Smirnoff Ice. Sam will typically say something like "YOU GOT ICED, BRO!"

According to Bro code, Evan must immediately drop to one knee and chug the Smirnoff Ice, regardless of the surroundings. This could happen at the mall, bar, frat house or even a wedding. It only works with Smirnoff Ice ...

But -- and this is a huge "but" -- if Evan already happens to have an unopened Smirnoff Ice on him, he will show it to Sam, and Sam has to drop to one knee and chug them both. That's called a "double icing." Double icings are dastardly.

The New York Times even did a story about this, which had the hilarious headline "Popular New Drinking Game Raises Question, Who's 'Icing' Whom?"

I bring this all up because this past weekend, a few of us were talking about it during Dundalk Bar Crawl III: Return of the Midnight Sunners. We were at the Gray Manor Inn (2816 North Point Road) when I slyly asked our bartender for a Smirnoff Ice.

When I got it, I whipped around, thrust it in Evan's face and yelled "YOU GOT ICED, BRO!" We all howled as Evan dropped to one knee and chug-a-lugged the sharp, cold beverage.

At our next stop, the Left Field Pub (3818 North Point Blvd.), I had stepped outside to watch a guy get arrested for allegedly pushing someone's mother on the dance floor when Midnight Sunner Shankman tapped me on the shoulder.

"You'd better watch your back, man," he said. "I think Evan's looking to ice you."

Using the skills I learned from playing flashlight tag as a kid, I snuck around the outside of the building to the other door, and crept up to the bar. I could see Evan across the room, but I couldn't see any Smirnoff Ices in his hand. Still, I wasn't taking any chances. I hid behind a regular, who must have thought I was about to jump someone, until I got the bartender's attention. My heart was racing.

"Gimme a Smirnoff Ice," I said. It was $3 and change. I handed her a five, hid the Smirnoff Ice behind my back and strutted around the bar.

When Evan saw me, he held up his Smirnoff Ice and started laughing. I said "Oh yeah?" and whipped out my own Smirnoff Ice.

Evan's screams echoed inside the Left Field Pub.

(AP photo)

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Posted by Sam Sessa at 7:25 AM | | Comments (52)


Instead of handing your bro an Ice, it is much better to have him stumble across it.

This weekend at my bro's mom's funeral, we left one sitting on the front seat of his car (windows up, so that thing got real warm). As we all left for the funeral procession, he opened his door and saw the Ice sitting there.

He said "Not now bros ... not now" but manned up after we busted his balls. Dropped to one knee and took it like a champ.

Sam, I have to say I am a little disappointed in you for partaking in this ritual. You've lost your right to ever again mock the typical Baltimore "meathead" for his behavior! LOL

It was all in the name of research. In order to fully comprehend the meathead mentality, you must infiltrate their inner circles and act as they would. You must get in a meathead's head.

Some guys were walking around Federal Hill with cases of beer targeting random bros and telling them that they won the lottery and asked if they wanted a beer. Instead of giving them a beer they pulled out smirnoff ices instead and proceeded with the ritual.

I don't participate in the game but I do appreciate people creatively icing others.

Is it me, or does anyone else find the irony in this relationship bewteen "Man Up" and Smirnoff Ice?

I just want to know when it will be OVER.

Sam, this practice of 'Bros Icing Bros' is extremely duschey. Please refer to this extremely poignant and correct article for some clarification:

I mean, does it bother you that you may be bringing around THE END OF THE WORLD?

~Le SIgh~. Thanks for the tip on who further to avoid.

wow, talk about douchey. unreal really.
you have to be a huge douchebag to be a part of this. if someone hands be a smirnoff, they can go F themselves.

If you ice a bro in Minus5, it opens a vortex to the North Pole and Santa challenges you to beer pong.

(But if you call it "Beirut," you get coal.)

I was at a bar in Georgetown on Saturday trying to watch the England/US game, when I had to listen to six idiots talking about "Getting Iced". They proceded to Ice each other and crotch punch each other for the next hour.

Please, someone stop this. I am so sick of this stupid little "game". What sort of mediocre life do you have that you find this funny or entertaining in the slightest?

And you were watching soccer, James?

Ouch, LL.

Crotch punching? Really? That's a thing?

I have to admit this is exactly what everybody is saying it is.

However, I have participated in this juvenile activity. For the first time this past Saturday, I iced two people and rick-rolled them at the same time. I think that I need to seek help after doing it. My favorite flavor is the Strawberry Acai, ugh! Help me!!!

For the record, we had conversed about icing at gray manor inn and expressly agreed to NOT ice each other. Thirty seconds later that agreement was shattered.

Shankman, you broke my heart. I know it was you.

@Evan -- The only rule about Bros Icing Bros is THERE ARE NO RULES

I can't wait to get arrested for having a bunch of Ices in my pocket when I'm walking around Federal Hill. Is it a felony to "ice" a cop, bro?

