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February 18, 2010

Where should we hold the next Midnight Sun throwdown?

midnight sun social at bad decisionsIt's time.

Time, methinks, for all of us to carelessly cast off our inhibitions and drink until someone somewhere does something silly. That someone will probably be me.

What I'm saying is, I'm itching for another Midnight Sun swill-fest. But where should we hold it? We've done South Baltimore, Mount Vernon and Fells Point. To me, that says we should be eying Canton or -- gasp -- somewhere in the 'burbs.

Thoughts? ...

And let's not forget the just-as-important task of naming it. We've had the Midnight Sun Social (pictured), Shindig and Soiree. I'm running out of S-words that mean party.

I put "party" into and was given this list of adjectives:

affair, amusement, at-home, ball, banquet, barbecue, bash, blowout, carousal, carousing, celebration, cocktails, coffee klatch, coming-out, dinner, diversion, do, entertainment, feast, festive occasion, festivity, fete, fun, function, gala, get-together, luncheon, movable feast, orgy, prom, reception, riot, shindig, social, soiree, splurge, spree, tea 

I think "orgy" and "tea" are probably not the best idea, and I have no idea what a "coffee clatch" is. Ideally, I'd like the event to be something like this.


(Photo by Alexander D. Mitchell IV)

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Posted by Sam Sessa at 11:02 AM | | Comments (77)
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Make it a Box Social and I can guarantee it will be a success.

You're right about the burbs for one major reason - parking. PWe need to find a place with a decent sized parking lot so everyone can attend that wants to.

Suggestions: The Crease in Towson because they have plenty of space in there (despite a lack of a parking lot) OR the Treehouse in Cockeysville. It's an awesome dive bar with good food.

I vote officially for the Treehouse.

"Gasp" is right! Don't retreat to the burbs before you hit some other key areas of the city first. Hampden, Hamilton, and yes, even parking-starved Canton should play host before the county. Wherever it ends up I hope I'll actually be able to come this time.

For convenience, I vote real preference what venue tho

SoWeBo!!! Zella's Pizzeria or Baltimore Pho would be great, PLUS they'd get some folks to, IMHO, a pretty cool up-and-coming neighborhood.

The Laughing Pint in Highlandtown

Pür or Canton Arts and Entertainment. You would likely have CAE all to yourself.

Midnight Sun Silliness? Kinda a stretch.

If we do the 'burbs, I'm voiting for Treehouse (even though I've never been there) because I'd love to have a reason to go to Cockeysville. Driving all the way up there just for nachos from Moe's is embarassing. Doesn't stop me from doing it though.

I'd probably prefer Canton though... or selfishly, Chaz Village or Hampden!

I propose we do a bar crawl instead of having a single location.

The Walt's Inn, Canton.

MP3 karaoke (don't let the book fool you; they have everything) and "blue" flavored jello shots.

Your first blue is on me, Sammy.


could always call it a "sudsational,", or a "sudsocial" :P

Baltimore Taphouse (Formerly Growler's) if it is in "Canton" or Racer's if it is in the county, both great beer bars.


kateebee is right, let's do what bryanintowson says!

Stackhouse is Canton

Bourbon Blue in Philadelphia.

you won't find me in the burbs. The general consensus seems to be Canton but where? What's that bar on the corner of the square across from the bofa machine? Blue Oyster? Wait that might be the gay bar from Police Academy. It has the upstairs and really clean bathrooms. And great orange crushes.

The Firehouse Tavern, I think the mixture of the "oh we're not hipsters" hipsters and rednecks would make for a fun evening.

Otherwise, why not the brand new LAGERS!

I second The Laughing Pint.

Or maybe Shirley's Honey Hole.

Field House :)

Midnight Sun Sophistebacle at Milan. Bring your Euros!

I think at this point, why sell the Midnight Sun Prom short? I cast my vote for the First Mariner Center.

What about Locust Point, I guess that would still fall under south baltimore, but any I am gonna try and make it to this event

my biased Canton suggestions:


bartenders: they have the upstairs, decent beer selection and they know how to sling

mahaffey's: see almost any post on this blog re:beer selection. ditto the upstairs.

stackhouse: belgian beer

yellow dog: not a huge draft selection, but a lot of microbrew bottles; good drinks

annabel lee / jack's / helen's: we'd never fit

blue hill tavern: big enough and valet parking for those who still haven't figured out walking and chewing gum

jd's: pretty broad beer selection and also has an upstairs they may let us utilize

canton taphouse: then name is pretty literal

third on laughing pint.

midnight sun spectacle

"The Midnight Sun Situation"

I like the Midnight Sun Situation or the Midnight Sun Sh*tshow!

Brew hill? Elliots Pour House? there would be popcorn for everyone!
I have been finding the Taphouse quite amusing (last week I saw the front door get broken in a friendly snow-wrastlin' match).

Elliott's Pour House will be able to fit a large crowd and they have 20 drafts. Great bar, so I'll second the suggestion.

I love Walt's and there are some of you who I would love to see sing some karaoke.

There is always the Pickled Parrot and they have plenty of room for a big crowd.

Mama Mia's is the name

I second Elliots Pour House

Mahaffey's, hudson st stackhouse, or Portside

I agree with the Stackhouse suggestions

No Hampden? What about Rocket to Venus?

The Parkside in Hamilton. The owners are super chill, and it has plenty of space with a huge bar and great beer selection...

I vote for here:

They have a large bar, good beer selection and friendly staff

I like how you are thinking BA. maybe it could be called, Midnight Sun- "The Sitiuation" or is that copyrighted?

I'm digging the Laughing Pint suggestion. Highlandtown could always use the love, and parking wouldn't be any worse than the O'Donnell Square.

The Midnight Sun 'Stravaganza?

