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August 4, 2009

Tipsy Tuesdays: Pukes and Staggers

pukes and staggersI've played (and won, of course) my fair share of drinking games. But I've never heard of Pukes and Staggers. That's probably a good thing. Owl Meat has all the details:

Invent cool drinking game ... check. Create prototype .. check. Come up with an awesome name ... not so much.

I get it. It almost rhymes with Chutes and Ladders, a game that my grandfather may have played. I think if you need a board game to get your drink on, you may have an imagination problem.
Here is the manufacturer's blurb:

Have you ever tried to drink a beer upside-down, reveal an embarrassing story about yourself, or mix together every drink in the room? With Pukes and Staggers you can be entertained while you drink. Perform several tasks, drink in the most unusual ways, and have the most fun you've ever had playing a drinking game ...

The password is ... LAME. Just like another product whose sole purpose is to get you messed up bad, Pocket Shots, they have a campaign to promote responsible drinking called "STAY HOME TONIGHT!" That seems hypocritical in the extreme. If you are drinking a beer upside-down, responsibility is just a river in Egypt.
When I was in college, quarters was king of the drinking games. People had their own styles; mine was the free style bounce. Some people, almost always girls, rolled it off their noses. That annoyed me. The dumbest game of quarters I ever witnessed was two friends getting hammered on Carlsberg Elephants in the afternoon. It didn't end well.
According to a 900-word article in Wikipedia, quarters is played in the United States, Canada, Germany, and South Africa. There is also a variation call Moose that involves an ice cube tray. I've never heard of that one.
There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of drinking games. Beer pong seems to be very big now. I don't know too much about it. I don't know when it happened, but at some point the idea of chugging cheap beer with my friends lost its appeal. I think it would be funny to see a group of people over 30 playing quarters in a nice restaurant with an expensive bottle of wine.
Does anybody know of any other interesting games?

(Photo courtesy of Pukes & Staggers)

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Wait until you hit 30, Sammy. There are no winners in drinking games then.

I tend to be a bigger fan of playing games while drinking than playing drinking games. Apples to Apples and Taboo are always entertaining with a group of friends who have had a couple. And we've recently started playing Jenga at Bad Decisions.

hah, in college asshole was the popular choice, after college it was flip-cup. now that i entered my 30s, we just usually sit have some good beer and shoot the [whatnot]. i do miss drinking games sometimes though!

The only drinking game I play now is called Mess with the DBag, where I torment some jerk until he wants to punch me. My friend and I used to play Australian CAT Scan Salesmen, where we pretend to be those guys and chat up people. Americans are a lot more friendly to foreigners than people from their own town ... mate.

VooDoo is a master of Mess w/ the DBag, even when he doesn't think he's playing the game, he is.

Does anyone know anything about the new Lou Dobbs drinking game? It has something to do with some issue he has with President Obama's birth certificate. I don't quite understand what the problem is.

Quarters was my favorite. My friends and I also used to play a game with dice called 3 Man. Does anyone play Passout anymore? Believe it or not, I have seen this game at Antique/Collectible shops and shows.

The SCBP Open will take place on Labor Day weekend, 2009, in Fullerton, CA. With a grand prize of $10,000, this will be the biggest beer pong tournament California has ever seen. The tournament will take place over two days, with 8 pool play games guaranteed with entry, along with a 2 night hotel stay (Saturday & Sunday).

More info

Can someone explain the big deal about beer pong? I don't quite get it.

OMG, Beer Pong is a drinking game for the mindless. Gee, put the ball in the cup and drink! How about Thumpers? You had to remember the sign of our adversary and throw it back at them.

We used to play Beer Die. Teams of 2 would be on either end of the table (a la Beer Pong), with the object being to toss a die (underhand) into the opposing team's cups.

I forget the name of the game, but I played it out on the West Coast. It involved tequila (not an añejo), tweezers, four sticks of butter and a midget. It never caught on back East.

Superphreak you played beer die?!?! I don't know anyone else who knows that game except the people I went to college with.

A**hole is always popular. As is Up-The-River-Down-The-River and 3 Man (or 3-7-11.) Yeah, I'm in my 40's and I still occasionally forget I'm no longer 18. Sue me.

Zoom, Schwarz, Lafigliano and Beitermann!

A close second would be Edward Forty-Hands.

An old roommate of mine came up with drinking rules for Sorry. We'd play after getting off of work tending bar so we could catch up with all the people we'd been serving all night.

We'd each play two sides, any time you pulled a 7 or 11 or any time you got Sorry'd you had to drink. We played with Capt. Morgan...and would usually finish a handle in a night or two.

Pure ugliness. Delicious ugliness.

Shoulders was another entertaining game...seemed to require a PhD to play.

Please enlighten us with details labn rat. I think I've heard of Edward 40 Hands but never played.


Beer die is an awesome game. You really nee the right table/set-up for it though (good surface, plenty of room around for lunging grabs. A buddy of mine had the perfect breakfast bar dividing his kitchen and dinette. We'd play for hours and hours. Good times.

Another fun one is drink ball. Again, proper space is required.

The ONLY "drinking game" I have ever participated in--and still do--is "Name That Beer." Someone orders a draft beer "blind" at Max's Taphouse, and the others have to identify which of the 70 or so drafts on the printed draft list of the day it is. Sometimes it's easy, sometimes it's not--but you really learn a lot about beer flavors and your perceptions and prejudices that way! Unfortunately, it only works at a place like Max's with over 50 taps; even other draft houses like The Judge's Bench, Frisco Grille, and Mahaffey's don't have enough variety for the game to be a true challenge. (The Last Chance Saloon in Columbia would have been good for this game as well, but it's been gone a while now....)

That sounds like a great game. You could do it with bottles beer too if the person drinking doesn't see the bottle.

Sam - Moose is actually kinda fun, I forget the rules but I liked it better than Quarters. I think it requires chugging the beer out of a bowl, though. I think people get WAY too intense about beer pong!

I just saw an ad for a straight to DVD movie called "Road Trip – Beer Pong". Sounds less than awesome.

To the poster that mentioned Pass Out, that was THE game when I was in high school. Back then, the legal age was 18 and if you looked at least 16 you could get served. Anyway, PO was the game to play. I only played it once or twice, that I remember.

ZSLB is a word game similar to tag, basically it means 'who you look at', 'back at whoever just tagged you', left and right, respectively. There are a few other rules that are difficult to explain and apparently several variations. google 'zoom shwartz'.

Edward 40-hands is rather menacing, its simply two 40ozs duct taped to your hands, you can't go to the bathroom or much of anything until you finish them.

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