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October 22, 2009

What are Baltimore's best unsigned bands?

baltimore's best unsigned bands?In the next few days, I'm going to put together a list of the Top 10 Most Promising Unsigned Bands in Baltimore.

Maybe that title could use a little tweaking. But you get the gist.

Anyway, I'm looking for some suggestions.

Who are some of your favorite unsigned Baltimore bands?

(Baltimore Sun archive photo)

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The Mayan Factor


Jeff Coulson

Rain the Shining!

J Roddy Walston and the Business

Fools and Horses
GREAT music
GREAT guys
AWESOME FANS!!! (like me!!!)

If J-Roddy isn't No.1 there is no god!!!!

The Oranges, Impossible Hair, The Snowmen, Squakks.

Shook is a great band to check out. You can usually find them at the 8x10, but on Oct. 24th they will be performing at Sonar in Baltimore. They are a funky rock band with a disco flair, and with their new wave of music, I see them becoming very popular.

I saw the Flying Eyes last week at Ottobar. I was completely blown away. I didnt know Baltimore could rock like that.

ellen cherry - she is awesome!

Grilled Lincolns!

Anything with KTO. (Not sure if K's Game is signed, but you gotta love Egg Babies.)

Breaking Reign

Fools & Horses!

The Middle East! (the Baltimore one) I love going to their shows. Always a good time.

Vincent Black Shadow

I like my unsigned bands dark.


Definitely Fools and Horses :)

I don't know if they are really still on the scene the way they were before, but there were advertisements all over the place for Breaking Reign in the spring, haven't seen as much this year. Kind of a rap/rock hybrid...


The best best best unsigned band in Bmore is Mzery Loves Company. Check them out!!!!!

Can't forget the Bow-Legged Gorilla. He's amazing live!

But, alas, not a band, per se.

I don't think they're signed:
Small Sur, The Water, Telesma, Crazy Dreams Band, J Roddy, Lo Moda, Basshound, Bad Liquor Pond, Lazlo Lee, Big in Japan

American Folklore

Definitely Fools & Horses!

Blame Jeffrey

Fools & Horses of course!! :-D

i too vote for Fools and Horses.

when they play Calling You Out (my personal favorite), i want to jump up on stage and hug and kiss them all! they pretty much just rock!

Fools and Horses - Hands down! Great music, great lyrics and great guys! They are the real deal!

How has Caleb Stine not been mentioned yet?

Occasional Banister

GUN CLICK PANIC!!! They're by far my favorite!

fools and horses!!! Lucy is the best song ever

The Water

REST AMONG RUINS is by far the best metal band in Baltimore

Gun Click Panic hands down

Gun click panic!!!!

Test Pattern Radio

Rest Among Ruins

LVT - they are an amazing band, write their own tunes, and are all around great musicians.

Gun Click Panic!

9 Mile Roots

Height with Friends - Great shows, great beats and true words

Armed Elephant. These guys are the best prog band in Balto. All great, well-trained musicians who compose their own songs. Playing Orion Studios this Sunday, 10/25 @5PM.

My top 3:

- Frontwise
- Nerftones
- Tommy Tucker

Can't Hang hands down. As far as a band that has tested time (10 years) and has an incredibly diverse sound in their songs (reggae/rock/pop/punk...even near bluesy riffs in some guitar solos) no other local band comes close to CAN'T HANG!

GRILLED LINCOLNS are the best Baltimore has to offer!

Fall Back Plan ( ) and Eat Your Neighbors
( )

Breaking Reign!

They've been kind of on the DL recently, but this group is as talented and diverse as any in the area. The emcee is off tha wall, and the female vocalist is a truly incredible singer.

the Bridge

DROPOUT YEAR for sure.

Rest Among Ruins! they played a sick show at rams head in september. great baltimore band

I really really like Dropout Year!

Beretta Jane and Outreach...both awesome.

dropout year


Dropout Year all the way! Such a stoked band! love them :) <333

I would have to say Rest Among Ruins is easily the best hard rock band in Baltimore.

J Roddy
Mayan Factor
Cant Hang

FOOLS & HORSES... the best band I've ever heard!!!

Dropout Year

Gun click panic!

Dropout Year


Gun Click Panic

Both are my most favorite unsigned Baltimore Bands, There the greatest guys ever and the greatest friends ever. I've been following Gun Click Panic almost pretty much since the beginning and Dropout Year for the longest time, through all there changes. So i definitely vote both of them.

Dropout Year is the best by far! Great live, show, and awesome cds.

Gun Click Panic, there awesome if you havent seen then your not living

Dropout Year!!!

Uh oh, blog left wide open for band spam. It's like it was asking for it.

Gotta be Dropout Year in my opinion.

What about old bands that SHOULD have been signed? There are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to many Baltimore bands that never got the chance but should have.

Rest Among Ruins for sure!!!!!

Jon Bailey Band Hands down good, clean, fun, music with a verity of style

Rest Among Ruins rocks out live in concert!! They really put on a fantastic show. A must see!!!



