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May 27, 2010

Introducing The Point in Fells

the point in fellsI understand that the Internet is making it hard for people to come up with original names for bands and bars.

But is it really that tough to come up with a catchy bar name? Really?

This is my long-winded way of saying there's a new bar in Fells Point called ... The Point in Fells, in the space that used to be Miss Irene's.

The Point in Fells. See that? See what they did there? Genuis. Hee hee.

It's kinda like Don't Know and No Idea. I imagine all these drunken phone conversations:

"Where are you?"

"Dude, we're at The Point in Fells."

"Cool. Where in The Point Fells?" ...

"No dude, we're at The Point in Fells."

"Look man, I'm in Fells Point. Where in Fells Point are you?"

"The Point in Fells!"

"What's the Point?"


According to Midnight Sun tipster jmgiordano, the owners bought a nice new hanging sign. I'll try to get a photo up ASAP.

UPDATE: By the way, I'm just having fun, guys. This wasn't meant to be condescending or mean. The Point at Fells isn't nearly as bad as Canton Arts and Entertainment, or NADDs, but it's not particularly great, either.

(Photo by Jmgiordano)

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Posted by Sam Sessa at 8:07 AM | | Comments (58)
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And if it's sub par, they've opened the door for "Fells Pointless".

Does anyone know if this is still being ran by the waterfront hotel or if this is actually a new owner?

I remember thinking that Bonnaroo's naming convention for its stages was very cute when I was preparing to go there for the first time. What Stage, Which Stage, This Tent, That Tent, The Other Tent. Hahaha. Get it? It'll be confusing to try to meet up with people.

Then I went there and tried to meet up with people in an unideal state. Then it wasn't cute. It was just confusing. Being confused is frustrating. Being frustrated is not cute.

I hope they changed more than the name because Miss Irene's blew.

That being said I don't think the name is that bad.

I give it one year.

So what's the Point, anyway?

Agree with drunk richard. Don't think the name is bad.

Haven't met anyone who calls Fells Point "The Point"

Not a great name, but still not as bad as Don't Know and No Idea.

No on in baltimore refers to fells point as "i am in the point". Who says that in this town? You obviously don't live in this city.

Actually a great name, its simple, catchy, and being in fells and called the point is smart. Not only for SEO purposes but for the rooftop that the restaurant will be opening which is gonna be a nice viewpoint of the city.

Way to support local business Sam. Maybe instead of ridiculing the name you could celebrate the fact that someone is trying to make a go of that location ...or should prospective bar/restaurant owners consult you first before naming their business, you must clearly have a wealth of better ideas? I know one of the new owners and wish them the best of luck.

@Anon -- Not only do I not live in the city, I don't live at all. I'm a cyborg. Surprise!

@Steve -- In all seriousness, after a second read-through, I think you've got a valid point (no pun intended). This wasn't meant to come off as harsh or condescending. Of course I wish them well -- I was just having a little fun.

@F Pants McFadden- ouch;)!

Sessa is getting pretty snarky and mean-spritied lately. Everything OK Sam?

I dont have that new gadget on my computer yet that detects online sarcasm.

"The Point" is not that bad of a name, no one calls Fells Point "The Point", if they shrink it at all its called "Fells".

@Steve. Supporting local business doesn't entail being a cheerleader for any and all developments in the city. Midnight Sun brought attention to the opening of this new business. Without this post, I wouldn't know The Point at Fells was opening in the first place, much less would I have a forum to make fun of its name. The moment Sam begins shilling for every new bar or restaurant is the moment that I'll stop coming here for news, and that most certainly won't promote business large or small in the city.

Take a broader view of the word "support." He wouldn't be doing anyone any favors to stop being himself. There needs to be readers for a blog to promote anything, and readers don't particularly like being sold a bag of goods.

Sam's too busy cheerleading for Bad Decisions. I don't think he can handle another bar located in the same neighborhood.

Did somebody say Bad Decisions? I love that place!

First off, it's "Fell's," as in, having belonged to Admiral Fell.

And I one calls Fell's, "the Point," so no problems with confusion there. It's not a bad name for the place at all.

Actually, for those of us old enough to remember, another place was called "The Point" and was next to the Admiral Fell Inn. Was fairly popular for a while.

Did anyone complain about "The Hill"?

Thanks, AK.

Where do I get off poking fun at bar names? What gives me the right? I think this clip, from :17 to :30 about explains it. Hee hee.

They should have called it 'Cursed' or 'Gone in 6 Months' since everything in that location always is.

Get to the point, Sam!

There used to be a pretty cool bar called "The Point" where Tapas Adela is now. I'm just sayin'.

Just going to echo KH, we used to go to the Point all the time - was a great hang out.

They should have proofread their sign before hanging it. It actually reads, "In Fells The Point".

The name ranks up there with "The Hill" and "The Rowhouse" in creativity.

Any publicity is good publicity,

well, maybe not;)! However we all do know about the Point now and I will definitely check it out the next time I am in the Point!

Are they open yet?

When I think of "The Point" it reminds me of the HBO Documentary on Hookers at Hunt's Point NY. But, that's besides the point.

Way to support local business Sam. Maybe instead of ridiculing the name you could celebrate the fact that someone is trying to make a go of that location ...

Wa wa wa. This ain't the inflight magazine or, well, Baltimore Magazine where Everybody Is Great (Who Advertises)

Seriously, I gave the world The Awesome Zone and Rub-a-Dub Club and you come up with this?

Here's the deal, The name is hopelessly generic. The place will need to fight its own name to get a singular reputation. That's bad naming.

