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November 5, 2009

Some details on Canton Arts and Entertainment

this person is poking an oyster with a knife. ouch!I got a peculiar call today from a woman named Dawn Carey, who is promoting the new Canton Arts and Entertainment, which replaced Huckas on Boston Street last month.

Canton Arts and Entertainment (whew, that's tough to type, let alone say aloud) is split into three spaces: A restaurant named Gutman's, an oyster bar called the Black Pearl and a bar, My Generation.

Does Canton Arts and Entertainment have a Web site?

"They're in the process of getting the Web site," Carey said.

When's the grand opening?

"They're trying to get that together for a grand opening," she said.

I see ...

Remember, Dawn is the same woman who didn't know the number to Canton Arts and Entertainment when Elizabeth Large called her. She told me though. It's 410-982-0088.

When I asked Dawn about how the neighborhood was receiving Canton Arts and Entertainment, she sounded hopeful.

"So far, they're getting a fairly good response," she said. "It's a little slow in taking off, but we figured it would be, especially with the economy the way it is."

Dawn didn't have many details about My Generation, though.

"It's more of a retro bar," she said. "They are trying to do a big thing with football. They do have the NFL package. There's a bar, with barstools, leather sofas, love seats and coffee tables where you can kick back, enjoy the game and stuff."

I'll have to check it out sometime soon.

(AP photo)

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No PR would be better than this. Ugh.

A bar with bar stools? Cool. Get on that story, Scoop.

CA&E? Was H1N1 taken? How about the Awesome Zone instead. I have that feeling like when you are watching a video on YouTube where a guy on a bike is about to jump over something. You just know what comes next, especially on Boston Street.

Here is my very simple, normally expensive project management advice:
1) Concept
2) Planning
3) Implementation
3a) Get a phone
3b) Build kickass web site
4) Publicity
5) Rake in the dough

Why is 3b so often 7g?

"They are trying to do a big thing with football. They do have the NFL package. There's a bar, with barstools,(").

Boy I better get right over there. This sure smells like a new concept! And I bet it's even cozier than my own living room.

The owners of FuL are not concerned.

Maybe though, if they booked Chris Sligh.

Umm.. i can't tell from your post whether the restaurants are, or are not open...??

I am a raw oyster aficionado and would love to try out a new place, that is, IF they are sure they have oysters.. sounds like it could be debatable.

So, have big plans but be real vague on the details and light on the follow-through. I can't figure out if this place sounds more like Congress or the U.N...

Lisa, it's open. Sorry I didn't make that clearer.


nothing more.

and stuff.

I wish them luck, but seriously that location is cursed...

They have to do SOMETHING. That place ("My Generation" at least) is always empty.

Thanks, Sam ...

I went by Silks yesterday and it was closed.

Also, I would definitely go to a bar called "The Awesome Zone".

I'd like to nominate my 16 month-old daughter as their new PR rep.

Gutman's? That's the restaurant name? oh dear.

I tried to review them for a nightlife column I write, but they insisted on seeing the column before it was published.
This place will be gone in 6 months. they have NO IDEA how to run a restaurant business. (and the coffee @ "my Generation" sucks.

Gutman's? That's the restaurant name? oh dear.

Ha.I thought he same thing.

I'll bet they are out of business before they have functioning web sites up. That's what happened with Tsunami. If you're bailing water out of your boat before it leaves the pier, you're not going to [finish the metaphor yourself]

I'd like to nominate my 16 month-old daughter as their new PR rep.

LOL. She would probably come up with a better name than Gutman's, like Flying Dinosaur, Am I Pretty?, or Poopy's.

These sad folks were passing out water during the marathon. If I were them I would have been the whacky mile 15 (was that the mile marker right next to them?) mimosa stand. I can't get over how hideous the outside of that building is... it needs Joan Rivers’ style facial reconstruction. Going in there looks about the equivalent of cuddling up in grandpa's lazy boy after he spit out some chew and suffered a bout of incontinence. Sorry kids, but if you are going to dream, dream big or get out. I hope you didn't empty your 401k to start that place.

Uh, Gutman's ~ how aesthetic.
How about calling it "Does my ass look fat in these jeans?"

LQTM. You're funny SushiGirl.

The neighborhood shot this place down long before it opened. The guy who opened this place wants to bring in live entertainment and even has a myspace ad giving a way a free bottle of wine if you sign their on line petition. After the nightmare that was Hucka's you'd think they would try and make friends with their neighbors before opening in that location. I've passed by it a few times in the past few monts and have yet to see a single person in there...not one. Everyone in the neighborhood knows to stay away from this place.

How can anybody park around there? It seems like the capacity for the clubs/bars/restaurants there greatly exceeds parking capacity.

We gave this place a shot during the "soft opening" (which I guess is still happening?) and it was the most awkward experience ever.

The sign in the entrance way was really confusing -- we didn't know what part of the place we were really "allowed" to hang out and drink in.

We had been bar crawling down Boston St so all of us looked under-dressed for the new space (leather sofas, a random fountain, etc.). Other than the couches and fountain the bar itself wasn't remodeled at all.

The entire time the staff was just staring at us like they had never seen customers before.

i miss huckas.

Thanks OMG ~ so are you ...

the fact that their advertising on Myspace shows how outta touch they are....gone.

the fact that their advertising on Myspace shows how outta touch they are....gone.

Not Friendster? Tee heeeeeeee......

hey at least they've got a totally sweet plastic fountain behind the black leather couches that have been there since pre-2000 - adds a touch of class you people couldn't quite understand.

samanthasessa, what you don't like the gold colored stucco on the outside of the building? i mean COME ON, it's gold! it screams class! the only way they could class it up any more would be putting up lots of pictures of classy things (preferably a lexus or a chandelier, for extra super class) in brandy snifters!

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