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September 25, 2009

Are you ready to try for Bruce Springsteen 1st Mariner tickets?

bruuuuuuuuuuce.JPGOh man oh man, it's almost time -- tickets for Bruce Springsteen's 1st Mariner Arena gig go on sale at 10 a.m.

This is the first time the Boss has played in Baltimore proper since 1973, when he performed at -- you guessed it -- the 1st Mariner Arena (then known as the Baltimore Civic Center). I wonder if Bruuuce remembers that gig.

The Nov. 20 gig will probably be a nostalgia trip for Springsteen, considering the venue has barely changed in the past 36 years. Heh.

If you end up getting tickets or have problems getting tickets, this is the place to share your experience. Let me know how it goes, and, of course, good luck!

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Comments go on sale on ticketmaster's web site.

10:00:05 I successfully log on, requesting two $29 tickets.

10:05:00 After waiting in queue for five minutes, ticketmaster tells me all $29 tickets have been sold out. Meaning, somehow, the people who got in line 4 seconds before me were able to buy up several thousand seats.

Or maybe those tickets never existed/sold to scalpers already.

What a crock.

Used the LiveNation web site and requested four tickets, any price, best available. Wait time 8 minutes. None available when my turn came. Tried again just for grins. Only had to wait 4 minutes, but with same result. Once again, the real fans get screwed. Ticketmaster is the worst monopoly in America.

One more thing. If Springsteen is sincere about avoiding scalpers, he could learn a thing or two from the Grateful Dean, whom, despite a following a stadium following as large as Bruce's, offer their fans mail order/web opportunities to buy tickets before the general public, including taking money orders via mail for fans who don't have credit cards. Then again, given Bruce's recent predilection for odd corporate partnerships (new records released only through Big Box stores), I can only conclude that, despite his songs to the contrary, he's all about the money these days. Too bad. I thought he was better than that.

Got 4 General Admission tickets no problem.

Same Here. I requested tickets at 10 am as soon as they went on sale. Within 6 minutes I queued up and was tol to try again. Nothing matched my request. How many thousands of tickets will be scalped for this show? Why do performers allow this to happen? They make no money from the scalpers.

Logged on at 10:00....kept getting the no exact matches were found even though I was picking best available.

The regular guy gets screwed again.

Just tried for 4 tickets, no tickets available, unbelievable how fast the tickets sold out.

I had NO PROBLEMS getting my tickets - 4 seats in section 116. Great experience - better than camping at the 1st Mariner Arena for a week!!! I already printed me tickets, I am so excited to see the Boss. My first time!

got in at 10 and purchased 4 GA tickets with no problems whatsoever.
Pregame set at Brewer's Art.

I went through livenation at 10am. The site was overwhelmed and directed me to ticketmaster, which took 3 minutes. When I saw the ticketmaster page, I knew I was done. 8 minutes later, nothing. Going to livenation cost me. I'm not sure why they claim livenation would be selling tix. Anybody who went straight to ticketmaster probably had a better chance.

Had 4 tickets in section 303 by 10:04. You gotta be FAST for a show like this!!!! Maybe not the best seats, but at least we're in!

My husband was online with Ticketmaster while I was on the phone trying to get through from 10-10:20. No luck.

No matter what seats my husband requested online Ticketmaster came back saying they weren't available.

There's got to be a better way to sell concert tickets. How does Ticketmaster get away with their monopoly ??

Off to Stubhub.

Got sucked into work and blinked at 10:10am... I knew I wasn't going to have any luck, and lo and behold I didn't.

Should be interesting to see what they start going for on the secondary market (aside from "more than I'm willing to pay")

Terrible seats but we are in. Also, amazing announcement coming today as well:

"In addition to the extensive catalogue of Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band hits, both DC and Baltimore evenings will consist of Born to Run being performed in its entirety!"

Tried to get 3 best available numerous times and was told they couldn't find any. I don't understand how they can sell out that quickly when you're online at 10 and can't find anything.

Logged in at 10am - had 4 @ tickets - the expense $95 tickets in the 100 level - exactly what i wanted - only took 2 tries, transaction complete by 10:06 - it should always be this easy. Some of you are just slow.

I went in at Ticketmaster at exactly 10:00 am. Had a 3 minute wait. Got 4 general admission tickets with no problem other than the cost with all of the add ons. My only worry is general admission. I'm worried about a calvary charge for the seats. Oh well, it is Bruce!

