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April 29, 2010

Brewer's Art will can Resurrection Ale in May

this is a prototype of the new Brewer's Art Resurrection Ale can

Brewer's Art will offer its flagship beer, Resurrection Ale, in cans, owners announced today.

The Mount Vernon brew pub, which already distributes Resurrection in 750-milliliter glass bottles, hopes to have six-pack cans of the abbey-style ale in stores before Memorial Day, according to co-owners Tom Creegan and Volker Stewart.

"We're taking the plunge," Creegan said.

Though the price hasn't been finalized, Creegan thinks it will be $9.99. Pictured, at right, is a prototype of the design for the 12-ounce cans.

The first batch of Resurrection for the new line of cans will start brewing at Sly Fox Beer in Penn. next week. Sly Fox also makes and bottles the 750-milliliter Resurrection line.

In recent years, there has been debate over whether canning beer reduces its taste. Creegan acknowledged this, but said he hopes advances in canning methods will keep the beer from tasting any different."We're going to see," he said. "They've gotten a lot better about that with canning equipment."

Cans are the new wave in the craft brewing industry, Creegan said, pointing to beers such as Dale's Pale Ale, which is widely distributed in cans. A six-pack of cans is more practical and portable than a 750-milliliter bottle, Creegan said.

"When screw cap wine was introduced, everyone was like, 'I don't know, I don't know,'" he said. "If the beer in the can is good, I don't think people are going to complain."

(Prototype of a can of Resurrection Ale courtesy of Brewer's Art)

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$9.99 for 6 cans of beer? I must be getting old and out-of-touch. That seems way expensive, even for a quality beer.

My first thought: beer is not as good out of a can as it is out of a bottle. Then as I thought about it, I realized that I've never tried a side-by-side blind taste test, so perhaps I ought not be so critical without really knowing for sure. (I know it's apples-to-oranges, but kegs are big cans, no?)

Has anybody out there made an honest attempt to see if they can detect a difference?

If I were to do my own analysis, do some beers use better cans than others?

That was a scary headline, Mr. Editor.

I thought that Resurrection was getting "canned" in the sense that Brewer's Art was going to stop making it!

AH Friggin Mazing. I love BA more every day.

As long as they use the same processes that Oskar Blues uses, it should be awesome.

I am giddy with excitement.

would that make this the first belgian style beer to be canned?

IPA i can see in a can, bot sure about rezzie...but i'm hopeful. anything to make it more available.

Oh heck yes!

Volker, sign me up please. I am looking forward to carrying it if I possibly can. This will help those who can't get it on draft. Very good news.

Just in time for softball season.

forgot to mention...really liking that can design

A victory for the beer drinker who wants to take something cool to an outdoor venue. Now if I can just keep them from bogarting it....

Sam, dont use "findlocal" if they have an acutal site you can link to. Pretty Please!??!

This news can only be considered great. Easier for OLD MAN GNAR to smuggle into Baltimore's finest gentleman's clubs

Ugh first of all the headline was very,very SCARY!!! On one hand I like this because I love Resurrection but on the other hand I there's a downside. Rolling Rock & Yuengling, two beers that I love, are nowhere near as good in cans as they are in bottles, in fact they STINK!! I don't know why they just do and I'm afraid the same thing will happen with Resurrection but I'll definitely try it out for sure.

The price is comparable to Dale's Pale Ale and it will be more affordable than the 750ml bottles. I would guess that bars will sell it for the same price as a Sierra Nevada bottle or any can from Oskar Blues.

Resurrection is a fine beer, and totally worth the $9.99. I am also a big fan of Dale's Pale Ale, and they have an agreement with Ball Mason Jars, who produces the cans for Dale's and the other brews in the Oshkosh line. This is a good move and it excites me to no end.

Yeah, I'll most definitely drink Resurrection in a can. I just tried a few beers from another craft brewer that distributes in cans, in well designed boxes at that, & the beers were big & tasty.

Great news!
Will it lose some of its mystique now that it will presumably be easier to find?

Here's an article on benefits of canning beer I recently read, if anyone is interested:

any one know where you can get the resurrection in bottles?


Did you stop and think that maybe Yuengling and Rolling Rock stuck in the can because they actually stink in bottles and on draft as well?

Canning is a good idea for beer because it removes one of the only two problems that makes beer go bad.....LIGHT.

Thanks for the kind words, folks, we are excited about this.

Price: If we could sell it for less we would, but between what the manufacturing brewery charges us, the packaging costs that we had to pick up, and the cut that the wholesaler and the retailer take, we will see about $0.75 a six pack on this at this price. As a wise man once said, if you wanna make a million in the beer business, start with two.

Flavor: Well, we'll see. I had a 21st Amendment "Brew Free or Die" the other day from a can - I thought it tasted great. Will it taste the same as draft Res? Of course not. I can't think of a beer that tastes the same in draft vs. bottle.

Jason: Badger your Bond rep! :^) And thanks for your patience.

I think people who prefer to not drink beer out of cans b/c it tastes different than in bottles (I include myself in this group) are actually put off by the metallic taste of the can, not the beer itself. If you took a certain beer and poured one bottle of it into a glass and then a can of it into another glass, I'm willing to bet that there wouldn't be a perceptible difference in taste.

