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June 16, 2009

It's official -- Eddie Vedder did not show up late night at The 8x10

eddie vedderLike many other Pearl Jam fans, I left The 8x10 around 1 a.m. disappointed that Eddie Vedder didn't make the rumored appearance to sit in with Jerry Hannan.

The show was over around 12:45 a.m. The house music was playing and people were streaming out of the place.

Then I read Lindsey's comment this morning:

Hey- I went to the show at the Lyric last night and it was awesome. One of my friends went to 8x10 and Eddie was there afterwards.... I'm wondering where the mix-up was? He said he saw him play a couple songs, but not many because he showed up late....
were you there last night?

I freaked out. Did I leave too early? Did Vedder show up late night to toss back a few beers and and jam with Hannan? ...

This morning, I called Brian Shupe, one of the owners of The 8x10, and asked him. No, Vedder did not show up last night, he said.

That's really a shame. Hannan's set was good and all, but a guest appearance by Vedder would have been awesome. I overheard a bunch of people talking about how The Baltimore Sun said Vedder would be there. I didn't want to correct them on the spot, but that's not entirely true. I said he "might" be there, and that it was "possible."

The show sold out, and there were people looking for tickets outside. And I saw plenty of Pearl Jam T-shirts inside. My buddy Evan was there with me, and he joked that he'd have to smuggle me out if Vedder didn't show -- to keep me safe from crazed Pearl Jam fans.

At one point, people were chanting someone's name. It sounded like "Jerry" but it could have easily been "Eddie." I'm not sure.

Sorry, everybody, for getting your hopes up. 

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Wow, this is ridiculous. You're upset because a rumor you started didnt happen. What a shame the guy you paid to see had a great show, but the guy that no one but you said would be there, didn't show up.

He didnt show up because it wasnt his show, he wasnt on the ticket, how can you be dissapointed that he didnt show when YOU were the one that started the rumor.

I wonder how many people, that traveled to see Hannan, or one of his other talented guests that were actually advertised to play, were unable to get in because you decided to start a rumor that one of the biggest rock stars MIGHT show up at some point.

If I were Jerry Hannan I might have a bone to pick with you. Sure maybe more people showed up because of your rumor, but how many were there to see Vedder and didnt show Hannans band the repect they deserved because they were just waiting for Vedder all night.

Personally I wanted to go to the show, I've never heard Hannan, but I know Chris Chew, Cody Dickinson and John Molo, and they are talented, and Hannans website compares him to Van the Man, Prine and Dylan, all legends...but once I read your rumor, I decided against it because I knew Pearl Jam Fanboys were going to jam(intended) the place and make it difficult to enjoy the real show.

I think you should really be more careful about what you post on your blog, it may have more effect on business' and people than you think.

I recieved an email from the 8x10 yesterday regarding this. Sam, not sure you started the rumor ... since 8x10 were all over it too.

I have it on good authority that George Jones made an appearance at the Statler Brothers' show at APG. Now, I left at 6:45pm when the show ended, so I can't confirm it. But a friend of mine stayed to kick back some Ensure with Harold Reed and, wouldn't you know it, there was ol' Jonsey. A magical night.

We were totally chanting Jerry!

If you want to see Eddie Vedder, buy a ticket to see Pearl Jam or him or whatever band at his advertised, ticket selling show. Sam was passing along a tip, which was styled as such - just a tip - and if Vedder HAD showed up the posts would be full of whining about "whyyy didn't you say he would definitely 100% be there Saaaaam! It is your fault that I missed him!" This is a blog. JFC.

Haaaaa, "just the tip."

I was saying Boo-urns.

I was tempted to call him "Uncle Veddie"

This could only mean 1 thing - Eddie hates Baltimore

AC_M you crack me up. And I too had it under good authority that it was going to happen. I still had fun. It was good to see you Sam!

Good seeing you too, QC. Nice hat, by the way. Cheers!

After the way people acted at Vedder's first Lyric show sunday night, I would hate Baltimore too if I was Ed Ved.

To bribdydo:

In his original post, Sessa specifically noted that Vedder "might" drop by. Like any good reporter, he got some inside information and passed it on to his readers. I heard about Vedder sitting in direct from someone at the club.

I find it hilarious that you're commenting on a gig you didn't even attend. There were plenty of Pearl Jam T-shirts in the audience but everyone was very respectful and enthusiastic about the set they did see. Hannan was clearly psyched and repeatedly said how much he enjoyed Baltimore.

