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February 6, 2009

Some rumored Canton closings

I have it on good authority that the Outback Steakhouse in the Can Company complex is closing on Feb. 15. I've also heard that Coburn's Tavern (2921 O'Donnell St.) could close soon too.

Anybody know anything about either of these two?

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At one point, I had heard that the Canton Outback was one of its most profitable ones in the country. That could have been baloney, but if that was true, is the entire chain in trouble?? reliable of a source do you have? I love that place

Went to Coburns Wednesday night. They had NOTHING on tap and only a few bottled beers. If that isn't a sign of a bar closing I don't know what is.

I've heard from a quite reliable source, that the owner is trying to sell coburns to another well known business person in the Canton area. They have been losing money for quite awhile, so it was really only a matter of time

Mark Twain, where are you? You seem to knows EVERYTHING about the B'more nightlife scene. Throw us a lifeline.

meanwhile, Lager's continues to stay open (I hear it's sexy in there)

I've also heard this rumor about Coburns from other bartenders and when I had lunch there a couple Sundays ago, they were out of everything on tap except for Stella. So I think that's a pretty reliable rumor.

The Outback still seems to pull in the business and is in a great location. Not sure why it would close unless the entire chain is in trouble. I for one hope it doesn't go away. I do enjoy "going Outback tonight" every so often.

This doesn't really surprise me. I always felt Outback was a bit out of place in that location. Not a lot of chains around there which i think is a good thing. Sad to see any place go down but hopefully something great will go in it's place.

When was the last time that you went to an Outback on a Friday night in the suburbs and were seated immediately?

There is (or shall I say, was) never a wait at the Can Co. location.

Outback isn't closing. Coburns is for sale.

What's the deal with Pur? They seem to open every now and again. I think they are trying to keep thier liquor license from lapsing.

You have to open at least one day for every ninety.

Liam's is turning into -another- huckas bar with pulled teas and other ridiculous gimmicks that few in Mt Vernon are looking froward to. That is, of course, if it actually opens. They are eight months behind schedule on renovations and it's only a 30 person spot.

Shorty's is about to go back on the chopping block, as is Frazier's in Hampden, Nutty Pub in Hampden, despite rumors, Flip's is -not- for sale.

Yellow Dog Tavern is about to be sold as well.

Sorry Courtney, I'll try to be more on point in the future. :)

EP, while this is usually true, the Outback still does brisk business. Everytime I've been there, the restaurant has been at least 50-70% full. And on weekends, there can be a wait as well (although never as long as a suburban Outback, I grant you that).

Just seems odd that other places around Canton are empty for dinner 5 nights out of the week, and yet they still survive, while the Outback remains steady and is rumored to close.

I've had dinner at the Canton Outback a few times (when a preggo knocks on the door and says "baby wants Outback", you don't argue, not matter how badly you'd prefer grilled oysters elsewhere...), and it's always been packed with at least a 20 minute wait. The carry out always seems steady when I head down Hudson Street too.

Not too surprised about Coburn's. When the chef left and opened the now defunct Georgie's, the food and service went down. They were ok in a pinch, but never the place of choice.

Sad to hear about Yellow Dog. They had good food and were available for carry-out. Hopefully new owners can keep the good vibe going.

Walked past Meridian 54 nightly with the dog and it seems rather empty on the weeknights but rather packed on the weekends. Any one been recently?

John Mesher with Outback corporate, responsible for the Baltimore market responded to my email.

Outback is not closing, period. This is a rumor, that according to Outback, started at the Baltimore Sun.

They are not pleased.


Thanks for the legwork on this one. Like I said in the post, it was a rumor. I never claimed it to be true. And thanks for the news about the other bars around town too.

Thank God about restaurant in that place

Are you somehow involved in real estate or something? I have been on the hunt for a bar or restaurant to open and you have given me more information in that one post than my broker has in 6 months. Any way to contact you off board to pick your brain for any other possibilities out there? Thanks so much!


You're forgiven for the delay, if you ignore my typo. Deal?

