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November 19, 2009

Another awesomely bad bar name

nadds baltimoreHas the whole city gone crazy? Or just me?

A new bar has replaced Leon's/Tyson Place in Mount Vernon. Guess what it's called?




If you notice, the "d"s in the sign are actually musical notes. 

But wait, it gets better ...

Nadds is actually an acronym. It's short for (I kid you not) "New Age Dine and Dance."


According to Nadds' menu:

Nadds is a boutique Restaraunt and Bar with a focus on current music, spoken word, independent Film Artist and other forms of live entertainment in the heart of the Cultural District of Baltimore, Maryland.

Double sigh.

I'll post more about Nadds later today.

(Photo by me. Suddenly my cell phone camera is coloring everything blue. I don't know why. Maybe, like Picasso, I'm going through my Blue Period.)

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Posted by Sam Sessa at 10:48 AM | | Comments (41)
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Sounds like an alternate life style strip club to me.

Regardless, hearing the following exchange would make my night:

Person A> What are you doing later?
Person B> Hitting up 'Nadd's'. You?


your cell camera is probably on an indoor/incandescent setting. it's trying to correct for the warm/yellow indoor light by adding blue, but if you're outside in balanced lighting then you just get a blue-ish picture.

or not.

that's a terrible terrible name.

That made my day, Sam. I always thought that NADDS was an acronym for Nodules attached down dair

Speaking of bad names, I suggested some new names for Canton Arts etc Gutman's on the City Paper's review of CA&E/Gutman's

Whereupon Elizabeth Large nemesis Jay C attacked me for being her mouthpiece. LOL. Whereupon I have some fun.

I'm scared, taint gonna go.

Dave, thanks for the tip. I think it worked. I'm not entirely sure, but my Blue Period may be over.

OMG, the review and your comments are hilarious. That place is a train wreck. You're right about it being closed by Easter. Might even be before then.

i was being kind about Easter. Not a lot of babies have death wishes but this one seems to. I am being a little mean, but they haven't had their grand opening yet, maybe they could change some things. Yeah right.

gutmans and now nadds? why do i feel like this is some sick joke on the people of baltimore? haha. maybe jim gaffigan will unleash the punchline tomorrow night. here's hoping...

between this silly example and the incredibly serious one of the sheila dixon trial, i am really questioning my sanity for living in this town lately. are we a bunch of crazies?

Did it really say "Restaraunt"

Also, can we make a pool on CA&E's demise date? Can I have Valentine's Day?

This is so bizarre and crazy, the question must be asked:

Is this for realz or is this someone's public art project, designed exactly for this purpose here?

Have you actually talked to anyone connected with said restaurant, or landlords or anything, or is this just a sign and a menu posted on the outside?

Hey Midnight Sunners! Let's have a big giant party at C A&E to celebrate their grand opening/going out of business!!

(i'm half serious about that)

First thing I thought of when I saw the sign in the picture is the oldish infomercial for Nad's, an Australian sugar-based hair removal product. The best line from the whole thing is a very excited woman yelling "I GOT NADDED" into the camera. If youtube were available at work I'd post it.

How about a one drink flash mob on CAAE?

Evan, this is the best thing I could find online

Anon, I talked to the owner, and I'm going to post more details when I get the chance later today. I took a tour of Nadds. I GOT NADDED!

Nadds: Beavis and Butthead approved.

Man, tough crowd in here. I haven't been to CA&E but it definitely seems like they have an uphill battle ahead of them. It seems like some of you are hoping they fail. They've barely opened their doors and you guys are talking about them closing down.
OMG, as if the City Paper piece wasn't bad enough, you are putting salt in the wound.
I get it, you guys don't like the name of the place. Should the name of a bar be the deciding factor of whether or not you patronize the place?

THis name is awesome. I'm in the process of opening a jazz bar called Swingin' Dekes. Nadd's is paving the way! Goooo NADDS!

Cardwell, my hope is not that they fail but that they wake the hell up and fix a whole lot of stuff pronto. The CP review is damning; my goofing on the name won't sway anybody. if anything it's positive because it brought out one genuine and one or two shilltastic defenses.

Note to shills; the formula where you've been there several times already and everything was great totally sucks. Especially when you give no details of your visit. Here's how you do it:

I took my sister there when she visited me last week from Tulsa. I was really surprised by how adventurous the menu is. I loved the weasel bisque but it was too weasely for my lame older sister. The salmon stuffed with hubris was quite tasty. She had the boring-sounding pork chop but I tried a bite with the Cajun grape jelly sauce and loved it. The desserts looked too rich for me but my fatass sister had this enormous peach tart with walnut quince rassinfrass and a side of homemade mango cardamom ice cream. Yum. The kumquatini was tasty if a bit too big for me. we had the cutest little oriental girl as a waitress. I'd definitely try it again.

You been schooled.

1) I want to live long enough to hear someone say, "Nadds was really swingin' last night"
2) P.S. to Cardwell: Thye have been open for a month already. A month. That's not a soft opening, that's (fill in some sexual reference). A soft opening is the day before the real opening.

Or you could take it one step further and do the shill pitch/rival put down combo:

As longtime Baltimoreans, we know seafood, and this restaurant delivered in spades. The scallops were thick and juicy and the cheesecake melted in my mouth. It was so much better than the food poisoning we got at (insert rival restaurant).


JMG - that one got me.

I think they should strike up an ad campaign along the lines of..."Where can you get the best crab cakes and beer prices in the city? Right in the Nadds!"