Rest Among Ruins <3

Blame Jeffrey for sure!!!

Rest Among Ruins

Blame Jeffrey!!!

Rest Among Ruins

Vs. the Earth

Rest Among Ruins is amazing

Gun Click Panic!

Rest Among Ruins

The Skakabobs

GUN CLICK PANIC they have such a sick live show! defienetly a must see!

heard about gun click panic on this site and i checked them out they are amazing!
GUN CLICK PANIC all the way!!!

Gun Click Panic... CHECK EM OUT!!!!

Rest Among Ruins

Grilled Lincolns put on a good show during the Fells Point Festival.

gun click panic! best live show around!!!
go see them worth every penny!

Squakks, Wye Oak, ...soihadto..., Snowmen, Sepia

brighter shades
apathy eulogy

i love these boys been following them for a long time! Gun Click Panic!!!!%@#$@

DROPOUT YEAR best no matter what

Dropout year no questions asked

Dropout Year

I have no desire to see the following now:

Fools & Horses

Gun Click Panic

Rest Among Ruins

Dropout Year


DROPOUT YEAR is the best local band in baltimore and they don't get enough credit.

Saw 9 Mile Roots at a few beach bars this summer. Killer band for sure. I think they from Baltimore.

Can't Hang
Far From Earth


The Downtown Fiction

Unique that keeps you moving! Love 9 MILE ROOTS!!!

You go Boo! (You know who you are.)

It's gotta be GUN CLICK PANIC all the way


9 MILE ROOTS!!! Wooohoo!

Dropout Year works harder than any other band around. Definitely one of the most talented bands in Maryland that gets the least amount of credit.

Can't Hang!

John Mancini Band!

dropout year for sure

Dropout Year. Absolutely.

Gun Click Panic, amazing shows!

I saw rest among ruins open for a bunch a nationals at the sonar, they rock!

The Hint!!

Gun click panic!

9 Mile Roots

Gun click panic!

Gun Click Panic ! love their mix of singing / screaming with the heavy instrumental

Fools & Horses!

gun click panic!!!!!!!!

Gun click panic is def the hottest in b-more

Gun Click Panic!!

Lands and Peoples
Sick Weapons

Fools and Horses is the best thing to come out of Baltimore since Crack the Sky, Kix, and the Ravyns!

Brake Fast Records

Breaking Reign

o and


The Steve Pomplon Band!


Steve Pomplon Band and Druken Camel!

Steve Pomplon's Band

Eclectic and talented:
sahffi & her band

The Steve Pomplon Band!

Gun Click Panic


Nelly's Echo!!

DROPOUT YEAR, all the way!

Rest Among Ruins is definitely the best band from Baltimore

sahffi is living the dream and sharing the beauty!

... and just wait 'til you hear the remix of Beautiful by The Jinx!

I can't imagine any local band being better than Splitsville, who have released a few excellent albums, but are technically "unsigned." Wish they played more frequently...

REST AMONG RUINS puts on an AMAZING live show! Definitely the best Baltimore has to offer in terms of hard rock

Oh, and anything Marc Evans does... He's an international hit and we in b-more hardly know him! What a shame!!

Sahffi! Sahffi! Sahffi!

Steve Pomplon Band, definitely the best up and coming band. Check it out for yourself on Nov. 7th at the Austin Grill in Canton.... cd release party!

man no one has metioned these bands

blind rhetoric

tears of mars

of broken

future islands

minumis the poet

the dialogue

the everlove

DROPOUT YEAR HANDS DOWN. <3 They've been through so many changes and they've taken so many hits, but every time they come back better than ever.

Heroin UK, Bad Liquor Pond, Vincent Black Shadow, Small Sur, Baby Aspirin, Mullyman, Skarr Akbar, Height, Sri Aurobindo, Basshound, Big in Japan, Jana Hunter, Human Host, AK Slaughter, Oxter, Kinder of Evolution, Needlegun, Mongoloidian Glow, Leprechaun Catering, Dark Water Transit, soihadto, The Deaf Scene, The Stalking Horses, The Megadrives, Freedom Enterprise, Jason Dove/Vacation Face, Microkingdom

Victory By Revenge

The Steve Pomplon Band!

Steve Pomplon Band - the best!

Brighter shades. Really, listen to them and tell me they arent the best.

have you heard second Impulse?

STEVE POMPLON BAND! CD Release Party November 7th @ 8pm at Austin Grill on Boston Street!


REST AMONG RUINS without a doubt!


DrOpOuT yEaR is amazing. They are without a doubt one of the hardest working local bands. They're playing with NFG in december at recher theatre. If you've never seen them live, well then you should go and see them. DY will blow you away.


Mood Swings.

Played at the White House this past December....not bad eh?

...They put modern edge and flair on all their tunes.

Gun Click Panic

ilyaimy -
petal blight -
the clockwork dolls

Gun Click Panic

ilyAIMY without a doubt...