Obviously I meant the Grateful Dead. Clearly, the capricious nature of Ticketmaster's system is evident in the responses. Again, this can't be anything new. If artists don't hold ticket sellers to certain minimal standards (i.e., first come/first served), there's no pressure for sellers to change their methods.

Got in a second or two after the sale started on Ticketmaster. Asked for 2 $29 seats. 6 minutes later it tells me there are none. For the heck of it, I ask it for 2 $65 seats. At 10:12, it comes back with a pair in the upper concourse, facing the stage. Almost passed out but managed to complete the purchase first.

Now the fun part...trying to figure out how to pay the credit card bill. Meep.

We used Ticketmaster and got through immediately. Didn't get the best seats, but we got seats!
It's a small enough venue that iIthink it will still be awesome.

Got in right at 10, took about 5 minutes looking for 2 best available seats, 2 seats in section 229, no problems at all. Cannot wait to see the Boss, at home in Charm City no less!

We got tickets!
Last time I saw him I did general admission and nearly froze to death waiting in line for six hours in hopes of being in front. Seats will be a new experience.

KAZ - is that official? That is AWESOME.

DC was easy as pie! Hit refresh at 9:59:55, got the red "buy tickets" button, had to wait in queue for about four minutes, got four seats in section 107 Verizon Center. At last check (10:33), DC tix are still available!!

Went online to ticketmaster at 10:00 on the dot and got 4 tickets on the floor - general admission with no problems. Two others from my office got the same deal.

Went online to Ticketmaster right at 10:00 and requested 2 tickets in Best Available for $98. Waittime of about 3 minutes and scored two in Section 228 - Perfect!

Logged in at 10, requested 4 Best available. Waited about 6 minutes. Got 4 $65 tix 3d level facing the stage. Can't wait!

Got right on with no issues. Sec. 304.

I see where floor seats are going for $250.00 already on Craigslist. What a country!

After 40 minutes of trying - no tickets. I was asking for 1 ticket, any price, any location, but the queue just kept timing out.

know of two success stories, one for 4 GA tickets and one for upper level.

KAZ - website looks like only Born to Run in its entirety is in Chicago and Nashville, where did you see this?

It was easy for me. I'm sitting here at work, got ticketmaster open on my laptop, once 10:00am hit I refreshed the Springsteen ticket page, waited in the que for about 5 minutes and got my tickets.

The experience sucked. Got on and my wait time started at 5 minutes, went to 9 minutes back to 5 minutes to 2 minutes to under 1 minute back to 5 minutes. I never got the tickets and feel I got screwed in the process. Ticketmaster sucks!!!!1

Two computers, checked my Ticketmaster account info last night in preparation. Logged on at 10:00 and 10:01 - the laptop got 2 tix in section 223; the desktop gave me 4 tix in section 304 that I did not take. Retrying got me "none available."

PRICEY 'convenience fee" add ons, but overall an easy experience. I guess I should admit that I often have gotten Bruce tix from the online and phone sales -- got them twice for Hershey and got through on the phone for the reunion tour and got floor seats at The Meadowlands. Sometimes, the gods smile on us dislocated Jersey Girls...

This was my third attempt at trying to score 2 floor tickets for a Bruce show and, lo and behold, the third time's a charm. 2 GA Floor to see my favorite artist in my hometown!?!?! What could be better?

And just so you fellow posters don't envy me, I'm on bedrest with swine flu/H1N1 so it's probably karma that I got sweet seats.

Logged in at 10, got 2 upper levels that I am pretty sure are in the corner and behind a post. Released them, tried again at 10:02, sold out.
Fortunately, my wife got two upper levels. Saw about 100 people in line at the box office on my way into work; I wonder how they did!
BOGUS that two $29 dollar tickets end up totaling $90 bucks.

Signed on exactly at 10 at Live Nation...was redirected to Ticketmaster, I of course thought oh boy, I'm done.....but after a 3 minute wait, I got 2 tickets on the floor...must have lucked out, but I'll take it!!!! second time for me to see Bruce, will be the first for the's hoping for nice weather and a hell of a show!!!!!

Got 2 GA's at 10:08, with no drama.

Got on at 10:00 and reserved 2 $65.00 tickets. Alas, my ancient work computer took so long to process everything that by the time I got to the payment screen, my time had expired and I had to start over again. No tickets available at any price/in any section. Damn.