Think of the food names ...

Nadds? I heard that place is offal.

Funniest comments I have ever read on the MSB.
Some of you are in the wrong profession (I bet.

I agree the name is awful but I went there once because a friend bartends there and the food was very good. I was not impressed with the place except that the food I had was good.

If anyone was wondering if it was a gay bar when it was Leon's/Tyson place, they know now!

P.S. I heard their tube steak with a side order of coconut milk in reduction sauce is... fanaddulous.

Terriergirl - That response was even funnier than the skittles post.

Funny sounding name but pretty cool place. Yes, Leons is a bar on Park Ave and Nadds is on West Chase but they do share a "lounge" are. Food was actually awesome and the bartenders Chuck and Carol are great. does not cater to gay only crowd and when we were there, the band was jamming some decent alt rock. Comedy night was okay but the $2 drinks all night ruled.

I think they just need to embrace the name as much as possible and turn it into a testicle-themed bar. Just sayin'.

...I'm trying sooooo hard to work in a "I got kicked in the Nadd's" joke somehow but it just ain't coming to me at the moment.

They should print this blog post out and put it on their wall, under a big marquee that says "NADD'S IN THE NEWS"

Suggested menu items:

Nadd's Nuts (Nadd's Nads?)
The Naddburger
The Naddaly Portman - a porterhouse with a cream glaze

I was just there the other day. Had a wonderful app of fromundah cheese prior to sauteed batwing soup.

I wish their new endeavor much luck.
Go Nadds!

I guess it's the softie in me, but seeing all these comments that chide these unfortunately named venues breaks my bleeding heart. I bet the people that open up a New Age Dine & Dance venue are congenial folk. If CA&E is a mess, I bet it's a well-intentioned one. I suppose that I know that the respective owners will eventually read all of this, & that makes me a sad panda.

Also OMG needs to lose his computer privileges. Scary dude.

Scare a panda and an angel gets his wings.

You made me laugh, Doom. As I sit here in a kiddy pool filled with butterscotch pudding and AA batteries juggling kittens I have to ask exactly what makes me scary? You're on my psychic radar now Doom, I'll be in your dreams tonight.

What's up with trashing the name? Nadds= New Age Dine and Dance. What about HOOTERS,BALLS,BIG PECKERS,BEARDED CLAM.
It is as they say, "Modern Industrial.It looks a hell of a lot better than Tysons Place did. The food is very good. Not Night was a blast. We will all be going back

Come on, get over it. So the name is lame. Because of that you want to close the place down?
Dingy, depressing joint turns into a clean stylish place with a raw bar and live entertainment. How is that a bad thing??
Gay-friendly, reasonably priced, good food, good staff - should be a welcome addition to Mt Vernon.
So, go ahead and take affectionate jabs at the silly name, but give the place a try and you'll find plenty to like.

When asked if they carry rye whiskey, the owner said I'll get it - and he did!
Things like that are more important than the name.

And the fact that you can get a version of several of the menu items with a fried egg (Philly style and a great touch), and the only raw bar this side of Lex Market, make it worth checking out - no matter what they call the place.

I've been to almost every bar in downtown Baltimore several times. Nadds, I agree is named awful but it's a good bar run by good people that are going to go thru the new bar growing pains. If any of you want to laugh AT the most god awful comedians on earth- stop by on Wednesdays. Also stay tuned for more artful interests at the venu, I love the concept albeit the business plan of doing something artistic in this awful 22 IQ blue collar give me a Boh town. Sam- I can give you a review off the top of myhead on any bar in the downtown area. *hiccup

For everyone who thinks we're evil for mocking the sooooo stoopid name, consider the net effect:

1) People now know more about the place than just the name
2) People have told us that it is a cool place and have painted an excellent picture of it. A far, far better and different picture than its goofy name does.
3) Now we know it's not a gay only club (a reasonable assumption given the name)

You know what they say about there being no such thing as bad publicity. Certainly the case here.

That being said, I wonder if they have beer nuts on the bar.

Sam and all you homophobic, stuck in the mud, non-FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE, dart throwing, blog loving speechwriters should just grow some NADDS!

To blast a place without looking past a tongue and cheek name (pardon the pun) is not only in poor taste (pun) but not performing the service of "reporting".

Dart-throwing? That's low.

Race Bannon -

I find it mildly amusing that you throw Sam under the homophobic bus. This is a blog where opinions, and witty comments, abound. Sam never 'blasted' the place, we did - because of the name. Everyone in Baltimore knows Mt. Vernon is a gay friendly part of town, and if you have the Nadds (pun intended) to put that on your marque, don't sit there and be shocked by a little twisted humor. I say the owners of the establishment should've seen this kind of press coming (no pun intended).

Gpadow -

Where in this piece did Sam or anyone else say/write/hope this place closes because of the bad name? Oh yeah, no one did.

I'm glad Rube had the stones to say that.


P.S. I wonder if any whimsically named lesbian bars are coming now that Nadds has opened the door?

I think that Ladies In Power Suits is opening on Read.

Yeah, uhm...the homophobic thing? That's a bit much. As in...that's not even playing the gay card....that's just wrong and misguided.

I *live* in Mt Vernon and I *am* gay, and when I heard the name, my first response was "no...seriously". I don't care if it is an acronym. I could say my bar stands for Selling Linguine Under The Sun....but it makes for a stupid acronym....

It would appear that they have read these comments and taken them to heart. They announced today at a Liquor Board hearing that they will be changing the name.

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