Steve Pomplon Band!

Steve Pomplon Band!

Gun Click Panic has one of the best guitarists I've ever heard. period.

dropout year!



Easily the greatest band in Baltimore, Gun Click Panic.

Railaway is without a doubt my vote. All their shows are great, it is obvious that they love playing their music and entertaining their fans. Im pumped for their show at Pickles on Halloween.

check them out:

You gotta Check out Railaway.... Reggae influenced rock

RAILAWAY is one of the best bands unknown bands in the entire baltimore area



I personally suggest Barn Dance/Ceilidh band based in Leicester and Nottingham, available for weddings, birthdays, office parties and charity fund raising events. They just rock...

Dropout Year =) x

Railaway puts on an awesome show. They have played in Baltimore, at Virginia Tech, Delaware, and their shows are always great.

Old School!

Steve Pomplon Band! Journeys is one of the best songs I've heard in a long time!

Bond and Bentley!!

Railaway. sign them up. holler

railaway is at pickles on halloween? too easy, ill be there. i hope they play some of their new stuff, it sounded great at the recher a few weeks ago.

Gun Click Panic

STEVE POMPLON BAND! CD Release Party November 7th @ 8pm at Austin Grill on Boston Street!

ilyaimy is awesome! Their strong harmonies and lively, playful lyrics can put you in a trance for hours. Best band in Baltimore!!

ilyAIMY :




ilyAIMY.......if they're not on your list, then your list is just, well, wrong!!! AMAZING TALENT!!!

human host
jason dove

O's, Boh's, Railaway and Ravens. You can't describe Baltimore much better than that.

ILYAIMY, hands down.


Hands down, ilyAIMY is one of THE BEST unsigned bands you will ever find!! VOTE FOR THEM!!

ilyaimy - and mosno -

Great music by wonderful people.

ILiYami ... best band
Dylan Lee Brady ... best solo artist


ILiYami ... best band
Dylan Lee Brady ... best solo artist

Fools and Horses! I love the Tee Tee song! def my fav!!!

ilyAIMY, without a doubt.

IlyAIMY.. duh

ilyAIMY... ilyAIMY... and ilyAIMY

Baretta and the Rollex Band

ilyAIMY should be mentioned more

My teenage daughter and I love ILYAIMY (I Love You And I Miss You) and catch their concerts every chance we get.



I love Rob's wacky humor and Heather's beautiful vocals.

I catch them every Thursday night at Java Mama's open mic.

ilyAIMYis the best! But if you don't believe me, have a listen yourself:

Official Website (
MySpace (
Reverb Nation (


their songs are great. the band members are awesome. and everyone LOVES them.

They play at the Recher, private events, and Pickles and have a CD

put them on your list!


Definitely one of the best unknown bands out there!






ilyaimy and mosno!


Mosno Ash
Kim Poole's Band
Mushmouth and Marc Evans

great to see some support for Railaway, i agree, they are a great band and have preformed very well each time i have seen them play.


He's so soulful and a great person too!!!

I get to hear mOsno at Java Mama's open mic on Thursday nights. Afterwards, he hangs out and jams with us. I love his music.


As far as local latenight goes in the Baltimore/ Towson area, Railaway is by far the best show to see. Their mix of rock with reggae fills a void in the music scene unfilled since the loss of Dispatch. They are one of the few bands that understands the power of reparte with a crowd and they aren't afraid to grab a beer with you after a show I look forward to seeing more of them and hope to see them signed soon.




Railaway...truely talented group with a genuine drive to entertain! Check out their website and facebook!

RAILAWAY without a doubt!
Great original and cover music and an excellent show!

ilyAIMY is sure to leave you breathless.
mosno (Ash) never fails to amaze me.

Steve Pomplon Band, for sure! CD Release party Nov. 7th at the Austin Grill

Railaway is my hero!

Nelly's Echo
and in the category of bands that should have had a chance,
Great Mutant Skywheel

Eclectic: mOsno
Jazz: The New Quartet


Acacia Sears, Radiation Puppy, Mosno Ash

Mosno Ash, Acacia Sears, Radiation Puppy

I love Railaway . . . i love "That Look" and "Anxious to be at Ease"

ilyAIMY spectacular band! they will leave you breathless..
and mosno (ASh) is a very talented musician who never fails to blow my mind.

Railaway! Railaway! Railaway! Just listen to Jumpin Fish

Steve Pomplon Band!

I'm torn between 2 uber-talented bands.




They both deserve to make the list.

ilyaimy -

blind rhetoric
and the best in bmore no for sure
tears of mars

change of face

and dropout year

great call with Railaway. i was at their show when they opened for ballyhoo and badfish......great music and tight vibe.

great call with Railaway. i was at their show when they opened for ballyhoo and badfish......great music and tight vibe.

ilyAIMY and mOsno!!!

Railaway. Railaway. Railaway.