Quite the scoop you provided. Sadly, I'm not too surprised to hear about some of the soon-to-be-closed spots.

Unsubstantiated rumors like this are often harmful to businesses. In just a week, these posts have caused all sorts of commotion with the neighbors in Federal Hill (the Juniors thread) and now Canton, at Outback and Yellow Dog. Somebody might want to call the owners before posting this stuff. Otherwise, you are hurting their business. How? Because nobody will want to buy a gift card and nobody will make reservations for Valentine's Day, etc. Please try to understand that while these places are just one in many to get a beer to YOU, that they are somenone's livelihood and perhaps someone's entire life savings. Thanks!

Frazier's in Hampden? Really? It must be because of poor management because they seem to be doing good business.


I agree, repeating unsubstantiated rumours about any business' pending demise is, to put it politely, careless if not reckless.

I thought the journalism tradition was to have at least two source before printing something of this type, even if this isn't part of the print edition.


Contact Sam for my contact info. Sorry Sam.


Feel free to give me a ring as well, may be I can help you out or drop me an email at

Mr. Twain is full of knowledge as well.

Good luck,


Sam & Mr. LiquorBoarding,

I was out and about tonight and there are a lot of people out there scared about the recession. Question, do you thing that adding live entertainment or extending bar's hours of operations would help raise revenue for the city?

It does seem that a lot of bars could be in desperate need, maybe giving them a way to make more money would help everybody out. Just thinking out loud.

Thanks guys, doing a great job.



We're not journalists, we're bloggers. But bloggers should be responsible as I read most on here are.


I seriously doubt our postings influence people not to go to Coburns per say, these types of establishments are doing it to themselves. As for Juniors, do you really think the people in Fed hill are in 'commotion' over the fact that they changed hands? I think it would be more like, "Really? Oh no! That sux! ... Want to head over to Mcfauls?" It's an afterthought. Now that said, people saying XYZ bar should close because of rats, when there are none, is completely unacceptable. Aloha Tokyo, Brewers hill pub, Ncdevins, Crossroads - Sam's fav - and Canton Station are for sale, all a matter of public record, if you're willing to look. All those BTW - the owners still think it's 2004. Don't say I warned you.

Coburns is def shutting down soon. I just talked to bartender there this weekend at another bar. He gave it 2 weeks, tops.

GDA & LiquorBoarding,

I do hope you’re not calling my remarks "unsubstantiated."

I mentioned bars that are for sale, I never claimed these businesses are going bankrupt, or closing for lack of business. Some in the list are, some are for sale for other reasons. The list is far greater than the few I mentioned.

The "commotion" in Federal Hill that you speak of, has less to do with Juniors being sold, and more to do with who is buying it.

When you offer, publicly, your business for sale, there is a certain amount of blowback that occurs. Yes, gift card sales (not that too many bars even offer gift cards in Baltimore) will go down and private bookings as well.

However, not knowing can result in a situation similar to that of the Clipper Mill vessel docked at the Inner Harbor. Their intent to conceal and camouflage their imminent demise left hundreds of individuals, who booked private parties, no venue on the date of their event, as well as the inability to recover their deposits due to pending bankruptcy litigation.

If you really want to help some of these venues, it may be a better use of your time to start by identifying the factors that are contributing to these venues being offered for sale. Perhaps it takes a recession to clearly see that Baltimore’s trend of “cookie-cutter” bars with sports on the tube, cheap eats in the kitchen, and discount booze at the bar, isn’t the best plan for longevity. Especially for bars/venues not located in the main corridors of drinking: Power Plant, Canton Square, Cross Street Corridor, Fells Point & Mt Vernon, etc.

I think Jason hit the nail on the head when he inquired about amending current legislation to allow for venues to incorporate live entertainment into their business model, and/or extend their operating hours. The live entertainment variance may not work for many venues that are anchored in heavily dominated residential areas, but it would surely do wonders for those which aren’t.

