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October 6, 2009

Mark Clayton and Joe Flacco will be at ESPN Zone tonight

flaccoMark Clayton and Joe Flacco (I mean, do they really need introductions?) will be at ESPN Zone starting at 7 p.m. tonight.

They'll be taping an episode of FOX45 Playbook, but Ravens fans are more than welcome to join the studio audience.

I hear Flacco and Clayton will even be fielding questions from the crowd.

So head down there, check it out, and report back to me tomorrow.

(Photo by Getty Images)

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My only question for Joe Flacco: Will you marry me???

Careful when lobbing softball questions at Clayton. They may bounce off his chest.

I heard that Joe and company was hanging at The Abbey the other night.

Oh I have questions for them. Lots of them. I have so many questions that I could fill a deluxe Steno-Pad.

For starters, how about "Why can't I step out of my house without hearing about an athletic event?" Or maybe "Why can't I go get a beer or eat something at a restaurant without a 'big game' on a television over my table?" Or I'm also thinking "Why can't I go anywhere without someone asking me if I saw 'the game'today?" "What game?" I usually ask back. What if I walked up to total strangers what they think of Wim Wenders films, or the recording and acting talents of Kitty Carlisle?

Another question I'd pose is perhaps "What's with all these fat hogs walking around right out in public thinking that a purple shirt with the name FLACCO across the back and some ugly bird on it is attractive?" Anyone care to field that one? For years I wondered why everyone in town had the same last name, until I was clued in that the name printed on the back of the jersey is an athlete's name, kinda like how some shirts might say "If You're So Smart, Why Ain't YOU rich?", "TOYOTA", "Irving's Bar Mitzvah", "Chase Bank" or some other such nonsense.

Why would a grown and presumably heterosexual man walk around with the name of some hot dude scrawled on his back? Am I the only one here that thinks this is really odd? I just can't fathom why anyone would wear a football jersey unless you're on the field playing the game. How can someone put that on in the morning and then look directly into a mirror and say "oh yeah, this looks really good..."?

LOL @ johnnycat. He mad.

I like how that johnnycat guy tried to make himself seem too intelligent for such a trivial thing as sports, then spouts off a homophobic comment.

This is why everything on the Web doesn't need a comment section

trying just a little too hard these days.

jc, you need to come to the MS Social and sing a karaoke duet with me. Maybe I Got You Babe.

Kitty Carlysle? Wow.

I would love a t-shirt that says Irving's Bar Mitzvah. I want to meet the parents who named their kid Irving.

You should play along there angry fella. When someone asks you who won the game, just say "We did" no matter what the sport. If they ask you the score say "You wouldn't believe it if I told you" and walk away.

Jcat, maybe you just haven't found the right team yet. You just figured out the homoerotic appeal of sports? Shazam, don't watch professional wrestling. Your brain might explode.

Uh, there's plenty of "fat hogs" standing in line at museums, independent film showings, and uber cool art studios. Maybe it's acceptable to you jcat as they are "nicely" dressed in the always acceptable black shirts and dark blue jeans with loafers. I weigh 105, am originally from NYC, don't wear Ravens jerseys, but do wear purple and black to support my team, but more importantly, I don't paint broad and vitriolic brush strokes across the general Balto. populace. Maybe you should move to Silicon Valley, or Portland Oregon or wherever there is nary a blue collar in sight. Why so angry??

Ha! Owl Meat, I likes the way ya thinks. You get it, which is so refreshing. Why do people always mistake my desire for perfection and my criticisms with anger and bitterness? It blows my mind. How do people expect to get better at what they do without knowing what it is that they do wrong?

Let me just clear the air about something now so that I don't have to ever hear this again. I don't and I didn't make homophobic comments. I merely said that I thought it was an odd thing for presumably straight men to do. That's presuming of course that most male sports fans are heterosexual, which is of course just a ridiculous stereotype that our society loves and I would beg to differ, but that's for another blog. What's next? Photos of Flacco on the night stand?

I've always known sports were homoerotic and I'm surely not the only one that realizes that too. Like it or hate it, no one can deny the fact that Ultimate Fighting is pretty much the same as watching gay porn. Come on folks, facts is facts. It doesn't take a college degree to see that one.

I'm the first to admit Flacco is totally dreamy, but I'd stop short of putting his snapshot in my wallet. Well... maybe.

Ultimate Fighting is pretty much the same as watching gay porn.

LMAO! Hilarious.

You have many valid points johnnycat, but I doubt anyone wants to hear them. That's just the way it is. In America sports is the opiate of the masses, except in many parts of Bmore where heroin is the opiate of the masses. Fight the good fight, jcat, never say die!

"How do people expect to get better at what they do without knowing what it is that they do wrong? "
That's my point exactly. I don't necessarily do what these people you refer to do either, but it's condescending to call it "wrong", and what does "getting better" at what they do mean?
I think what you weigh, and what clothes you choose is still A Choice in this country.
This is why you come across the way you do. Because you make it seem like a personal attack instead of just saying you don't appreciate or agree with others, you call them names (fat hog) and say that what they do is "wrong". I do not believe you can't see that.

Comment of the Year to Lisa for " more importantly, I don't paint broad and vitriolic brush strokes across the general Balto. populace"


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