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March 2, 2009

Two stabbed at Kolpers, one dead

From a brief by Sun reporter Arin Gencer:

One man was killed and another injured in a double stabbing early yesterday in North Baltimore, police said. Nelson Gause, 29, of the 3000 block of Weaver Road suffered a stab wound to the head in a fight that broke out after a party at Kolpers Restaurant and Lounge in the 1500 block of Clipper Road in the Hampden area, police said ...

A 31-year-old man tried to chase and fight the person who stabbed Gause and was stabbed in the head and hand, police said.

Officers responded to the scene about 1:30 a.m., police said. Gause was taken to Sinai Hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 2:28 a.m., police said. The second victim, whose name was not released, was taken to Union Memorial Hospital and was expected to survive, police said.

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Holy crap, what is wrong with Hampden? After living here for three crime-free years, the past two months have been rough. I've had my license plate stolen, there have been two muggings near my house, a building burned down on my street and now this. Ugh.

I live across the street from Kolper's and have been lodging complaints with the police and the liquor board for months. The place throws massive events with cars parking on Clipper Mill Road itself. Parties, fights, drag races, and more break out in the parking lot at closing time. Whoever owns that place at present should lose their license.

Kolpers has become a ghetto bar. There are always a bunch of ghetto suvs with rims ... in the parking lot. Hopefully more of these types of things happen there. Not only would it rid the area of some of these disgusting people, but it will eventually get shut down. ...

I recently had my car broken into while at Kolpers. I know I will never go back again.

Woodberry resident...
By "these things" do you mean murders?

Honestly u can not blame this incident at kolpers for the reason why other crimes occur in hampden and what do u mean become ghetto isn't that what u wish u were

I think by "ghetto" he means "black". He is "racist".

I believe "ghetto" means it's turning into a haven for the filth of Baltimore, whether they are white, black, brown, red, green, orange, or polka-dotted. I don't think anyone is trying to be racist. To take that comment as racist, you are perpetuating racism by not allowing the free discussion of the problems in Baltimore. This used to be a good happy hour spot; I would go there quite often. If crime is going up in Hampden, I think what happened at Kolper's is indicative of the neighborhood's problems, not necessarily THE cause.

Thank you B2thaC.
Racists are people who assume everything is about race. People who can not get race off their minds because...they are racist.

Kolpers now attracts a less than desirable crowd. It was only a matter of time until something like this happened. If some guy freaked out and started stabbing people it would be one thing, but it was a fight (derr) and one of the people chased after a guy who just stabbed someone (double derr). Decent people don't get in bar fights so when it happens, oh well. One less undesirable person in the world. It's called natural selection. Liz has it right. Lodge complaints, more complaints, and eventually something will be done.

On another note has anyone been to Flips? Nice bar that it looks like shut down because the owner did not want an undesirable crowd so he didn't put up Bud for 50 cents signs. Kolpers opened up around the same time and did the opposite. They are still in business, but who wants to run a business with a bunch of murderous yucks as patrons?

"Liz has it right. Lodge complaints, more complaints, and eventually something will be done."

It would be nice to think so, but the smart money says otherwise. The city doesn't allocate enough money to investiagte complaints or even enforce violations. It is very hard to lose a liquor license. I can rattle off a handful of bars where there have been fights, stabbing and shootings. All had valid complaints on record, some dating back years and nothing was done until somebody ended up on life support or in the ground.

Not to mention the countless other bars who operate in definace of regulation day-in and day-out without penalty.

I think you are right Mark. There are a lot of bars that should have been shut down a long time ago. Must have been a higher power that finally acted on these complaints. Not to say there is such thing as a higher power, as I wouldn't want someone to assume me as racist and religious.

I'm not too familiar with Hampden or Kolpers but I wanted to respond to the posters that have taken this murder and turned it into a racial topic.
If Woodberry resident would have said something like, "it's mostly the hip hop crowd hanging here" or "urban culture" or "black crowd" would that have been more acceptable than saying "ghetto"?
There are all types of bars in Baltimore that attract all types of people. It's safe to say that no one wants to frequent one or more importantly live near one that are regularly subjected to fights, murders, thefts, etc. No one wants to witness drag races on the streets where they live. Just about any one of us would be frustrated if we lived near a place like this. I live in the Canton area and would always hear complaints about Hucka's or The Spot, or Kamp or whatever they called the place by Gin Mill.
And in response to Mark Twain, someone died so maybe this is enough to provoke a response from the liquor board. And perhaps you can provide us with an update on the bottle club that is/was operating out of the Belvedere?


