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June 15, 2009

Eddie Vedder might drop by The 8x10 tonight

eddie vedderI have it on good authority that grunge icon Eddie Vedder will make a guest appearance at The 8x10 tonight to sit in with Jerry Hannan and the Decades.

Vedder is in town as part of his solo tour, and will perform a second night at the Lyric Opera House tonight. He and Hannan recorded the critically acclaimed song "Society" together for Sean Penn's 2007 film Into the Wild.

In fact, I hear that Hannan is going to sit in with Vedder at the Lyric, and then Vedder is headed to South Baltimore for a song or two with Hannan. 

(AP photo)

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that's actually pretty exciting. where do you think he will be grabbing a drink or two beforehand? i would say somewhere with a really good wine list as his rider usually states at least one bottle of good italian red like a barolo. i could also see him in a place with a pool table drinking some gin and tonic.

Yeah, I don't see Vedder in a super ritzy wine bar like Cinghiale. If he's in the mood for wine, I'd tell him to try Taverna Corvino down in Federal Hill, where he could hide in one of the back corners. You know, I ought to do a post telling celebrities where to eat when they're in town. Hmm ...

Didn't this same type of rumor start when Trey Anastasio was in town a few weeks ago and everyone said he was going to play at the 8x10 with Tea Leaf Green afterwards?

this is very, very interesting news considering the fact that i will be stuffing my face full of chicken wings two doors down. might just have to check this good authority information out.

Chris, I think Eddie sitting in with Hannan is much more plausible. Plus, I'm not saying this is fact. But it's more than a rumor, too. Believe me, if this were just a rumor, I'd say that.

I was at the Vedder show last night, and can confirm that Hannan made a guest appearance.

Who cares! His best musical days are behind him. Now Vedder is all about paying the mortgage and school for his kids. Vedder is a sellout poser! I would rather see the Statler Brothers @ Aberdeen Proving Ground.

Eddie has been known to drop by local bars after his shows to play with friends. He closed down a bar in Boston a couple years ago with a local musician he is friends with

Chris Chew and Cody Dickinson of North Mississippi All-Stars, Steve Molitz of Particle, John Molo of Phil Lesh & Friends

Considering all the guests, I wouldn't be surprised. Should be a packed tiny club tonight. I think I'm the only one who wants to go because John Molo is playing....

The Statler Brothers are playing at APG?!? Sam, c'mon, you've got to be on better top of these sorts of things!

ooooohhhhhh SNAP!

@Jefferson Davis

How can you say he is a poser? He changed 80 hair music to a new genre? He doesnt make videos or want to be famous. You my friend are evry ill informed.

well, he may not be a poser, but he is most certainly a tool.

see other MS posts for definition of "tool".

Thanks for letting the cat outta the bag Sessa!

He's playing tonight at the lyric, starts around 830, ends at 11. What time does Jerry Hannan go on?

That's pretty cool Sam, It would've been awesome if he would've played at Ram's Head like the Beastie Boys. Unfortunately if he is in South Baltimore, the only place he could possibly play is the 8x10. However maybe this time next year there will be a few more venues in South Baltimore with live entertainment.

I saw the show last night and was disappointed. There were a few bright spots, but overall was let down after spending $100 for balcony seats. As a rule of thumb, I generally won't spend over $50 even for my favorite artists. But, these tickets were purchased for me without knowing the price. It's confusing that I saw a sold out Wilco show in December for about $40 bucks for the same belcony seats. I thought Eddie Vedder used to be a big fan of Fugazi and there ethic and at one time fought Ticketmaster over high prices. It appears that another aging rocks star has lost touch with what it's like to be a fan and is more concerned about the bottom line.

On another note, I thought I was fully prepared for the idiot screamers in the audience. I wasn't. I can't fathom why you would spend $100 to laugh, say stupid things, and request songs that if you're even remotely a fan, you know he won't play. It's no wonder Baltimore gets a bad rap for a lot of things.

I'm looking forward to a Wilco show in July where I got three great tickets for $120 bucks. Thanks for a sub par performance Eddie.

Vedder's show ends at 11pm-- the show at 8x10 starts at 8pm. I dont think he is going to make it in time... I saw Vedder today blow off fans waiting at the backstage door of the Lyric. He charges $ 80.00 a ticket for a 1 man show and he cant sign some autographs for fans???
what a celebrity!!!

Hannan hangs out with this dude in SF named Chicken. He is so so so ill and he wears ill neopolitan skivies all the time. Worst of all he gets no beav.

I just strolled past the 8x10 and the show tonight is sold out already.

Oh wait a minute, I'm not the rumor monger, that would be you.

How long are people going to hold Eddie and his band to unrealistic standards. Eddie has faught the good fight longer than nearly all of his peers. He has donated more money to organizations than Wilco has made in selling there wannabe Beatles albums. It is easier to keep your "indie cred" when you are an indie band like Wilco. Try making everyone happy when you have millions of fans from all over the world pulling you in thousands of different directions and always demanding more of you. Ofcourse Eddie counterdicts himself sometimes and "sells out", so does Dylan, Springsteen, Bono, Stipe, Mellencamp, etc. etc. If Jeff Tweedy (or is it Jay Farrar?) ever gets to that point we will see how they act. I have my prediction already...

So, does anyone know if Ed stopped by the 8X10? would love some scoop

He didn't make it but Jerry Hannan and the rest of the guys were great. Definitely got my $15 dollars worth of great music

No he didn't make it and people were pretty bummed out. Thats some nice authority ya got there. No way in hell that show would have been sold out if it wasn't for that rumor. What a joke.

People deserved to be bummed out if they go to see any band hoping a non-band member will show, unless of course person was definitely supposed to be there.
You really should go to see the band, not who would make a surprise appearance. Sam should of said nothing because it WAS supposed to be a surprise if it happenned, but like most press people wanted to have that scoop.

