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February 4, 2009

Clay Aiken visit submerged in shellfish controversy

clay aikenDid American Idol star Clay Aiken really drop by a South Baltimore restaurant and bar last Sunday?

Or was it ... Clay Faiken?

When reports first emerged that Aiken had eaten crabcakes at Regi's American Bistro, Aiken's fans (commonly known as Claymates) cried foul. 

"I don't believe the story sence he was seen somewhere else plus he's allergic to shellfish," wrote one anonymous commenter.

This murky little mystery begs the question: What exactly is a shellfish?

According to the Food Lover's Companion, "shellfish" is a "broad term for all aquatic animals that have a shell of some kind. Shellfish are separated into two basic categories -- crustaceans and mollusks."

Shrimp, lobster, crabs and crayfish are all crustaceans. Snails, squid, oysters and octopuses are mollusks.

Is Aiken allergic to one subcategory? Or both?

Aiken's management has not returned a phone call or e-mail, and Alan Morstein, the restaurant's owner, stands by the sighting.

(Photo courtesy of the Hodges Partnership)

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Posted by Sam Sessa at 4:50 PM | | Comments (50)
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I don't care if he was eating frog legs!

I am just thankful for the reported sighting. Thank you.

Now, could you go back and ask Alan Morstein for a "what was he wearing?" and a "how was his hair" report??!

clay's m'aiken the scene!

wouldn't he have paid with a credit card? seems like a pretty easy way to verify.

although clay's a pretty high roller so he could have paid with the vast sums of benjamins that i just know he's flossin on the daily.

or maybe we're all just gettin' clay'd

You really called Aiken's management about what he ate, Sam? Seriously?! Slow news day, eh?

Nah, I called 'em to ask what he was doing in town. The shellfish riddle came later. But they still haven't gotten back to me, and I'm starting to get a little crabby.

Matt, a very well known Clay Aiken look-a-like lives in the Baltimore area. He has even attended several fan club meetings.


If you've gotten crabby, I hope you don't get steamed


I love ya ! What a sense of humor you must have to play along with this game.

Ya made my day !

now if Clay would only develop an allergy to old man sweaters I'd be a happy Claymate !!!!!!!!

Wow. Claymates have to make even the simplest of things into a full-blown controversy.

This kind of reminds me of the brouhaha that forced the Washington Post to investigate and report that Clay wasn't meeting his responsibilities on the President’s Committee for People With Intellectual Disabilities (

Or who can forget the claymate vehemance over his "heterosexuality" before he came out and which drove the publishing and reporting of his webcam photos and other embarrasing information about his private life?

The funniest thing about this mini tempest in a teapot is that it is over what he was eating of all things.

I'd wager though that it has more to do with the claymate sensitivity over continued inconsistancies between what they they think they know (and feel compelled to defend) of Clay Aiken and the reality.


Thanks for the giggle.

There is a guy named Matt who looks alot like Clay and he lives in Maryland, so that may have been the guy who the owner saw

Sam, if you really want the scoop of the year, get a hair and clothing report for us and we'll put in a good word for you when Pulitzer nominations come up!

An interesting bit discovered during an internet search.
Makes one wonder if he would ever be seen in a restaurant at all.

"At Least You're Not Clay Aiken
Next time you're hit with hay fever, try to remember that things could be worse. You could be Clay Aiken. The American Idol also-ran is allergic to coffee, chocolate, shellfish, tree nuts, and mushrooms. And mints."

Source: Ted Spiker, Relieve Your Allergies in Men's Health

{"Now, could you go back and ask Alan Morstein for a "what was he wearing?" and a "how was his hair" report??!"}

lol, Now,that's a TRUE Claymate.!!!
Also, was it flip flops, or Tennies???
Hair color,and was the shirt he wore from ' POYB,Spagos,Solitaire....'?? lol

sounds like a near beer celebrity sighting. let's continue to rearrange deckchairs on the Titanic until this puppie goes down til a really interesting topic is posted.

{"Now, could you go back and ask Alan Morstein for a "what was he wearing?" and a "how was his hair" report??!"}

lol, Now,that's a TRUE Claymate.!!!
Also, was it flip flops, or Tennies???
Hair color,and was the shirt he wore from ' POYB,Spagos,Solitaire....'?? lol

I got a huge kick out of this article & the comments !!

Rock on with your badselves everybody !!

I bet those crab cakes were good ...

Clay Aiken or Clay Faiken.
Is there really a difference?

Thanks for the sighting Sam!!

Well I'll be DIPPED!!! Clay likes football??? who'd of thunk!!!

Thanks for making me smile today :)

OK, Baltimore has been reduced to gossiping about someone who never really accomplished anything sitting in a small dinner joint?

Come on folks, we were, are, and can be better than this. Let's focus on local ands/painters/sculptors/poets/restaurantsyou-name-it!

The featured guy in this "article" is a role-player in the ultimate Dog & Pony show: Ruppert Mudoch's FOX broadcasting. (Yes, I am aware that "he" "sold" the network some time within the past decade...)

