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April 5, 2010

Jet Set Mafia defends 'no single men after 10:30' policy at Milan

milan baltimoreLast week, local event promoter Jet Set Mafia caused a stir with their flier for an event at Milan. This line in particular stood out:

Men unaccompanied by women not permitted after 10:30

Midnight Sun commenters cried foul, saying the policy was discrimination. Even liquor board chairman Stephan Fogleman weighed in.

But the Jet Set Mafia is standing behind its decision to keep single guys out of Milan after 10:30 p.m. -- unless they reserve a table.

"First off, we have the right to do that," said Rob Kowalski, who co-founded the Maryland branch of Jet Set Mafia. "That's what everybody else does. We do it as a way to keep the ratio good." ...

By "everybody else," Kowalski means clubs in Washington, New York and Miami.

"I've been to South Beach," he said. "If you're two guys and you walk up to the door, they won't even acknowledge you, let alone let you in. Baltimore is a little bit behind the times sometimes. This is no different from what everybody else is doing."

Jet Set Mafia runs events at the downtown nightclub mist and Meridian 54, among others. They only enact the 'no single men' policy at Milan, Kowalski said.

"This is a way to filter," he said.

(Baltimore Sun photo by Algerina Perna)

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The Term 'Douche-baggery' comes to mind. This isn't Miami or Manhattan. These clowns need to go.

I'm on the fence. Anything that makes Baltimore venues less fratty is welcome by me, but I've also been totally burned by this policy during a bachelor party in NYC.

Woah. Do you mean to tell me this guy has BEEN to South Beach? He MUST know what he's talking about then.

Seriously though, comparing a city like Baltimore to a city like South Beach is like...well...comparing a city like Baltimore to a city like South Beach. Clearly there's no common sense requirement over there at Jetset Mafia.

There is a reason were called Charm City. It's because business don't have stupid rules like this. Or discriminate against sex, or wealth status.

So, is Mr. Kowalski saying that gender discrimination is allowed at clubs? And that Milan is a club?

i don't really care about the policy...mainly because any sort of place that had that type of policy is a place that i would never want to go to in the first place.

@Laura Lee -- He made sure to specify that Milan is a restaurant and not a club, for what that's worth.

"If you're two guys and you walk up to the door, they won't even acknowledge you, let alone let you in. Baltimore is a little bit behind the times sometimes.

Well, that makes sense. I can't wait until Baltimore catches up to the rest of the world and we get more places like this that will exclude me. I know I would never want to go to a club that would let me in.

"If you're two guys and you walk up to the door, they won't even acknowledge you, let alone let you in. Baltimore is a little bit behind the times sometimes."

Interesting definition of "behind the times".


Let's take bets on how much longer this party lasts, especially with the Baltimore being behind the times. The last I learned discrimination was a thing of the past, not the future. 6 months before the plastic people and guys juiced up on roids have to go back to Jersey.

He made sure to specify that Milan is a restaurant and not a club, for what that's worth.

I wish all restaurants would make such a policy. I'm sick of looking at dudes in "restaurants".

Sounds like a pro-lesbian policy. Cool. Me and my sistas will steer the Sapphic regatta your way on Fridays.

I don't know where to begin-the monosyllabic dialogue perhaps?

1. This is Baltimore
2. If everybody else does it, doesn't mean you need to or make it ok
3. I agree with Jenn
4. I wonder if they serve Ed Hardy beer at Milan

Nobody picked up on the irony of the (Jet Set) Mafia making the rules in Lil Italy?

Sounds like there are a lot of Fredos involved there.

As a promoter here in Baltimore (SchoolYardEntertainment, Red Maple every last Sunday of the month) I totally understand the advancement of trends within the nightlife culture. I agree that Bmore is not Miami or NY but there a lot of people here who appreciate that that type of so called "high-end" enviroment. As a Baltimore native and resident I think this comes off a bit arrogant but this gives real meaning to Charm City because there a variety of other charming bars, lounges and restaurants to visit. Its like music, if you don't like it don't listen. If you don't like the rule don't attend the event. JetSet mafia will have to deal with their gains and loses with such a rule.

