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February 12, 2009

Let's pick a date for the Midnight Sun shindig

brewer's artI have narrowed down the potential dates for the Midnight Sun shindig to Thursday, March 5 and Thursday, March 12 at Brewer's Art (pictured).

This would start at happy hour time, say, 6:30 p.m. And before anybody gripes about it being on a Thursday, let me tell you why I want it to be on a Thursday.

I want all of the bar owners and bartenders to be able to come out and have a drink with us, because I'll be awarding the Midnight Sun Best of the Best of the Best awards there.

So what day works best for y'all?

(Sun photo by Jed Kirschbaum)

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Posted by Sam Sessa at 11:53 AM | | Comments (32)
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Either date works for me, Sam.

One vote for the 5th!

Modest Mouse plays Rams Head March 12, might be a nice post shindig party.

March 5th,

Kickball starts on the 12th.

March 5th.

either works for me.

Gutter will be there with its detractors in tow on March 5! Watchmen starts on March 6 and we won't be getting any sleep so we'll be @ Brewers all night!

YAY!!! I will put it on my calendar. Where is the brewers art??

5th sounds good to me.

but but but Dropkick Murphies are playing on March 5th!!!!

Awwwwww fiddle sticks.

I like the 5th... Going to be in Austin on the 12th


fiddle sticks. My schedule has recently changed. I now work Thursday nights. I'll just wait for what I am sure will be hysterical pictures.

I'm in for either, Samwise.

What about the comment re-enacting that was suggested a while back? teehee

My vote is for the 5th as well. Starting the 12th, life revloves around kickball. :)

Yeah Sam lets pick the day!

Tim Lumber,

Be mindful that the eye patch is okay, if you think you need a dark adapted eye*, but the parrot is against board of health ordinances and the sabre will be confiscated at the door and possibly turned over to the local constabulary.

* dim lighting does make reading menus difficult.

5th is good.

" And before anybody gripes about it being on a Thursday, let me tell you why I want it to be on a Thursday."

that's what he wants you to think, but really he knows if it was on a Friday or Saturday night, his mom & I might show up and start telling stories....

oh, and by the way, I know I taught you better than to start a sentence with "and"!

The Dad

The Dad, would it had been better if he placed a strategic coma and substituted a small case “a” for the capital “A”.

This would start at happy hour time, say, 6:30 p.m., and before anybody gripes about it being on a Thursday, let me tell you why I want it to be on a Thursday.

What's the first rule about writing? There are no rules.



Sounds like you are a kindred spirit to Tim Lumber.

Yeah I actually like your no rules for writing quote Sam! That comment I supposidly made, Yeah lets pick the day Sam, I never wrote that..Honestly! I may drink one beer, Sam as compensation you should hook me up with a free old crow, then maybe I will come! Im not coming if everybody hates me! As you all know I have agreed to pursue other avenues of writing, I no longer am affiliated with midnight sun,If I come Sam, i better get a sticker that at least says former Midnight Sun guest columnist, I earned that much! Though i do thank the readers and Sam Sessa for the opportunity, it has helped my career out hugely!! I had several suitors knocking on my door! I wish all the readers good luck, and who knows maybe I will make a surprise guest appearance that is if Im wanted!

Why did you not tell me about this Sam? I'm coming. And there's nothing you can do to stop me!! (menacing laugh) - Yeah, that's right Dad, I started that last sentence with "And" too.

That is the best news ever shared on this blog. Tim Lumber, what are these "other avenues" of writing, so I can be sure to avoid those at all costs?

Tim Lumber - Didn't you hear? Shindig has been moved to March 6th at Bill Bateman's in Garrett County. Smell you there!

JD your one of the reasons I got fired! J Dork! Belissimo I aint that stupid! Maybe you should go on the 6th! Why would I want to spend a night with a bunch of losers? JD I will run you off this site down the road! You cost me my job and you still want to stir stuff up? I have a new job bucktooth! My readers are snobs who think they are better than the poor people! What me living in a Trailer makes me less of a person? JD you collect Wellfare,so you have room to talk right? JD maybe you should try Working for a living you wellfare trashman!!!!!!!

So Lumber, I guess you got "cut" from the Sun?

And yes, that was a pun.

I'd guess one of the reasons you got "fired" was because you don't know the difference between "your" and "you're" or because you can't comprehend the basic rules of capitalization.

Maybe Tim Lumber is Joaquin Phoenix, and this is all part of his mental break.

Tim Lumber,

"My readers are snobs who think they are better than the poor people!"

You're making your current readers sound arrogant instead of discerning, not a winning statement to have follow you or endearing to those readers either.

GDA someone(maybe you SAM?) changed that! Thanks for pointing it out! I said the midnight sun readers are snobs! My new readers(blog date not yet set) are good people! I bet if none of you Rich Snotty Nose folks thought I was rich you would be nicer huh? Well I live in a Trailer Park,i represent the poor people in Baltimore! And if you dont like it...Too bad dorks! I promise all of you losers day Hollywood will want to make a Tim Lumber true movie! Instead of being thankful you cant stand the fact a poor man from thr Trailer park can write this good! NEWSFLASH Im starting to become famous! And JD Giorman your dum GUTTER magazine comment only got a lot of comments because of me! Everyone was not responding to you, they were responding to me! Im the reason you had a boat load of comments!

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