Amazingly, both my niece and I got in and, after a 5 minute wait, we both got upper deck close to the stage. Soooooo, if someone wants to be ripped off by a normal person instead of a broker for 3 pretty good tickets, let's make a deal!!!!! - lol

I loogged on right at 10 am. After a two minute wait I purchased 5 tickets in section 111 row D. I have to say it was WAY better than what I expected and I got some really great seats! Ticketmaster still sucks though!

Got in at 10:00 and requested 4 seats, any price, best available. After about 10 minutes of waiting it showed my 4 seats, sec 318 row K. Tried to hold the tickets and it kept telling me to re-enter my email. Did this about 10 or more times and it still kept requesting the same thing and then wouldn't you know it...times up!!! What!!! How does this happen???? Not happy!!!

Went for tickets at Verizon. First search at highest level got general admission floor -- I'm too old for that! Thought I was screwed but tried a search at 2nd tier price and actually got seats not the greatest, sideways to stage, but hey rock on! Last time my spouse tried and was immediately sent to the reseller so things are working better at least in my experience.

Logged in at 10, requested 4 Best available. Waited about 6 minutes. Got 4 $65 tix 3d level facing the stage. Can't wait!

to those who bought GA seats, look at your tickets, they aren't really General Admission, they have assigned sections and seats.....true GA went out the door with the Who in 79.......I actually worked in Cincinnati for a while, worked with a guy who had a "I'd step on you to see the Who" t-shirt......heheh

Got 4 tickets in middle concourse about 2 minutes after onsale started. Friend got 4 general admissions. The born to run in its entirety is an urban myth that you frequently hear on the bruce boards-don't believe it! General Admission is well controlled at Bruce shows only have too wait a long time if you want the pit area.

Went straight to Ticketmaster - did not believe the lie about Livenation
Refreshed first browser at 9:59:49 and second browser at 9:59:55. Got a bite on the second waited quite a few minutes after requesting "best available" and "any price".
Got 2 for section 223. Wife will be thrilled and it's a shorter drive than Hershey Park.

I logged onto ticketmaster at 9:45am to wait for the 10am sale. I have an account with ticketmaster and did not waste time setting up a profile, etc. I requested (3) $65.00 tickets and completed each page in the allotted time. I began at 10:01. I submitted my order; waited for several minutes and received a message that said there was an error and the tickets were not available. The tickets were in the 305 section. Ticketmaster is a ridiculous monopoly!!

Kept one browser open with the official U.S. time. At 30 seconds until 10:00 started refreshing the other browser open to Ticketmaster until the Baltimore show was listed as "on sale".

4 minute wait. I got 4 tickets on the floor. No problems. You just have to know what you're doing.

Got tickets in 200s around 10:05am. Others I know had problems, including the dreaded "Unable to Process Transaction" message. This is the first time TM has worked for me in ages, so I count myself very lucky. says that "Born to Run" is happening. Even though it is not an official band website, I've never known it to be incorrect.

"Update: Live Nation has announced: "In addition to the extensive catalogue of Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band hits, both DC and Baltimore evenings will consist of Born to Run being performed in its entirety!"

Went online at 10:00 on the dot.
waited in the queue 12 minutes.
Shut out!
What the heck!

I have two reserved tickets without a problem other than the agony of waiting while it processed.

I am 50 yo and I have never seen a Bruce Springsteen concert so I am pretty darn happy. OK, really, really, really happy.

I also got free Virgin Fest tickets for my daughter. Maybe I was born under a lucky concert star. OTOH, I wound up paying through the nose for Taylor Swift tickets for my younger daughter because I snoozed.

It still beats waiting in line and being jostled by police to get tickets for The Who in 1982.

Got'em ! While not the GA's I wanted,at least I'm there. Who knows maybe I'll get "men in blacked" ! LOVE YA BRUCE !!!!!!

What a crock. The Sun told people to go to LiveNation to get Bruce tickets. I did that at 9:59am (I pre-registered last night to avoid typing in cc info).

At 10:00 I was rerouted to Ticketmaster. If I had known that I would have logged into Ticketmaster FIRST. At 10:01, I was put on a 13 minute "wait" for tix and I knew I was done. No Bruce tix for Baltimore.

Scalpers win again. They have already listed tix for sale from $177 to $803 each on TicketNow.

At 10:18 I gave up on Baltimore, and went for Verizon Center in DC. Got 2 tickets, nosebleed, but at least I got in. Verizon Center is doing paperless tix, which scalpers hate. 1st Mariner should have done that. Will never use or go to 1st Marnier for anything again.

