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October 5, 2009

Where would you take an out-of-towner tonight?

sidebar tavernSo, if you got a call from a videographer from an overseas newspaper who wanted you to take him on a tour of colorful Baltimore bars tonight, where would you go?

I'm planning on hitting up No Rule at the Metro Gallery, the Sidebar Tavern (pictured), Bad Decisions, Brewer's Art, Joe Squared, Idle Hour, maybe Eden's Lounge and the Five Seasons.

It's tough, because tonight is, well, a Monday night, and there's not tons of wild and crazy stuff going on.

Any recommendations?

(Baltimore Sun photo by Gene Sweeney, Jr.)

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Posted by Sam Sessa at 1:57 PM | | Comments (38)
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Being locked down to one night makes it tough, for sure. You've got Brewer's Art on there, so I suppose that makes a recommendation for Max's redundant. Still, something on Thames St. should make the list to truly represent Fell's. Cat's Eye maybe?

Friends, Ale Mary's, Waterfront ( upstairs bar) and round it out at BAR.

On top of Brewers Art I would second the original post and go with Cat's Eye Pub as well..if it was the weekend i would have recommend J Patricks they would have had some live music

After dinner at Brewer's Art, stop by The Midtown Yacht Club and then head over to Fells Point and check out One Eyed Mike's or Max's.

You've got to make a pass through Hampden Sam! Holy's, Rocket, or Frazier's and then swing by The Dizz (talk about "colorful"!) on your way back downtown

I'm a Fell's Point guy so anywhere on / around Thames St. is a must, if I was hosting.

Papermoon Cafe for late night dessert?

Mahaffey's has 3 for $4 beers all night and $1 sliders/mini chicken sandwiches. If he is on an expense account, forget it.

Dog Pub

Monday night is half price burger night at the Long Bar at the Golden West Cafe. It's also a great place to just hang and grab a good brew.

I like your list, but maybe it's a bit esoteric for someone looking for a comprehensive view of Baltimore? Why not do a tour of the best of the neighborhood bars from your surveys?
...and HAVE FUN!This sounds like a cool assignment

I recommend the Horse You Came In On. Make sure to call the manager a doosh and hang on to your gold chains.

Downtown you have to take your visitor to the Pratt Street Ale House for a taste of one of Oliver's fantastic cask conditioned hand pumped brews. The E.S.B. or Best Bitter are always great!

Ahhh, all these fun suggestions make me want to bail on my Monday night gym/laundry/housework plans to go have some fun.

Monday is going to be a tough one, but be careful with places that feature live music. A lot of people can't stand that scene, I know I can't. It's kinda like Karaoke except every song sounds the same.

One Eyed Mikes, Idle Hour, Joe Squared, Windup Space, Midtown Yacht Club, Spirits and Mother's. Haha. Just kidding. Have fun Sam.

Make sure to call the manager a doosh

I am just curious, do you really think that's the way it's spelled or are you trying to clean it up or be vague for the blog?

I seriously am just curious.

You're going to eight places and you need more?!

The thought just makes me so, so tired.

I am just curious, do you really think that's the way it's spelled or are you trying to clean it up or be vague for the blog?

I thought that was less likely to be censored and it's comical-looking. I am referring to the post on the crime blog about a fight at the Horse. Plus my browser has in-line spell-checking. I can even spell it correctly in French. :-P

The Thirteenth Floor might be fun as a first stop, just to get a bird's eye view on the city. Plus the Owl Bar's in the basement there and the Brewer's Art is around the corner.

Any out-of-towner bar crawl of Baltimore must begin (or probably end) with Mt. Royal Tavern!

Who is that handsome man chugging a boh in this picture?

The night starts and ends at Shirley's Honey Hole.

I would start by telling them to give JohnnyCat a call where he would unceremoniously proclaim that everything and everone in Baltimore sucks.

They would then come back to me and I would take them to One-Eyed Mike's for dinner and hit up an impromptu bar crawl through Fells ending at Bartenders

Sorry HIM, but due to time constraints, I can no longer take phone calls from fans. I also don't know anybody named "Everone", so I really can't comment on whether he sucks or not. What someone does in private is really none of my business anyway.

