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May 24, 2010

Third Eye Blind, Billy Idol to headline HFStival

third eye blind, circa 1998Looks like it's 1997 all over again: Third Eye Blind, Billy Idol and Everclear will headline this year's HFStival, organizers announced today.

The rest of the lineup for the day-long festival coming to Merriweather Post Pavilion Sept. 18 includes Fuel, Lit, Marcy Playground, Presidents of the United States of America and Ed Kowalczyk from Live.

There will also be a local stage featuring Jimmie's Chicken Shack, Jah Works, Fools And Horses, Lionize, Honor By August and Middle Distance Runner.

"It's a throwback show," said Sam Rogers, spokesman for CBS Radio in Washington. "That's the whole idea behind it. ... The majority of the people who remember the HFStival are in their 30s."

Tickets, which go on sale May 28, will cost $25, Rogers said, and the pavilion will have a "carnival-like" vibe ...

Third-Eye Blind (pictured, in 1998), just performed at Merriweather Post Pavilion last weekend, as part of the Bamboozle Road show was on the lineup of the Bamboozle Road Show, which came to Merriweather Post Pavilion last weekend, but did not perform.

A longtime staple for alternative fans, the HFStival began in Fairfax, Va., in 1990, moved to RFK Stadium in 1993, and ended its 16-year run at Merriweather in 2006. Rogers, who was the general manager at HFS in 2001, oversaw about three or four HFStivals, culminating with the one at M&T Bank Stadium, he said.

Though HFS no longer exists as a terrestrial radio station, it continues to stream online and broadcast on 94.7's HD2 channel.

"We're excited to bring the HFStival back to the Baltimore/Washington area," Rogers said.

(Handout photo by Alison Dyer)

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Posted by Sam Sessa at 10:53 AM | | Comments (32)


Sam - I don't think 3EB was at the Merriweather date for the Bamboozle Road Show. At least, they weren't announced to be there ahead of time.

Anon, they were on the bill. I'll check with Merriweather and see if they actually performed or not.

Third Eye Blind is playing other dates on the Bamboozle Road Show...but they did not play the date at Merriweather Post Pavillion

Been there, Done that. Don't need to pay more to do it again.


Are they telling you this with a straight face?

There are bands here I wish I had seen when I was younger. 3EB,Presidents and Fuel, mostly. But I just can't wrap my head around to spending a day and money to see them now that I am older. Besides I saw Everclear a couple years ago a the Recher, probably the worst show I've ever seen. Only Art Alxisiixisisixs was there of the original members, and he sounded like he was singing through a blender.

It seemed like a good idea to do the retro thing at first, but now, it just seems silly, considering most bands are likely not original line-ups, and if it's a retro show, it should really be original line ups. Honestly, I wonder if any of the bands listed are still in thier original state?

"That's the whole idea behind it. ... The majority of the people who remember the HFStival are in their 30s."

... and now have a job and kids and have better things to do than hang out all day on a field to go see some reunited bands that were crappy the first time around.

Yawn. You can't go home again.

mmhmmmhmm: as far as I know (and I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm still a fan) Third Eye Blind is still 75% intact, but that change was made years ago. Same with Fuel. New lead singer I think, but still much the same band. And of course, Billy Idol will always be Billy Idol.

Embarrassing. But hilarious..

75% is not original.

3EB's is 50%, Originals Slazar and Cadogan, are no longer around.

Fuel is 25% now that Brett Scallions is back, but orginal bassist and guitart and drummer are gone again. And the guitarist wrote ALL the songs. The voice is there, but the "talent" is gone.

My point is, not original.

So if all those people are gone, what's fueling Fuel?

washed up performers for a washed up station...well done CBS

"So if all those people are gone, what's fueling Fuel?"

I'd go with Jaegermeister and Yeungling if they're still anything like I remember from seeing them in York/Hanover in the early 90s.

Great.., this is the exact kind of unimaginative effort that brought the demise of a once proud, local radio station.

Could you create a more lamer line-up? I think not..,

Oh noze...I'm being impersonated!

