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June 23, 2009

Actually, I'd like to change my vote

A little while ago, I nominated the Cat's Eye Pub as Fells Point's Best Neighborhood Bar. After much deliberation, I'd like to change my vote to Bad Decisions ...

To be honest, I had completely forgotten about Bad Decisions. I was thinking more about the bars and clubs around South Broadway. Silly me. But the more I think about it, the less hesitation I have about voting for Bad Decisions ...

The drink list is amazing. Owner John Reusing knows his liquor, inside and out. The decor is charmingly low rent, and I've never gone there without being sucked into an offbeat conversation with a pack of people I'd never met before.

Sorry, Cat's Eye. I've got to go with Bad Decisions. Maybe I'm making a bad decision. But I don't think so.

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Posted by Sam Sessa at 1:16 PM | | Comments (21)
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So glad you made a bad decision!

What is this? Iran? You can't change your vote!

Booo!!! The fix is in!

indian giver.

Ahhh, come on...just cause we were ribbing them? If they want to play with the rest of the Fells Point bars, they're going to need a thicker skin.

Is the drink list really "amazing"? You can roll over to Max's and find hundreds of warm beers.

There is a Saved by the Bell marathon going on tonight at Bad Decisions. Maybe ya guys should stop by.


I only kid because I love this blog, but it's kind of weak to change your vote like this! Don't admit you forgot a bar, stand up and defend your first choice even if it's wrong! We'd at least respect you for standing by your choice. :-)

oh how you are swaed by the mighty key board. realy.... this is the best place for service, food and "it feels like home?" Would "Norm" pick this place?

I'm with the others--it sounds WAAAAY too much like you're caving in to peer pressure on this one.

Recently I stayed the night over a young lady's house. we had been out all night drinking and were about to get down with some action at her place. She has a dog. A rescue dog. He's a big, and maladjusted. After warming up to me my young lady went up to her room and told me to follow. As I entered the room the dog was not having it. Not having it at all. Kind of blocked me at the door. Then wasn't happy as I was beckoned to bed. Then really unhappy as I got into bed, but then, then it happened. He sort of chilled. Then started licking my face and then it happened... he chomped down and bit me. he sank his teeth in my face, breaking the skin, causing blood to spew forth and leaving me with a scar. my face, my freakin face, I shouted as I ran to the bathroom with the dog still nipping at my calf. yeah, that's what happens, i made a poor choice, because we had been out drinking at Bad Decisions.

Shankman, that definitely sucks, but is it really a Bad Decision if you end up with such a hilarious story?! John may need a picture of that scar for his wall o' bad decisions.

Post some pics Shankman, I'll tape it to the Bad Decision's wall.

Ménage à trois action that includes jealous canines will never have a happy ending.

OK, let's go right down the line here:

JTK -- Yes I can. I just did. Whammy!

Aaron -- Nope, just because I forgot about Bad Decisions. Cat's Eye ain't better than Bad Decisions. Couldn't live with that choice on my conscience.

Mike -- Seasons change, and so did it. You need not wonder why. You need not wonder why.

WT -- You know, I ask myself that a lot. What would Norm think? I think Norm would probably dig Bad Decisions more than he would dig Cat's Eye. And that, quite frankly, was a big reason why I changed my vote. Another reason? It's my blog and I'll change my vote if I wanna (stamps feet).

Alexander -- I wrote this post minutes after the other post went up. It didn't publish until about 30 minutes after the other post, but that was well before the outpouring of support for Bad Decisions.

Shankman -- Wow. You OK, man?

Boring story for a boring bar, with a crowd that sounds like a bunch of dorks, laptops and iPhones and other BS in tow.


My face has healed. My pride is in tow. I still love Bad Decisions, They have mead!!! I still hate dogs.

Why would someone hate all dogs just because of one instance? Maybe all dogs actually hate you? Dogs do have a sixth sense for sniffing out rotten people. Remember the squirrels in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory that could tell a bad nut just by shaking it? It's kinda the same thing. The dog sensed there was something wrong with you and instinctively tried to protect his person from whatever your problem is.

So what's wrong with going to a bar with a laptop or an iPhone? As far as I'm concerned, it sure beats the hell outta sitting there with 36 tv's in your face forcing the day's "big game" down your throat. I wish someone would address in here why every bar in the world has to have multiple mega-televisions perpetually running sporting event after sporting event, with the announcers and crowds blaring over any conversation or music that is going on in the bar. I go to a bar to drink, maybe eat, talk and see my friends. If I want to watch television, I stay home. It's bad enough that a bar has the tv on, but why not at least make it something more interesting than a stupid ball game?

Maybe a person feels the need to bring along a laptop because every bar in Baltimore looks like it was designed by the same corporate chain, replete with pool tables, fried mozarrella sticks, "signature" microbeers and the afore mentioned television sets. All I want is a jukebox with no Billy Joel records on it, a stool to sit on, a bowl of pretzels or peanuts and a bartender with a personality serving me a Miller. That's a neighborhood bar. I don't know how that definition has changed with time, but somehow it has.

For best beer selection, Max's on Broadway has it hands down, but MOB isn't a neighborhood bar. There really isn't a real "neighborhood bar" in Fell's Point anymore, at least not since Miss Irene's closed.

I also have to agree that I think Sam is a bit of a caver. You'll notice that anytime the comments sway to another opinion than his, he writes a retraction. Watch for it. Grown your own brain Sam, it's fun!

wow, way to "stick to the man" johnny cat. ya big puss.

Yes, johnnycat

Some of us feel your pain about going bars that have more TV screens than Best Buys each tuned to an endless parade of sports broadcasts, or all more likely to the same parade of sports broadcast, but apparently it sells. Remember they are businesses; they cater to what most people want.

“So what's wrong with going to a bar with a laptop or an iPhone? As far as I'm concerned, it sure beats the hell outta sitting there with 36 tv's in your face forcing the day's "big game" down your throat.”
If you need to entertain yourself at a bar with these things, there is something wrong with this picture – YOU. You’re saying you need to cocoon yourself in a public place because you don’t like being there. No one is forcing to go to these places. Stay home or find someplace you like, Starbucks, or maybe a library.

You sound like you’re looking for a traditional bar, maybe an old man bar. My understanding is a real old man bar probably would find your mere presence as intrusive at first, playing with these will make you the ugly anti-social intruder.

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