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June 1, 2010

Minus5 ice bar & lounge coming to Power Plant Live

minus5 barMinus5, an ice bar and lounge, is set to open in Power Plant Live later this week.

I'm still waiting to hear from Minus5's marketing rep, but Power Plant Live's Chris Furst confirmed it.

According to Minus5's website, everything inside the lounge, from the bar to the glasses and furniture, is made of Canadian ice. The concept comes from New Zealand, and the only other U.S. location is in Las Vegas.

Apparently, it's called Minus5 because the constant temperature inside is 27 degrees Fahrenheit. Every 6-8 weeks, an ice carver comes in and totally redoes the inside of the place.

Everyone who walks into Minus5 gets an insulated jacket, gloves and boots. They've got a ton of specialty drinks.

When I lived in Kansas City, there was a lounge named Vivace with an ice-topped bar not too far from my apartment. I went there a few times with the Kansas City Star's nightlife writer ...

If I remember correctly, the top of the bar was a long slab of ice, with lights underneath that made it glow different colors.

People would carve their names in the ice with keys, and have contests to see who could keep their hands on the ice the longest. Every 15 minutes or so, the bartender would toss some water on top, which would freeze and re-coat the bar. It even helped keep your beers cold.

I Googled Vivace this morning, and it looks like it closed. Guess the novelty wore off. 

I'll keep you posted when I hear back from Minus5's camp.

(Photo courtesy of Minus5's website)

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Definitely the dumbest thing I've heard this morning. I can see the genesis of the idea for an Ice Bar:

-"See, the whole place will be made of ice!"

-"Fine, we'll buy jackets, gloves & boots. Yes, for every customer."

-"Damnit Chris, yes I know it melts! We'll get new ice from Canada when the old ice is dirty."

-"Holy crap, the ice carver costs what?"

Canadian ice?

How pedestrian. We have our ice flown in from only the most exclusive alpine glaciers.

The contact info on the website says the corporate office is in Las Vegas, but they can't fool me. It's just a forwarding address to the neighborhood association in Little Italy.

I can picture this conversation going like a Guinness commercial:

"Hey, how do we get all these D-bags out of our neighborhood?"

"Burn down Milan!"


"Or we could open up an ice bar at Power Plant Live and airdrop fliers on Milan's doorstep Saturday night!"


Dumbest thing you've heard this morning???

My air conditioning is out...I was nearly baked alive yesterday. This sounds like heaven.

Let's play "Guess the Midnight Sun" commenters' reactions to this bar.

A) Wow, sounds interesting. Hope they do well.
B) What a dumb gimmick. Leave this crap in Miami, D.C., and Kansas City. This is Baltimore.
C) Random tangent about Power Plant Live/Cordish.

I wonder how much drinks will cost considering all the bells & whistles of the place.

I have been to one of these in Australia ( I think the same company) and I believe it was 30 dollars for 30 minutes inside the ice bar with 1 or 2 drinks.

Its overrated, but it will be an upgrade for tourists coming to the area.

You knew the day that we got one it would be put in power plant.

Now's the perfect time to test my sun-redirecting heat ray gun that I've been developing! Today, Minus5, tomorrow, the world.

Also, insert random global warming joke here.

Novel idea, but it will be out of business in less than a year.

What about come January/February? Will people go in here to warm up?

That's kind of like energy porn. Think of how much fuel you have to burn for such a novelty.


$30 for 30 minutes

After I GTL, I only need 10-12 minutes to get my groove on. I hope the MiLler Lites aren't frozen and I am a little concerned about the cold and my hair gel.

I'm originally from Minnesota and we just call it winter.

Funny to think of a bunch of beauties from Milan all bundled up in parkas drinking martini's, though.

What? No one else had said..........

Um... aw, sheesh.

I suggest we all go there to chill, dudes.

I've been to their Vegas location this year with some friends. It was interesting once for the novelty, but I can't imagine ever going back to an ice lounge again.

The cover charge changes depending on the time of day. They gave us boots, gloves, and a coat. Like someone mentioned above, the cover charge covered a couple drinks.

You weren't allowed to smash the ice glasses when you were done and you weren't allowed to carve anything in the ice.

They had an ice sculpture of a topless woman that allowed for ice shots. The shots poured out of the nipples. They also had a shot-ski.

No one will spend a night in the place. I think the average visit lasts about 20 minutes.

Also, no cameras or cell phones were allowed. If you want a photo, you have to buy one from their photographers.

It's not often you get to go to a bar whose grand opening is also its going out of business party.

I was thinking the same thing as Brent. I can see myself going once to experience the place, but that will probably be it. I might take some out of towners looking to do something different. I can't see me being a regular at a place like this. It's pretty gimmicky. If they go with the same cover charge concept that Jimmy mentions, the people in Baltimore may revolt. Where in the Power Plant is this place going to be located? One nice thing about a place that gives you a jacket to drink in is that you don't have to look at any Ed Hardy/Affliction shirts. There's the silver lining, people!

Will there be any C.H.U.D.s?

When they go into Chapter 7 liquidation, they will LITERALLY go into Chapter 7 liquidation.

It sounds unpleasant.

Not too interested in wearing garments worn by a hundred other people.

C.H.U.D. don't like cold.

C.H.U.D. like warm weather better.

C.H.U.D. like piña colada (or human flesh).

When is C.H.U.D.'s – The Place for C.H.U.D.s opening?

Maybe we take over ice bar when they melt and we eat them to make C.H.U.D.s strong for running above-ground business. C.H.U.D.s have solid business plan and SBA loan.

Heres the answer to some questions and comments. The bar will only be there for five months, its in a temporary structure located in front of Babalu. Yes it is expensive but they are not going for regular customers. Think of it as the roller coaster of bar experiences and I dont think Disney has many everyday regulars. As for the comments, Ed Hardy/Affliction being covered up is truly a good thing, nice point TBC. OMG, my thoughts excactly about the coats especially when sweaty july arrives. I will probably go once to check it out but I will definitley bring my own coat.

when does minus 5 open ?

Join me in nicknaming this place Less Than Zero. Brrrrr.....

That's Great! I can't wait... I aways wanted to go. Ice Bar, I support you 100%

Actually this will be a nice tourist attraction. I don't know how long the novelty will last, maybe a few years but I like the idea.

Tried to check it out over the weekend... still not open. But the trailer in which it will apparently be located is there. It has exterior walls emblazoned with pictures of ice cubes.

Got an update, with a photo:

Such a pesimistic city... why don't you all just kill yourselves... all together now :o)

Just went to the one in Vegas two weeks ago. Pretty interesting concept that might wear off. The good think is that the whole place isn't -5 degrees, just the one bar with the entrance fee. so they might be able to keep it going if the larger area can attract a regular crowd.

Wuts up with the ed hardy and effliction comments is this sometype of black joke cuz it aint funny im Aa and i enjoy ppl and wouldnt mind attending this...but with crackers like you just make me feel some type of way

@thyatira- to most people's knowledge, Ed Hardy and Affliction clothing isn't a black/ white thing it's a jersey shore/ meathead thing. Please don't take this to another level, we are all just having fun. PS Please use spellcheck

I just found out what Ed Hardy was late last year and for 1 gabillion dollars I would use every lifeline possible tryna figure out what Affliction was/is. I'm guessing a band but I don't think they came out of Motown/Stax/TSOP/Def Jam/Hidden Beach so what is the implication?

I am ready to go... I think this will be a neat place to try atleast once, it will be like going to ruth chris not something to do all the time but maybe a few times a year.

when do you open?

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