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October 30, 2009

Recapping last night's Midnight Sun Social

How was last night's Midnight Sun Social at Bad Decisions?

In a word: Awesome.

So awesome, in fact, that pictures can't even begin to describe how awesome it was. (This is my way of saying I don't have any pictures from last night's party.) If anybody has some, can you e-mail them to me --

Now, back to recapping the Social ...

We had a great mix of commenters, bar owners and even a prominent city figure or two. Since I was running late, I half-ran, half-walked to Fells Point from Federal Hill. By the time I got there (around 6:10 p.m.), I was covered in sweat, out of breath and famished. I secretly hoped that no one would have showed up yet, so I could have a few minutes to collect myself. 

I rolled in and there were already a dozen folks waiting for me. Stephan Fogleman (you may know him as Liquorboarding or as the chairman of the Board of Liquor License Commissioners for Baltimore City) was there.

Jason Z (you may know him as the man behind Don't Know and No Idea taverns) was there. Brendan (you may know him as co-owner of the Idle Hour) was there. Don Farley (you may know him as the publisher of the City Paper) was there. So were a few lovely ladies from Profiles PR.

So much for quiet time to collect myself.

The Social didn't really heat up until about 7:30 p.m. or 8 p.m. That's when it got really packed.

I hung out with TAFKA Canton Kate, Bryanintimoniumtowson, a woman who claimed to be Samantha Sessa, my evil Doppelganger, Baltimoregal, jmgiordano, Josh, ryan97ou, Shankman and many others. Commenter Amywoo was the only person to come in costume (a lovely ladybug, no less). Shame on all you non-dresser-uppers.

And finally, after more than two years, I met one of the very first and funniest (looking) Midnight Sun commenters -- JTK. He's been posting on Midnight Sun since August 2007. Wow. He even drove all the way down from New Jersey for the Social. Double wow.

Alexander D. Mitchell IV suckered me into tasting Brewdog's Nanny State, an incredibly, viciously hoppy brew with a whopping 1.1 percent alcohol content. It was truly a Bad Decision beer. One sip of the stuff burned all the taste buds off my tongue. It was like I'd sipped Drano.

On the other hand, Midnight Sunner Evan oversaw the distribution of some delicious pumpkin pie vodka shots. And I liked all the drinks I tried on the special drink menu were yummy. I'll post the complete list later today.

When I left around 11 p.m., there were still plenty of folks in Bad Decisions.

Thanks again, everybody, for making the Social such a great time. I still can't believe that people read and enjoy Midnight Sun enough to drop by and say 'Hi.' It made my week.


Sam Sessa
Midnight Sun

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Glad to hear everybody had a good time. It figures, I said that there's no way I'd have a reason not to come since I live right around the corner, and then.... I couldn't make it. Next time for sure.

Me and my roommate (Stylo) met and talked to Ryan for a while. Very cool guy! The whole event was a blast. I can't wait for the next one.

Brendan- I'm making a special trip to Idle Hour this weekend.

Oh, and despite what Fogleman kept telling EVERYONE last night, I have not been banned from every bar I've been to. I'm a very well-behaved girl- despite what you may have heard.

So many great events in the city for a Thurs. night . Glad I made it out to at least three. Thanks Sam, see you at the next one.

Where the heck is kasper on tap!?!?!

Had an awesome time. Liquorboarding is a good guy. As is The Sess. Seriously met a lot of nice people.

Darn!! Very sorry I missed this one.

Thanks for hosting the happy hour last night, Sam! We had a great time. Wish we could have stayed time!

anon -- I don't think he has his blog anymore....??

At the risk of blowing Siana's reverse undercover status, keep up the good work, girl!

good times indeed. it was great talking to everyone (thanks for the nice complement obviously didn't talk to me long enough. ha). stylo really gave me some great music to check out

and everyone was great, which is becoming the norm at these events it seems. refreshing to see in the normal hate-centric world of the interwebs.

somehow i ended up at nam kang at 1AM burning my tongue on bi bim bap.

who's up for junior boys at sonar tonight?

Thank god that awesome girl with the purple tights brought those name tags!

My goodness! I didn't thank Carla. Thanks for all your help with the planning and promotion of the party, Carla. Couldn't have done it without you. And of course, thanks for making the last-minute nametag run.

Thanks everyone who came out. I'm glad you all had a fun time. Come back soon!

And John, thanks again for being such a great host.

Another social and another day after of kicking myself in the ass for missing it!!

Glad to hear it was a good time. Lots of folks were Tweeting live from there last night and it sounded awesome.

It was great to finally meet Sam Sessa in the flesh (despite the fact that I arrived ridiculously late, as usual) after so many near-misses. No longer will I refer to him as the Baltimore Sun leprechaun!

Great to see so many friends there (AmyWoo, BaltimoreGal, BaltimoreGal's brother, Evan, and others) and also to meet new ones (kateebee, ryan97ou, and others).

Oh, and MAD PROPS for Evan's pumpkin pie vodka shooter. That might have been the best vodka shooter I've ever had.

So how long till the next Midnight Sun Social?

Leprechaun?!?! Spammy, you're lucky I didn't know that until this morning!

I think the next one will be in three or four months. I think if we do this three times a year instead of twice a year, it wouldn't be a bad thing.

Fogleman for Mayor!

Never underestimate the drawing power of the Garden State.

Fantastic time last night, Sam! Thanks for pulling it together! I'm already looking forward to the next one. Especially if bryanintowson is kept out.

Sesstival ruled! What a good crowd: A bunch of strangers hanging out like old friends. Very cool. Glad I could be there.

"Sesstival" haha...almost forgot about that. i think sesstoval was a sess-ation

*hitting cymbal*

Fogleman for Mayor! x 2

Okay, Sam, I know you told me I had to stick with CantonKate, but since I've now actually met a ton of you guys, I'm officially dumping CantonKate as I don't live in Canton anymore and don't really go by Kate. :)

@kateebee from here on out

Seriously, I was pretty nervous heading over to the Social but it really was just like hanging out with old friends. I had a blast, and I'm looking forward to the next social/soiree/shindig already!

xxs and oos,
Katy aka kateebee aka TAFKA CantonKate (confused yet? good.)

awesome time, awesome people, just plain awesome.

Sam and readers: I was not fishing for a compliment/thank you/shout out, but I need to take what I can get.

I'm glad I am not the only one using this opportunity to change my posting identity.

And, JTK - your cred is thin.

Seesa for Mayor!

I had every intention of going until I got all pregnant. Hope the next one is scheduled for after the baby is born. Wah waaaah.

Congrats, AC-M! That's great news!

Sessa for King of all Media!

I stayed home to do work, and then didn't really do any work. Uberlame.

Glad yall had a good time.

Did people write their internet names or their real names on the name tags?

Sam, great party.

And Siana why do I continue to hear a new story of a bar you won't (read=can't) go into if the bans are not true, hmmm?

some cool people everyone was...

Stylo- I CHOOSE not to go to that particular bar. There's a difference!


awesome!? awesome is ok. it was epic, which made it great

I got cut at midnight so that I could come, But I realized it was too late. Poop. AND THAT IS SO FREAKING AWESOME AC-M. Congrats. I hope BC-S is next!

Stevie F - You ur telling me Sianna hasn't been kicked out of Bad decision's yet? They must be slow learners...

I'm gonna kick some chief butt...

Siana, just saw your responsed to STYLO. I'm curious: What's the color of the sky in your world?

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