If anything the rumor Sessa reported on helped the club and Hannan sell out a Monday night show.

As far as the possible Vedder appearance getting more attention than Hannan's show, c'mon: One of the biggest rock stars in the free world possibly appearing at a South Baltimore club is more newsworthy than another Hannan date.

I can't wait until Hannan returns to a half-empty venue. He'll be begging for Eddie Vedder rumors.

Eddie Vedder....does anyone REALLY care? Not I!

I walked down to the 8x10 to see if there were tix left for the show. On the walk back home, I heard a Pearl Jam song come on in No Way Jose. They had their windows open, so the voice of Eddie Vedder could be heard on Cross Street, just not for the reason everyone was hoping.

After Eddie Vedder did his show Monday night, he walked out at about 12:45am and greeting and talked to his fans. Just as he did the night before. Hannon did play with Eddie on Sunday night at the Lyric for a song named "Society"


Anyone who went should have gone to see Jerry Hannan and the Decades first and foremost, Eddie Vedder's appearance should have only sweetened the experience if it happenned. Y'all deserved to be bummed out if you went exclusively to see someone who was only rumoured to show up.

Eddie Vedder was a no-show, not exactly an accurate headline about a guy who might have dropped in for a couple songs at someone else's gig.

PJ fanboy,

"I can't wait until Hannan returns to a half-empty venue. He'll be begging for Eddie Vedder rumors."
If this is remotely true, Jerry should be in another line of work if can't make it without them, or least have a day job if he really enjoys performing.


It is amazing the there are three posted topics about Eddie Vedder might turn up at Jerry Hannan show with photos of Eddie but the no photos of the actual performer to be seen or any copy about him.

Jerry Hannan must on such a high if he's been tracking this blog and the buzz it generated.

He probably didnt perform because he knew there was a rumor started by SOMEONE that he would. Its probably something he'd rather do when no one was expecting it. Perform to fans who are there to see another band and surprise its Eddie Vedder!

Hannan and Vedder are likely friends, considering they recorded songs together, etc. Vedder probably didn't want to show up his friend by walking onto a stage and getting a bigger ovation than his firend had gotten all night.

So that is my theory, that he probably would have been on stage at some point that night had there not been PJ fanboys everywhere because SOMEONE decided to spread a rumor.
Just my theory though, you keep doing what your doing Sam with no guilt whatsoever.

Oh, and its pretty sad you had to post as "PJ Fanboy" to defend yourself.

I'm still looking for someone ... anyone ... that has reviewed either of Eddie's shows here. Kind of disappointing.

I was at the Monday show. Just to clarify, he did sing "Society" with Jerry on the first encore. Sounds like he did so the night before as well.

I also don't get why Eddie would hate Baltimore because of the crowd. There were the usual obnoxious yahoos at Monday's show that you'll deal with at pretty much any show, anywhere. I saw the Foo Fighters in a similar setting at Constitution Hall in DC a few years back, and it was the same. Eddie handled all of them really well - with a biting sense of humor.

In the end, I thought it was an excellent show, and I was completely amazed with what Eddie did with the song "Arc" - stunningly beautiful. It's unfortunate that I haven't been able to find a Baltimore columnist that saw it or wrote about it.


PJ fanboy - I can't wait until Hannan returns to a half-empty venue. He'll be begging for Eddie Vedder rumors.
That's cold & mean spirited.


I didn't start any rumor -- I just passed one along. And I don't comment under fake names. And no, I don't feel guilty -- just disappointed.

I am disappointed that when I bought my ticket to see "The Hangovoer" last night, that they actually played "The Hangover" and not "Up" even though my ticket said "The Hangover" in Theater 8. Needles to say, I was disappointed.

I Ordered a crab cake at my favorite restaurant on monday, and can you believe it, they brought me a CRABCAKE! I thought when you ordered a crabcake that they would bring you a 20 oz porterhouse! I was so disappointed. I dont want give the name of the place though, I dont want to provoke any bad press.

OMG! Can we please stop talking about the 8x10 club and review the amazing concerts Eddie gave us instead?! Where is the review? I'll give you mine - Eddie was FABULOUS - as usual!


This post is about activities or lack of at 8x10. Reviews of Eddie's performances deserve a separate heeding. Maybe you can Sam will start one.

OK, so, my inside source for this whole little scandal has come forward with his side of the story. Check it out:

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