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June 18, 2009

Let's clear up this Eddie Vedder mess once and for all

brian shupe, co-owner of The 8x10I wasn't going to post any more about this. I was more than happy to let it fade on its own accord.  But today, the person who told me Eddie Vedder would be at The 8x10 came forward on his own accord with a comment about the whole situation.

That person is Brian Shupe (pictured), one of the owners of the club. Instead of publishing Brian's response as a comment, I decided to give it its own post. Here it is:

For those of you beating up on Sam, what a shame.

I was Sam's source. I am the co-owner of The 8x10 with my wife, Abigail.

This show was booked from the beginning with the intent of a shared, sit-in situation. This was discussed in-depth with the band. We were told it was 99 percent, with 1 percent being that "It's rock n roll and anything could happen so he might not make it, but he wants to do this."

We sat on that information for a month at least. The day of the show, we were told that Eddie confirmed and it was a go.

I called Sam, because of his unfaltering dedication to the Baltimore music scene. I felt he deserved the exclusive tip that this was happening, because of his efforts to help local music flourish ...

We also send out an email blast. We made sure that we said 100% truthfully what we were told:
"Yes we were told he is coming but we can't guarantee that"

Sam did likewise.

Jerry Hannan did sit in with Eddie Vedder and Eddie Vedder did announce Jerry's show from the stage on the first night.

Don't shoot the messenger on this. It's rock n roll and sometimes things just have to be what they are.

Sam didn't start this rumor, he did what he does best. He reported on it.

By the way ... the show was great, the fans were absolutely into it and respectful and not closed to the talent on stage and only waiting for EV. We did not field any complaints from the audience about the lack of EV.

(Sun photo by Kenneth K. Lam)

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So why didn't EV show up? Just didn't feel like it? Or did he not give a reson?

Darn rock people!

I grew up in arbutus,Md. I am now 50 years old.I saw a picture in a music magazine with a banner saying weare pro chioce, eddy was holding it. I am pro-life and i call on all good people to boycott vedder and his band.

Hey good gravy. Good luck with your boycott..... hahaha
LONG LIVE EDDIE AND PEARL JAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, i meant Kevin Kelly. My bad!!! : )

Maybe he would have made it if you hadn't leaked it. It sounds like it wasn't supposed to be announced.

I heard the EV Rumor from Abagail when I called the club, and she, too, said it was JUST a possibility. We went with the attitude of, "Why Not? If we see an icon, cool, if we don't, at least it's a Monday adventure." Turns out EV didn't show, but I was introduced to a great group I might have never checked out otherwise. It was a great show! All the naysayers should just get over their piss poor attitudes, roll with it, and try to enjoy themselves a bit more. And the pro-choice thing - makes me like him more! Thanks fellow Arbutian!

Yeah the reason was Eddie had his own gigs at the lyric.

I agree with Denny. I'm not sure why there has been such a backlash against people who wanted to see if there was a possibility of seeing Eddie Vedder. My friend and I went knowing it was a chance that he may or may not be there. He wasn't, but we both had a great time and were introduced to some music I would never had heard otherwise. I the bands that played that night were probably pleased they had a packed venue. I'm not sure I know of a musician who would screen their audience based on existing knowledge of their music. Everyone in the audience was into the band on stage. It was a good way to spend Monday night!

I understand, and I apologize to Sam,...but it sounds like something that should have never been announced, period. Mr. Shupe knew he would get more people if he leaked it, and he did. It worked. Unfortunatley, because he leaked it, the rock and roller decided he didn't want to play anymore.


If you want to say Eddie Vedder will be playing at your venue, then book Eddie Vedder to play at your venue, dont book his friend in hopes Eddie Vedder might show up.

"because of his efforts to help local music flourish " -- this isn't local music...this is international tried to promote a a international act in your local venue!

I like the 8x10, but this whole thing was just silly.

I am not going to try and discern what was going through EV's head when he made that decision.

I will say I was told that the reason why he didn't come was not because it was leaked but because he was spending time with some special guests that were backstage that night.

I can not confirm or deny that.

If you know anything about me and The 8x10, you would know that I booked that show not for EV or even Jerry Hannan but because of the unbelievable pedigree in The Decades. I will book any band John Molo is involved in, or even looks sideways at. Consummate Professional.

I, like most of the audience, was seeing Jerry Hannan for the first time.

And lastly, my statement is 100% true. I called Sam in recognition for all he does with the LOCAL scene. Just because the call wasn't about local music doesn't change why I did it. Or why I would do it again.

I wanted people to know about it. Absolutely. Did I expect it to sell out? NO F'n WAY. Am I glad it did? Absolutely.

But just like posting it to the local tapers community, I called Sam because it would be a once in a lifetime experience and I wanted people to have that memory. It's why we bought this place. Because we have so many "I can't believe I just saw that" one night only memories from The 8x10 and from other shows.

The sell out was nice, for sure, but it wasn't why I called Sam.

OK , It's over, LET IT GO

Bob Dylan might make an appearance tonight at during the Bruce Springsteen show in my basement.

key word being MIGHT.....

OK, you win, I lose.

But Only becuase you realize John Molo is the man. And I was going to go to the show for the decades, nothing else. But I couldn't because of the "leak".

Sorry, but the tickets were on sale for a month.
We didn't sell out till 9pm.

If you wanted to see that show you could have. Leak or no leak.

(John is coming back on AUG 7th with Mark Karan's Jemimah Puddleduck)

Also...we didn't leak when Bobby was "supposed" to come down from Philly to sit in with Band of Brotherz
or when Trey was "supposed" to sit in with TLG. So please understand that we were told this was confirmed.

aha! so that's the reason for the sour grapes.

still a sales ploy, pure and simple to make up for a month of sluggish ticket sales.

I understand I COULD have still seen the show. But once the info leaked I knew it was going to be a much different atmosphere, maybe it wasn't, maybe it was, but I chose to stay away because Eddie Vedder has quite the following.

As does Sam's blog...

While I have your attention eight by ten, when are you booking the Avett Brothers? They are gonna be too big soon, maybe they already are?

Avetts are on hiatus with Rick Rubin.
Will probably never play here again.

they rock.

"Avetts are on hiatus with Rick Rubin"
Then it's a working vacation writing and recording.

I'm still fuming mad about Rams Head's ticket system and missing out on the Beastie Boys! Apologize for that, Sessa!

Props to Brian for stepping up. The whole hubbub was ridiculous. Reporters use sources all the time, and sometimes things fall through.

Conspiracy theorists, take off the tinfoil hats.

JD, don't be naive. Its business, cold unforgiving business. Eddie Vedder = more patrons=more beer sales=more money, simple as that. Can't blame the guy for doing what he's got to do in these tough times, just wish it wasnt on a night I wanted to see a show that was ON THE SCHEDULE. Oh well.


caveat emptor - New Latin for let the buyer beware*.
"still a sales ploy, pure and simple to make up for a month of sluggish ticket sales."

Apparently it's beyond cold unforgiving business.
I guess you're say strategic deceit is part and parcel of the business model and the practitioner you can't blame because; hey, it's part of the business of making a living.

The cynical could also assume Brian Shupe’s comment is really just a fabrication to smooth things over for Sam in case he needs to exploit him again in the future, which could pre-empt you from attending another scdeuled show you really would have liked to have seen, but no problem, It’s only Business..



or perhaps it's just what it is being presented as and you conspiracy theorists need something productive to do.

I may be playing a show at Ram's Head. Tickets will go on sale 5 minutes before the show starts. No interwebs. Then again, I may not play said show. I may just show up at a friend's concert and play there. You never know!

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