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August 28, 2009

What bar would you miss the most?

With all this news of high-end restaurants like the Brass Elephant closing, it got me thinking: What bar would you miss the most, if it closed today? And why?

A colleague, Jacques Kelly, once encouraged me to patronize my favorite restaurants and bars, because even institutions (like the Brass Elephant and, say, Max's) aren't going to be here forever. And what's that old Cinderella tune about not knowing what you've got until it's gone? Or was that Joni Mitchell? Hee hee.

Seriously though, think about it -- what spot(s) would you miss the most?

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Posted by Sam Sessa at 8:45 AM | | Comments (55)
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By comparison, I already miss the Wharf Rat on Pratt. Someone needs to remove about 1/3 of the new TV's, and smoke about 1 case of pungent cigars to restore it to the former glory.

I'd really miss Brewer's, though. If the worst was to happen.

The Hard Yacht Cafe

1. The Wharf Rat in Fells Point
2. The Mount Royal Tavern
3. The Mount Vernon Stable and Saloon
4. The Brewers Art
5. The Horse You Came In On


The Dizz. Aside from being one of the best neighborhood bars in the city, I'd really miss not having a great bar within 2 blocks from me.

Brewer's art. By far my favorite place.

Friends, by far.

Windup, Brewer's, Metro, Idle Hour

God this is going to wrack my brain all day long. I would most certainly miss Idle Hour supremely though.

The Dizz, for sure. The place is just great.

Wharf Rat Brewers Art

Elliott's Pourhouse and Waterfront

the mount royal tavern--it's the last real bar in baltimore, hon...

BA - No DOubt.

Bad Decisions, Muggsy's, Mothers, Metropolitan, Corks bar

Max's... nothing comes close as far as beer selection and beer-related special events. Definitely are other bars that would be missed, but I feel could be replaced.

I miss The Vine. The Wednesday night wine tasting was the best.

I would miss Brewer's Art and Little Havana.

Without a doubt, Sherry's Show Bar on Pulaski Highway.

Angel's Rock Bar, Little Havana, Aqua, Velvet Rope, Gossips, Club Choices, Suite Ultra Lounge, Cancun Cantina,

"Without a doubt, Sherry's Show Bar on Pulaski Highway." right on, Angela. Right on...

Little Havana.

Brewer's Art, hands down.

I vote for Brewer's Art, but there are a lot of bars I'd really, really miss -- Idle Hour, Wharf Rat, Bertha's, Nevins, Pub Dog...

BTW, where are the 6 million Bad Decision shills today? I mean, it's only the greatest bar in the history of bars.

brewer's. a year without a glass of their res would be a sad year indeed.

Ottobar and Fletcher's... THE best places to see live music and get a drink.

Pub Dog

Catseye Pub would be a huge loss. Also Bertha's and J. Patrick's. The old school pilgrimage shrines cannot be replaced once they have passed on...

Nothing will ever beat the two signs Sherry's used to have out front: "We got fat chicks" and "Fat Chicks & Cold Beer"


Slainte in Fells Point.

1.) Brewers Art
2.) Little Havana
3.) 13th Floor
4.) Dionysus
5.) Mums

I agree with Angela. No doubt -- Sherrie's Show Bar. My others are:
1. Haven Place
2. Ponca Bird
3. Shirley's Honey Hole

I think Shirley's Honey Hole was already shut down due to the number of "incidents" that took place both in and outside of the place.

J. Patricks' kept secret in Baltimore for years...nothing says great bar like falling in ceiling and local college pennants.

A lot of you may be missing Little Havana sooner than you realize. Sam, didn't you mention a while back that their lease wasn't going to be renewed?

I can't think of a bar I'd miss. You can miss people and things you once owned maybe, but how can you miss a bar? It's a building with stools and alcohol. What's there to miss? Just go someplace else. It's the same people everywhere anyway.

Ok, that's not funny. Whoever made that last post as me had better knock it off.

2)Hamilton Tavern
3)Joe Squared

1) Brewer's Art
2) The Laughing Pint
3) Mahaffey's
Oh...and maybe
4) Venice Tavern

Oh boy. Johnnycat is laying out threats. Be careful, you may run into him at a club and beat you down with his flip flops.

dave the wave -

the issue with little havana was that they own a piece of property and wish to relocate to it, but the city isn't allowing them. currently they aren't necessarily in any danger of losing the lease to their present location (last time i heard).

Him, if I ever saw you out on the town, I can assure you that there'd only be two sounds, me hitting you, and you hitting the floor. And if someone called the cops, that's all the better, as I know plenty of them personally.

I know it's not a bar- but as I was driving through scenic Brooklyn Park yesterday and I had a panic attack at the thought of El Salto closing. How would I live? I hope it never happens in my lifetime.
sidenote- I actually stopped posting this comment to text two friends to see if we could go today!

johnnycat, someone else pee in your litter box? You're so hostile today.

Oh Johnny, look at you? Threatning people on Sam's blog and boasting that you are friends with the cops. Well I'm a very lucky man since I normally only wear flip flops, that means I won't roll into you at the more sophisticated clubs. I may never go out again becuase you and all the people you know sound very tough.

Him, that's because you could probably only afford flip-flops. My shoes are made from hand tooled Italian leather, and probably cost more than you make in 6 months. So yes, I'll be glad to see you cowering in your dank tv filled bar, watching some sports game, like every other peon there.

Slainte in Fells Point is right on. They run their bar the way all Irish pubs should be run! If only they had another floor so they could have music too...

All quotes added to johnnycat.txt for posterity

AGAIN WITH THE INSULTS? Someone needs to teach you some manners. You need to bring you and your fine italian leather shoes so you can be taught some manners. If you are a real man, we can settle this tonight. Go to 1 WEST EAGER STREET @ 10pm so you can be taught some respect. Don't worry, this place respects finely tooled shoes. Let's see if you are man enough to show up. My guess is you will enjoy your education.

Aahahahahahahaha Him you are awesome

Actually, Him, I am gay. But don't worry, I'm way more man than you could ever take. The Hippo is a wonderful establishment, with a great and fantastically loyal patron base. Are you gay-bashing now? Because if so, I know a couple of my friends there could give YOU quite the education.

God this thread has gotten weird. I'm considering ending it.

OK, let's recap:

kitty litter is....

1. a cyberbully
2. knows lots of crooked cops
3. wears expensive shoes
4. hates flip flops
5. claims to make alot of money
6. still hates television
7. likes men
8. has smart friends

i think we're caught up now. thanks johnnycat. i think we're all better for reading your posts.

Allow me to end it Sam. The fine tooled shoes causes no doubt. Thus the Hippo address. I'm straight and have been to the Hippo and everyone I've ever met in the gay community has been welcoming and has never threatened me. So please don't pull the gay bashing card.

You are one of the few people I know on this blog, gay or otherwise, that continually insults peoples opinions on this board and offers nothing really positive. You are one of the few angry gay men I've ever encountered that has hated everything from Baltimore to flip flops.

The point of these emails is to elicit a laugh or two and push your buttons which I have obviously done. Lighten up buddy, life is short. And for everyone's sake, don't threaten people on a blog.

To Sam: I apologize if this has caused you any trouble. That was not my goal. I'm out!

I will miss The Brewers Art. It's so cozy and I feel like being in Haven. Thanks for sharing this article.

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