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April 4, 2009

Health inspectors close bars at Power Plant Live

Power Plant Live!

City health inspectors closed Mex in Power Plant Live last night because of mice infestation, officials said Saturday.

Mosaic, another Power Plant Live property, was also closed, for serving food without a license. Mex and Mosaic have applied for a general after-hours inspection from city health department this afternoon, and if they pass, they could reopen this evening. The fee for after hours inspections is $300.

Mondo Bondo Bistro, also at Power Plant, was closed by its management, for reasons that aren't clear at the time.

"If people feel like they can clean up their facility and do whatever is required in the violations notice, we get back out there and open them back up," said Olivia Farrow, the city's interim health commissioner.

Chris Furst, spokesman for Power Plant Live said Mosiac and Mex will be open tonight.

Officials from Power Plant Live did not return several calls. Thanks to Midnight Sun commenter The Truth for the tip.

(Above: Sun file photo of Power Plant Live by Barbara Haddock Taylor)

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If people feel like they can clean up their facility and do whatever is required in the violations notice, we get back out there and open them back up," said Olivia Farrow, the city's interim health commissioner.

I wonder if this means they'll get rid of most of the patrons of these ...holes

i took part in a contest about 2 and a half years ago that required me to be outside for 24 hours a day for 4 straight days in the middle of powerplant live! and I must've seen 6 huge rats, the size of small dogs, a night running across the area or along the walls. needless to say i'm not surprised.

Any news in th Sun about the goings on in Fells Point last night?

hmmmm... yes you can clean up mice droppings and whatever mess it is that they have made but how do you get rid on an "Infestation" in less then 1 day?? It would seem that Cordish has flown in the Pied Piper of Hamelin to rid there entertainment city of mice!

Let's turn over the Preakness, Arundel Mills Mall, both Race Track's so he can do what he did at Power Plant RUN THEM INTO THE GROUND. I guess he is going to call his city hall friends and sweep this under the rug... Oh I forgot he is the Mayor of Marketplace, he will just call himself as he is completely untouchable

Mondo did not get shut down or even inspected. Why not get the TRUTH before you report it.

Amber, according to Farrow, it did. So if that's not the case, someone needs to speak with her, not me.

Any news on when Power Plant Live will take care of the Meathead infestation?

Seems to be yet another case of some getting what they deserve. I guess you can only pay off so many people for so long before that circle (and karma) catch up to you. It seems to me that there must have been some sort of bad blood there somehow in order for these two busy establishments to be closed down. Maybe the powers that be over there have finally made enough enemies that they can't continue to buy their way out of everything. I am not a patron of Power Plant, but I have to think that this hit hard in the pocket books of the owners, but also unfortunately, the people that work there... I haven't heard of any bars in Fells or Fed Hill being "shut down"..... I wonder who bears the brunt of this and who has made the enemies???

What happened in Fells Point last night?

Rodent infestation in downtown Baltimore. Why does this surprise anyone? Who cares about Yuppieville at the Power Plant Live anyway? Shut it down; no big loss.

Everyone knows that this is a problem that is widespread in the city and outside of the city. The question is are the establishments on top of it and managing it the best way possible. There are so many ways for mice to get in due to the aged infrastructure. No place will ever be rid of the is containment and keeping control of the fecal matter.

What happened in Fells Point last night?

Amber - can you read? Never was it mentioned that Mondo Bondo had an inspection or got shut down. It stated that mgmt closed it down.

refreshing to see sessa get some homepage real estate.

The Pied Piper of Hameln would not step foot inside the Power Plant. The Bruders Grimm did not like the types of Untermensch that you can find there, walking the streets of Charm City or the criminals who work at City Hall and the State House

Never been and now I can't say I regretted not ever going.

Luckies Tavern, however, got a 97% on their health inspection look it up on the website. Goes to show that management is everything. I commend the people under the gun that can withstand that type of pressure and fulfill theyre obligation to the community I LOVE LUCKIES TAVERN!!!!!!!! Keep on rocking in the free world

I heard the Outdoor Bar at Mess, did not have running water! I know the Outdoor bathrooms don't either! LOL!

No veiled attempt at hiding where you work, eh, Anon?

What happened in Fells was on Friday night at 1:51 AM just as all the bars were closing, their was a man shot on Lancaster St. about a half block from Broadway Square.

Broadway has become a nightmare on Friday and Saturday nights. Two bars are responsible for catering to gang members. This won't be the last of the trouble.

I thought the fact that a man was shot in a popular section of town might be news for the Sun.

Ted, you're right -- that is news for the Sun. That's why we did a piece on it:,0,1635271.story

hmmmm.... Luckies got a 97 on their health inspecion, a day AFTER Mex and Mosaic got shut down. You're right, they realized that they were next to be inspected and cleaned like crazy. But I guess it's not to hard to stay clean when you are as dead as Luckies always is. Did anyone else see that this made it on TV channel 2 and 13 had stories on last night about Power Plant, thanks for making my weekend!

FYI - the Baltimore City Health Department does not give numerical scores on their inspections.

Fells Pt_Shmells Pt, who cares, it's just another bad guy being shot by a another bad guy. And they think expensive condos on The City Pier will fix this??!!! Let's do like Texas, ease the gun permits to carry restrictions & apply the death penalty more aggressively.

Hi Brandon

Hey Dark Orange did you bother to think that Sam changed his story due to faulty reporting. Yes I can read and yes I am more informed than the TRUTH.

Dear Amber,

I am sad to hear that this series of closures has caused such personal turmoil in your life. Next time when I choose my dinner buffet I will steer clear of Power Plant Live. Tell my friends in your attic that I said hello.

Downtown Mouse

Hahahahaha awesome

I knew MEX was cheesy but this is getting outta hand.


Sam, have you ever considered making it mandatory for bloggers to use their real names? Just seems too easy to hide like a, and pun very much intended, rat when you can make up fake names for yourself and post info. You had gone a long time without revealing your photo as it made your reviews more honest but still owned up to your name. It just seems ironic to me that someone that seems to know it can't be TRUTHful to him/herself and others...

Chris, that's a good question.

Here's another good question: Why didn't officials from Power Plant Live call me back to confirm that two of their establishments had been shut down by the Health Department?

i think baltimore media is as corrupt as the goverment bureaus it reports on anyone who takes thing for face value deserves to get their information from a tool like sam sessa PEACE

has no one mentioned the fact that cordish owned properties have been singled out due to the recent bids on the maryland gaming license nice work Ms. Dixon

Nice work anonymous. Someone's paying attention.

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