Flash mob of all males at the front door at 10:29. Just sayin'.

Places I hang out have a no douche bag policy. So I guess things even out.

Don't worry Owlie, you're still on the banned list at FüL.

that type of so called "high-end" environment.

You hit the nail on the head with so called, Quintel.

Anyway, nice tie.

they could've easily carried this policy this without officially saying anything.... well, if it was a place with a line where everyone wanted to go.... yeah the bouncers could've regulated who went in without any issue....

I haven't been there...haven't driven by on a weekend evening, so I have no clue if there's a line. but yeah, why announce it to the world? everyone knows this as an unspoken rule to a "hip" bar/club.


Don't worry Owlie, you're still on the banned list at FüL.

Wü hü!

See the losers in the best bars
Meet the winners in the dives
Where the people are the real stars
All the rest of their lives.

Any promo organization that calls itself a "mafia," much less a jet set one (I'm refuse to spell it wrong!) is going to be completely lacking in taste. I do not consider the evidence in these photos as "high-end" OR "jet set" any more than I do Paris Hilton's or Lindsey Lohan's latest party. That seems to be what the owner (pictured often) is going for.

I wonder if some of the restaurants mentioned know they are listed on the website? Not that Legal Seafood will much care since it's long closed. But maybe The Supreme Court Snack Bar will get more classy patrons.

I just did my research on these JetSet BoB and Rob they are so old. Maybe they should think about getting real jobs instead of committing gender discrimination, at a wana be club in a neighborhood that wants nothing to do with them.

Something that's been touched on here is the difference between "club" and "restaurant."

I'm a barroom lawyer at best, but these are legal terms. "Restaurants" have to have a certain percentage of sales come from food. (I think maybe 60%?)

If all of Milan's sales come from $150 bottles of vodka, that's something they can and will lose a license for.

Anybody want to do the homework on that?

after looking at their site, it appears "high-end" means low-class. hilarious!

this no dudes after 10:30 bull [feces] is a combination desperation to be "cool" (you know, like in miami and nyc! haha!), and a way to manipulate meatheads. people typically go out late in baltimore. this gets them in to start paying for drinks earlier (cha-ching!) with the idea the places will be flooded with babes later in the evening, increases the odds they'll get laid! (cha-ching!) so sounds like a win-win for losers.

me and my friends would never go there, (because we ARE actually too cool), so this issue doesn't upset me at all. it is, however, very laughable. haha!

First I couldn't apply to Smith or Sweet Briar. Then I couldn't work out at Curves. Now, I can't go Milan without ordering a bottle of Grey Goose. Where will it end?

"Restaurants" have to have a certain percentage of sales come from food. (I think maybe 60%?)
If all of Milan's sales come from $150 bottles of vodka, that's something they can and will lose a license for.

Four words: Two sets of books

If people do not like the policy then go some where else or get there early. Plain and simple.

While I would like to see a more discriminating eye at Baltimore clubs, bars, and restaurants; this is certainly not what I have in mind. It is certainly a money making ploy, and not anything that would actually improve the quality of patron. Instead, lets bring it back to Studio 54 and discriminate based on the bullsh*t some people think is appropriate for a night out. As a woman, I would love to see a place full of men... well dressed men, and women as well, for that matter.


Why am I picturing Jet Set Mafia as a bunch of Jersey Shore cast members?

Douchebags, please go elsewhere. K? Thx.

Warren, you are on the money there. Truth in advertising: Jetset Mafia = Herpes Skankfest Explosion.

The Baltimore club scene wouldn't be anything without jetset, I don't even go out to Baltimore anymore but the few times I did I would always try to hit up a jetset event. The guys are businessmen, they make money hosting events. The references to other places is because they go to these places to learn what works at the best clubs in the US and are trying to bring that here to better the nightlife.
I don't care what they dress like or their age, if I show up with a girl to their party I'm gonna be able to hang out with a lot more girls and fewer guys than the other clubs around. Think about that for a second, it really is a great concept if you're going out to meet girls, or if you're a girl at least you know the guy has girls as friends and isn't just some weirdo that showed up by himself lookin to stalk around. Keep doin what you do Rob, keep up the good work.

