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February 22, 2010

Flipside flops

flipside, flapside, flopside

Flipside Footwear, the summery retail store which replaced The Vineyard Wine and Spirits in South Baltimore, is closing, much to the chagrin of the popped-collar set.

In all seriousness, I've never been one to gloat over the demise of any business -- not even Canton Arts and Entertainment (is it technically closed yet?).

I just never understood how a boutique surf wear shop could generate enough business to stay afloat (pun!) in the neighborhood.

But let's give Flipside the credit it deserves -- the shop survived two summers but just couldn't last through the recession. Oh well.

Goodbye, Flipside. See you ... on the flipside.


(Photo by Midnight Sunner Evan)

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I am sad to hear about the closing. It was a such a cool place to buy shoes. I hope another shoe store finds it way to Federal Hill. I always think it's great to support local businesses because I want to see them succeed not demise. Good bye, Flipside Footwear. :(

According to the owner, he just couldn't make the margins work...I for one, made some great purchases there, including my first pair of Maui Jims and a great pair of Oakley goggles!

Maybe if it were named Canton Farts and Entertainment, it would of had a fighting chance.

Granted, the jokes were tame, but it's pretty weak to be so flippant about a small business closing up. And why is this even on the site? Didn't dig the store?

It is sacrilege to post here, but the neighborhood has enough bars. I always thought it was cool that this shop was there trying to survive. So I'm sad to see it didn't make it.

Never good to see a small business close, especially in your neighborhood, but after giving this place a try when they opened, I can see why they had a hard time making it. They had a healthy markup on merchandise, which would be fine if they carried any sort of inventory that would justify such. But when your raison d'être is to be a sandal shop and you do not have any men's size 11 sandals in stock, what is the point? Willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, I left my number so they could call when the "shipment gets in next week." That truck must have been delayed two years. Hope this doesn't come across as schadenfreude, but how am I supposed to pop my collar without my rainbows?

I just hope it's not replaced with some dreadful fast food or chain restaurant, wireless phone outlet, or some other dreadful box store.

I wish I knew it was even there. On principal I would of made at least one purchase
there, just so my money wouldn't have gone to a major retailer.

For the record, while it's sad to see a small business fail (in the worst economy pretty much ever, with a considerably odd business plan) Flipside is just one of maaaaaany stores and boutiques that have gone under or turned over in the past year or two in that area. It's kind of to their credit that they held on for this long bucking the trend of the gajillion other dog and human boutiques selling overpriced wares.

for the record, every time I ever went to Flipside I was offered free beer. And usually food too.

the way we survive these tough times is
You must shop local, eat local & drink local.
STOP shopping on-line...they do not pay Maryland state sales tax nor Baltimore City tax which goes into the SNOW REMOVAL FUNDS!!!
IF you do not support small brick & mortar shops.......your neighborhood will be filled with boarded up buildings OR franchise's, liquor stores & bars.
Case in point....allowing a 7-11 to open on Thames Street in "Historic Fells Point!!!"

Ms. Hawks,

How often do you drink and eat at the Cross Street restaurants and bars in your neighborhood
I understand your hatred towards the crows of your neighboring businesses but I don't see you supporting them, I do hear you complaining, loud and clear. You make a great point by advocating shopping and buying local, now if you could only help and support you neighbors before they are boarded up. It is sometimes perceived by your neighbors that you are the one with the hammer and nails..
The last time I checked, 7-11 does pay state sales tax.

I am kind of confused by the outrage of a 7-11 opening in Fells Point? Just because a neighborhood is "historic" does not mean that the neighborhood should not grow. 7-11 did not tear down a historic building to build a store. Are not cities living beings that need to evolve? I did not see any ma and pop convenience store opening and surviving. Someone thought that there was a need for the business so they took the risk to open one, so what if it has the backing as a franchise. I just don't understand the thinking that neighborhoods should be enclosed in glass cases and only looked at. That is what museums are for.

I ran past that 7-11 yesterday and thought it blended well in the neighborhood, not like they leveled some historic building to build it or put in some garish sign. Wasn't shameful to me, just cuz its a franchise doesn't mean its not allowed in a neighborhood.

Thank Heaven......

Thank you! Come a-gain!

I like it when local business owners shout very loudly about how we all need to shop locally

Hello Pot Calling The Kettle Black...or in other words COWARD.
If you noticed, I added my name...not some pathetic make believe name.
Come to my business & say it too my face. I'm not hard to find, I in my shop 7 days a week & 7 mornings(usually before 7:30AM) I am outside cleaning the neighborhood!!!
Do I complain..absolutely, Indeed I have HUGE issues about trash, vagrants, the bad behavior from the "bad seed" students & drunken messes...shame on me! I will never stop & ironically...the city appreciates my eyes & ears.
Please ask Brian McComas at RYLEIGH'S, Dave Rather @ MOTHER'S, Alan @ REGI'S, Anna @ BIG JIM'S, Amy Mutch @ AMY'S BOUTIQUE, Andrea @ LADYBUGS & FIREFLIES......PLEASE ask them IF I support
their business, please go ahead..... every one of them will have the same answer..... & the answer will be YES.
So? When shall I expect to meet you face to face? Hopefully...after you speak with each of the restaurant's & boutiques listed........I will except your apoligy in person.

Beth Hawks

FYI..."Mr. Pot."
I, also bought RAINBOW SANDALS @ Flipside as well.................full price, not on sale.
So please add him to the list of people to ask if I supported their businesses.

Ms Hawkes,

Do you still have nightmares when you eat meat? I understand that in your perfect world, Cross Street would be nothing but boutiques but then there would just be a bunch of boarded up businesses if that was the case. Would it be any different if you picked up garbage from a local mom and pop shop? I look forward to the day that Chipotle opens up next to Papa Johns on Cross Street.

seriously......"chop house" i.e. COWARD.
Nothing that you wrote even makes one iota of sense.
Trash is trash no matter where it comes from. I for one do not feel as though the families that live in the neighborhood nor the children walking to Federal Hill Prep or the high school "deserve" to walk through broken bottles, trash,urine, vomit, pizza boxes strewn everywhere etc
Grow up.
In my perfect world......Cross Street would be filled with vibrant restaurants, AND surprise,surprise bars AND boutiques.
There would be flowers planted, the street lights would look nice & the sidewalks would be clean & free of debris....silly me.
Yes....................that is the standard I for one strive for......& a fellow Cross Street business owner, Brian McComas @ Ryleigh's HAS the same desire.
I for one "believe" HON!

Sales Tax revenue? McComas?
According to the State Controller's office McComas hasn't bothered to file state sales tax returns or pay state sales tax for any of his hospitality businesses (Bilabong, Corvino or Ryleighs) for quite some time.

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