"...keep in mind, sleep's the cousin of death..."

gun click panic

ilyAIMY and mOsno

RAILAWAY....its a done deal. Be at Pickles on Halloween night!!

The Water


YES RAILAWAY. keep on rockin'. i think that you guys absolutely deserve a spot in the top ten. ill be at pickles. see you there


ilyAIMY :

The Love Peace Project!
Brown Fish!

railaway does have a great original sound

Fools and Horses!!!! 100%

but the Hint and Hotspur too! if they count as baltimore bands.

FOOLS AND HORSES by far is the best band!!

J Roddy.

ilyAIMY is fantastic - I've driven from North Carolina to Baltimore to hear the full band perform live (the touring half, Heather and rob, are fantastic whenever I hear them in NC) - the Baltimore music scene is lucky to have such a fantastic group that calls Charm City home!

all you who dont know railaway have got to check them

MOSNO is the only true original


Oh The Story

Mike McFadden


Storm The Beaches

Gun Click Panic for suuuuuree!!!!

ilyAIMY is by far the best band I have ever heard come out of that city. A Crashing tornado gently petting a kitten.

Rest Among Ruins definitely puts on a hell of a live show. Its pretty hard to believe they're still unsigned

railaway concerts are a ton of fun. i went to see them play over the summer at burbon street and they got the whole place dancing, at one point there was a 50-60 person dance train going around the dance floor.

Fools and Horses!!!!!

great music, wonderfully nice fellas, and not too bad to look at either ;)

Fools and Horses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

amazing songs, amazing guys!!!!

Railaway is the greatest. love you guys ;) xoxoxo


best band ever

There are many talented artists that call Baltimore home. I am a Singer-Songwriter myself and have met many while hosting open mic nights around town. I would like to throw my hat into the race as a solo artist, Meg Bowen, to listen to tracks from my 15 track album (Facing My Shadows), visit:

As for a Top Ten List of Baltimore's Best Bands, that is hard because you've already had four of my favorites on the program Baltimore Unsigned since it started. To inform or remind others of these great locals here's a list of them:

-Fools and Horses
-Tim Kaye
-Tears of Mars
-David Andrew Smith

Now for the TOP TEN LOCAL Musicians/Bands that have yet to be on BALTIMORE UNSIGNED:

1) ilyAIMY

4) mOsno:
5) Uncle John Sawbrier:
6) Sponsored By Poverty (Musical Comedy Duo):
7) Uncle Moldy's House of Socks:
8) Uncle Dave Huber:
9) Dean Trinity:
10) Kitsch:
And so many more...
Rock on,
Meg Bowen
Host of Shamrock Open Mic,
22 South Main St., Bel Air, MD
2nd Wednesdays (7-10PM)
Next ones: 11/11 & 12/9
On Facebook as Meg Banter

RAILAWAY FOR SURE!!!! Nobody knows how to work a crowd better than these guys. Great sound, great vibe, ultra talented.

definitely Rest Among Ruins fo sho

FOOLS AND HORSES -Without a Doubt-For the Young-For the Old

I'm going to have to go with ilyAIMY, as I have loved and followed them for over a decade now.

Railaway! Ive been to a couple of there shows and they definately deliver!


of all of the great bands in Baltimore, they stand out.

Well, I've designed album artwork for a lot of Baltimore's unsigned talent in the past 5 yrs and I'd have to say:

Fools & Horses, hands down. (Hopefully not many people read this) !

there are many great bands out there, a ton of talent for sure. if i had to pick i think it would have to be railaway just because of their originality, there are very few other bands that sound like them.

the Res
Marc Evans
The Kim Poole Experience,

Railaway = legit

steve pomplon band!

I loooovvvveee Railaway!!!! Can't wait for Saturday, I am bring a bunch of my girls from school with me!!! You guys are really becoming a hit at Lycoming.

Ornamusement; she can SING!

I'm surprised there haven't been more mentions of the exquisite Tears of Mars.

best local band ive heard in a long time

ilyAIMY gogogo


ilyAIMY is awesome. rob and Heather have such a good rapport and their voices are so powerful. Live shows are terrific.

Ilyaimy has always had it right. For years these artists have made amazing music. By far the most original straight to you soul sounds. Dont pass them up. Keep it up friends!

My wife and I heard Ilyaimy for the first time a few years ago, and we love them. We always try to see their performances and buy their CDs. Unfortunately, they are rarely in VA, but you in MD have it easy, they are always there, don't miss them.


I Love You and I Miss You....You owe it to your inner dancer/musician/storyteller to hear them. They are full of energy, full of soul, and they always, always bring me to my feet.

ilyAIMY (i love you AND I MISS YOU)
I saw this band (Rob and Heather and full band too with Rowan and Sharif) in Cal U so many times. They put in their work and we reap the benefits. They are able to sooth your soul or lick your brain... your choice.

ilyAIMY. No questions asked. :]


Ilyaimy is one of Baltimore's Best Unsigned bands. They are an original band with their own sound. 95% of theirusic is original. Great vocals, kickass guitar, and a great stage presence.

rob and Heather are two of the hardest working, honest, dedicated performers I know. For being over 1000 miles away from me, I'm honored to have seen them on stage at least a dozen times. Baltimore, you have an unsigned neo/folk treasure among your midst. Don't overlook them.