I'm not sure who suggested a flash mob but I'm all for it! Let rick roll the dump this weekend!

Flash mob of all males at the front door at 10:29. Just sayin'.

Someone, please notify GGBB's male members to make this their stop Friday, May 7th.

This is one of those "Who cares?" situations. Odds are nobody who reads this blog is going to go to Milan on a Friday night. This place gets everyone riled up. Big freakin deal, they want more women in their club/restaurant.

Need to quote my friend Roberta on this one: I vote with my wallet.
Echos comments from Cat, Quintel and gothaggis.

These DB's have been making money hand over fist for a few years now in Baltimore. They have a lot of flash and machismo and there is a lot of money to be made at the bottom of the barrel. I think I've been to almost every "opening" party at one of their clubs if nothing more than to locate another place that I will not be going to ever again. But I like how visible thay are so that I know what to avoid. I dislike their business model and really don't care for their crass materialism but then again they are moving truckloads of cash out of this city. And isn't that the America dream?

I believe it is mostly that people from Baltimore don't understand the fact that they are actually in Baltimore.

I often wonder when I see guys in blazers and girls dressed to impress why they don't drive the extra 45min and go somewhere like DC where this stuff is appreciated???

I don't think this Milan idea is a bad one because it keeps the "edhardy/affliction meat head guys" who attract the "superficial will sleep with you on the first night if you buy me a cosmo and some makeup to cover up my horrendous face" women out of the normal bars in Baltimore.

Photo albums on Jetsetmafia = unintentional comedy scale's needle breaks off.

Nothing-could-be-sadder-than-the-aging-clubber-in-a-bedazzled-$90-tee-shirt-and-blazer in the...moooooorrrrrrnin'

Once I was hanging out with some slightly less-than-chic friends, all male, in NYC. We had plans to meet friends at some relatively trendy spot, & we got denied at the door. The beef head running the door said that they were full, & I thought that we just didn't look cool enough for that spot, but later on I realized that it was due to the striking lack of females in our group.

Even later, I realized that a.) I'm frugal, b.) I'm not obsessed with trendy nightlife, & c.) I have virtually nothing in common with the crowds at the trendiest lounges. And there ended my dalliance with that scene. Now older & wiser, for me it's Beer Dork bar, scotch list, or GTFO.

I agree with those who say "so what?" I have no interest in places like Milan. I actually drive from DC to Baltimore to go out to get away from places like that. So if they want this policy, it doesnt affect me at all.

And as previously stated, most of this blog's readers arent interested in attending. But if these guys can make money doing this, then more power to them. So basically I chuckle at this policy.

I think everyone needs to take a breath, relax, maybe even do a woo-sah!

If this does not seem like your cup of tea, or you don't like the rules, then I have a tip for you: DON'T GO.

I remembered when Power Plant was changing their no baggy jeans and no tims rules, and I got kicked out so many times. Well guess what I did? I decided NOT TO GO BACK!

I think this argument because JetSet is doing something different and its piquing everyone's curiosity why its the way it is. Well bring a chick if you're so curious, JetSet's parties have hot girls dressed to a T, althought they may be the high maintenance types. So if that's not for you, I wouldn't bother.

What will happen is Rob will change the rules, all of you will go, and then come back here and comment on how wack it was anyways, how many deuche bags there were, and the girls were ugly. So I vote Rob keeps it the way he has it. Just my 2 cents.

It is amazing to see how negative and hateful people can be. What makes Baltimore so great is our diversity. Stop being CRABS and embrace the varieties of our city.

Don't bring crabs into this, Sarah. You bring crabs into this, and everybody gets pinched.

That GGB idea is sheer genius. Do it.

First, as a lawyer, I can tell you that lots of things happen that aren't legal, but only get stopped when somebody takes them to court. I know the "ladies drink free" happy hours got shut down as discriminatory. It just takes a deep pocket to stop them.

Secondly, I'm sure most areas that had snotty door policies got a little softer when the bottom dropped out of the economy. If guys were willing to spend, I'm sure the places were willing to take the money.

