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March 10, 2010

Corkboard: Who has the cheapest Resurrection in Baltimore?

resurrection ale

Dear friends,

I'm giggling with glee as I type this:

Every day from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., Hon Bar pours draft Resurrection for $3.

My goodness, my Guinness Resurrection!

The folks at Cafe Hon are proudly boasting that this is the best Resurrection deal in town. So far, I can't refute it. 

I went straight to the source of the stuff -- Brewer's Art, which makes the delicious ale -- and asked co-owner Volker Stewart how much they charge ...

During Brewer's Art's happy hour, Resurrection is $3.25. A quarter more than Cafe Hon.

Is that even legal?

Then, I phoned Idle Hour co-owner Brendan, who told me their best Resurrection deal is $4, also during happy hour.

Does any Baltimore bar serve the stuff for cheaper? 

Since this is only the second edition of the Corkboard, I'd like to remind everyone that this is the one place on Midnight Sun where it's OK for you to be a shill. It's a pro-shill zone, not a no-shill zone.

So shill, folks. Shill away!

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I was getting $4 Resurrections at Sliders before Oriole games. It's not $3.00, but it's also not $7 per beer at the game.

I would gladly pay the extra quarter than to ever have to step foot in Cafe Hon again.

I don't think I'll ever forgive my mother for picking that for dinner last time she was in town.

right on HIM, one month till baseball season! can we get some comments about gino's (tiny place between sliders and pickle's). strange place...

Mahaffey's beats that in a way... for their "threefur" happy hour special, you get three 10 oz drafts for $5 (used to be $4, but recently went up to $5). Resurrection is always on tap, so you can get one, two, or three 10 oz Resurrections, which works out to $1.67 for 10 oz, $3.33 for 20, or $5 for 30 oz.

Odie B,

You're being vague.
What precisely was the failings and the source of your grievance(s)?

Mugsys happy hour is all $3 one of their beers Resurrection? I know they serve a beer that is in the 8-10% range but Im not sure if its resurrection

Could some kind soul list all the places that have Rezzie around here? A post by Sam a while back mentioned the Bateman's at TU had it, and that left me intrigued.

Great question LP man. Used to hit pickles before I grew out of frat bars. Sliders has been a go-to as long as I can remember. Great res ale and a very friendly staff. Gino's was always a forgotten middle bar we have never been to. On a side note, Baltimore City was getting all nazi on those police barriers in front of Sliders last year. Don't the police have real crimes to focus their budget on?

GDA's back!!!

Rather than searching for the post on CA&E, I'll be lazy and post it here. They have signs on their door that they are undergoing some changes, including a new chef, and will be back open in a couple weeks.

Don't think they ever served Resurrection.

Wandered into Gino's at some point last summer during an O's game (or maybe an early season Ravens game) and it was like the weirdest scene ever. It was like the staff were surprised people wanted to come in and they weren't prepared for any customers. Weird.

Bateman's in Reisterstown carries it too. But they've got no water right now.

One Eyed Mike's has it for 3$ during happy hour. Also have Dales Pale Ale for 3$

Gino's is cool (we only go before O's games). Most beers are 2 for $5, but you have to stand in the little pen they have set up with those metal barricades. If it's crowded enough (read: when the Yanks or BoSox are in town) you can sneak out and mingle with the Sliders/Pickles patrons. I don't think I've ever been inside.

How much are the growlers of Rezzie at Brewer's these days? I haven't had one since the last blizzard when i would march through the snow and get them daily.

Gino's ended up changing hands recently according a friend of mine. I heard it's going to open up as something baseball themed.

Captain Larry's has it for $3 as well

Captain Larry's has $3 pints (16 oz) during Happy Hour & $5 all other times!

Well well well, looks like Cafe Hon's claim is bogus after all. I knew they couldn't have the cheapest Rezzies in town.

Just moved from Fells Point to downtown Annapolis. So far from what I've found the beer selection at bars here pales by comparison to my old locale. The best place I've found is Heroes Pub, but it's a drive from pretty much anywhere and they did not have Res on tap when I was there (and Res consumption typically necessitates walking anyway). Does anyone know where one can get Resurrection in the Annapolis area, or any other good beer bars?

I would remind you all that salvation lies within.

@MR Besides Heroes, Ram's Head on West Street is probably your best bet for beer bars in Naptown. If you don't mind driving a little bit, you can also check out Lures in Crownsville.

