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September 23, 2009

Seen Springsteen before? How was the show?

bruce springsteenYesterday, I traded e-mails with a reader named Charlotte, who saw Bruce Springsteen at the Capital Centre in 1980. She was even able to find her old ticket stub.

Can you believe it only cost $11 for floor seats? If you want to get floor seats for Springsteen's Nov. 20 show at 1st Mariner, they're going to run you $100.

I asked Charlotte what she remembers from the show, and she sent me this:

I was working at McDonald's making about $2.90-$3.05/hr. and going to school at Villa Julie College (now Stevenson University) in the Medical Technician program.  One of my classmates either gave me the ticket or sold it to me ...

Anyway, the atmosphere was electric! I had to stand on my seat most of the time in order to see Bruce & the band. Of course, the security guards kept coming around & telling people to sit down. It's hard to remember anything specific from 29 years ago....Just a magnificent performance. They seemed to put their heart & soul into it & you could tell they loved making music.

If I remember correctly, they came back out after the final applause & did an extended encore. [BTW...never could understand why he married that model...I always thought he had a thing for the chick in his band.]

I'm hoping to get ticket(s) for the upcoming show....Perhaps I should take notes this time. I think I have a bit more in my budget now, so I may splurge & get a t-shirt, too.

Thanks, Charlotte! If you've got memories from a Springsteen show, share them here.

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I've never seen him personally but I remember seeing footage from his shows back in the 70's. They were legendary. 5-6 hour sets, a half a dozen encores, etc. I doubt he can still keep up with that pace but I get the feeling that he's the kind of guy that would die trying.

Had floor seats to a show at FedEx Field a few years back, right after Johnny Cash died. Opened with a cover of Walk The Line that gave me goosebumps. Great show - dude really brings the energy on stage.

I saw Bruce at the Capitol Centre with my mom in August of 1984. I was a sophomore in high school and mortified by the thought of having to go see "The Boss" as my mother dreamily called him. I kicked and screamed the whole way there. I was not a fan. My mom stood on her seat screaming, yelling, dancing and singing while I sat in my seat glaring at her. Eventually I stopped acting like a brat and let the energy of the show overtake me. It was insane. Everyone was rocking. (Everyone but me! haha!) Ironically the one song in his set that I remember to this day is "Because The Night" which I'm pretty sure he didn't sing (I think it's Patty Smyth). I fell in love with that song. Sorry mom but your boss never became mine. This did help to shape me musically and I do thank moms for that.

His acoustic show 2 years ago in Atlantic City was the best live show I've ever seen.

BTW, do you think scalping will be more pronounced in Bmore vs. Washington since we WON'T have the ticketless tickets for this show...

Springsteen wrote 'Because the Night' for Patti Smith. (Not to be confused with Patty Smyth of the band Scandal)

On a side note, what is the best way to get tickets these days? Line up at a Ticketmaster booth or try online?

Veteran of 26 shows, starting in '78 and the Darkness Tour. Saw him at Notre Dame at their ACC, he rocked for 5 straight hours, no opening act, one intermission, 6 encores and he came out for the last encore with the lights up, roadies tearing down the stage. The last time I saw him was at FedEx field on the Rising tour, wrong venue, the sound and acosutics sucked on that one.

He puts his heart and soul into every show, if you get the chance check out his Live in New York City album & concert video.

In my short 18 years of life, I've already seen the Boss twice and I have to tell you, he's one of the greatest acts there is today. I've seen U2, the Stones, the Who, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Fleetwood Mac, etc., etc. The only show I've ever seen that has topped him was a U2 show in Philly where Bruce came out on the encore himself.

Anyway, he's an incredible performer. You can tell he and the entire E Street Band love being out there playing, and the taking-requests-from-the-fans segment of the show is awesome. There's no other act that can sell as many tickets as Bruce that would have the cojones to take fans requests.

I saw him this August at Comcast Center near Boston, while visiting friends who got tickets. We paid $30@ for lawn tickets, but then got into the uncovered part of the ampitheater.

While not a big Springsteen fan or a rock fan for that matter, I really enjoyed the experience. It seemed that everyone knew all the words to his songs, and were on their feet for almost the whole concert, singing along. At times, Bruce would point the mic toward the audience, as if to say 'what do you need me for?', and let them complete the verses.

He was having so much fun with his E Street Band (they were great musicians, great performances) that it was truly infectious, and people were all so happy to be there.

Generally I am a consumer of acoustic music, so I ended up wearing earplugs much of the evening just to protect my ears. But even so, I had a great time. For anyone who has remotely kept up with his music over the years and doesn't mind the decibels, this is a no-brainer.

I've seen Bruce Springsteen twice. The first time was in June, 1976, at the Navel Academy. I had just graduated high school (went to a big graduation party after the show). Me and two friends were front and center at the stage. Great show. I last time I saw Bruce was during the Magic tour, in Washington, November, 2007. What a great show that was. I almost hate to go see him this time at the Civic Center (I refuse to call it anything else) because it will ruin the memory of that great concert in D.C.

I've seen Bruce more times than I can remember. Here is what makes a Bruce show, a BRUCE show: no matter the size of the venue, he is having more fun than anyone in the building.

His show is still unbelievable.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to see him at many venues big and small and he just amazes me each time. Being born and raised in Freehold, New Jersey, or as I call it the hometown of Bruce Springsteen, had a great influence on my love of his music. Family and friends attended school with him and funny thing is my parents met at a YMCA canteen where the Castiles played one of there first gigs.

