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February 19, 2009

Want to win a prize?

I totally forgot to announce or award a prize for the poster of the 9,000th comment on Midnight Sun. Now I'm not even sure who it was ...

So, to make up for such a gross transgression, I am awarding a bevy of prizes and whatnot to the person who posts the 33rd comment on this entry.

I'm calling it ... the Midnight Sun Wicked Wicked Awesome Awesome Prize Pack. You have to emphasize the italicized words. How you emphasize them is up to you. I suggest using a falsetto voice.

Notice how I posted this after the "continue reading" link. That was to make sure only die-hard Midnight Sunners are involved in this competition.

Also, I'm not going to publish any comments until the 33rd comment is submitted. That way you have no idea how far along we are, and everybody has a fair chance.



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Posted by Sam Sessa at 3:28 PM | | Comments (45)
Categories: Random stuff


that's very sneaky of you

Oh yea, what about me.

I'll give it a shot.

Give it to Tim Lumber!

I need free crap.

Sessa Rocks!

Am I 33? i hope so!

How very sporting of you sir.

i actually have a pitiful amount of stuff on my desk, so what the heck. 33 for the win!

Here it is. The 33rd comment. Right here. Yup.

Can you kindly expand on your definition of "whatnot"? Or is it that you've yet to dig all the way back in your desk drawer, past the lint balls and the sandwich that's now a science project specimen? Ewwwwwww.

Hey Sam - long time reader first time commenter - this blog is wicked awesome!

Firing Tim Lumber was the only prize we need.

This is number (whatever). Let's see what happens.

Has anyone checked out the new lounge at XS yet?

Did you choose to reward the 33rd comment as a tribute to Eddie Murray?

Long live the Midnight sun blog! Totally wicked AND awesome.

Also the headline "Want to win a prize?" will probably bring even casual readers into the posting. People like prizes.

I will take a beer for my prize

Give me free stuff.

It's gonna be WICKED AWESOME to go into bars and tell them I'm Sam Sessa so I can get free drinks!!!

I hope one of the prizes is a trip to NYC to see Wicked. I've heard that it's awesome.

Tim Lumber loooooves showtunes too.

Cool, a contest!

Thanks for the opportunity... it would be pretty AWESOME if the prize were tickets to see WICKED on Broadway!!!



Got it? That'd be wicked awesome.

On Twitter? Trying again


tought to comment when there is no discussion on the message board

Why 33, out of curiosity?

Who doesn't love a contest?

I love just about anything that you can refer to as Wicked Awesome so you now have me completely intrigued.

I can't register my outrage over your slacker ways without participating in your sick little game. Curse you, Sam Sessa, and your mastery of The System!

Will anyone win the prize today?

I wanna win something please!

The winner is me..Tim Lumber! Living legend,trash talking world champ,and now 9,000 comment king! I may have got fired but I finally got some respect back...I am the winner!!! Thank you folks for telling Sam to pick me! I think since he fired me,he should!

Probably too late on the bandwagon, but the itals are great. Is there such a thing as "air itals"? You know, like air quotes, but indicating emphasis rather than mockery?

The loser is you ... Tim Lumber!

oh, poor little tim lumber
everyone has your number
he keeps on parade
his never ending tirade
with his tiresome habit
of continualy being rabid
he has dim prospect
of ever recovering respect
we’re now getting to think
he needs to crawl out his last drink


I think karlosi's last post may have inspired a little poetry reading at the shindig. The topic could be MS blog-related (or not). Obviously, you'll decide on parameters since this is your blog. What do you think?

You all are losers! Go cry you little babys! You need a kleenex to Sam! I like how Sam is to wimpy to back up a former writer! No dam respect,thats O.K. I will put up another message board post!

If we're all losers, why are you still hanging around and posting comments? You got fired from a guest columnist job on a blog. Grow a set and move on.

You're embarrassing yourself ... which, considering the writing you've done, is quite a feat.

jd - tim hangs around because he's masochistic or he's enjoying the attention or both.

if i were sam, i'd wouldn't be backing up a cry baby and loser, whose claim of being a writer must be dubious based on the "comments" i've gotten to read. ya'll never get rid of him if don't stop talkin to him or about him.

remember - don't feed the trolls!

Oh, I know why. It was a rhetorical question.

for Tim Lumber:
rhetorical question (noun): a question asked solely to produce an effect or to make an assertion and not to elicit a reply

JD....Richard Simmons called,he wants his pink shorts back he let you borrow! What have you losers ever done in writng? Google my name! I bet theres more stuff than your names! Sam Sessa is to busy thinking about Clay Aiken,Im the reason people come here! When I left people were calling this place The House of The Living Dead...OOOHHH! karlosi...Go comb you leg hair...Sasquatch! Macopin what a dork name! You sound like a troll! Maybe If a girl will rub your stinky feet(she would die 1st) you will have good luck just like a troll! Your more like a bowling ball troll! Your 300lbs and 4foot2"! You dont walk wobble! For your birthday Sam should get you a gift card to All You Can Eat Buffet!

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