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October 10, 2009

The grand opening of The Reserve is today

The ReserveSouth Baltimore's newest bar, The Reserve (1542 Light St.), is throwing down hard today.

They're shutting down an entire block, setting up tents and a stage, wheeling up a beer truck and roasting a pig, according to co-owner Andrew Dunlap.

"It'll be a good time," Dunlap said.

The block party starts at 11 a.m. and runs until around 7 p.m., Dunlap said. Two bands, The Stimulus Package Band and Can't Hang, will perform for free.

They'll be pouring drafts of Bud Light ($3), Shock Top ($4) and Stella Artois ($5).

"From now on out, things are only going to get better," Dunlap said. 

(Photo by me sobojosie. For some reason, I thought I took it. Oops! Sorry, sobojosie! This is also the photo they use on the bar's Facebook page, without giving me credit. I just think it's funny they haven't stood outside their own bar and taken a better one themselves.)

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No credit!? Well, they can kiss my business goodbye! Although with five dollars Stellas, my business wasn't going there anyway. I left NYC to get away from those kinds of prices.

It would have been nice if they had let their neighbors know beforehand that they were going to be closing one-way Randall Street early Saturday morning.

I haven't been pleased with the way the Reserve is shaping up - they appear to be trying to bring the Cross Street scene further south - as I said in an earlier post on the Reserve, it appears that if you are over 30 you are invisible in the place. That attitude appears to extend to their relationship with their neighbors.

That's funny. They used the same photo on their website which says: Photo Credit: Joanna Campbell.

Looks exactly like yours, but they cropped it and darkened it. Maybe it should say Photoshop Credit: Joanna Campbell. I wonder how much they paid her?

I think they should fire the web designer and demand their money back. The site is total crap. Full of spelling and punctuation errors and very possessive food: "Entrée’s". So close.

I am always amazed when businesses put up sloppy, poorly executed web sites. Your web site is your first impression nowadays.

Whoever programmed it did a miserable job because the formatting is all jumbled when viewed with my Opera browser. But this is hilarious: The menu page is messed up so that the categories for Apps, Salads, Sandwiches, Entrees and Sides are spelled vertically so that the first text you see is a very bold A S S E S. Really. Hilarious.

The home page is an epic fail as well. People, people, people, put all your basic info on your home page. Telephone, address, hours, etc.

They got shutdown Saturday night by the fire marshall too many people. Probably not but the noise was loud enough to make somebody complain.

How about their sign?? What's up with the solid "R''s?? I used to own a sign company and this sign is way substandard.. so, along with their web-site and mis-credited "photo" it all adds up to less than good.
BTW-anyone else cringe at the roasting a pig grand opening choice??
Ugh. Unless you're in Hawaii..

the two for $21 crab cake entree looks like a good deal until you realize that one crab cake is a little bigger than a lemon wedge. (look at the menu picture)

Or they have some kickass giant lemons.

Uh oh, its getting big crowds of yuppies...everybody HATE!

I love Sams use of linking "The Reserve" to another one of his posts, in which "The Reserve" is again linked to another one of his posts. If you link to "The Reserve" link to thier site not another one of your posts to rack up cheap hits, its pathetic.

I was surprised "Can't Hang" wasn't linked to a MS post regarding the baltimore music scene, or to Eddie Vedder's favorite Federal Hill Club.

Cheap hits. Good name for a band.

yeah the portapots they set up are still sitting on the sidewalk of the building across the street, which cannot smell too hot right about now. they definitely didn't tell anyone in the neighborhood about setting up a big block party or even come close to consulting neighbors about putting bars and toilets on their sidewalks.

furthermore, the addition of security cameras and bouncers on the premises don't set anyone at ease in the area that the reserve is going to be some sort of neighborhood bar and not just another cross st. establishment imitation causing problems for the surrounding block. saturday's shutdown spoke to that in spades.

over priced, out of place, and entitled attitude of ownership do not help this place one bit - and yet they still pack em in on the weekends. makes no sense to me.

the true test is going to be survival in the winter. it's a long cold walk from cross st, and an unnecessary cab expense.

sounds like the Reserve is the new Taps...

ouch. that label is harsh.

"Causing Problems for the surrounding blocks"??? WHAT!!! I live a few blocks away and up until recently there was an open air drug market on Heath Street - the same Heath St which is a block away! Loud patrons are the least of this neighborhoods concerns. Yes the owners should have consulted with the neighbors, but for the people who are complaining that they will ruin the neighborhood, try going for a leisurely walk down Heath when it gets dark and then tell me the Yuppies are ruining the neighborhood.

newsflash bob, there's still an open air drug market on heath (and barney, and clarkson, and marshall, etc). now there's an open air drug market AND drunk yuppies breaking things and peeing all over the place. obviously i'd rather have drunk yuppies, but right now we have both and it double sucks.

heath is widely known as 8 mile. houses for sale on that street rot on the market.

It must take something special to survive on Heath Street;) (especially for 4 1/2 years)

Bill-To be honest with you, the winter time is the best time for bars, on and off of Cross Street, it's during the Summer time that places suffer.

I personally think that parking is worst then the "yuppies" throwing up on the sidewalk, but the drug dealers are the worst but they usually stay away from the bars and restaurants where the "yuppies" hangout. Drug dealers don't want any trouble, they like to be left alone.

I like the place a lot. Places like the Reserve and No Idea, bring people into an area where they might not usually go, which may push some people off of the corners where they ususally hang out.

Hey 'Owl Meat Gravy' Thanks for the 'constructive criticism'. I designed The Reserve's temporary site and I did it pro bono (so no need for a re-fund) in a little over a day. How on Earth did you miss the address on the homepage? I can understand phone, but that was intentional. Opera? Now I know you're a nerd. I don't care how the temporary site displays in 0.2% of visitor browsers. Get a life.

You caught me. I am a nerd.

I think it's a big mistake for businesses to skimp on their web sites and put up incomplete or temporary sites. It's the face of the business. You only have one chance to make a first impression.

Nerd out.

Not a ringing endorsement for your web design services. Next time take two days and don't do a crappy job.

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