The Parkside would be fun. You (meaning Sam) mentioned a northeast gathering a few months back...and it's not far from your barber!

Thanks for all the great suggestions, gang. I like the sound of Parkside, Pickled Parrot, Elliott's Pour House, Racers Cafe, Hudson Street Stackhouse and Laughing Pint. The verdict's still out on the name, too. The Midnight Sun Situation is pretty freaking awesome. We've got a situation on our hands oh no oh no OH YEAH! hee hee. I'll keep you posted.

I'm going for Laughing Pint.

Midnight Sun ... storm

I selfishly vote for the date to be after April 29th so I can FINALLY GET MY DRINK ON.

I like the idea of doing it at Bartenders. The upstairs bar would be ideal and the guys that run the place are awesome. And the pizzas they kick out are pretty freakin' tasty!!

how about the midnight hootenanny

I like Laughing Pint but it'll get crammed, I vote Pour House and calling the "The Midnight Sun (the) Situation."

(since Frazier's is out).

Since Growlers is out, if it is in the county I am sticking with Racer's and if it is in the city I will now go with Pickled Parrot, I met the owner the other week, wild guy to say the least.

How about some cool place in Harbor East. Oh yeah, never mind.

first, call it the Midnight Slum
How about Choices?

I like the EPH suggestions, the parking situation is a bit better there than other Canton/Brewer's Hill spots & I'll be able to enjoy plenty of booze filled slushies & Beauch beer shots.

Midnight Sunpocalypse/mageddon, perhaps?

My vote is for Elliott's Pour House. It's the best neighborhood bar around!

I recommend Elliott's Pour House. As a transplant from Arizona, the bartenders have given me a proper welcome, from the intro to all regulars to how to properly celebrate snow day/ week, to how to mark my parking spot. EPH is always the first and last spot for any night out.

I love EPH for so many reasons. We moved to Baltimore about a year ago from the other side of the country, and since we came here, EPH has made us feel like we've lived here for years. Its a classy, well kept bar with hilarious and attentive bartenders with an eclectic selection of beers on tap. Since coming here, we've made some life time friends, and I've had friends travel to Baltimore just because of the atmosphere it offers. A added bonus is all the group events the bar offers. There is always something awesome going on at Elliotts. And PS I don't feel like a total douche when I sing at sing your face off kereoke,... it's SO MUCH FUN!

I would like to place my vote for Elliot's Pour House! My vote should count double on account of my coolness factor. The vibe is friendly, laid back, corner bar, but there is so much more to it. With creative events, unique drinks, and great service, I think it would be the perfect spot for your throw down!!!!! See you there!!!!

I gotta say Elliotts Pour House (EPH) would be the best place for it. It's an AWESOME local bar with the best family style crowd, it's truly where you will come back to once you've been here once. I also have to agree with the girl that commented on all the group events we do together i.e. Kings of Leon bus, and the punkin' chunkin' bus that's an every year road trip. So if you want the best place I gotta say ELLIOTTS POUR HOUSE IS THE PLACE

EPH is the place to go. The atmosphere is so friendly and inviting. Everyone is so friendly that you feel right at home even if you don't know anyone. Cheers aint got s**t on Elliott's.

I also suggest Elliot's Pour House. Great corner bar with the best bartender and the owner isn't half bad either.

EPH has been my home for the past three years. It is my Cheers. The best bar staff in Baltimore!

You should pick Elliotts Pour House. The craft beer selection is the best!!!

Got Shills?

Seriously. Publishing all those pro-EPH comments was more painful than watching men's figure skating. This isn't a popularity contest, folks.

the eph comments seemed like the work of either one person, or eph paid everyone on their iphone at the bar go make comments. You notice this alot on other websites that have a review section about restaurants, you can spot the fakeness after about the second comment..their grammer is way to good for posting messages...its almost like they were copied from another site

just out of spite and ridiculousness, i will boycott going to this establishment they call eph...they are trying to rig the vote.

eph? Eh, isn't that a home pregnancy test?

Let's go to EPH for a summer party, when it isn't so shilly outside.

i say SCORES baltimore its got the best view :)

fraziers, for sure. also if you hold it on the 2nd or 4th tuesday of the month, there's karaoke as well. and wouldn't we all love to see Sam belt out some Journey, or whatever he might choose?

Have camera, may travel. As long as I don't have to bootleg my own beer in just to have something I would willingly drink, I'm game. Of course, about 2/3rd of the suggestions above would pass muster with this beer geek: Growlers, Parkside, Ale Mary's Hamilton, Parkside, Elliotts Pour House (an no, no one's buying me beer to shill for them), Muggsy's Mug House (has an upstairs, after all), Metropolitan (ditto an upstairs), Mahaffey's, Alonso's, Racer's . . . .

If its Canton, Baltimore Taphouse knows how to have fun and always good beer.
What about Hamilton? Los Amigos has a big beautiful new bar and its super kitchy and fun.

I'm going to put in my vote for Canton and name it the Midnight Sun Shaker. Sounds like a good time to me.


I'm not just the owner of EPH -- I'm also a client!

Can we end the madness?

How about writing all of the serious suggestions on a piece of paper, put them in a hat, shake it up and pick one.

Ditto for the title.

I have camera and will travel. Looking forward to it since I missed the last one.

I second The Scores nomination. We had our holiday party there. Those girls have mad skills. If that isn't a popular consensus then I just ask we stay in the city. Me no drinkie and drive. And I definitely like to drink. Thanks!

Molleen loves her some Scores!

Well damn if it's good enough for Molleeen then Scores gets HottieMcSexyPants Vote!

I know you're busy Sam, but have you made a decision on where/when/what it's called?
I need a break from caregiving. Soon.

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