RAILAWAY. incredible talent. they play music for all the right reasons and deserve to be rewarded. fantastic group with an extremely loyal following. end of story.

Throw another vote for ilyAIMY; one of the few local bands I'll drive all over the NoVA/MD/DC region to go listen to.

Ilyaimy - "I Love you and I miss you" or "I love you and I'll melt your (face)" if you prefer .... they don't need big guns, big amps or, big egos to rock your face off!!!


definately railaway! great sound, great people.

Cassandra Syndrome
The Dreamscapes Project

Justin Trawick Group


Incredible singer/songwriter, and fronts four great bands:
The Coal Mountain Ramblers
Shakedown Suite
Luttrell, Noon & Wenger

He could be the hardest working musician in town, and be Baltimore's best kept secret.

The Dreamscapes Project



Every time I come back to Baltimore I always try to search out one of their concerts. I have been listening to them for over 10 years and I have never been disappointed!


ILYAIMY is the best


I walked into my local coffeehouse one Friday night expecting "open mic" and was totally blown away by the band "ILYAIMY". That was five years ago. I have now had the pleasure of seeing them live an additional 4 times and they continue to amaze me with their talent. I just saw them last Friday night in Raleigh, NC and purchased their new CD, "A Gift for Saint Cecilia". Check it out and see why I am a fan forever!

I gots to agree with whoever said Andrew Luttrell. I particularly dig the Coal Mountain Ramblers. these guys can flat out play a friggin awesome eclectic mix of music. Also, Shakedown Suite and Echoseven. This guy is ubertalented.

Indeed - I second!:


Incredible singer/songwriter, and fronts four great bands:
The Coal Mountain Ramblers
Shakedown Suite
Luttrell, Noon & Wenger

He could be the hardest working musician in town, and be Baltimore's best kept secret.

Please check out his website

I love Railaway, cant wait for saturday halloween party!!!

Andrew Luttrell all the way! I am going to quote Andre by saying "He could be the hardest working musician in town, and be Baltimore's best kept secret." I couldn't have said it better myself!

1) Railaway (Not only is it great music, but they really know how to put on a show)
2) Dropout Year (Great sounds!)
3) Gun Click Panic (Fun show!)

Andrew Luttrell.

"I'm gonna let you finish but..Andy is one of the best musicians of all time.. ALL TIME."

Seriously though, my vote is for Andrew L. Not just a great musician, but an even better guy!!! Stop out and support him.


F20D fo' sho'! That's Fiction 20 Down for those of you un-annointed:)

REST AMONG RUINS!!!! Best Baltimore metal band by far

Fiction 20 Down!!!

I vote for ilyAIMY, an amazing band I've been following for years!

ANDREW LUTTRELL - hands down.

Incredible singer/songwriter, and fronts four great bands:
The Coal Mountain Ramblers
Shakedown Suite
Luttrell, Noon & Wenger

He could be the hardest working musician in town, and be Baltimore's best kept secret.

I have know Fiction20Down from the beginning. From appearances at local venues and radio to their current East Coast Tour from North Carolina, VA, through New York, PA, Delaware, and on to Massachusetts. They have an originality, energy, and showmanship that is amazing. Performing over 30 original songs as well as their special take on covers by Sublime, Jack Johnson, Biz Markie, and Dispatch, they are definitely on the rise as a band of reckoning. Their 3rd LP "Comfortable Fools" is a must get, and is currently the number one LP on the Home Grown Music Network's Album of the Year.


Fiction 20 Down!!!

Fiction 20 Down - there locally produced CD's are really good.

The Scallywags are my favorite. Not only do they carefully choose crowd pleasing sing along favorites to play, but the energy on stage is so infectious that you just can't help getting on your feet to dance!


Fiction 20 Down - under-rated but on the move!

F20D's Web Site!

Ficton 20 Down - Of course!

FICTION 20 DOWN. Unique, funk-reggae flair from a band with a lot of passion that comes through in their lyrics, sound and live performances. Locals boys from Bel Air that put their all into writing, performing and producing their LPs. Their music is addictive.



Andrew Luttrell.

FOOL AND HORSES!!! they are the best bad out there...they should have been signed a lonngggg time ago

Fiction 20 Down, great band to dance and listen to. Their newest CD "Comfortable Fools" is #1 on The Homegrown Music Network right now. Di

Mr. Railaway


The Grilled Lincolns

Lilly Jones

I love Fiction 20 Down! Heard them in Belair a few weeks ago. It is very listenable and danceable music. They write most of their songs, but also do some covers - Sublime, Biz Markie and others.

