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June 23, 2010

The Blanks and Michael Jackson

the blanks!In Friday's paper, you will find an interview with the a capella/sketch comedy group The Blanks.

You might know them better as Ted's band from "Scrubs" -- the a capella group who seems to pop up every now and again on the TV show (dig it).

I talked to two of the guys in The Blanks. One, Sam Lloyd, happens to be the nephew of actor Christopher Lloyd. I didn't ask them about this connection. I did, however, ask about Michael Jackson, who died a year ago this week. 

Check out this snippet, which didn't make the paper because it's too risque ...

Me: It’s been about a year since Michael Jackson’s death.  Have you thought about doing any MJ covers?

Philip McNiven: Way to bring us down there, Sam.

Sam LLoyd: Wait a minute. Michael Jackson died?  I didn’t know he died.

PM: Oh my gosh.

He actually died 20 years ago.

PM: In a weird twist of fate, the girlfriend who I just broke up with was cooking for (Jackson’s) concert rehearsals. She’s a caterer, and she did all the cooking for a few months for Michael Jackson. She's cooked for a couple other celebrities, like Gary Coleman, which is weird.

SL: Oh man, she's never cooking for us.

PM: Why do you think I broke up with her?

Did she ever tell you what she cooked for Michael Jackson?

PM: Cocktail weenies. That was all he liked.

(Photo by Jered Scott)

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Posted by Sam Sessa at 3:43 PM | | Comments (25)


Wow, low blow comment at the end.

Aside from KFC, he wasn't even a big fan of meat. People should have enough decency not to perpetuate inappropriate jokes and falsities about the man. Can't he even rest in death? (A courtesy he should've been given in life).

When will people realize the truth, the one MSM and tabloids didn't want to report, but are clearly written out in court transcripts?

Their lies killed his spirit.

He's not dead.

The bit about Michael Jackson was pointless, stupid, and in bad taste. The Blanks certainly are blank.

Yes, it is possible that Michael Jackson actually died because of the cruelty of the media. The founding fathers gave us freedom of the press to protect us from the oppression of an organized government that might abuse its power and harm its citizens. But like the right to bear arms, also conceived as a protection against a potentially oppressive and abusive government, freedom of the press has been used as a license to kill the spirit of individual citizens essentially for the enjoyment of others, harking back to the public hanging or stoning. Those of us who have taken the time to really learn about Michael Jackson, his art and his life, along with his family, friends and colleagues, are continuously, injured by the cruelty of articles like these. Can we drag ourselves out of the mud or must we hate ourselves and everybody else in order to be happy?

Sick jokes like the blanks are crudity in action. MJ was a decent human who did not ever use profanity in talking about others. He was way above it all.

This didn't make the paper because it was unfounded and disrespectuf. How ironic it ends on the net and that we read it anyway... sad.

I thought it was funny. A cheap joke, but funny.


The Blanks: if you're reading this... Know that everything will be alright. You're still in my heart and you're exceptional musicians... I heart you. Hold your head high my love and do your thing. See you in NY and you're forgiven by me... See you in March and next week in NY Babe!!! IL09

Ha that's great...

oh lighten up people

I don't understand how the perception of Micheal Jackson did a complete 180 the day he died. It was fine to make jokes about him and the perverse "rumors" for years and years and no one contested it. (And c'mon, really, there HAD to be something to all that!) Suddenly he dies and he's the biggest star in the world again and everyone loves him so much. Really? Pretty much out of the spotlight for years and years aside from completely bizarre behavior, but suddenly he's not the odd guy who last made popular music a decade ago, he's the icon of our time. And I know all of you will say "oh, but I always loved him!" ... and only now you're showing it and sticking up for him? Anyway, really no point in my ramblings, just something I noticed.

Oh gosh, the internet is so mean spirited. I'm leaving.

It was NOT fine to make jokes about him and the perverse "rumors" for years and years and no one contested it. People back then didn't take a more active role in contesting it. Maybe they should have, but they have lives to live. They still do.

Come on people - open your eyes. Just like millions of others, I saw the Martin Bashir documentary where Michael himself talked about having children (not his own) sleep in his bed with him. If you don't think there's something wrong with that then you're as much of a freak as he was! 'Nuff said!!

"Can't he even rest in death?"

One owes respect to the living. To the dead, one only owes the truth.

aww, the poor "Blanks"...they'll never achieve the fame and fortune of a gifted artist like MJ, loved by literally millions 'round the world..but the Blanks? The best they can come up with is some sixth-grade boy humor. Jealousy sure can bring out the ugliness in some people, that's for sure. RIP, Michael Jackson.

Wow...the MJ RSS feed is in full force. You better not say anything bad about Sarah Palin in your next post, else you want to bring down the Sun's servers completely.

aww, the poor "Blanks"...they'll never achieve the fame and fortune of a gifted artist like MJ, loved by literally millions 'round the world..but the Blanks? The best they can come up with is some sixth-grade boy humor. Jealousy sure can bring out the ugliness in some people, that's for sure. RIP, Michael Jackson.


Two things with this: first of all, let's get this "fame and fortune of a gifted artist" stuff out of the way. He was a pop star. Was he talented? Sure, for a pop star. There's a lot more to music (and talent) than what you see on American Idol. As far as the fame part is concerned, pop is something that, by definition, is consumed by the masses. And since when were "the masses" the most informed group of people around? Fame does not equal talent. I've got no problem admitting that Michael Jackson, to a degree, had talent. But the people who put him up on the highest pedestal are the same ones who will never know anything beyond what they hear on the radio and see on VH1.

That leads me to my second point, which is this "jealousy" nonsense. What's more likely is that The Blanks have fun doing what they do (god forbid) and happen to also have a sense of humor (albeit R rated). Sometimes I think that the people who get the most offended by these sorts of comments are really the jealous ones, because they can't handle the idea that somebody with less of a "moral compass" can be more successful than they are.

But, in the words of Dennis Miller:

"...of course, that's just my opinion. I could be wrong."

Get over it.
Michael Jackson when he died was a pretty strange guy, who lived what one could charitable call an usual life and who got out of his recording contract, seven years earlier, by accusing his record company of racism. Read this has been.

He was pathetic and worthy of pity but did too many things that compromised little niceties like true respect.

Still The Blanks excerpt is throw away material with lines fed by Sessa to be responded to. It does matter who it was about, it just wasn't worth posting. It might of played better live than it does in print.

Sorry I bothered checking this site. What a load of crap & waste of time & space! purely disgusting

I'm sorry, but that last bit was funny.

I'm guessing shadowmia doesn't get invited to many parties...

Are we talking about MJ or Chris Sligh?

Regarding Chris Sligh since you asked,

New single title is
"Only You Can Save"
and it goes to radio July 17, don't know the street date or as they say these "drops".

New album is tentatively set for September release and is currently being mixed.

The record label is Word (A long term CCM record company). So it's probably solidly targeted to the CCM (Christian Contemporary Music) market.

Michael Jackson is NOT dead:

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