Oh well.

Do not cross S.A.M. S.E.S.S.A.: Synthetic Artificial Machine Skilled in Efficient Sabotage and Scientific Assassination

And all this time I thought he was a C.H.U.D.

A lot of finger pointing going on in here.

Seriously, anyone who knows Baltimore knows that "the point" means the steel mill at sparrows point. As in "My dad works down the point." or "I worked down the point 45 years and they stole my pension."

In addition to the generic confusion, this name also suggests that the bar should be on North Point Boulevard, or that it's steel-themed or something. maybe they'll serve Iron City Lager on tap.

Of course you are going to hate Baltimore if all you focus on are the pimps and CHUDs.

Be that as it may Chop I'll bet 50 bar dollars the owners hadn't intended for the seemingly bougie lettering on the sign to represent a defunct steel mill some 4 miles east, but that's just my hunch.

Shoulda named it Steeltown!

The design is TERRIBLE on so many levels. No caps and the blank space before the end of the name which u read first makes it look like a word missing.

So we're all in agreement then -- The Point should change its name to C.H.U.D.

I hope the owners are reading this.


Is there a Point to all these comments?

Evan, still my favorite fake bar name:
C.H.U.D.'s, the Place for C.H.U.D.s

Hahahaha, Am not the owner but am their daughter. They have been in the restaurant business for over 30 years. You all my not like the name but I bet everyone can remember it! It is not the same owner as Mrs. Irene!!!! They open their doors tonight to the public. So please come down and support them and trying to make a go out of a place that had a bad rep. Trust me the food is GREAT!!!!

Trust me the food is GREAT!!!!

I wonder what kind of food they have? Pointy food?

Anyone know if at Fells the point. does Brunch?

Thanks for the update, Chrissy.

OK, chrissy. I understand if your parents don't want to change the name of the bar to C.H.U.D.s. Honestly, that would be silly.

But would you please tell them to do something C.H.U.D.-related? I'm thinking a C.H.U.D. happy hour where they show the movies and have some drink specials. Or maybe add a C.H.U.D. burger to the menu. Or have the bartenders create a C.H.U.D. shooter.

Throw us a bone, please!

You guys are all just a bunch of "Chodes" and not CHUDS! I've been down this road before with a previous operation of mine and I see all the same names! You are probably all too broke to even go out and try this place, so you will sit around in your dingy, corporate, cubicles and rip on a name of a restaurant / bar! Really? I can just see it now, a couple on their first date, milling about Fells Point looking for a nice place to have dinner.... the guy asks the girl, "what do you think about this place, it looks nice?" Then the girl says, "Nah, the P in their sign isn't capitalized, so it must be a s*** hole!" Really??? Is that what dictates success of a business? I thought it was location, product and management / staff!?!?!? Go check it out, as I will be doing this weekend and see for yourselves what this new place has to offer! I surely think it's better for someone to be in there making a go of it, rather than having such a beautiful building, in an amazing location sit empty! You guys seem to thrive on wanting to see others fail, in order to make the fact that you have given in to society and hate your jobs and lives, when there are others out there living their dreams and making things happen for themselves! Oh wait, is that your Boss I hear asking for those TPS reports?!?!? You wanna see my "Oh Face?!?!"

You guys are all just a bunch of "Chodes" and not CHUDS! I've been down this road before with a previous operation of mine and I see all the same names! ...

... and queue PSA

I would like to Point out that no one has gone on Point as to Pointedly answer my on-Point queries about whether there is a Point to all these Pointed comments or this post....... get my Point?

"Let's Go O's" - With your argument you really picked that name - c'mon! Just pointing out the obvious.

OK Sunners!
Is Let's Go O's:
1) the spouse/BF/GF of someone who owns at Fells the point.?
2) the OWNER of at Fells the point.?
3) the PR flak for at Fells the point.?
Any takers?

I owe the owners an apology. I did not read the sign correctly.
the name of the new restaurant is IN fells the point. not AT fells the point.
This snarky blogger regrets the error.

Pardon my ignorance, but what's a C.H.U.D? I feel so uncool.

Only the greatest movie ever.
= Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwelllers

You guys seem to thrive on wanting to see others fail

Broad brush ... the only places this blog wants to see fail are chains or local places who's goal is to be successful.

Places commenters don't want to see fail? Dingy hole in the walls that are probably going to fail anyway.

Emperor Sessa can raise and ruin businesses with the tap tap tippity tap of his fingers. Tread lightly or be struck down by his might.

@Cardwell C.H.U.D. Is something to the extent of cannabilistic humaniod underground dweller or something like that, it's based off of a movie that I have never seen.

@Redman- my guess is the owner of Cilantro, I recall this post making fun of Cilantro awhile back. Just putting pieces together, but wow! Has this post brought a lot of attention to the Point or what! Somebody must be doing a good job for the Sun.

Call me crazy but I was down there yesterday and the sign didn't say "in fells" anymore but just "fells."
Change? Or is it different on one side than the other? Which would be stranger?

I hang at "The Place" a few times a week. It's hard as hell telling people you're at "The Place". Happy hour is sinister!

The point isnt just a bar but actually a very nice restaurant. Although people assume that its JUST a bar, they have a 120 person dining room upstairs, along with a well rounded menu that Exec. Chef Jacob Raitt has inventively sought out to create. Although the service might be rough the first few weeks, you will definitely be impressed with the food. The point might not have a creative name such as " Meli's" or "Petite Louis" but the owner is just bringing the restaurant back to its roots. Fells point. Try it out .

I didn't like this place....AT ALL!

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