Thirdly, that happened to me at the opening of the Delano Hotel's club in South Beach when Ian Schrager and Madonna owned it. Early the next morning, my late dog Sebastian (Baltimore City Animal Shelter, a mixed terrier found on E. North Ave.) and I happened to find ourselves there -- with their pristine white marble -- and also, we happened to find ourselves at their private beach, where Sebastian swam in the ocean with all the celebrities, chasing after jellyfish.

Students of politics may recall that Sebastian was a write-in candidate during the Glendenning-Sauerbrey gubernatorial election. He lived to be 17 years old. He did meet with William Donald Schaefer, Martin O'Malley, and RoCk during his life, so he was well connected for a pound puppy. I figured he deserved to go to the Delano. He agreed.

I think the "if you don't like the policy, don't go" line of thinking doesn't quite hit something like this on the head. If their policy was "no homosexuals" or "no African Americans" would you feel the same way? They walk a very fine line with such a blatant exclusionary policy. Business owners should always be wary of "discriminating" on the basis of race, sex or religion. This may not be the case, but it's getting uncomfortably close.

Kowalski has "RANDOM PLAY" under his looking for on FB. HAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And then under religious views CHRISTIAN!!!! HAAAA!!!!!!!!

the majority of these promoters are tools anyway, they are deep into their 30's looking for any 18 year old girls they can lie to in order to make themselves feel better. Milan has no business being in Little Italy in the first place.

Baltimore, tell me what you don't like about yourself

What does GGBB stand for?

@Christian Troy, M.D. --- hahahahah god Amie and I used to be such huge Nip Tuck fans. That show went off the deep end years ago, though. Hilarious. Comment of the week.

So "Random Play" means "Casual Sex"?? Lol, all this negativity just shows how angry you people really are. Get a life, you really might enjoy it

Must be lonley in your moms basement...

No casual sex! Not everyone has a magic Johnson.

L8 to the party as usual. Anyway, I think the root of the problem here is that they actually advertised about the discrimination. When I lived in Prague, they wouldn't let people in who they thought weren't "hot" but they never advertised for fear of discrimination. Same goes for NYC. "We're Full guys sorry" is the way up there. and what dude is going to complain when the bouncer lets a hot chick in? We need more high end clubs in B-more. But at the same time, the promoters have got to drop this "they do it in Miami" shizz. No city is like any other. learn your market.
Props to Jetset for what they've accomplished in this city, but to advertise not letting people in is just stupid. What if my wife is inside and I'm parking the car? I can't get in? I support a gay flash mob hitting them. Let's organize.


"Let's take bets on how much longer this party lasts, especially with the Baltimore being behind the times. The last I learned discrimination was a thing of the past, not the future. 6 months before the plastic people and guys juiced up on roids have to go back to Jersey."

You're wrong, you have effectively proved that discrimination is a live and well, at least in your head. Your assuming that all, if any, of the plastic people and guys juiced up on roids are from New Jersey.

Let the bmore homegrown "talent" stay in bmore, thank you.


You are right. I should have been more specific and said North Shore Jersey. My bad.

/fist pump

Man, the perpetual Baltimorean "chip on the shoulder" and inferiority complex is in full effect here. I check this blog from time to time, and Sam seems to get the most replies to posts that have to do with nightclubs...this one alone is 59 replies deep. That's a tell tale sign that nightlife in Baltimore is severely lacking and people are either thirsty for something to "pop off" or decrying the atmosphere that goes along with the scene as in Milan's case.

It may be hard to believe, but not everyone wants to drink Boh and throw darts in a dive bar. I've since moved out of BMore, but when I come back, I'm bored to tears. For those of us that want that certain type of energy or're aware of the rules and if it's not favorable, aware that you can take your money elsewhere (albeit not many places). I've been turned away from Quintel's parties before when I visited and it was no biggie, I kept my $20 in my pocket.

I love my hometown's constant nostalgia, folksiness, and "what you see is what you get" attitude - but Baltimore's biggest problem in nightlife, government, whatever is that it can never seem to get out of its own way.

Good thing that I have a hot girlfriend, otherwise I might not be able to get into this "club" I would never go to.

Hooray for girlfriends!