Sam -

PLEASE do a corkboard post about drink specials, and more importantly, bars that will have the NCAA B-ball tournament package next week. Times are tough and it seems that every year less bars ante up for the tourney package. Thanks!!

Baltimore Taphouse has rezz for $3.50 everyday til 8PM $4.50 after that

I can only dream of the day that I can sell Resurrection for $3 during happy hour. Maybe my dream will come true. (Please Volker!)

Dave the Wave- The Abbey will have the NCAA Basketball Tournament Package, Magerk's usually does. Don't Know and No Idea will both have it as well.

They were using a jackhammer inside Ginos a few days ago so changes are coming. Sliders is the place to be on that block though, so who cares what happens to Ginos.

Captain Larry's has Res for $3. at HH.

Hey MR,

Sympathetic to your plight. I've been in Annapolis for more than a year and, unfortunately, it doesn't get much better. If you don't mind a drive (even farther away than Heroes) than Lures in Crownsville is the best you'll find. They take their beers seriously and always have some new obscure and interesting ales from all over the country. They also do beer dinners fairly regularly and have a beer club.

Rams Head often has more beers than just their (extremely subpar) Fordham offerings. That's going to be your best bet downtown, as everyone else is limited to the standard ale offerings (read: be happy if you have a Flying Dog to choose). Rockfish carries Loose Cannon, so I find myself there pretty regularly.

Purple Tooth Wine Bar just closed, but it had a nice, albeit expensive, selection of Belgians and a few rare American micros. I hear a new wine bar is opening in its place sometime this month. Supposed to be called "Crush." Hopefully they'll carry over Purple Tooth's beer selection at the very least.

As for Resurrection, I've had it at Lures before and I believe at Heroes as well. It's my understanding that when Brewer's Art started bottling it, some of the bars outside Baltimore could no longer get it on tap, or at the very least, it became significantly more difficult.

As for buying your beer in stores, go to Bay Ridge Wine and Spirit and never look back. Mills is convenient since it's right at City Dock, and they do an admirable job, complete with a modest make-your-own six pack station, but it's no comparison to Bay Ridge.

What I'm really beginning to wonder about is why Eastern Shore beers like Eastern Shore Brewing and Evolution aren't all over the place in Annapolis yet. Is the three-mile bridge really too far for the distributors to stray? Come on!

'Giggling with Glee' - dear lord

tee hee!

It's always $4.50 at Hamilton Tavern, and a lot of the time it's the $3 happy hour draft. (happy hour from 4:30-6:30 and 10-close every day)

If I was Volker, I would be ticked that so many places use my brew to whore themselves into thinking they can make more money selling a prime product for cost. Silly. It's like getting a Mercedes for the price of a Yugo. Come to think of it....If Volker did not need the money, it would be in his best intrest to yank the product out of production and only sell it at his place. The product and brand will be worthless quickly at this rate.

Hey MR

We were at Armadillo's about a month, or so ago.

They didn't have Resurrection on draft, they did have a decent variety of Clipper City offerings. Loose Cannon, Winter Storm, etc.

i think Rocket to Venus has it on their "3 for $3" Happy hour. It's 3 separate toddler glasses (8oz., i think) so that's a good deal.

Re: Annapolis -- Galway Bay offers their own brand of lager and ale brewed locally ... following a special recipe for each product that model Harp (lager) and Smithwicks (ale).

@KH - Shilling! You can't hide your true identity, HIGGINS!!!

I'll be in soon to see you. Craving a Ham Tav burger.

I win.

Our current Happy Hour drink specials are half price drafts and wine by the glass. That make a pint of Resurrection...wait for it...wait for it...$2.25!!! I know it's criminal and all that, but that's how we roll sometimes. Come on by to take advantage of it every day but Sunday, 4-7. Hit the link for a current list (under notes.)


DISCLAIMER: While this has been our H-Hour deal for a couple years, specials do change, based on performance. I can't promise $2.25 Rez forever, but that's our deal right now. Seasonal and limited availability beers are not always included in Happy Hour. And thanks again for your business.

Happy hours and specials aside, nobody has been able to beat Slider's $4 regular price.

Resurrection isn't sold in AA county. At least that's what I was told in Annapolis.

Racers has 3 for $6. You must get all three at once, but you can mix and match anything on tap. or just get all 3 resurrection

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