Opps didnt mean to use lily as the poster name,

comments @ 1231 was not lily

it was mmmhmmmmmmhm

Will the real BC please stand up?

Hee hee.

Maybe one of you should add dots in your handle -- B.C. vs BC. Or BCE, if you're into the whole history thing.

Or, in the spirit of this post, if you want to call me baby, just go ahead now.

I know who I am...and that, though I share the sentiment my impersonator is voicing, I would never use the term, "more lamer," in a sentence.


Wasn't Billy Idol already retro in the 90's?

most lamest??

I Can't wait to buy my tickets, These are some amazing bands who can still rock out. I don't know about you guys but I couldn't be more excited.

Terrific line up on the locals stage!

I'd pay the price of admission for Fools and Horses alone!!

Love those guys all to pieces!!!


Yeah, I am in my 30's now but I was a lot more willing to see the mediocre modern-pop-rock bands of the day out in blazing hot stadium at 19 than I am now. Don't get me wrong...I love concerts still but when HFS started booking these dull uninspired acts to play to the "middle of the road" was when it was pretty much over for them.

At 19 I didn't care so much because at least then they were current bands, if nothing special. At 19 I was glad to spend the day in DC trying to sneak beer into the lot and hang out with friends all day, chatting up girls, trying not to get dehydrated, etc.

Nowadays music has moved on. The fragmentation of the market has led to less need for MOR modern rock unless that's your thing and while I have no problem partying in a parking lot every now and then, it better be for bands I actually like. Otherwise I would rather see them at Ottobar or Ram's Head or someplace where the beer is cheaper and there's a roof over my head.

At least Virgin knows how to pull off a mega-show like this now. It's a lot easier to get a group together when we know tickets are free and you can sit under the trees around Merriweather while drinking overpriced crap beer and listening to all those bands we kinda know but don't really care about.

Daaaaamn straight I'll be there.

3EB's latest album kicks all sorts of ass. I've been to at least 10 of their shows since '97.

Great all-around lineup for this show. Kudos to CBS Radio for putting this together.

See ya there.

Yikes, a retro show of alternative rock also-rans? I'll pass. These were the bands I used to change the station to get away from when they came on HFS way back when.

I think MPP is one of the greatest venues to see any show. That the History and following of HFS is tribute to the Icon of independent radio. I think we should all go and show that the status quo radio is not in control. I was at the "bring back Damian " rally outside Joe's record paradise. As the leader of one band put it. We are here today because Well " they played our record". Go spend the day not having corperate music factory noice shoveled down your throat!!!!

the HFStival has been terrible ever since they took it to Merriweather. this lineup is awful, with no real headliner to speak of. virgin fest was a great replacement for hfstival, but now they've screwed that up too. what is with concert promoters in dc? ask ANYONE who goes to a lot of rock shows, and they will probably say they like the stadium-general admission setup. these "festivals" being booked into pavilions is the dumbest idea. i miss the old hfstivals, virgin fests, and tibetan freedom shows where people got the lineups and setups right!!

@Steve & Brent -

Could you guys save some exclamation points for the rest of us?

ThisThmusis article says tix are 25$, but Merriweather and their ticketing agent say 35-50$:

A marketing ploy to garner more interest? Hrmm...

Glad to see HFStival is back, but it won't truly be the same until it is held at RFK and produces at least 20 "good" bands for $20 bucks (or maybe a little more to account for inflation). This thing at Merriweather seems more like a half-@$$ attempt to use the name without actually doing the concert the right way. No RFK stadium and a much weaker lineup than past HFStivals = an over hyped and under delivering concert... :(

Tickets are $35-50. Sam Rogers should check his facts.

Wow! can you feel the negativity or what? We can leave the " oh their so early 2000, or that's so last millenium cyber-tools out in the parking lot for a beating or three. Does not matter if they played a year ago or t years ago Fuel, TEB and alike still rock.
But unless you dressing as a no talent wannabe it freak that skreech an what not you are considered to be talentless. I say bring back Rage Against The Machine and let it be a Summer Anthem reminding us of what we need to do in November. "time to rally 'round the family "

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