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September 25, 2009

Bruce Springsteen tickets sell out in 20 minutes

bruce springsteenBruce Springsteen's show at the 1st Mariner Arena sold out in a mere 20 minutes -- about 15 minutes quicker than teen pop star Hannah Montana, officials said.

Fans snapped up the roughly 14,400 tickets for the Nov. 20 show --
the first time The Boss has played Baltimore proper in more than 35 years -- without a hitch, according to 1st Mariner's general manager Frank Remesch.

Remesch said the night before the tickets went on sale, he worried it wouldn't sell out, thereby proving Baltimore's reputation as a second-tier tour stop ...

"I was nervous and apprehensive," Remesch said. "But after the first five minutes, we were already into the upper third level. At that point, it was ear-to-ear smiles." ...

About 150 people waited in line outside the arena's box office this morning, and nearly everyone in line was able to get a ticket, Remesch said.

"It was a really, really neat thing," he said. "You had a mix of citizens like you wouldn't believe -- from ages to jobs. It was just phenomenal."

Soon after the sellout, tickets for the show appeared on online broker StubHub for as much as $849.

(AP photo)

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Maybe because there were 50,000+ trying for less than 35k seats between two arenas, and it's being run by a notoriously bad (at best) company?

I was on line early, finally got in at 10. I put in for 4 at any price. Ticket master said, no tickets available. How is the average person suppost to get tickets these days. Why do groups sell only through Ticketmaster. They have become just a middle-man for the scalpers.
Springsteen should be ashamed he is no longer reaching the average person. Its all about big business.
Screw the people...

"Fans snapped up the roughly 14,400 tickets for the Nov. 20 show --"



I was able to find a single in the 200s at about 10:40, so I'd question the mere 20 minutes for a sellout. ... By the way, what was the point of pointing people to livenation vs. ticketmaster for online purchase? My own fault, but I lost a pair because in my groggy haze I didn't realize that it switched to ticketmaster , so I was trying to use the livenation log-on/password that i'd set up last night. By the time I realized it was ticketmaster, I was trying to recall that password and when I couldn't, I didn't get other information completed in time. Like I said, my bad, but it wouldn't have been a problem if I knew to start with ticketmaster and had checked that log-on/password status last night.

Logged on Ticketmaster site at 10 and managed to get 4 $65 seats in the nosebleed section.

I logged at 10:00 and managed to get a ticket for the 204 section! no GA or 100 section tickets available, unbelievable.

Was online right at 10:00 and got 2 General Admission tickets for me and my Dad! Talk about luck!

I managed to avoid all of this Ticketmaster mess. I downloaded some Bruce Springsteen songs off the interwebs and will listen to them at my house in lieu of the dump that is the 1st Mariner Center. Stupid Ticketmaster!

Dear Mr. Remesh,

Sounds like your apprehension about the venue selling out may explain why you opted not to sell paperless tickets. Please know that you still would have had a sell out, even with a paperless sale! The chief differences being, 1) It might have taken 30 minutes and, 2) All tickets sold would have ended up in the hands of actual Springsteen fans. Instead, you got a 20-minute sell out and it looks like many of the good seats are already listed on TicketsNow, StubHub and Ebay. Ugh.

Logged on at 10, got two amazing seats, low level, right by the stage. Process seemed to work just fine, but you really had to have a fast trigger finger and log on instantaneously. Couple of friends had good luck too, so it wasn't all ticket brokers.

How come several Baltimore tickets were already being listed on scalping websites an hour or 2 before tickets went on sale. This has gotten so out of hand.

Thanks, Mr. Springsteen and Jon Landau for screwing your fans again by holding back huge sums of tickets. And thank you, Mr. Remesh, for not allowing the paperless sale and giving the scalpers of MD their big payday. Congrats to the three of you!

First Mariner Arena got through "nearly 150 people" that were standing in line in 20 minutes????? Have you ever stood in line there to get tickets??? Either they've gotten much faster people working those ticket machines, or there's no way "nearly" everyone got tickets

I was among those who clicked on as soon as the screen switched from "more info" to "find tickets," and I got nothing.

Had no luck for Balto. but I was able to get 2 tickets for the verizon ctr, NOV. 2 later in the day (I got them around 2pm today). Looks like they still have some others left, but only the expensive ones, and it is in DC on a Monday night.

So does anyone know somebody who did get 2 or 4 decent seats? I'm finding this all hard to believe.