Moreover, properly amending the current liquor laws may benefit many struggling businesses, and assist many neighborhood associations with their goals as well. I wouldn’t support bars in Federal Hill being allowed to stay open until 4am, or provide live entertainment. In a city like Baltimore, where residents and visitors alike seem uninterested, if not unwilling to venture away from their usual and familiar watering hole neighborhoods, proper legislation may provide an incentive and reason to do so, as well as remedy some of the parking issues, such as those taking center stage in Federal Hill, without the need for more restrictive ordinances.

Live entertainment has an array of definitions, and doesn’t necessarily imply that of a nightclub, or a venue with dancing. But, bar owners have themselves –only- to blame for such intense and scrutinizing license laws. When venues like Taps lobby neighborhood associations and the liquor board alike with a phony business plan that outlines an upscale wine bar and venue with live entertainment consisting of jazz and wine tasting parties, then open as a refuge for barely 21 drinkers with $1 shots, they become an example of why –not- to allow live entertainment for the rest of us that actually have business plans that would benefit a neighborhood and not suck it dry.

Anon is right as well. Many of the bars being offered for sale, aren’t losing money, but looking to cash out. There are so many bars on the market at inflated prices, a complete, and false market has been created unlike anything I have seen before. Overvalued liquor licenses, inflated property values and fabricated books have left this city with an abundance of venues on the market that make it too risky for potential local business owners to bring their concept to life. In fact, outside of corporate-chain bars purchasing these venues, I don’t see them being sold. A corporate-bar dominated Baltimore would be disastrous for small business owners throughout the city, not to mention the creation of neighborhood monopolies that would be disastrous for competition.

What I find to be most shocking is how so many bar owners see their respective neighborhood associations as enemies, and not a tool for success. Perhaps situating your venue as a neighborhood anchor, partnering with local retail operators to promote their wares and offerings, donating your venue to host various charity events, etc… may be a better model for success than figuring out which drink or shot you can break-even on, in an effort to have the cheapest drink in the neighborhood to entice patronage.

LiquorBoarding, you mentioned that many owners have their “life savings” wrapped up in these venues and the leaking, or propagating of their intent to sell may be disastrous to their survival. You’re right. But let’s not be too quick to let these owners off-the-hook. While some fall into the narrow category that you put forth, many others simply don’t have the experience necessary to run their own business.

It seems to me, a lot of bar owners see the hardest part of running a bar, getting it off the ground, which is actually the easiest. Do you know how often I get pitched to invest in some concept without the pitcher even having a business plan to present? Do you realize many business plans that I have seen have more to do with expenses to get concept off-the-ground and operating costs, than an actual operating and marketing plan?

Owing a bar isn’t fun. It’s a business. It’s not an excuse for an all-night party, it’s not a means to become “the cool bar owner.” It’s not a plan for retirement. It’s not an easy way to get rich; It’s work.
One could easily argue that these subpar business models, and the inevitable poorly run businesses that exist thereof, do more to harm Baltimore as a hole, with respect to hospitality offerings, than the harm that may be done discussing their public offering and intent to sell.

Er, Clipper City. Guess it pays to proofread.

and "Baltimore as a "whole" not a hole or is that what you mean, lol! j/k.

One great idea I heard or somebody came up with was to make the "block" or any commercially zoned area, a bunch of bars that could be open to 4am and to close it down and have people be able to walk around on the street with open containers..

I have lived in a couple of cities where you can't have specials or even a happy hour, i.e. Newport, RI. It's great when everybody is on a level playing ground. It's hard to compete, sometimes, when the bars down the street do $1 bottles, that makes other bars have to do 3 cent drafts for St. Patty's Day.

Some bars are for sale, just for the fact that if somebody wants to pay a lot of money for something then so be it. I am sure that everybody bar is for sale if the price is right.

Live entertainment does get a bad image in the respect that I would love to have a one man band just playing for happy hour. It would actually be quieter than a DJ playing loud music.

Outdoor seating would be great but it so difficult for bars to get it, that actually has more to do with zoning than the liquor board. Which comes to another point that a lot of the problems with the city has to do with zoning issues rather than the liquor board. If the city could help out with parking issues it could make everybody make some more money rather than keep putting more restrictions on everything.

