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January 6, 2010

Which bars will close this year? Cast your votes

duclaw in fells pointStep right up, ladies and gentlemen, and cast your vote: Which bar do you think will close in 2010?

So many bars and clubs went under last year, due to a myriad of reasons, including but not limited to: The recession, the smoking ban, poor management, a terrible location and violence.

DuClaw, which shuttered its Fells Point locale (pictured) last month, was one of the more prominent city bars to go dark.

Who will be next?

(Baltimore Sun photo by Algerina Perna)

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Wow. It's like a "dead pool" for booze.

Canton Arts and Entertainment. Wait, am I too late?

Ditto on Canton Whatever Whatever Center

Milan. Just plain doomed from the start.

These aren't wishes; they are bets.

PUR, whose owners are being sued for not paying rent. The place has been quietly closed already for like six weeks.

Meridian 54, Milan

Canton A&E seems to be a given

XTreme Cilantro

Canton A+E was dark when I drove by at 9 o'clock yesterday. It could be over already.

Bay Cafe.

I wait, this is who I think will close not who I want to close.

Ok. Shucker's

Although I like it, I think the Reserve may have a tough time doing a lot of dinner sales after the whole "newness" thing dies down. Their prices are a little higher than they should be when the rest of the Federal Hill restaurants are either lowering theirs or closing down (Bicycle.) Hopefully they expand their menu with cheaper options, I'd like to see them stick around.

quietly closed already for like six weeks.

Ha ha. Quietly closed. Bad sign that nobody notices that you are closed Very bad.

Water Street Tavern in the Business District.

If they can make it until the summer, they might have a chance, but I was really excited about them opening and even I still haven't made it over yet. They need to bump up their marketing pronto.

Bad Decisions

...Oh wait.

Even if Bad Decisions closed (which I see as highly unlikely), we'd still go there, break in and insist that John whip up another unique drink, so it wouldn't count.

Milan seems like a terrible idea. Pencil in whatever is going into Miss Irene's old spot it's the bermuda triangle of booze.

I'll put my money on Diablita's (the mexican place on Central) Talahara in Harbor East, and Todd Conner's in Fells Point

Even if Bad Decisions closed (which I see as highly unlikely), we'd still go there, break in and insist that John whip up another unique drink, so it wouldn't count.

Made a few, you must be new to the blog if you couldn't see the tongue firmly planted in cheek.

Probably all the bars where I hang out. I like the personal service- I'm a narcissistic son of a b....

i heard some rumblings about taps having some issues, and i do not mean the boxcutter variety.


Ideally Bay Cafe will close and reopen with new owners, staff, menu, decor, patrons, ect.

Todd Conner's in Fells Point

I could be wrong, but I think they may have already closed as well! I remember passing by one of those corners, seeing a closed bar, and saying "now what was that place again?"

Aside from that, I would absolutely refuse to speculate. Bad karma and all. Bars close for every conceivable reason--bad management, bad clientele, construction blocking the street, real estate monkey businesses, tax shenanigans, you name it. Though I've seen more than one bar in this city that are de facto drug dealer hangouts whose closure would improve their respective neighborhoods.....

I hope that La Raza Cantina across from the Patterson Theater closes. Lots of sketchy stuff going on there.

Not sure which bars will close, but I'm pleased to report that Shirley's Honey Hole is open.

No worries on TC's ... they closed for three days priror to NYE to prep.

I hope Todd Conners isn't closing. I had a good experience there recently. My wife I went there for a quick dinner and a few beers about 2 weeks ago. It was the Wednesday before Christmas and it was a cold night. There were only a handful of people at the bar but the bartender was very nice and helpful. We had a very good dinner. The meatloaf sandwich and chicken pot pie were great on such a cold night. The bartender even invited us to join a locals "party" on the evening of Christmas Eve. We already had plans but it seemed like a nice gesture to think to ask us to come back. The place had a good corner bar feel to it. I'd like to see it succeed.


They are not closed. They closed for a few days between Christmas and New Years Eve for work.

Sweet idea. Let us NAME / OUT those de facto bars.

Whatever replaces Turner's/Boomerang/whatever.