To pick which concert was my favorite would be tough considering he changes changes the set list every night. Whether in NJ, NY, MD, DC expect to be dancing and singing for at least 3 hours. The energy and excitement from start to finish is something I have never seen from any other artists. And being a music fan I have witnessed some amazing acts but nothing compares to the boss. I have 3 concerts (look out Giant Stadium) lined up in the coming weeks with hopes to get tickets at 1st Mariner to make it 4. Since moving to Baltimore I would have to travel to Jersey and DC to catch a show. It is going to be great to just walk a couple blocks to watch the e street band!


Springsteen originally wrote 'Because the Night' for "Darkness on the Edge of Town" but gave it to Patty Smith, who was working in the next studio. She rewrote the lyrics.

I've yet to see Bruce, but I was raised on his music. My dad has seen him close to 30 times, probably, starting at Towson State (as it was then) in 1978. Never seen him in Bmore though, so it's exciting, and I'm really psyched to finally see him and the band live!

I just saw Bruce in April in Houston, TX. It was the first time I had ever seen him in concert. It was fantastic! It was worth every penny I paid for the ticket. "Born to Run" live is amazing!

I saw Bruce's Born in the USA tour in the early 80's at Three River's Stadium in Pittsbugh. Prior to the concert I didn't think they were that great and didn't see what all the fuss was about. It turned out to be one of the best concerts I have ever seen (and I have seen quite a few good ones), they were awesome and played their hearts out.

@queen_colleen: I was the same age and also went to Bruce in 1984. He played two shows, and I know he played "Because the Night" at at least one of them because one of my brothers, who had helped me get into Bruce, went nuts when the piano started.

That remains my only show. I could have bought tickets for Verizon last time, but passed because of the cost. I will be in training on Friday and unable to get online to see if I can score tickets to First Mariner.

I will probably try to scrounge something as the show gets closer but will be fine with the memory of that one night in 1984. I still get chills thinking of the blast into the final chorus of "Born to Run" when the lights shot outward from the stage to show each and every one of us reveling in the moment.

In the 1975-76 timeframe (wish I had kept MY ticketstub), Bruce performed at Towson University and gave an incredible performance. The show had sold out and we didn't have tickets but on the morning of the show, we heard on the radio that tickets were available (after putting in the stage - they were able to add 2 rows to the front section). We had great seats (3 and 4 in from the aisle) and he danced with a girl from the end of the row right in front of us.
2nd time late 70's was at Capitol Center - another great ticket story - was lined up with friends at the Hecht company in Golden Ring when people in front of us started coming out saying all the good tickets were gone. We moved up in line and bought what was billed as obstructed view. They were to the left of the stage - perfect view! And another awesome performance.

What an amazing performer he is - if you've never seen him - you will be blown away.

I've only seen Bruce once, and that was the FedEx show in 2003. It was part of one of the best weeks and weekends of my life- my first Ravens game (where Lewis set the single game rushing record vs. Cleveland), I was in Chicago the few days prior to the show and made my first visit to Wrigley Field and fell in love w/the town of Chicago, and in between was the Springsteen show.

I could tell the band was having a blast and I loved that they played Pink Cadillac and Rosalita (2 songs that I never expected to hear), and the Johnny Cash cover to open up the show was a nice touch. The downside to the show? It was at FedEx field, and I paid $75 to sit halfway up the upper deck where my view basically sucked. I was also hoping to hear Glory Days, but they didn't play that unfortunately.

I hope to get better seats tomorrow and see Bruce up close this time!

I saw Bruce at the height of Bruce-mania in 1984 on teh Born in the USA tour at the Pontiac Silverdome outside Detroit. I got a ticket, which included a bus ride from Toledo Ohio up to Pontiac, for $75.

The stage, of course, was huge... I think this was the first show I ever saw that had a video screen. Anyway they played for over 3 hours... it was just a heck of a show.

I'll never forget the sight, from my perch up in the nosebleeds, of everyone with their hands in the air as he sang his oldies medley. From one side of the stadium, across the floor and up the other side, it looked like a giant sea of pink tentacles.

Am I the only one who thinks the image of that stub is the coolest pic I've seen in months. Takes me back to when if I wanted to go to a concert, I had to go with a parent!

That ticket stub reminds me of the time when it would've been easy to get a liquor license on Cross Street and you only had to be 18 to drink;)

The first time I saw Bruce was in the 70s at Georgetown University in the Gym. A friend of mine invited me and said that if I went once, I would be hooked. I remember Bruce coming out and singing Santa Claus is Coming to Town. I have seen almost every concert that has come to DC since that first concert.

i seen springsteen 3 times and it been a great show each time i am going for my 4th time

i seen springsteen 3 times and it been a great show each time i am going for my 4th time

I saw him back in the 80's for the Born to Run show at Cap Center. It was, of course, awesome. Then I just saw him in 2007 at Verizon Center. Still very good. Just got tix for him here at 1st Mariner. I was going to take my friend who works in NJ and is seeing him tonite at Giants stadium. Now, i am bummed out. I just heard he is playing different albums in their entirety, starting tonite with Born to Run. I heard on 89.7 WTMD that he is also playing that album here, so my friend would be seeing the exact same album. If I knew ahead of time he could of gone in NJ on a different night/different album. He probably won't want to go now.

Well, I hope the concert here is as good as what I heard about last Night's show in his home state of NJ.. At least we will be warmer here , heard it was freezing there!!

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