Coburns is now closed

LiquorBoarding- Juniors wasn't an unsubstantiated rumor. Its fact. I think Mark Twain is correct about what caused this "commotion". I for one am happy for the change of hands regardless who the hands are. Hey Jason are you still selling your bars?

Hey Queen,

They will always be for sale. Like I said before, everything has a price tag, however if ever month was like January, I might sit on it for awhile, gotta love the Ravens in the playoffs. Fortunately, it's not for lack of business, just frustration with parking and zoning and the fact that we might not be able to play beer pong anymore, just kidding.

With Coburns closing who is going to run the bars at the Merritt Athletic Clubs?

I am looking forward to all the new changes in Federal Hill. The new chefs at Junior's and Avery's Pearl are great.

Turner's is in the process of getting a new paint job.

Like Obama said, change is good!

I didn't mean to insult Sam or the posters with my post. I just suggested that a little more research be done before declaring a place dead. I don't even want to think that any posters would gossip about bars closing for sport or schadenfreude. Mark Twain, we should def talk about this over a beer. We should have Jason there, too. I'm pretty sure you know how to get in touch with me and Jason does too. I think I know how to get in touch with you. You have some great ideas and a deep understanding of the inudustry and I would like to hear more.
And queen_colleen, for the Junior's rumour to be a "fact", a transfer application must be filed with the Liquor Board. The fact that one has not been filed at this point is a matter of public record.

Just got this on the recent BSSC email:
GEORGE W. DELLA, JR. Democrat, District 46, Baltimore City ( Federal Hill Area ) has introduced " NO BEER PONG" legislation.
I wonder what is next on the "Fun Police" agenda ! This would stop all FLIP CUP events...

The hearing is this Thursday at 1:00pm....... Click HERE for bill language.

The word on the street is that if you don't tell him that you live in the Fed Hill area, he won't even read your e-mail. PLEASE contact this guy before Thursday and tell him how much you oppose a bill like this in Baltimore City. If you don't, that's ok too... I guess violent crime, getting drugs off the streets of Baltimore isn't a high priority anymore. Beer Pong legislation will defiantly make the City a safer place to live... WTF.
It's a Baltimore City bill....which means it won't pass unless a majority of all the senators and delegates from Baltimore City approve it first. it's called "local courtesy" long as the local delegation approves, the full general assembly generally goes along with it. Make your local delegates aware of this also.

Baltimore is becoming a " NO FUN" city ( did you read about Preakness) and this is just another example of it.

e-mail: (during session)
(301) 858-3161 (during session)
801 Light St., (410) 244-8400(during session)


I think I know how to reach you. Did we have drinks at Yellow Dog with a mutual friend one Sunday afternoon?


Last i heard Merritt was still trying to get through a lot of legal issues/red tape with them.

My g/f has a coburns giftcard and she called them, they said it under new mgmt and will reopen a week from friday.

Mark Twain

I still stand behind my previous post that it was unwise of Sam to have made this particular post which has been liberally challenged and commented upon.

As far as you, Jason, and Colleen are concerned, I wouldn’t to be inclined to challenge any of you because,
1) none of you post as anon or masked as “good authority”,
2) you all, to regular visitors to this blog, have demonstrated an intimate, professional familiarity with the workings of this particular service industry in Baltimore, if not actual business owners.

I have no delusions that a single proprietor business is anything but a lot of work coupled with a major commit in time compared to a mere employee. Apparently, there aren’t enough owners who are qualified to independently run a business on their own. This blog’s forte is being a scorecard of who is doing what and with what degree of success or lack of to cater to and build a regular patronage, not running afoul of city ordinates or being agonistic neighbours in their chosen locale. The reports of how some of these owners conduct themselves reveals that many of these folk shouldn’t be directly dealing with the public, paiding or otherwise.

Unfortunely, there will always be floundering businesses who will do the clip joint act that The Clipper City did before failing.


The ever verbose Obama may spout “Change is good”, but if doesn’t result in improvement or progress then doing nothing is better.