Was at Todd Connor's Monday night, still open. Empty, but open.

oops I spelled it wrong. Conner's. I just hope it stays open so its not another boarded up place in Fell's Point.

"The Situation" is visiting Mad River on Feb. 11. That will be Mad River's last night in existence, because OLD MAN GNAR is gonna lay a dose of GNARZILLA upon the Situation so violent the entire neighborhood will be evacuated. OH MY GOD THERES SO MUCH BLOOD.

I am one of the owners of Todd Conners and are not closed and have no intention of closing. I thought this was a bad topic from the beginning because of the possible rumors that could start.

We were closed after Christmas and before New Years for a few day, as we were last year, for some minor repairs and cleaning. Places take a lot of abuse so its the least we can do to keep up. During that time we were open for a private part on Tuesday night.

We would like to thank everyone for their support of us. We have just entered our third year on NYE and plan on being around for many more.

Here is some heads up, we will be closed for a few days between Christmas and New Years in December.

Angels Rock Bar PLEASE. it's a nightmare in there and they have forever made me despise the song "Here I go again" and "Cherry Pie" ughhhhkfnvknklwnknrklvfrrfn

Todd Conner's is OK but I heard they're starting to cater to steelers fans/penguins fans in which case I suggest black balling them.

The new bar at the train station (Penn). I bet no one here knows it even exists. I stop by every now and then to make sure the bartender (cool guy) doesn't slit his wrists

I have a feeling the police will shut down the Horse

I don't know about other hoods, but I too will go with "whatever opened where Miss Irene's was."

TC's is one of my 'round-the-corner, go-to places, mostly for the food. I don't know why their dining room doesn't fill up, but it's the same with Alexander's - good food, sometimes crowded bar, but always free tables in the dining room. I especially like TC's new menu additions and recommend the meatloaf sandwich or the deconstructed eggplant parm. And whatever Flying Dog is on tap. Or that beer with the snowman tap... I forget what that is.

oh please, PLEASE let it be clutch. never has a corner bar allienated a neighborhood so much.

Mugsy's in Federal Hill

Spotty service, spotty food but good beer. Have you seen their bathrooms? Disgusting


Not Friends! Though they do need a chef ASAP... so if you're looking for a cooking gig, there's your hint.

@ the 2700 block of hudson street: agreed! although, i was in there when they first opened and the food/service was pretty decent. my issue is their lovely clientele, who enjoy parking well past the No Stopping signs and park in the middle of the road. I love them almost as much as the ones who double park in front of the place and then threaten the meter maid who writes them a ticket. Really, if you can't walk more than 2 feet in your stripper heels, just switch shoes when you leave "work".

Dear Clutch owners: There is a reason we continuously walk past your establishment, even in 2 feet of snow, to frequent any other bar. If you want to learn how to be a good neighborhood bar, please heed the following advice:
1. take a deep breath and walk 2 blocks up Kenwood to Rite Aid
2. purchase a notebook and a pen
3. walk back down Kenwood, pass Clucth and turn right onto Dillion
4. open the door to Mahaffey's, order a real beer and proceed to take notes


It will be Idle Hour if that douchebag bartender doesn't stop playing ENTIRE ALBUMS OF ONE ARTIST one after the other. Nothing makes me drink up and roll out faster than hearing more than two songs in a row from the same artist when I'm sitting in a bar. It's like when someone selects the entire album on a jukebox. I go to a bar to hear a variety of different music during my stay. I am NOT there to hear my bartender's favorite albums. Even after telling him this, he refused to understand-- even as patron after patron exited muttering the same line "I can't believe he's playing that whole thing".

would someone please pull the thorn out of johnnycat's paw? so where are you going for the big game, jc?

"Big" game? You say that like 1) It's important, and 2) I need to "go" someplace to see it, as if it's a new film.

@ johnnycat:
1. it is
2. you should. i hear it's showing at the apex

(no joke: "please enter the letter "x" in the field below")

Big" game? You say that like 1) It's important

It must be important. It has many leather-bound books.

Whoever picked Poe Boys for this is def. the winner as that place looks to be finished. Two weeks ago the sign on the door read closed for cleaning & maintenance, last week the large now open banner and all the outside signs were gone plus a note on the door about where to take deliveries & now it's just dark and empty.

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