I have never been to Kolpers and have just seen it in passing by riding the light rail. From all appearances it looked like a friendly neighborhood bar or one where you would gather after work for drinks and snacks and one I would have liked to try out. From what you described, it's a shame and also that someone lost their life there. A place I will avoid for sure now.


"I think by "ghetto" he means "black". He is "racist"."

I think his lack of generosity is limited to the bar being a seedy dive and the clientele being low class, if not trash. He may be guilty of being snobbish or elitist, but anything else is in your vivid imagination, but that's just my interpetation.

As a snob and an elitist I concur with GDA.

I have no idea if they play hip hop. I don't know if it is an urban culture or a black crowd. I guess if you assume it as a black crowd, you can always assume they play hip hop because that is what every black person listens to. [that is called sarcasm.

I do not think all people of a darker skin color listen to hip hop] What I do know is that at night, at least on weekends, when you go by there people are parked in the street and there are almost always people outside in the parking lot yelling. One night a white ghetto truck was turning around in the middle of the street and then just sat there and blocked traffic while talking on a cell phone. As my friends and I say "It's my world."

Also, I have every right to call an SUV with 24" chrome rims a ghetto truck. It doesn't matter what color the person is, fact is, they have terrible taste in gaudy junk. Besides, who is anyone to dictate verbal absolutes? There are plenty of things I could say that I deem not respectable and I think ghetto is not one of them. I just call it as I see it and as GDA put it these people are low class. In my vocabulary low class = ghetto.
Fact is, the people who were injured were not caught up in a robbery at a candy store. They were in an establishment that caters to people of questionable character. They got in a bar fight with a guy with a knife. Most important, they brought fists and apparently their heads to a knife fight.
Ever see the movie Idiocracy? I shall digress.

Mark Twain and GDA thank you for your pseudo-support. At least someone knows how to interpret a point and not to make everything about a word-war as to what is prim and proper to say.

Snobs and Elitists unite!!

Calm down! Although I mentioned your name specifically, my post was directed to Hmm. I would agree with you that ghetto does not have to mean black.

I checked. Complaints about this place HAVE NOT been "registered" with the Liquor Board. All you have to do is call 311. Police complaints may have been made, but it is so easy to dial 311 and get a liquor inspector out there within 45 minutes. Additionally, the Liquor Board has closed down many places where there was no murder involved.

It's extremly easy to lose a liquor license in this town (have the experience to prove it) Bottom line is that it's all political, grease the right palms, know the right people you can stay in business if not then your license is always in jeopardy. The reason why places like Hamden and other small areas are experiencing crime in the local venues is because as Baltimore City continues to close larger venues down the promoters have few and fewer options to promote and host larger parties that can accomodate the demographic. So they go to the smaller venues and those venues see the $$$ that can be generated by having large crowds even when they aren't prepared to handle the influx of
1) larger crowds
2) different demographic
3) effect on the local community

So when too many people end up in a smaller space and alcohol is involved.....
Let the games begin


Are you talking about ultra lounge? I have it on good authority that they are trying to sell. Why someone would want that place with no liquor license is beyond me. As Young1 pointed out, a license can be procured for that address for additional $$$$ and knowing the right people.

Yes, I am referring to Ultra Lounge in the basement of the Belvedere.

Bad juju, man. Bad juju.

Hi everyone. Kolpers has been taken over by new management. We are renovating and will reopen by the end of July. Look forward to an exciting menu of steak and fresh seafood prepared by our award-winning chef. Watch a sporting event while enjoying a cold drink in a relaxing atmosphere. Stay tuned for grand opening!

Kolpers is open 7 days a week. We serve lunch and dinner. There are a variety of micros on tap and our food is awesome.

I, for one, will be trying it out soon :)

I live in Hampden and have been to the prev. "Kolpers" now known as "The Mill Steakhouse Tavern" .. my last visit was when I was told "we don't belong there" by prev. management. I believe the problem was that the residents of Hampden were not able to safely enjoy a nice meal or a few drinks without the worries of being harmed in your own neighborhood bc of your race. Now that the tavern is under new management my family and I are planning to revisit with hopes of "NEW" changes. The place itself is nice .. I hope to see a change in the atmosphere .. all should be welcome and treated with respect.

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