Jason and Mark,
Thanks for the additional info, I will def be contacting both of you.

As for other info,
The Ryleigh's group seems to be taking over Fed hill, this is no rumor. They have purchased Turners and will soon be opening Billabong Pub with plans to expand to the three buildings next to them - they own two and are trying to purchase Lanasa Produce to complete this deal. Juniors will soon become an Italian restaurant within the month and Avery's Pearl after that. They have done great things with Ryleigh's and I wish them the best of luck...although I still miss Sisson's.

Any truth to the rumor that Picked Parrot is closing soon? I just saw a bartender a few days ago and she was very leery about the future. She wouldn't give me any details, but from our conversation, I could read between the lines.

GDA...someone has probably already told you this, but blogging is not typically considered journalism as it has more of a viewpoint than a fact basis.

Awww man... please don't let the Parrot be closing. That would truly suck.


If Sam allows me to post the H-link, here you go sport. Just one of many.

True dat, the parrot is done.

Jack's across the street is done as well. Probably after V-Day.

"Jack's across the street is done as well. Probably after V-Day."

This better not be true...

Is Mark Twain really Tim Lumber sober?

@ LiquorBoard
I, as a "blogger" would NEVER gossip for schadenfreude, but I MIGHT gossip for farfegnugen and would DEF gossip for gerwerstraminer!

PS: Bert's it CLOSED in Charles Village. Some professional on this blog PLEASE lease it and open a PIZZA joint there! There is NO pizza in Charles Village and it's full of students and baked hippies!

This is getting out of control. Jack's is not closing. Jack's has more business then they can handle.

Pizza joint in Charles Village,

I will call it Hawaii-Pie-O

My slogan could be:

"I got a piece last night"

Specialy Pizza

Ham, Pineapple w/ Macademian nut pesto sauce - we will call it "ARSE"

NY Style and we will ship the water in from New York. We can deliver both pizza and movies at the same time. Me and you Twain, how 'bout it.

I'd be with you Jason, but I'm busy that week. :)

in Baltimore, if you can't reach for the stars, then reach for a brew with a slice

Twain, you be wrong on this one.. Talked to some employees this weekend. The business is there, the management is not.


We must be talking about different Jacks.

I'm in, Jason! I love puns, and that little business plan has me sold.

...Unfortunately, I have no money to contribute, and I'll work all the time but will need a good, stable salary if I'm going to leave my job in real estate. I can't give up the purses and shoes, obvi...

Sound like a plan?? ;)

Seriously, that pitch had me laughing at my desk.

I have it on good authority that all bars will be closed soon in Baltimore....

from 2:00 am until 6:00 am each day.

Mr. Marrakesh Twain--I look forward to grabbing a beer with you again. Call me!

I've been to Meridian 54 once. Very good menu and the food was pretty good. I've heard its the original owners from Red Fish back in the day. Definitely will go back.

I was at the Pickled Parrot on Saturday evening and they were definitely open and had a decent crowd in there. But I'm in no position to state whether or not they are closing.

Mark Twain, PLEASE (and I never use all caps) attend the next Midnight Sun shindig / bash / party that Sam has yet to announce. I think it's safe to say many of us want to meet you.

Jason, you'll just have to take the evening off to attend the aforementioned gathering. I was ready to withdraw what little is left in my business account for your next venture. It was that good!

The Berts place is a bit high rent for a pizza place.

the pickled parrot can't close - i live on the same block - it has become my go to bar since i realized it has pabst on draft

Jack's is not closing, period. I spoke with them today, not only are they remaining open, January was their busiest month to date.

Whoa, got worried there for a bit. If you have yet to dine at Jack's, I highly reccomend it.

Ted puts out some of the best food in the city, and you can't beat the laid-back atmosphere.

I love the Chocolate Mac & Cheese!

I can assure you Jack's Bistro is not closing! I should know, I own it.

I need to know more about this Chocolate Mac & Cheese.

Canton Kate, check it out

Jack's Bistro has had the same owner and manager since they opened 2 years ago. The chef/owner is always there, and most of the staff still working there have been there since the beginning...

