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May 19, 2009

Huff, huff huffing on heaven's door


This. Is. Amazing. Owl Meat Gravy comes through big time with this one, folks. As soon as I get back, I'm hitting up MICA:

Until now I couldn't think of anything I wanted to thank the English for except Mr. Thomas' fork-split muffins and Dame Judi Dench.

As my grandfather Liam O'Hanlon's skeleton spins furiously in his grave, I must add another tip of my derby to the English.  
Sam Bompas and Harry Parr have opened a new "architectural exhibit" in London called Alcoholic Architecture.

It's a bar. You are advised to wear protective clothing here. Raise your hands if you have a hazmat suit in your closet.

The bar serves no drinks, because the air is literally your buzz. They vaporize massive amounts of gin into the air ...

It costs £5 for an all-you-can-breathe Happy Hour.  
How is this safe or even legal? Because it's an art project.

Sam, please see what you can do with some of your bar contacts and MICA people and for the love of god make the Bacon Vodka Art Project happen. 

(Getty Images)

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This is totally INAPPROPRIATE for a Baltimore Sun blog. WHEN is SAM coming BACK?

OMG that picture is too funny.

I remember reading about this coming out in England a year or two ago. I've tried looking for something similar in the states but couldn't come up with anything. I don't think it's legal here.

Mmm... smells like ... victory.

Hey, growlers are illegal, I'm sure this is super-illegal, Then again sometimes things are legal because no one thought to write a law to prohibit it. That was the case with LSD when it first came out because it's hard to prohibit something that doesn't exist yet.

Wasn't there some kind of breathable alcohol thing in Baltimore or at least the U.S.?

Not to be all adult but it sounds like a bad idea since it's hard to have portion control. I guess time is your portion. What do the employees do?

I still want Bacon Vodka Scape!

You don't have to go all the way to England for this. Here you go:


Owl Meat GasMask,

Performance Art.


You know one day, this blog is going to end

Now I know which bar I'm taking my kids to.

Thanks PP. I like that the AWOL web site says that this is "low carb".

They also say that you will never get a hangover. That's ridiculous.

I hate this. I hate this. I hate this. Stu, that is not funny. I miss Sam.

I hate this. I hate this. I hate this. Stu, that is not funny. I miss Sam.


Sue Hopper, don't poke OMG, it just makes him happy. How could you hate a post that contains the single greatest idea of all time? Aerosol bacon vodka!

Please elaborate on this bacon vodka art project, if you would.

Sue, DON'T criticize STU. It isn't his fault SAM went on VACATION and left OWL in CHARGE of his BLOG.

So Sue, what is it exactly that summons up triple hatred? I dig it.

In fact I think I'll start work on my vodka vapor helmet this weekend.

Great post Owl, if Sam can get the Bacon Vodka thing going at MICA, I'll be there!

America is all about change, and no one represents change more than Owl Meat Gravy.

Four more posts! Four more posts! Four more posts!

That being said, I imagine when Sam comes back, Owlie's exit is going to look like the evacuation of the American Embasy in Saigon. The helicopter carrying him will pull away seconds before the angry mob gets a hold of him.

Whoa, I'm not in charge of anything. I find out when I have post the same way that you do, by checking the blog. Sam scheduled these posts and someone at the Sun helping him by posting comments (sorry for being cranky about that Tim).

The Bacon Vodka Art Project is just a crazy dream. A dream where bacon vodka fills the air. Bacon makes everything better, right?

I'm with Sue on this one. OMGuesposting? It feels more like OMG is taking over. I don't like it.

Good grief, RoCK. What's all this talk about change? Did you vote for Obama after all?

It feels more like OMG is taking over

Again, I have no control over what is posted or when it was posted. I don't work for the Sun. I think that Sam thought that you might like something rather than nothing at all in his absence.

My life's goal has always been to be slightly more valuable than nothing. Perhaps I should lower that aspiration.

You've got a tough crowd over here. We regulars at the food blog appreciate your posts.

PCB, I like the crowd just fine. It's the lack of interactivity that aggravates me when comments aren't posted for four days. You can't get any dialogue going. Plus I know second hand and first hand that a number of comments were lost or erased. Grrr.... Oh well. Today was my last post. Thanks for having me Midnight Sunners. It's been a pleasure.

Good riddance Owlie! If you haven't noticed, I have a transparent crush on Sam which has ruined my perspective and sense of humor.

Hue Slopper, I'm never really gone if I'm still in your heart.

Sue Hopper is perfect supporter and liaison between Sam’s guest fill-ins and the rest of the blog. We’d be all lost without her guidance. It's good to see someone can really rally the enthusiasm of this column’s bloggers. With Sam’s return, her work is done.

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