We used to do it in college, but we used rotisserie chickens. Bro! You been poultried!

Can we start our own game with Resurrection Cans!

"you've been Resurrected"

Walking around with a Resurrection is not nearly as bad.

We were talking about this last night. I just would tell someone to f*** off if they did that to me. Instead of Bros Icing Bros, why not Bro Ice with a Boh Ice or Natty Bro? Hell, I get the joke. It's the same thing people used to do when you trick your friend into looking trough your fingers making the "OK" sign or even rickrolling. I get the point but why Smirnoff Ice? Sounds like some stupid ad campaign. Make someone drink a crappy beer or something that isn't both expensive and makes me feel like someone punched me in the gut due to all the sugar.

You miss the point entirely Sam. The whole point is the creativity.

Any joke has a set-up and a punch line, whether it's a knock-knock, a lightbulb joke, whatever...

If you just wave a bottle in someone's face, it's akin to screaming a punchline as loud as you can without bothering to tell the set-up.

Bad form, Brah.

If you're over the age of 23 and use the term meathead seriously, you suck at life.

My friend "got iced" at the Os game on Thursday night by someone I didn't know. The whole charade was entirely new to me at the time. Once it was explained to me I was nothing short of baffled. If someone told me I just got iced, I'd shrug and say "No I didn't."

I really don't see the comedy. It seems like an obnoxious prank to play on someone, an annoying prank to have played on you, and a not-too-funny prank to watch as a third party.

But I guess I'm missing something.

At his moms funeral... that's really grown up... Oh I forgot, this is an "under-age drinking game played by children... Bro's. Another lost generation.

It's great to be a designated driver :) Ice proof

I was iced Saturday after hitting the restroom. You gotta go along with it. Most bar behavior is borderline childish anyhow - why should this be any different?

someone ICED me with a phone app called 'Ice a Bro'... WFT!?!?!

this video explains everything. how to ice your bro.

That video was less than funny.

i'm 26, don't pop my collar, wasn't in a frat in college, and wear my 10 year old O's cap to the front, not the back. that being said, this game is reeeeally fun. it's still fun if you just hand them the ice, but the hilarity comes from being creative in how you ice someone.

ex. i got to the dizz the other day, and saw the ice in my friends hand behind his back, thus ruining his surprise. instead of getting me right then and there, he waited like a hawk till my back was turned, and got the bartender in on it. so the next time i ordered another beer, guess what i got.

boom, roasted. stop crying about the end of times, flex your brains a little, and embarrass your friends. have fun with your life.

I carry a bro-shield at all times.

The new fad: chicks [arbor] misting chicks

while i haven't partaken in such activity, and it does reek of douch-baggery, i generally have to agree with Allan on this one.

who gives an crap.

if you don't wanna do it, don't do it, if you do, have fun with it.

that and it looks like it's not only douche's who're in on the game. as the NYTimes article points out, a booking agent for New York's mercury lounge started his own tumblr blog documenting many indie bands such as deer tick, the national, etc. having fun at their friends' expense. bonus points to jukebox the ghost for icing their tourmates free energy WHILE on stage.

Now back to crotch-punching ...

I like crotch punching---but only if done with an open hand and a slow back and forth motion.

and lotion---there needs to bo lotion.

Sorry bros, is no more. Thankfully they chose to kill themselves. Hopefully those who chose to partake in this sophomoric game will follow suit and stop being so douchey.

Just because they are down, doesn't mean the icing stops. Check out

Ice on.

Here is to filling an open niche

Bros Like This Site breaks down icing:

so me and my gf were having sex and i hid an ice under the pillow. I grabbed her hand and put it under there and, BAM! ICED!

Unless you GF is a bro, it don't count there, Jefe.

Bros Icing Bras, maybe, but not Bros Icing Bros.

It rubs the lotion on its skin.

haha, I just googled "Smirinoff Ice Bros Icing Bros" and this was the TOP listing, haha.

Has anyone read any stats on an increase in sales on Ice since this started? I know Smirinoff claims not to be behind it, but a guy I know bought 37 Ices at the Starboard yesterday. 37. Let me say that one more time: 37 Smirinoff Ices. Ridiculous.


actually a cursory glance at google trends reveals that this is most likely a fad; a really brief brief one too as traffic for the search term is down 66% since just last month


Katebee maybe you should know new, non-douchenozzle guys. 37 ...

@Evan -- Put away those charts and links. You'll go down as the model Icing on the Internet, and the Internet lasts forever. This is your legacy, Evan.

in The Future...

man, remember that kid Evan?

the one that got Iced way back in 2010?

yeah, sucks to be him. i wonder what he's doing now...

Ice is the new black and Evan is the new lightsaber kid...

P.S.- Anybody going to Dewey this weekend?

Yes, I am returning to the Dew after a two week hiatus. All is right in the world. See ya at the 'board? DM me.


...Just doing my part to keep that legacy alive.


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