I can assure you Jack's Bistro is not closing! I should know, I own it.

Parrot was open last night and tonight. Mark Twain, you heard any intel on this?

Drew & "Parrot Pickled"-
I'm reasonably sure the Pickled Parrot is not closing. (I haven't heard this rumor, and since I own the place, I think I probably would have.) Except, of course, as LiquorBoarding pointed out, between 2am and 4pm, weekdays, and 2am and noon, weekends. And Mondays, because that's my day off.

Of course, that doesn't mean I wouldn't entertain an offer - as Jason pointed out, ALL businesses are for sale, for the right price.

Andrew / Cardwell / ed - thanks for the kind words - I appreciate it.


Hey Drew from greektown, beings that I am the only female bartender at the pickled parrot and i know for sure that I never spoke to you... let alone anyone about such crazy rumors as the parrot closing. As i can assure that it is not. So the next time you hear a "rumor" of that nature you should do a little more research on the facts. There are a lot of industry people that read this site and a post like that could possibly cause someone to lose their job. If you are still in disbelief, then please feel free to stop by the Pickled Parrot any wed.-sun. to see me bartend.

On a positive note, I have heard a rumor that Charlottes will be reopening in a couple of months. Get on it Sam.

Hold on let me just check for one second...

*opens front door to house*

*takes this picture*

yup Charlotte's is coming back.

70 comments. this must be a record.

Nice to see that the parrot has to get its employees on a blog to verify its status.

Twain hates Taps.

Colleen, 70-some comments ain't bad. I think it's definitely a record for such a random post. But it's not the most commented Midnight Sun thread ever. I'm not sure what is, exactly. Anybody know?

Taps hates Taps!

company rules - Pickled Parrot is the owner of.....get this.....Pickled Parrot. Read the post 5 above yours to get his input.

@ company rules -

Pickled Parrot is the owner of.....get this.....Pickled Parrot. Read the post 5 above yours to get his input.

A few things:

Michael S, way to try to promote your launch of Meridian 54 on here. You must be new.

I'm glad Jack's isn't closing b/c I like its vibe, even though I don't really care for the food concoctions and they cheaped out on plastic-only drinking glasses on New Years.

Everyone hates Taps.

chris sligh is my guess for the most commented thread. and I swear I still don't know who chris sligh is.


While we're on the subject of Canton, has anyone got wind of Huckas turning into "Canton Arts and Entertainment?"

I received this funny email awhile back asking me to sign some ridiculous petition. The poorly worded email caught my attention (enclosed) but I do not know and am unable to contact the author, despite multiple efforts.

I will post the email below. Please opine.



Petition supporting 2324-32 Boston Street entertainment under it's conditional use M3 zoning.If you reside in these zip codes your reply would be a YES to the petition and greatly appreciated.

21222 - city only

Huckas will be transformed into the concept CANTON ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT.
CANTON ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT is a panorama of enjoyment offering a combination or the singularity of Food, Libations, Arts and Entertainment. Friendliness and service greet you and your family or friends as you kick back and relax or intellectually and emotionally absorb the arts while sipping libations and sampling hors d'oeuvre or trip down memory lane with the nostalgic songs of yesteryear or mellow to classical, blues and jazz or roar to comedic jokes or route your favorite team to victory. When it comes to Events and Social Activities CANTON ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT accommodates any need through its multidimensional facility. From community association meetings to fund raisers, we do the work, you enjoy your time.

• Exhibits of young Maryland Artist
• Fine arts exhibits
• Poetry forums - Science forums
• Film
• Nostalgic singers and groups from the 60's-70's - 80's
• Classical - Jazz - blues - country
• Comedy acts
• Local Talent
• Sports - Personal - Business - Community
Social Activities:
• Community Associations - Fund Raisers
Euroameritranean Fusion: The fusion of European, American and Mediterranean foods and spices creating flavorful and tantalizing dishes.