Why stop there? Keep going to the NYC boroughs, or dump them in Federa Hill.

You know it's nice, this policy, to keep the ratio good. You know what I mean. (**read with a brooklyn/bronx accent**)

Seriously, "keep the ratio good"?

Who cares about this place. Every town has these kind of morons. The places in Miami and NYC and LA that cater to people like this - well, they suck too.


What in the world does this mean? --> "I love my hometown's constant nostalgia, folksiness, and "what you see is what you get" attitude - but Baltimore's biggest problem in nightlife, government, whatever is that it can never seem to get out of its own way."

Are you really comparing Baltimore's nightlife with City Government? Because that would be awesome and hilariously incoherent.

@ d - To clarify, Baltimore's civic attitude (think small/ be leery of outsiders/it was like this in the good 'ol days, so lets keep it that way!) stunts its growth and touches many areas of life in the city.

Sam, I have a honest question. Have you ever written anything that has got this much attention?


You must be semi-new to Midnight Sun. This post has a good deal of comments, yes, but it's not the most popular post on Midnight Sun by a long shot. In fact, a lot of comments doesn't always mean a lot of page views.

I went back and ran the numbers. The bacon vodka post from a couple years ago is the all time most clicked-on post

It only got 35 comments, but it got 35,000 clicks.

The next five most popular posts are all concert reviews, from Billy Joel to American Idols Live.

Then, at No. 7, we have the infamous 'Lindsay Lohan spotted at Mosaic' post:

The initial announcement that Bruce Springsteen would play Baltimore is No. 9:

Finally, at No. 10, the announcement that Iguana Cantina would reopen as an upscale rum bar:

There you have it -- a brief look at the most popular posts on Midnight Sun through the years.

Oh, and I think Honorable Mention should go to the posts about Zero Tolerance Parking in South Baltimore

and Chris Sligh

I think A Certain Ratio is less interesting than a Joy Division


I am not a person who only wants to go to dive bars and drink Natty Bohs or throw darts. As a DJ I have been fortunate to see a wide variety of what Baltimore has to offer and a lot of it is good. I think that there should be more clubs as well.

The reason though that a lot of these places ultimately fail in the end is that there is a level of pretentiousness that is not appreciated here. Many people forget that this is a city built on the backs of blue collar workers, and they are not going to go somewhere that is discriminatory or pay a ridiculous cover charge for overpriced booze and people with attitudes pretending to be something that they are not (rich). Remember Palma?

One of the things to begin successful in Baltimore is knowing your market. I am all for a nice club with a great vibe, but if people are going to be jerks just because they think that is cool then they will find themselves out of business here quick.

My last post I meant to be @Sucio410. My bad.

I think Friday night would be a great night for Guerilla Gay Bar to take over this "restaurant" (CLUB).

Guerilla Gay Bar

Look out ... BEAR ATTACK!

They're just pissed the Little Italy Community Organization is trying to get their liquor license revoked. My guess is if you have enough euros, you can grease someone's palm & get in.

I have been to Friday nights at Milan twice and had a wonderful time. There is a great vibe and a nice mix of interesting people. I hope these guys do not change a thing. There is nothing worse than going to a club that is bombarded by wasted frat boys around 11pm. This place is a class act.

Let's talk about the real discrimination going on at MILAN, the racism from all the Italians in the neighborhood.

From the Jetset Mafia Website:

JetsetMafia is your night club and nightlife information destination and guide for Miami, FL,Washington, DC,Baltimore, MD,chicago, IL,Belair, MD

Yep, looks like the Jetset has all the major hotspots covered from South Beach to...ahem...Bel Air.

I would be curious as to what upscale events for the hip crowd take place in Bel Air. No single men allowed in Chilis after 10 pm unless they buy a fajita combo platter. Miller Lite bottle service at Looney's: 50 bottles for $150.

Just LMAO at the idea of a GGB takeover. Love it!!!!

Who cares about this place. Every town has these kind of morons. The places in Miami and NYC and LA that cater to people like this - well, they suck too.

I care. I live next door. The kids that get tuened away, lots of times they wind up sitting in their car and drinking, meeting the ladies on the street as they come out.