What a scam. I was on-line, multiple browsers before 10 am. I watched my wait time go 2 minutes then 5 minutes then 4 minutes the 6 minutes and then sorry nothing. Thanks for wasting my time.. A limited amount of tickets were distributed based on a dispensing algorithm. So the people who got tickets, you were just lucky, the people who did not get tickets you were not lucky. This way there is a false impression of fairness. It's a scam. Its all about greed. The majority of the tickets were never available. Hey sun paper, why don't you get to the bottom of this.

yes, I logged on @ 10 waited 4 minutes and got 4 tickets,sec 308 but who cares I WILL BE THERE ROCKIN WITH BRUCE AND LOVIN EVERY MINUTE!

I was able to get 2 floor GA tickets at 10:01 am. Daughter scored 2 seats in the 200 level on her computer.

I got on line at GA's and threw them back because my boyfriend ALSO got GA....

Logged on at 10, got 2 LL tix right by the stage. And, yes, I'm a real fan. This isn't my first rodeo!

Thank you, Bruce, for coming to Baltimore!

If not everyone in line was able to get seats, how come some arena management employees are getting free, yes free tickets. This is a Baltimore City facility not a SMG facility. Tickets should be for the paying public!!

How is it possible that StubHub has 1,038 tickets on sale for 1st Mariner's 14,000-seat venue?

This is crap.

Me and the wife logged in separately. She got 4 GAs around 10:04, I got four in 306 at 10:05.

No problems.

I just took a look at Stub Hub. Plenty of seats for the "right" price. That is just so wrong.

Stub Hub is selling tickets for $1000+ What the heck?

got to the Arena around 7:30 - was number 45 in line - very well organized. Had my tickets (albeit 300 level) at 10:10 and was on my merry way!!

Did anyone notice that everyone who did get tickets and mentioned where they were, all were from the middle on back? I didn't see anyone who got the sections near the stage. I know where they all went (TicketsNow, Stubhub etc)!! I got tickets and I'm still bitter with Ticketmaster.

Well Taylor Swift's show at Merriweather sold out in TWO minutes online. I think Bruce has always been overrated and never quite his "authentic working class" thing.....I mean thats more like Alan Jackson and Toby Keith, they more accurately represent ordinary down to Earth blue collar America.

Y'all from experience proved and testified on several other occassions that the system is inherently arbitrary and unfair.
Get Real! It ain't going to change unless you never buy tickets from scalpers again, but that'll never happen either because enough of you would rather pay way too and be outraged and complain than miss seeing Springsteen or whoever.

The ones who got tickets, it seems, post to lord over the ones that didn't with the occasional snide aside they are inepted at buying online.
The ones who didn't get tickets, post to vent their outrage at the system and ticket seller, not without some justification.

This particular comedy will be endlessly re-enacted with only the name of the featured artist changing.

I have 1 GA ticket I would like to sell because I couldn't get another ticket

Ticketmaster DIDN'T actually screw me this time. Was online at 10 am & got 2 General Admission Floor. Last time Bruce came through with East Coast dates, I experienced very similar problems that other folks describe here. I guess I just got lucky this time.

Sold out in 20 minutes? That's a crock! I have an account with Ticketmaster, went online at 10 am for "best available". They said I had a 7-minute wait. After 7 minutes they said "sorry"!!! I did it again very quickly and within 3 minutes "sorry" for all tickets again. The ticket brokers win again and will fill their greedy pockets...and no state officials have the guts to stop this!!! No guts!!

Well gee, I am disappointed that there are so many people in Baltimore that would follow this liberal weirdo.

I got 8 tickets, section 215, online via problems.

Ticketmaster is a joke! I was logged on at about 9am waiting for the 10am launch. I only wanted 2 tickets and never got through. 20 minutes it sold out?! I tried to get through for about 10 minutes and nothing! How are you supposed to get tickets through them? And they made DC on sale at the same time. Disappointed again!

I was out of the country but I managed to snag 2 really good seats to the DC show. More importantly; where is everybody tailgating for the U2 show tomorrow? I'm hitting the preparty from 3-7, but will be in the parking lot around 2pm if anybody wants to join my crew.

I was online at 10 a.m. Saw a timer for an increasing wait...then somehow got 2 GAs. I mean I HAD two GAs in hand...and then lost them due to TWO Server Errors and then a site timeout...and then the little error message had the gall to tell me I TOOK TOO LONG!!! I wasn' t the one who took too long!

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