Liberating Libations:
• Worldly Wines Hearty Beers Aromatic Coffees Natures Teas Dreamy Cocktails Elegant Champagnes
• Glacial Waters Sweet Juices Syrupy Sodas Friendly Cordials Earthy Liquors
• We, the undersigned, are community members in district one of Baltimore City who support and endorse CANTON ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT concept at 2324-32 Boston Street :

Thank you again ahead of time, urgency in this matter is needed and your support will help Canton Arts and Entertainment bring a positive vibe to the area. Again to say yes to the petition, reply with your Name, Address and zip code.


Brian Pettit
Canton Arts and Entertainment



As far as comments go, I remember a couple blogs that were on fire.

chris Sligh
The Fed Hill Parking
What bar is closing/for sale

Brian Pettit is a member of the Greek crowd (part of Baltimore's Greek community, diner-owners, etc) that run Cambridge Street and Boston Street and own Castaway, Captain James and the Sip & Bite, plus more. Brian Pettit (who seems to be responsible for that Hucka's petition) ...

company rules -

Don't be snarky. I posted my response to the rumor that the Pickled Parrot was closing, then called Shannon to see if she knew Drew from Greektown, or anything else about said rumor. She was (rightly) put off that his rumor had been attributed to her and decided to comment personally.

I don't mind addressing rumors about my business - that's a great thing about this blog - it's a forum in which rumors can be addressed. However, I have to agree with Shannon - when rumors are incorrectly attributed to a person, especially when that person is an employee of an establishment, it can be harmful.

Come on by and relax with a pint - and if you can't make it here, please support your local!


Coburn's has a sign in the front window that they are "reopening under old management." Does anyone have more info?


I loved the food at Jack's when I ate there on New Years Eve. No prefix/minimum spending requirement which was all most other places were offering. I also did not recieve, nor did I see any plastic glasses. Infact, it was a rather elegant evening.

I wasn't being snarky, just saying it is odd that both posted within 1/2 hour of each other.

I hope your bar does well, but as Twain and others noted, you never know when a bar or company may be closing. It happens all the time.

Yup, Gerry, enquiring minds in Canton want to know if "old management" in the case of Coburn's is George, whom we'd love to see back...

Coburn's was tons of fun.
Granted, since xmas, it seemed kinda slow(and was just hoping things would pick up as the year progressed), but needless to say, i still loved going there on a regular basis. It was a very relaxed, comfy, fun atmosphere.
I do know on 2/13/08, there were many disappointed people outside the bar after seeing the "reopening under old management" sign in the window.
I do hope it re-opens soon. If anyone knows any details about the re-opening, please post.. thanks....

Oh come on, Coburns in Canton trash. They were doomed when they started charging cover for guys. Where else do you see that? Not in Canton.

Anyone else hear that more power plant places are closing? There are many rumors flying around several establishments in the area.

This is the owner of Yellow Dog Tavern. We are not closing in responce to any rumors mentioned above.

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Erik Maza is a features reporter at the Baltimore Sun. He writes for several sections of the Sun paper and contributes weekly columns on music and nightlife. He also writes and edits the Midnight Sun blog. He often covers entertainment, business, and the business of entertainment. Occasionally, he writes about Four Loko, The Block, the liquor board, and those who practice "simulated sex with a potted palm tree." Before The Sun, he was a reporter at the Miami New Times. He's also written for Miami magazine, the Orlando Sentinel, the Sarasota Herald Tribune and the Gainesville Sun. Got tips? Gripes? Pitches? He's reachable at Click here to keep up with the dumb music he's listening to.

Midnight Sun covers Baltimore music, live entertainment, and nightlife news. On the blog, you'll find, among other things, concert announcements, breaking news, bars closings and openings, up-to-date coverage of crime in nightlife, new music, round-the-clock coverage of Virgin Mobile FreeFest, handy guides on bars staying open past 2 a.m. on New Year's Eve and those that carry Natty Boh on draft. Recurring features include seven-day nightlife guides, Concert News, guest reviews of bars and concerts, Wednesday Corkboard, and photo galleries, as well as reader-submitted photos. Thanks for reading.

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