Southside Johnny had so many surprised appearance by Bruce Springsteen thet people automaticly assumed he would show up at New Jersey shows. Johnny would have audience members calling for Bruce to come on and were disappointed and felt cheated that wasn't going to.

Sessa should be reporting facts, not rumours


I saw a great show (from the balcony, as well.)

"$100 for balcony seats". EV's performance would not have been different from the front row. Obviously, $100 for the front row would be a better value. If that's your point, I understand.

And FWIW, I doubt the screaming idiots were specific to Baltimore.
I heard there were plenty of drunk meatheads in Philly.

I agree with steven. It should also be noted that while many bands donate a buck or two from each ticket to charity, Vedder donates HALF of the ticket price for all of his solo shows. Settle down haters...

Steven, obviously you didn't read my post carefully enough and wanted to bash Jeff Tweedy's "indie cred". First, I could care less about indie cred and it has nothing to do with this issue. Second, somehow Eddie and PJ are more worthwhile as a band and human beings because they donated more than Wilco? Ridiculous. I could care less what they donate. I want to be entertained and I could care less about their "indie cred" or cred in the humanitarian department.

Nobody including you can give an answer as to how a band who is more relevant on the music scene right now can charge $60 less than Eddie's solo show. Give me a break Steven. I can't stand the multitudes of people out there who fall over Eddie, Jeff Tweedy or whatever "star" it might be even if they take a crap on stage.

Yea, I can't be sure if it was Baltimore natives acting like idiots. Chances are they were though. I mean, come on, we have fairweather sports fans in this town and fans who boo somebody from their home team who is seriously hurt on the football field.

Next time Steven, read the post and provide a thoughtful response before just bashing someone for having an opinion about the show and your beloved Eddie Vedder.

anyone have the set list for the EV show last night?

The opening act was a real painful experience! Enjoyed the show. Thought it was nice of vedder to have duet individually with each of the opening act members

It is obvious that you live in a different world than the rest of us "eddie lovers." I am sorry that the "irrelevant" eddie vedder put on a bad happens. For instance, I saw Wilco in Towson about five or six years ago (when they were actually relevant) and it was boring and self indulgent. I dismissed it as them having a bad night and went to see them again in Philly and they were great. I guess Eddie can't have bad nights (which if you read the reviews he gets on both solo tours doesn't seem to happen very often by the way). I guess it would have been more rational of me to come on a message board the morning after the Towson show and question the entire band's motives, ideals, values, and credibility. Your right. I admit defeat. One last thing, when PJ puts out a great album this fall and tours PLEASE STAY HOME. Maybe you and your friends should sit around that night, drink wine, play your best "indie-band-du-jour," and discuss how PJ sold out. This will make the chances for me to get a ticket to a show that usually sells out in hours (pretty good for an irrelevant band huh?) much easier.

You are paying $40 for Wilco because they are lame [bleeping] band that gets hyped up by people who like boring, intellectual music. I have seen Wilco live and Pearl Jam live and trust me--PJ [craps] on Wilco.


The only expectations you are authenticly allowed.
Good Songs,
good performance,
the hope that they have an on night.

All else is irrelevant that's outside their live performances and their studio recordings,
which presumably is what you are actually paying for.

Can the carping and the comparsions, it's unjustified and petty.

Pearl Jam is Pearl Jam
Wilco is Wilco
and just maybe they share some of the same anduience who appreciate both on their own terms.

It's a cop out to EXPECT a band to give to charity, get off your ass and volunteer or write out a check and sent it direct.

Steven and Patrick, such idiots. I guess the fact that I am a PJ fan wasn't taken into consideration in your worthless replies. You are using this blog to bash Wilco, that's fine. Be idiots.

And as a side note Steven, you are an even bigger idiot for calling Wilco self indulgent. I am a huge Mike McCready fan, yet doesn't Mike have many self indulgent solos throughout the course of a PJ show? That's what I thought idiot. Even Flow live solos anyone?

I never said a band or solo performer couldn't have a bad night. Again, you can't read apparently. Nobody has answered my question throughout this stupid blog. Why $100?

As far as relevancy, I noticed a fair number of empty seats and talked to several people who got tickets that day. Wilco sold out right away and I don't recall any seats. Also saw Spinal Tap there back a couple weeks ago for $30. That wasn't close to sold out but it was a great show. Maybe Edward could learn a few things from watching a mock band.

Cheers! Get a life Steve.

The last post shouldn't have been targeted to any one person, there others as worthy, maybe more so.

Why $100? the person who should answer that doesn't blog here. The best guess, charging what the traffic will bear and given the reported attendance, that wasn't a accurate decision.

By the way what does relevancy have to do with any band's performance and your ability to enjoy it, assuming they deliver the goods?

Now that I am an idiot and can't read I guess it is time to wave the white flag. Yes, Mike McCready is self indulgent, but that plays better with a huge, international band in an amphitheatre than a band in front of 1,000 horn-rimmed glasses fans drinking Sierra-Nevadas. Look this is useless...I am an idiot defending my band and you are an overly negative music snob that feels the need to troll websites and trash eddie when everyone is sharing what a good time they had...lets call it a day. Again, please just promise me to stay home when PJ comes through town next fall. I am sure there are plenty of indie music blog sites you can go to trash eddie. have a great life.


You are not an idiot. A sense of outrage prompted you to defend what you saw as an injustice inflicted on a band/performer you have devotion to. Calling the opposition idiots doesn't help advance your agrument.

You are also not an idiot as you have recognised that opposition has dug in and persuing this has become pointless.

Welcome to the wonderful wide world of blogging.

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