What Milan doesn't realize, with their lies and bs, is that in the court of PUBLIC OPINION the only PUBLIC that matters right now are the residents of Little Italy.

After next Thursday it will all be over.

hey, everybody, thanks for your support of 'The Neighborhood" We have been lied to! Our agreement is on public record @ the Liquor Board. Restaurant not a club. NO PROMOTERS. We also were the victims of "Bait and Switch" All plans for this "upscale" Restaurant were presented to us by some guy named "Smitty" (that in itself is telling, who really is this "Smitty" , because he says he's the owner but his name is not on anything) only to be duped @ the public hearing, and low and behold the "true"? owners were the previous owners of" HAMMERJACKS" and "LOUIE, LOUIE". Had our community known this , we would have reconsidered our support for the License transfer for this Restaurant. This is not about race as is being put out by the Milan BIMBOS. to justify their activities. This is about the quality of life in our community, And we don't care if it's tony bennett, vivicka fox ,jz, pavorotti, or the boston pops, loud music and loud chatter from 11pm till 3 am is disturbing to anyone. They do not have a vested interest in the community, other than the money they blew on decorating this place, they do not own the property or the Liquor license. They have not been honest and they continue to be arrogant by insisting they are a restaurant. If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, IT IS A DUCK !! "MILAN THE CLUB". Stop "DUCKING" with us !

You know, i don't recall ever playing darts in Baltimore. Granted I don't stray too far off the beatn path but is there a reason such few places have dart boards?
Shuffle board, ping pong, pool...yes.

For a chronicle of the folks that frequent events held by Jet Set, check out the 30k millionaire section of

I would actually like to thank Milan, they are drawing all the people I don't want to hang out with away from the places I like to hang out. I say keep it up and even turn it up a notch. Maybe with the help of these places I will be able to go out in my neighborhood and see mostly people actually from my neighborhood.

It sounds like an awful lot like this place is trying to turn away it's largest customer base. That's suicide for a business.

I've also been to Milan several times. There's no DJ, no dance floor, they serve food, so how is it a club? As far back as I can remember, there were hordes of people (including myself) going to Sabatino's all the way up until not 2am, but 3am and you don't see anyone trying to shut them down. But I guess it's ok because they are Italian.

hordes of people (including myself) going to Sabatino's

You don't need to be on a guest list to get in. Restaurants don't have a cover charge. You don't need to bring arm-veal to get in after 10:30. etc etc.

1) I've never heard of Milan. If i can't go in a t-shirt ,I wouldn't be interested anyway.

2) If he wants an all-lesbian bar, I guess that OK, but why not just call it that?

3) "NO MEN"sounds very discriminatory to me. I'd watch out with that one. What's next? "NO BLACKS?" or "NO GAY MEN?"

4) Less "fratty?" What's wrong with "fratty?" If it wasnt for "fratty" guys, drunk fat girls (or guys if you know what i'm sayin) would never get laid..

Milan doesn't charge a cover either brainiac! My question is, since when HAVEN'T men gotten discriminated at clubs???! What jet set is doing is no different than "Ladies Night" or letting girls in free and charging guys cover. Why are we acting as if this is a "new" thing?!

I am still laughing about the Ed Hardy beer comment. HYSTERICAL. And if a GGB flash mob does take place, please to invite me. This is so very entertaining.

This is how it is in Vegas too, but it's kind of an unwritten rule. Of course there all you have to do is grease the bouncer's palm with a 20 or 50 and you're in. I wonder if that would work here. Hmmm???

Yes, but would you actually want to?

Johnnycat - bet you spend most your time in sweat pants

Sam - make sure where the next MS party is, they have a dress code.

This is America! You can always choose to go to a crappy old joint up the street. Pay 20 bucks and see somebodies burnt out grandmother serve you day old Raviolli!!
I like Sexy!! Personally!!
Maybe in 50 years!! I wouldn't mind being served by some burnt out chain smoking grand mom!!
However, right now I like that hot chick at Milan!!

Keep Serving It hot!!!


Maybe the promoters will get get DJ JDDJJDJDJJDDJDDJ to play this Friday?

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