Plus they get the audience involved. Very talented locals from Harford County.

And their latest CD is great.

Ilyaimy is the best unsigned band. Their vocals are amazing, great harmonies, kickass guitar, and a great beat. They are an original band, 95% of the music is written by Heather and Rob, the two main singer/song writers in the group. Great stage presence. Very entertaining act.

Fiction 20 Down for sure

Fiction 20 Down

Fiction 20 Down is where its at!

Fiction 20 Down - The people gotta have it!

Fiction20Down is the best new and innovative band. Their sound has a reggae beat but with it's own originality. They are going places!!!!

Railaway!!!!! I first heard them last year at Fletchers......they were AWESOME. Love you guys. I hope you win!!!

Fiction 20 Down! Their latest album, "Comfortable Fools" is one of the best albums I have heard in a long time. You can put it in and enjoy every single song. Their live show is amazing and full of energy! Def check out one of their live shows!

Fiction 20 Down


Fiction 20 Down! Fiction 20 Down! Fiction 20 Down! Fiction 20 Down! Fiction 20 Down! Fiction 20 Down!

There's nothing more to say. THEY ARE PHENOMENAL!!!

Fiction 20 Down is the best. They have style and write grat songs. Love to attend their shows.


Incredible singer/songwriter, and fronts four great bands:
The Coal Mountain Ramblers
Shakedown Suite
Luttrell, Noon & Wenger

He could be the hardest working musician in town, and be Baltimore's best kept secret.

Fiction 20 Down!

Fiction 20 Down

Fiction 20 Down is the greatest best kept secret yet! Their music is for everyone! It is lively and makes you want to get up and dance or chill w/ a nice cold one and group of friends! Very very talented band! Real music!

Fiction 20 Down!

Fiction 20 Down - a great local band with a fresh sound!

Fiction 20 Down

Fiction 20 Down. Love the music they write and the covers they play too.

Fiction 20 Down. Love the music they write and the covers they play too.

Fiction 20 Down is a great band! Original music that incorporates rock-folk-reggae-rap, smart lyrics, engaging stage presence, stellar showmanship, great guys, and terrific in-house production by one of the band members. A total package for any band, these guys are on their way up.

FICTION 20 DOWN, should be signed. David Geffen where you at? "Fall On Back" one of the best songs they have. 103.1 Wrnr should be playing these guys now. Hear that Wrnr.

Fiction 20 Down

Fiction 20 Down!!!

Fiction 20 Down!! They get my vote. I heard them in Philly recently and they were great :)

Fiction 20 Down - Love them!!

Fiction 20 Down is better than most major artists. They're going to be big!

Fiction 20 Down! If you haven't heard, then you gotta check 'em out. Great albums, and even better live.

Circle 9 has been rocking the hell outta this town for well over 10 years!


Fiction 20 Down rocks!!!!

Fiction 20 Down!!!!!

Fiction 20 Down gets me pumped before every home ravens game!

Fiction 20 Down is so tight! YES

This is one impressive post. It's a shame that people are against live entertainment in this city. It looks like there are enough bands to play at every bar every night.

No question...Fiction 20 Down!

Fiction 20 Down, OBB VEE



its all about railaway. the best band from the best city in the world. and they are hereford boys, cant beat that.

Fiction 20 Down! Love them!!



Incredible singer/songwriter, and fronts four great bands:
The Coal Mountain Ramblers
Shakedown Suite
Luttrell, Noon & Wenger

He could be the hardest working musician in town, and be Baltimore's best kept secret.

Fiction 20 Down

Fiction 20 Down!

Fiction 20 Down, a great band to listen and dance to, their new CD is fabulous, check out their live shows!!!!

Fools and Horses by far are the Best local unsigned talent. Come buy and listen and i'm sure you'll agree.

Fiction 20 Down, Awesome band. Always a great time!!!

Fiction 20 Down- This band hands down. Passion, Commitment, Rockin Groovin Soulful Sounds. And from this side... a healthy addiction.

ilyAIMY, hands down, feet up, no questions asked. :)

I would vote for Fiction 20 Down too. They are awesome in live performances.

Dropout Year and Oh The Story!

Fiction 20 Down rocks!!

STEVE POMPLON BAND. without question (:

I"ve seen a lot of bands in my day. Fiction 20 Down, best band.

Fiction 20 Down rocks real smooth like - the shorties luv em.


Fiction 20 Down is just getting up and going but has shown much growth from their new album "Comfortable Fools". If you haven't checked them out, go to or their myspace at

local boys FICTION 20 DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG! The lead guitar player for Fiction 20 Down is GORGEOUS!
They are def the besr in town.

FICTION 20 DOWN - no contest

railaway at pickles.....awesome.

chris diller is my father.

Fiction 20 Down!

20 something is a sweet song!