Furthermore, a couple more things I'll correct you on. Nothing I do is without ceremony; and also just for futher reference the "j" and "c" in "johnnycat are both lower-case. Gee, I just feel like you don't know me at all anymore.

kittylitter (all lowercase) adds 2 more things to his list of things he can't stand, karaoke and live music in bars.

here's a ceremony for you.....hari kari.

Cardwell, I'd only come back stronger than you could ever imagine.

hari kari? Isn't that a dead baseball announcer? Try harakiri. That will work better.

Cardwell, Hari kari? Are you for real? I think you're trying to spell "Harry Caray", but for the life of me I don't get your connection of baseball announcing to Baltimore nightlife.

Moving on, it's not that I hate Karaoke and live music in bars. Again, your lack of reading comprehension consistently glares through like a lighthouse at Cape May. I hate BAD Karaoke and BAD live music, which unfortunately usually encompasses about 90% of both.

On another note, it would be really great if you could post using your own nickname instead of everyone elses. I know in your little fifth grade world that it's really funny when it looks like other people said things that they really didn't. Boy that's fun stuff, huh? Trust me Cardwell, I have enough experience and intellect to essay for myself and I don't need you as my back up act. I work alone.

Harakiri (腹切りa form of seppuku is mispronounced and misspelled by Americans to sound like dead baseball announcer Harry Caray. It literally means belly-cut in Japanese. Similarly karaoke is often mispronounced like Carey Oakey, the former Congresswoman. I don't recommend harakiri but a little Harry Carey is nice.

LOLZ! There's a former congresswoman named "Carey Oakey"? Really!!?? Harharhararha!

johnny, your comments/comebacks are weak.

Going back to what this post was originally about, Sam was asking for advice on where to take someone from oversees. What do you do? Your response....

Monday is going to be a tough one, but be careful with places that feature live music. A lot of people can't stand that scene, I know I can't. It's kinda like Karaoke except every song sounds the same.

You're a hater. Plain and simple. Instead of offering a suggestion of a place to go, you tell Sam places to AVOID and voice your stance on the live music/karaoke scene.

You offer nothing constructive to the blog. And my reading comprehension is just fine, thanks. Yes, I have a typo on "harikiri" but I got my point across.
I have no idea what you're referring to in regards to using other people's nicknames. I've only used one since I started posting here. Cardwell. Those that know me know exactly why I use that name. Why you refer to yourself as a kitty litter is the real question.
And I have no doubt that you work alone. I'm guessing you do alot of things alone.

Cardwell/JC: hug it out

You're the kitty litter, Cardwell. The smelly kind that poor people buy for their 15 cats. That amounts to nothing less than a glorified pail of playground sand.

The fact that you still espouse your myopic views on nightlife still leaves me in utter bewilderment. You seem like the kind of bar patron that paints their face for a Raven's game (go Pat's!) and then spills beer all over anyone who walks by, as drinking from a glass must be the most recent skill you learned in your special needs class.

YOU commit to hari kari. Who's worse when it comes down to it, the person who offers a different view on something, or the person who hates the different view, and then proceeds to browbeat the other because of it. You're the real menace.

johnnycat, have you considered adding more fiber to your diet?

Hari kari? Are you for real? I would think you might be trying to spell Harry Caray but then I read on another one of your posts this week that you do not know why people follow or talk about sports, let alone former sports announcers.

You've made it abundantly clear with the Joe Flacco/ESPNZone post that you're only coming on this blog to stir the pot and provoke responses from the masses.

You've clearly provoked responses from me. And for that reason I apologize to the readers of the blog. I apologize for allowing johnnycat to drag me down to his level. It's tough to stand by and not respond after reading his posts that consistently trash the Baltimore area and the people that frequent it's bars and restaurants. I love this city and think it's a great place to live and play.

In all seriousness, johnnycat, you need to lighten up and embrace what it is about this city that makes it great. Have a Coke and a smile....

You apologize to the readers of this blog? Who are you, David Letterman?

There was an actor named Harry Carey, who was in movies, started in movies in the silent era.
His son, Harry Carey, Jr., was also an actor.,_Jr.

johnnycat elected to answer Sam’s request in the negative, which is his prerogative.
Why didn’t y’ll continue on and him leave in his corner, sipping his sparkling Cyanide, in peace?

It would be interesting if he could name the places, whose charms have repeatedly lured him back, getting everyone back on point.

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