Will see you all in DC.

Had two computers up at 9:59, refreshed once, got 12 tickets. Section 206 and 211. Woo hoo! Hate the extra fees and charges, but the man just turned think he's coming back to Baltimore any time soon?

i also started requesting tickets right at 10 am, got a great ticket, i think the key was only buying 1 ticket, my sister was beside me at same time trying to buy 2, HA! sucks to be her, i am in sect 204 , she got a sold out , ill be thinking of her on nov 20th, but not too much , i cant wait

Got on internet at 10AM, had 2 GA tix at 10:04. No Problem. I got lucky.

Was online at ticketmaster at 10:00 exactly. NO TICKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How in the world is this possible.

Went thru ticketmaster. Got 6 tix in section 313 by 10:04. No headaches. Party starts at 4pm on Nov. 20th.

At 10:00am, redirected from LiveNation to TicketMaster. Got 2 GA tickets, picked shipping method, Continue, and site encountered an error. Went thru second time with wait time of 13 minutes, got no matches using best available. Tried 3 more times. No matches

Was on a conf call at the same time and accidentally got in the queue for the Verizon show - I too started at and was kicked over to ticketmaster - got back in the queue quickly for 1st Mariner and got 2 upper level tickets - still very happy - had to wait about 10 minutes...received my email confirmation at about 10:15 - was thinking they were sold out a few mintues later.

Went online a minute after 10Am, had no trouble getting a good (best) ticket. I only needed one. I never even got in when he was in DC. Yee-hah!

Was on Ticketmaster's website and 9:45. Kept refreshing until option to buy tickets displayed at 10:02. picked best available for 2 seats. Entered the Caption code and then ticketmaster's site timed out. Went back and started again. Got all the way to the you'll be waiting for 4 minutes screen, which then promptly kept growing until at one point it said 15 minutes. When it finally finished searching, I got a message that they were sold out.

I went back and was able to succesfully buy 1 ticket in the 228 section. So, I guess I'll be going alone (at least I'll be there)

I went on line as soon as they went on sale. Already had my account set up previously. Almost scored 2 seats in section 217 but when it didn't continue on to the shopping cart as soon as I hit the continue button, it eventually timed out and knocked me out. What a rip!

At about 10:01 got in and requested 2 best available at $65; got section 303 (upper concourse). With Ticketmaster's ridiculous service fees total for the pair came to $170.95 (and that's for printing them myself)

Like nearly everyone else, went online at 10AM and was unaable to get any tix. Funny thing though, at the same time Stubhub had many tix to the show starting at $175. Doesn't ticketmaster own Stubhub???

Ignore the person who said General Admission is not General Admission. They are. Saw Bruce a few years ago in DC and it was GA.

Got on the LiveNation site at 9:50. Monitored when the show went to "buy" status and leapt on it. Wanted 3 seats for best available. Wait time kept resetting back 5 minutes to 6 minutes to 10 then 9, then 10 then 8 then 10 again. Finally it went to 4, then 3 then 2 minutes...then 1. Then back to 10! Then the countdown again. To 9 then 8 to 6 - no wait to 7 then 6 I think. Then a white screen. I was ready to refresh but it came back to 10 minutes again on it's own. Then it went to 9 minutes. ANd then to 7, 6 , 5 - and then you guessed it - back to 10. Then the white screen again. When the screen slowly came back, I was somehow redirected to a page about toenail fungus. I give up.

My husband was online for only 2 tickets at 10am and kept getting the message no exact matches found depsite trying for tickets in any location at any price. After 10 mins he gave up and was successful at the Verizon Center. We are in the Upper Concorse but at least we are going!

I know it's Bruce but if you're buying tix thru StubHub this debacle will never end and ticket brokers will continue to rape you over and over.


signed on within 30 seconds of tickets going on sale. tried for &98 tickets [2] - indicated 1 min wait , then 6, then 10 back to 2 and no tickets available. tried best available - same scenario - no tickets available but you can bet ticketsnow got most of them. ticket prices high anyway, won't go on their special site to get further ripped off.

Ebay owns Stubhub

Didn't get any. They are already on E-BAY for a lot more!!!!

I didn't even bother - having been screwed in the past. Lemme guess, their partner StubHub will have PLENTY of seats available??? Bring back the days when those who were willing to camp outside, overnight could get seats!