Fiction 20 Down....Great guitar and reggae sounds and origional yet catchy lyrics. NO hard, abrasive rock. This band is going places. Comfortable Fouls is their best work ....listen and you'll agree.

gotta be railaway. i love them more then i love my 3 pet hampsters combined

This band is GREAT! They are awesome. Good going guys.

mOsno, Teporah, ilyAIMY and Sahfii.

Breaking Reign. really original sound.

Fiction 20 Down is awesome!!! Even my 4 and 6 year old love them. They rock!!!

Sam, im looking forward to reading the article tomorrow, its going to be my motivation to get out of bed.


Fiction 20 Down!
They merge alot of different styles of music together and do it very well! One of the hottest bands in Baltimore right now!

Fiction 20 Down

ilyaimy -
They've got a beautiful sound.

ilyAIMY--I first heard them back in 2004 and have been enthralled at a distance ever since. They are f'n Crazy As A Good Thing.

ilyAIMY, word son

ilyAimy, definitely!

we discovered ilyAIMY by accident, just dropping in for a coffee.......stayed for the show and became die-hard son who is an aspiring musician is both inspired by them (who wouldn't be) and disheartened - "if somebody THAT talented can't get noticed, what shot do I have?"

Acacia Sears!!!!
One listen and you'll be hooked.

ilyAIMY - I've been seeing them for years and they are by far one of the best bands around. Their intelligent and witty songwriting combined with amazing vocal and instrumental talent makes them a must see.

So much for apathy

Fools and Horses, among others, is an admittedly great band.

But ilyAIMY wins, hands down. Their music is the most inspiring out of all the bands that have been mentioned so far. They have a great sense of humor, and great talent too.

TELESMA - crazy spaced out dancey shiznit

Return Loss (who knows them?)

Gun Click Panic! First to mind, last to mind. They're awesome!

ilyaimy ( i love you and i miss you)

i describe them as folk music on speed.

give me some railaway

My favorite unsigned band is without a doubt - Fiction20Down. They are awesome! I've been listening to their music over the past year, both live and at They are gelling with original lyrics, an upbeat rock tempo, and bits of reggae mixed in to produce a brand of music that is appealing to people of all ages.


These guys are amazing and deserve way more recognition than they get!

ilyAIMY. I try to see them play as frequently as possible, I go to every Java's Open Mic and then some. After seeing them perform so phenominally live so consistently, it is difficult to ever return to studio recorded CDs. Have I mentioned the lyrics? *Sigh*

Mosno (Ash)

Acacia Sears- I don't think a day passes by that I don't have a line from one of her songs stuck in my head.

ilyAIMY - Rob, Heather, Shariff and Rowan. Excellent. You have to see this band.

ilyAIMY :
they rock!

Fiction 20 Down is the best band. Their reggae/rock sound is great reminds me of sublime and they are the best ones to cover sublime but own songs are just as great

Ilyaimy is a must. Something completely different.

IlyAIMY!!! Heather and Rob rock my socks!!! If you don't love them enough send them back to STL. I would take them in a heartbeat!


not much like them out there. which is exactly why they should be signed. original and awesome

Please consider ilyAIMY--They are a class act! I love watching them onstage, and they are always really funny between songs when they aren't doing supercharged acoustic stuff!

ilyAIMY without a doubt!

Fiction 20 Down ~ They are the greatest. They appeal to a wide assortment of age groups.

Go Guys! Paulette



Fiction20Down - great original songs-great lead singer-have played latest CD over & over-great beat-addictive. Really cute too!

Fiction 20 Down! Creative, passionate, great sound!

absolutely amazing


They kick ass in the best of ways and put on a damn fun show.

Check them out at Pickle's Pub on Halloween from 9-1

Fiction 20 Down The live show rocks and the new CD is my favorite drivetime music

Several really good Balimore bands I am aware of. Since I was born there, that's really cool. But Illyami has to be in the cream of the crop. They kill live. 'Round these parts, we get excited every time they come here, and you have to be a New York or Chicago to get better action.

Ilyaimy = G.R.I.N.D.

Gorgeous, every one
Ready ever to sever from the status quo
Inclined to redefine the phrase "good time"



Check them out at Pickle's Pub on Halloween from 9-1!!!

RAILAWAY!!!! They are the best! Gotta love that drummer! Great sound!

They MUST be seen live!

ilyaimy. Known of them for years now and the NEVER NEVER dissapoint live!

Fiction 20 Down!!!!!!!

Ilyaimy is one of the best live bands I have ever seen, and trust me...I've seen a few! A consistent draw to our cafe in Putnam, CT., wish I could get them to move to our area! Then we could see them more than twice a year!

All the best from Putnam CT!

The Dreamscapes Project, bar none.

ilyAIMY!!! ilyAIMY!!! ilyAIMY!!! ilyAIMY!!!

F20D....great music.


Railaway first and always. They play cover songs with clarity, but the original songs are incredible. They love music and it shows. These guys are going places!



I love RAILAWAY, they are the best! See them at Pickles Pub - Halloween 9pm-1am

Fiction 20 Down is by far the BEST band to come out of Baltimore since...EVAR!

They ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Original shiznit that's a cut above the rest.

...and I've SEEN the rest.

Ya heard me?

Fiction 20 Down ROCKS!!! Check them out... soooo goood!

Fiction 20 Down is definately should be at the top of this list!

Love going to the Fiction20Down shows...always good music and always a good time ;)

I have heard Railaway 4 times, and they are getting better with each performance.

Railaway def has my vote! all of the shows i have been to have been amazing! and the guys in the band are just a great group of people


Steve Pomplon Band!!!

Fiction20down is the greatest band that I have heard in almost three years!!!

railaway is great live and their cds are awesome. they're gonna make it big! definitely the best band in baltimore. someone should sign them asap! their halloween show was awesome.

THE MEGADRIVES hands down.
Did anyone see them at The Hexagon on Halloween? There was a rocking crowd there - everyone gettin down. They killed it.
No one else is doing what they do. Live, hard, floor-stomping fun!

the megadrives

they f-in rock the house! all kinds of electronic music from one band!


ilyAIMY wil steal your heart
mosno is unique and awesome
kitsch makes beautiful sounds
hannah spiro is lovely

railaway is a great band...the guys really connect with their audiences and their music speaks for itself

The Herd of Main Street is Baltimore. They are the best. Once again, The Herd of Main Street.

fools and horses is a great band, amazing in show, you can tell these guys are very well rehearsed, but music is a little generic for my taste, very good band tho

railaway, listened to em and im sorry, just sounds corny. but then again i hear a huge resemblence to OAR and maybe its just cause i dont like OAR.

honestly, you wanna hear a great band, 3 fifths is dope as shit. they play at the 8x10 in baltimore all the time. if you ever get the chance, these guys are the shit. im not sure if the style is has the right commercial appeal, certainly not like fools and horses, but they are one of the best bands ive had the chance to hear

they also beat out fools and horses at the WTMD battle of the bands. not to talk shit, they just shouldnt be slept on

red thisever

Mzery Loves Company [] and

Gun Click Panic

Yo that anti all girl band "Mzery Loves Company" is the dopest by far... if you havent seen them live u dont know what ur missing. I wish I had was talented enough to rock out with them.

Mzery Loves Company

my favorite unsign band is Mzery Love Company ALL THE WAY!!! These group of ladies got a GREAT SOUND & the WORLD IS READY TO HEAR... Let's Go...

Mzery Loves Company Rocks! What band out there can move with Hip Hop and Rock at the same time. MLC all day baby

Holy Crustacean, Batman! A topic more popular than the best/worst crab cake in Baltimore.

We Used To Be Family



IlyAimy is awesome!!!


JJRod? really, Mayan Factor? again really, may as well put .click. and margret heater up there, Let's keep it current folks.. like


EVOLVER, and Cherry Teresa

Cassandra Syndrome

Feinwood, Psycho Killers, Natty Brohs, anything with Jon Wood...

Fiction 20 Down !!!

All the post above are utter garbage. There are some good acts on there but most are trash and probably put up by the bands themselves. How the hell do you think fiction 20 down got so many posts in such a compressed time frame. Out of the bands above, Tears of Mars, Blind Rhetoric, and Fools and Horses are the only ones I would pay to see. This is the first I heard of ilyaimy. I may have to listen to them a bit more.

I was gonna call my mom and dad to dial in The Swing States Road Show, but my mom doesn't have a computer and my dad's dead.

Steve Pomplon Band Rocks!

John Mancini Band

Mike McFadden

Brighter Shades

The Dialogue

railaway should be on this list for sure

I have nothing to add to this, I just thought I'd post Comment #500.

Oh, do I have to name a band? Baltimore? Well, OK, how about Black Falls? Or Ellis Island?

If the anti all girl band "Mzery Loves Company" does not make the top 10....thats all i got to say about that! LOL

Fiction 20 Down should definitely be on your list. They write their own music & the lyrics are absolutely unique. Great beat with words the entire family can actually listen to.

If I had to pick one band it's these guys:

Machines Of Living Death

Easily one of the most forward thinking, innovative, and original industrial/electronic/metal bands in Baltimore today.

Fiction 20 Band is great and is fun to watch.

ill tell u what when i heard the band from baltimore Foolsandhorses i saw them in person damn was i blown away by how good they are live.


Fall Back Plan for shiz! Donice is freakin' hawt!


RAIN the SHINING is the best Baltimore band.

Rain the Shining is the most amazing local band! Everybody should check them out. I don't know how they haven't been signed yet!

L V T very good solid band saw them at Recher Theatre for their CD release. They killed it!

LVT... Awesome band, great musicians!

LVT is awesome!

Fiction 20 down is refreshing! Many great tunes to pump you up. Wake up is
a great tune to jam to when running in fed hill park or my other favorite marathon training B-more spots. Fiction 20 down You guys are awsome:)

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