If people don't know resurrection ale is a high alcohol content beer, hence the higher price. I think it's around 8% or higher.I drink a brand of beer called Victory and they have a type called Golden Monkey and it's about $9.99 a six pack bottles. It will knock you on your butt.

Glad to hear they are branching out. It's a good beer.

Resurrection is only 7%abv.

Volker- I have already placed my order with Bond and they had no clue. Thanks to Midnight Sun, I have an advantage, even over the distributor. My salesperson, Amy, is very excited as is everybody else. I should have two cases for two places as soon as they arrive in town. Thank you for making Resurrection available to us.

"only" 7%.

I wonder -- do all you can haters only drink draft beer that comes from wooden (or perhaps glass) kegs?

Thanks to one of the greatest technological advances of all time, beer cans have a lining that prevents the beer from picking up a metallic taste. And as Shawn noted above, cans are way better than bottles when it comes to light.

By contrast, green bottles are absolutely awful for beer. That's why Rolling Rock is often skunky and why I'm surprised to hear Marcus say that he prefers RR bottles to cans.

21st Amendment's beers are really good. "Brew Free or Die" and "Monks Blood" are just a pleasure to drink. I even like "Come Hell or High Watermelon." I find it better with canned beers like that to pour them into a glass as it brings out the flavor. But I agree that tap, cans and bottles all taste different. I'm beginning to prefer cans over bottles.

To me, $9.99 seems like an OK price for quality. Can't wait to try it!

YOU, good sirs and madames, have set a trend.

Well played, Dale's.

Anyone looking for Res in bottles can find it handily at Beltway Wine and Liquers at Joppa and Loch Raven next to the BelLoc Diner.

Hey Volker,

I'm one of the weirdos who prefers the Ozzy to the Rezzie, any plans to put Ozzy in a can as well?

Corey: "Not at this time" for the Ozzy, there is only so much that Sly Fox can do for the cans are a major investment, you have to get a ton at a time.

Stagger Lee: "only" in relation to Scott's post...:^)

Jason: I meant "badger your rep" when the beer is closer to out...;^)


Well aware. You've seen me after a more than a few at Rob's 4th of July bash.

ANY brewer who would put their product in a can is an imbecile!

I love it! Abbey Ale in a can!

Thanks, Anonymous, I'll take any compliment I can get.

I love this blog.

I have to agree with Marcus on the Yuengling in a can opinion. I have been a fan of Yuengling for quite a while. When I moved back to Maryland from PA in the late 90's it was still pretty difficult to find Yuengling in liquor stores and bars. And when you found it in stores, it was only in bottles and was more expensive then it is now. But the first time I drank it from a can I was amazed how different it tasted to me. I love it in bottles and draft but I'd rather drink another beer than Yuengling out of a can. This is pretty much one of the only beers that I say this about.
But I love Resurrection and I would definitely be willing to give it a try "in the can." insert witty comment here _______________ .

Volker - ALOT of interest here. I think you're on to something. Nice move.

Ignore the product, and enjoy.

Good stuff. Glad to hear the rumors are true.

Congrats Volker. We look forward to spreading the good word.

Will Hopkins have the spare livers ready?

Huge Rez fan and buying it via 6 pack is exciting! Just hope you get it closer to the BA keg taste standard than you did with the bottle. IMHO too carbonated/young and not very close to the glorious original.


Yes, I performed a blind taste test with New Belgiums Fat Tire in bottle and can. It was with 15 people. Of those 15, ZERO picked which sample came from the bottle correctly. Yes, all 15 actually preferred the can sample to the bottle sample!

Cans have a stigma that some craft beer drinkers can not get over. It is amazing what a little blind taste test can do.

As far as the price, 9.99 is not a lot for good beer. There are plenty of other beers out there that have prices higher than this, and all are worth it.

If you want to keep up to date on the happenings in beer, check out my facebook page at:!/pages/Beer-Guru/121345537881857?ref=sgm


where did you try the Fat Tire? In Baltimore? To my knowledge, you stil can't get it yet in MD.

Fat Tire will be available in MD some time this summer. I have a reliable source that works for F.P. Winner, and he confirmed this.

Patrick: Try that blind test with a beer more complex than Fat Tire and get back to me. Fat Tire is the bottom of the New Belgium beer ladder. (and is horribly overrated by those who can't get their hands on it.)

Re: Fat Tire coming to Md.: Always remember, the veracity and value of the news/opinion is in direct proportion to the source's willingness to let his or her name be associated with it. >;-)

If true, I expect a brief and stunning burst of popularity, followed by a vast sigh of "HUH?!?!? Is *that* what we were all hyped up about?" and then a return to Blue Moon/Stella or gravitation to the next latest "beer of the week"........

Please sell in midwest. PLEASE!!!

Resurrections are okay, but they usually take three days.

We will trade you ALL of the Fat Tire in the world for some delicious Resurrection on the West Coast. Bottle, can, keg, whatever. Bring it Resurrection to San Francisco Volker! -ChurchKey Brew Bar, San Francisco

Where can I get it in Baltimore? Wine Source? Wells?

Where can I get it in Baltimore? Wine Source? Wells?

Where can I get it in Baltimore? Wine Source? Wells?

Apparently going to Brewer's Art is the best bet, they sell it out of the bar. That said, I really like Resurrection, but going out of my way to get a case of cans wasn't really worth it. Kinda overhyped, IMO.

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