I feel incredibly lucky to get 200 level seats for the Arena show. Marylanders were competing with die-hard fans up and down the east coast. The "not a paperless ticket show" + 8 ticket limit (!) = there will be a lot of ticket scalping.

My husband was online for only 2 tickets at 10am and kept getting the message no exact matches found depsite trying for tickets in any location at any price. After 10 mins he gave up and was successful at the Verizon Center. We are in the Upper Concorse but at least we are going!

No problems. Got in at 10:00:01 (that's one second after 10), and got
GA's. Had I gotten in at 10:00:04) would have been SOL. Despite its bad press, the Ticketmaster system works better than any other online ticketing system. I live in Philly, and have to deal with Comcasttix, and it is the worst.

Logged at 10:00 and the timer went from 9 min to 5, to 3, to 9. Logged in a 2nd window and when the first one reached 1 min - I got booted out for having 2 windows open...
Ended up with 2 upper level $65 tickets...with a lot of surcharges. Oh well - It's Bruce Baby!

saw the Sun had livenation. Went there at 9:50 and had a bad feeling. Went to ticketmaster. Hit it right at 10:00. Two tickets 200 level no problem at all.

Wow, there's a lot of crying going on here. With less than 15,000 tickets, there obviously are not enough to fill demand. It's amusing that people feel just because they didn't get tickets, Bruce is somehow ignoring the "working man" or [insert whatever class they happen to be here].

I was able to place two orders before the show sold out. The first was for 2 GA tickets and after that was completed, I started a second order and got 2 in the second level.

I dislike Ticketmaster as much as the next guy, but I think all the crying and complaining is due to user error.

No problem at all. My wife and I already had secured tickets in advance through other sources. But I went online to Ticketmaster at 10AM - asked for 4 "best available" - within minutes I had 4 in section 225, row B - great seats looking right into the stage - these 4 are "extra" I will use to help out friends who failed to get tickets. By the way - FLOOR SEATS - these are not seats but general admission standing - I called 1st Mariner to confirm - and they said there will be a lottery to select a small number of floor ticket holders to stand up front - everyone else will be held back and then have to RUN to get in the remaining floor space. I had floor standing tickets for U2 a few years back - miserable - packed, hot, sweaty plus my wife who is 5'2" could nto see a thing.

Logged in at 9:55 and hit refresh every nanosecond - at exactly 10:00 was given the buy tickets option. Chose 4 best available and after 6 minutes of waiting, got 4 $65 seats in the 3rd level.

Husband and I had two computers going. Logged into TM at 9:50 AM, and are right there when the tix go on sale at 10 AM (actually, the sale started a few seconds after 10 AM). I requested 3 GA, he requested 3 Best Available. No matter, we're both thrown in the queue...waiting....waiting...waiting. Finally, husband emerged victorious, when, at 10:15, TM offered three seats in Sec. 302. We took them!! Looks to be side stage, maybe even a bit behind depending on how the stage is configured, but no matter! We're in the building! Baltimore is setting up to be a special show. 36 years since Bruce last played here, PLUS, the venue is small and old. :) The band loves playing in old school venues.

Oh.....TM didn't bump me out of the queue until 10:25, and and said nothing was available.

I too went through LiveNation and was directed to Ticketmaster. Tried several attempts and by 10:10 was told nothing was available. Typical ticket buying experience. Maybe some day someone will tear apart the ticketmaster monopoly because brokers had tickets several days before they went on sale to the public. Someone's making money...sad...

Did 2 best available right at 10AM and waited in queu for 8 nothing. So disappointed. I have had luck in the past but nothing this time.

Ticket brokers should be illegal...or at least set a limit on the markup.

I wouldn't pay 50 cents to see this old dinosaur left wing nut job pretentious hypocrite. To all those who did, "Lord what fools these mortals be." *LMAO@U ALL*

At 10 am I got four paperless floor seats at Verizon Center, that said they were Standing Room, but had seat numbers. I figured they'd put up folding chairs since that's what was on the floor for Clapton this summer. I called Verizon Center who confirmed that they were Standing Room only and we couldn't bring lawn chairs. I am happy to report that TicketMaster did a courtesy "same day" cancelation for the non-transferable paperless tickets. My friend who was also on the site at 10 was trying to for Baltimore tickets. It took her a minute longer but she scored 4 tickets in the balcony but in the center. We'll be seeing Bruuuuce in Baltimore!

Effortless...Got in at 10:00 AM and got 4 GA. See you in the pit!!!! Bruuuuuccceee.


