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April 1, 2009

Recher Theatre upgrades sound system

recher theatreThe Recher Theatre in Towson has a brand new, state-of-the-art sound system, co-owner Brian Recher said yesterday.

Recher isn't sure of the exact brand or specs (he thinks it's a Yamaha Nexo and that it's got about 25,000 watts), but that's OK. What matters is it sounds better, he said.

"It's an amazing system," he said. "It's so crystal clear, it's unbelievable." ...

Better still: The new speakers are smaller, which gives fans a better view of the band. The former system was the same one used at the old Hammerjack's, Recher said. I always thought the sound quality could be better, and I'm interested to hear the new system.

"It was time to upgrade," Recher said. "You have to keep up with the Joneses. The music business in Baltimore has been getting more and more competitive every year."

(Sun archive photo)

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Posted by Sam Sessa at 12:54 PM | | Comments (16)
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it DOES sound a lot better. I was there on Sunday for the free Hold Steady show, and I don't think I can remember the last time that venue sounded so good. And the lack of speaker towers on the side really do give you a better view of the band.

My ears were ringing for days after the Hold Steady show on Sunday night. Bring earplugs!

He spent all this money on a new system and he doesn't know the name or specs? Strange...

i agree with allan -- i was at the same show and the sound is crystal clear. my right ear didn't stop ringing until tuesday!

I lost my hearing for days after that Hold Steady show too. Think J Roddy & his band did a little damage to my ears that night too though!

Didn't realize it was a new system. Thinking back on it, did seem easier seeing the stage than times past.

There's something very wrong, if so many people are commenting that it took 48 hours for their hearing to return to normal.

Think about this, Not all hearing damage can be compensated for with hearing aids.

Speaking of music ... any word on Virgin Festival 09? Gotta plan the summer concert budget!

I agree with Michael S. The club owner buys a new sound reinforcement system, but has never heard it (despite at least one show already happening with it, apparently) and does not even know what it's called? This does not sound like (pardon the horrible pun) much of a music fan. Okay maybe he's a busy guy who has a manager he really trusts. I can't say I'm all that familiar with the Recher. I saw one fantastic show there a few years back (Yo La Tengo), but t[REDACTED]
Why would someone name their venue after themselves?

Reading the post again, I realize I mistook Sam's interest in hearing the new system for Recher's. I apologize for my own confusion and lack of reading comprehension (though I think that could've been written a bit more clearly). Still, not knowing what you bought seems odd, but I think the last graph makes it apparent that this is a business decision, nothing more, nothing less.
[Who cares what I think, though. I neither own a club nor write professionally. Just another schmuck wandering around Baltimore bumping into things.]


I see the point you're making, and it does seem weird if he's involved in the music biz. But I don't think a lot of people who sign checks all day want know what it does, just so long as it does it.

Also as someone who did audio work for a few years, it's probably got a ridiculous name with 16 diff. single letters. Like a "Audio Master Pro Mixer: Variant Q45 3.9"

In Soviet Russia, volume knobs you.

It's possible (if not probable) that he deferred to his sound engineers to dictate what the best equipment for the room is, and asked them to initiate the purchase.

Blob, I worked for a guy who when he hired you your purpose to problem solve so he could give his atteantion to things. He like him probably kept tabs on what was happening but wasn't too involved with the actual doing. All he probably remember was what the best considered brand was not necessarily what was bought.

Allan, Joe, and Stebbin -
Yeah, that's pretty much what I meant by "...maybe he's a busy guy who has a manager he really trusts." I understand it's a business like any other. Just that as a live music fan and minor league audio nerd, I can't imagine owning a venue and not being more involved in such an integral aspect of the business.

OK - I am one of the house engineers at the Recher Theatre. The system is indeed a Yamaha/Nexo system. (the BASIC specs are posted here: ) The new system has now been installed for over 5 weeks. Over the last few weeks, the audio staff at the Recher has been learning the new system which is far superior to the old system. As with any new system, there is a learning curve associated with its operation. The staff of engineers at the Recher has always tried to keep the system volume to a reasonable level and we take pride in the quality of our work.
HOWEVER, we can't be responsible for visiting (touring) sound engineers. Some (many) visiting engineers are just as concerned as we are about the concert goer's hearing; others are only interested in making the system get as loud as they can! I was not at the Hold Steady show so I can not speak to what happened there on that night. I will say that I have been known to approach a visiting engineer and TELL him/her to TURN IT DOWN!
While Brian Recher may not know the name of the manufacturer of the system or the specs, believe me when I tell you that many months went into the preparation and multiple systems were analyzed. Manufacturers reps even visited the venue on a number of occasions. The owners of the Recher Theatre may not be technical (what business owner is?), but they truly care about their venue - who else in the region has done so much for you in this field? Look at the other venues in town and I challenge you to find a better place to either perform or see a show! The Recher Theatre's owners should be applauded for putting money into the venue during such economic times!
By the way, I always recommend that whenever you attend a concert (whether at the Recher or elsewhere) you should bring (and use) earplugs! I once took my kids to a Jonas Brothers' concert (AAARRRRGGGH!) and left my earplugs home. The screaming 14 year-old girls were enough to make me purchase earplugs at the venue! The Recher Theatre also sells earplugs. I know that the house engineers at the Recher look out for you but you should maybe be responsible for yourself as well!
Joe pretty much hit the nail when he stated that he (Recher) deferred to his sound engineers...
I also don't know that I've met a bigger music fan that Brian Recher.

Awesome that the Recher has a new sound system. Perhaps now they could start booking decent acts again.

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