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January 19, 2010

A close encounter with Bud Light girl. Then, beers at The Hill

bud light beer canI have developed a new strategy for finding the best bar to watch the Ravens game.

It's only taken me five years, but I have it: Pick a neighborhood and scout all of the bars one by one at least 90 minutes before the game starts. Very scientific, I know. But it works. At least, it worked last Saturday.

Our party of game watchers started at Ropewalk Tavern, which had no open tables. Then a friend and I went to Mad River (Mother's looked wall-to-wall packed). Mad River had more elbow room, but still no tables.

As I was walking out of Mad River, I spotted someone familiar. She was wearing Bud Light apparel. It was my arch-nemesis -- Bud Light Girl.


I tried to avoid her. I tried to stride past her at a brisk pace. No luck -- she saw me anyway.

Her eyes briefly widened, and she turned to her friends (also Bud Light girls, I believe) and said, "THAT'S HIM!" ...

What happened next?

I was not about to stick around and find out. I could see the headlines: "Bud Light Mafia pummels local nightlife columnist in South Baltimore bar."

So I blew past Bud Light Girl, bee-lined out the door and never looked back.

Several minutes later, when my heart finally stopped racing, I hit up The Hill. It was half-empty at 6:45 p.m. Sweeeeeeeet!

The staff was accommodating; they pushed together two tables and moved one of the flat screen TVs. Since our waitress took a while between visits (she was stretched thin covering a bunch of tables), we began ordering two beers each at the same time.

Soon after, the table was covered in full glasses of Garde Dog, a lip-smacking French biere de garde made by Flying Dog. The more Indy stomped the Ravens, the more we drank to console ourselves. We were feeling pretty warm and fuzzy by the end of the game.

(AP photo)

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Posted by Sam Sessa at 2:34 PM | | Comments (23)
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Good strategy but now Angry Boyfriend knows where to find you.


Guess D & M were stretching the truth a little when they said she got fired.

I can't believe you didn't run into the Flying Dog Girls!

Oh wait.. that's right.

Good beer doesn't need TNA.. It sells itself.


So why does Flying Dog NOT have beer girls?

But Sam...... you have no idea whether or not they were trying to buy you a Bud Light, buy you a GOOD beer, kiss you, or kill you! Why are you so certain it was the latter?

To Odie: As Bryan said, "Good beer doesn't need T & A." In case you don't get it, that's a slam at the fact that beers with little to no flavor use well-figured, often scantily-clad women (a.k.a "T & A") to market their wares, because they certainly can't use the flavor or value. Although, to be honest, I think I've photographed at least one Flying Dog "bitch" (yes, an actual dog) marketing the beer at one beer festival....... Sam, want the photo if I can find it?


Maybe I'm the dense one here (it's been one of those days) but wasn't Odie being sarcastic and saying Flying Dog wasn't a good beer?

Ah Small-timore...

Um, Bryan, don't we ALL need a little T&A? Just sayin...

That is pretty wimpy, you should give up the beer and drink an appletini!

Sandy, I've said it to you before...more marketing that taste in that beer.
(More hops, less techs..sound familiar?)

They were good when they were in Colorado. Now? Wretched.

If you have issue with buying young college girls a beer by all means send them right on over to Drunk Richard I can spare the $2.50.

If you're waiting to be approached by a dude you're on the wrong side of town

I must admit...I now regret my previous comments. Your not a tool just a wimp.

I wish I was there to see you run like a little field mouse.

BTW...I never said she got fired I said "could have got fired"

For real though need to spice your "little" blog up a more. Posting about my girlfriend twice in a week is a little sad. How do I apply for your position?

-angry boyfriend M

@BC: Nothin' wrong with T & A, but Im not going to put watery swill in my gullet just because of it.

I remember being at a bar when Heiney Light first came out and the smokin' hot chicks were trying to give it away and noone in the place would take it. Literally, T&A + free beer = no dice. Should tell you something...

@Odie: I can't speak to the CO version but many of the Fredneck brews from Flying Dog are quite good.

With all due respect Bryan, no, they are not.

I have tried nearly every one, and I just cannot agree with you. I collect the bottles because I love Ralph Steadman's work, and I want to support local brews.

the only good one I have ever had was the Gonzo.

Odie, when did you change your name?

And I'm very sorry to hear about your palate.

Better Jump Back Jack....I mean angry boyfriend! Sounds like you could use a couple of free beers to cool off the testosterone level.

Brad, we could go on and on...

Speaking of palates, hit me up about the cider. I'm free most of the weekend.

I feel like all off these commentors are members of the sam sessa club aka guys that will never kiss a girl in their life. I can't believe you ran away from hot chicks.

What's up with that? Sounds like your the one with no testoserone

Never kissed a girl? Aw, damn, busted!

On the other hand, defenders of the Faith, uh, Righteous Beer Girls never seem to have kissed a dictionary.

i love beer - Sam has this wee inhibition, it's called being married. kissing comely chicks that aren't is wife and getting caught is called "The Honeymoon's over sooner than it need be.

M, the fact that Sam approves your comments and lets YOU post on here, so you don't have to say "Honey, I swear to god I defended you" if Sam had decided to not allow your stupid rants is a testiment of his guts and fairness.
No one likes an awkward situation, not the bar, your girl or anyone else. What would have happened if she had confronted him or vice versa? OOOO....would you have "kicked his a$$?" would she have embarrassed herself in front of the whole bar? I think not. I was a silly blog post that prob get her more attention that her lame delivery.
Personally, I would have said, "Can I have my free beer now?"

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