I think you posted your comment in the wrong tread.

Log in at 10:00, had to wait about 5 minutes, then gave me seats in section 303. Whatever, I'll pay em for Bruce!!

Logged in at 9:59AM kept hitting refresh asked for six tickets got them in section 213. I am not even a big Bruce fan I will trade them for Ravens tickts and sell the others and make a quick couple of hundred. It might be worth it to go to the show to watch a bunch of 60 year olds rush to get the best spaces on the floor, kinda like when they open the doors at Morrisons Cafeteria.


This has to be a record! 89 posts and counting. (and they are all legit posts)

Paul R,

Not everyone's a rabid Springsteen fan.
I don't think of him as "The Boss" and I cringe with distain when DJs refer to his recordings as "Bruce Juice".

As a New Jerseyan, I'm so grateful that "Born To Run"* didn't pass to become the state anthem or the Brendan Byrne Area didn't become the Bruce Springsteen Area**.
I don't have any albums by him but have several singles.

Politically, if you're liberal and/or just anti-George W. Bush, it appears he's your man.


although it doesn't usually work this way, it is supposed to be about the music and how he performs it. I'm as guilt as anyone else about letting people's off stage antics influence my opinion.

* I think it has one of the worst vocals of all time
** which is a moot point as it's changed names a few times to whatever company is will to pay the right amount. It's presently the Izod Center, two years ago it was the Continential Area. Stupid, all it does is create confusion.
People have rarely called the Garden State Arts Center, The PNC Arts Center except in advertising.

Gave up on Baltimore and went to DC and got 2 tickets in 408 Row A!

puck - where's joe wilson when you need him?

I logged into Ticketmaster right before 10 and waited until my cellphone said exactly 10. I requested 2 of the $29 tickets and got them. They are far from the stage, but my goal was to just be in the building.

Not sure why all the complaints- getting tickets was easy. I am in Asia- logged on Ticketmaster at 9:55- by 10:05 i had 3 great seats. IF they could just find a way to make scalping impossible things would get better for real fans.

Rube, ha, well, I think we've broken 100 at least once before, but I can't remember which post it was. I've asked our IT folks to see if we can make a list of the most commented posts on Midnight Sun. Stay tuned.


There’s something inherently wrong with a system that has this much “user error“.

Out of idle curiosity how come all these seemingly fan caring mega-acts never seem to schedule more than one performance at any one venue? That doesn’t come off as benevolent.

Got in line at the arena @ 8:10am. 58 people in front of me. Made it to the box office before they sold out. 4 seats Sec 311. I don't care were I sit as long as I'm there. BTR in it's entirety! Can't wait.

Used Ticketmaster at 10AM and was very surprised to have no problems. I even had time to check the cheap, moderate, and finally choose the most expensive cost and got a great seat. I've felt hosed by TM in the past, but not this time!

My brother and I were both trying for 3 tickets at the same time. He got in at about 10:07. I never did. The tickets aren't the greatest, section 228, but they could be worse and we're in the building which is all that counts. Should be a great show!

I was on LiveNation at 10 AM but it sent me to Ticketmaster. I waited as it counted down from an 18 minute wait, to 12 minutes, to 7 minutes, to 3 minutes... to no tickets available with my search criteria.

I had searched "best available."

I tried again (and again and again and again...) but no luck. As a Jersey girl living in B'more, I am crushed.

Sam Sessa, PLEASE report on the huge scam that is Ticketmaster!


I think you posted your comment on the wrong thread.

It amazes me how many people complain that Bruce or Ticketmaster are at fault if they didn't get tickets. There is a finite amount of tickets available and many thousands of people who want them. I am not a scalper,but I know I live in a capitalist country. Scalpers are a part of the deal. If you don't want to deal with them fine. I have bought tix from scalpers in the past and was able to buy the tix in a section I wanted. Here's a tip...wait to the day of or the day before the show to buy,the scalpers HAVE to sell before the show or they LOSE MONEY!!! That being said,I was able this time to get 2 tickets in section 202 when logging on at 10AM. LUCKY ME!!!

I like how everyone who didn't get a ticket thinks it's a conspiracy while everyone who did get a ticket thinks the system worked fine. I am not a fan of the fees, but it really just took some hard work, planning and mostly luck, especially in such a small venue. I was trying on line and got shut out, but my wife got right through on-line at 10am and got floor seats. Sometimes, that's just how it goes.

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