I am holding out for a Chris Sligh sighting.

{Well I'll be DIPPED!!! Clay likes football??? who'd of thunk!!!}

Hot, muscular, sweaty men, slapping each other's [rumps], chasing after a ball and tackling one other?

Of course Clay likes football.

BWAH---I agree that our local talent should be promoted. Certainly the Baltimore Metropolitan area has a wealth of talent at all levels.

But I have to disagree with you about Clay Aiken's contributions to our society. He created a foundation which raises money to support inclusion programs for special needs children, and he is an Ambassador for UNICEF for education, and has visited some of the most devastated and dangerous parts of the world as part of this assignment. Regardless of your views of him as a performer, whether it be his cd's or his performances on Broadway--he is certainly much, much more than this as a humanitarian. Personally, I don't think he was at the restaurant, nor do I care...but it's much more likely that it was a local Clay look alike who is fairly well known in the area

Who cares if he eats seafood or not? In fact, who cares anymore?

You would think he carried Spamalot all by himself to read what Some fans write.

Just let him completely fade away already. NOT even a blimp on anyone's radar anymore except his Grandma fans. Sad!

And then we have to ask the question; were they really Maryland crab cakes?? Being a crabber myself, we don't normally catch crab in Maryland this time of year. So, were they frozen or Asian?
BTW, Baltimore isn't far from Washington, D.C., which is where he was reported seen heading toward a few days prior.

jojo postin' it up from Red Emma's

If you think Clay hasn't really accomplished anything, it might be b/c often, the differences he makes tend to happen quietly, without a lot of self-serving fanfare:

WoW!!! The guy gets google hits for not even being there. Very hilarious!

to the original inquiry about shellfish...
it is usually the iodine in the shellfish that people are allergic to. i say usually since you can also be allergic in rare cases to specific shellfish. i am allergic to any crab meat, but can eat lobster and all other "mollusk" type shellfish.

thanks for adding my comment "I don't believe the story sence he was seen somewhere else plus he's allergic to shellfish," at least someone was lisoning
ok let me also say the reson why I don't believe it is true is because in a sea food restrant the cook the food in the same oil water ect. if your deathy
allergic to shellfish like clay slaims he is then even the oil in the fish can kill him hmm everywhere he goes people take photos can we see one of him at Regi's American Bistro,

Sat what ?

never accomplished anything ?

triple platinum recording
record breaking sales
sold out tours
best sellers list book
UNICEF ambassador
Appointed to a committee by the President of the US
The Bubel-Aiken Foundation
rave reviews on Broadway

how's that just for a start

on what planet is that not accomplishing anything ?

You have a right to not like the guy but at least get your facts straight before you make yourself look like a fool.

Clay Aiken is still a dork...I think JoJo made a good point! Clay Aiken was at the YMCA super bowl sunday!

Why is Clay Aiken eaten at a restaurant big news? Sam what grown man wants to write 2 consecutive Clay Aiken stories? You write about him and you wrote about Justin come you dont mention any hot girl celebs? Does the hot girl celebs not excite you? Your a mess man!!

bryaninimonium - I am holding out for a Chris Sligh sighting.

Try the grand opening of the AI Experience at Disney World.

Lumber: i think being eaten at a restaurant, as you so eloquently put it, is big news any day.

If it really was Aiken and he really was eating shellfish, his previous statement that he's allergic to same was just another one of his lies. The people who say he never lied simply haven't come across the interview(s) where he lied, read his book, or have selective memories.

K...nobody asked for your dum opinion! Im just saying its embarassing how Sam gets all gushy about Clay Aiken ate at a restaurant! What real man cares? Me and the guys at work aint talkin about Clay Aiken..I am a real man who works in a factory Im tat2d hard workin, i worked 17 hours today! Thats what real men do..not get all gushy about some Clay Aiken nerd!

"Why is Clay Aiken eaten at a restaurant big news?"

Nothing personal but somehow I think this particular celebrity being sighted in Baltimore is of exceedly small if non-existant interest to the lion share of the people who visit his blog, and as is, has been given one post too many.

Now if he did something recently that gave him a high news profile maybe then it would be much worthier to post then comment on beyond the snarky and defensive, right on he seems to be a whipping boy with defendors.

This has to be the most National Inquirer/People worty post to date.

Didn't properly read that first line

Replace first line with "Why is Clay Aiken seen eating at a Baltimore or any restaurant big news?"

Mea Culpa

Sam is trying to block my messages from appearing! Yes why Sam wrote so much about Clay Aiken is disturbing! I bet he has Clay Aiken posters in his room!

GDA being a real I know you are..this is embarrasing seeing Sam gush like a school girl over Clay Aiken!

Sam blocking Tim Lumber's posts from appearing would be the greatest news ever shared on this blog.

i'll second that emotion!

Sam blocking Tim Lumber's posts from appearing would be the greatest news ever shared on this blog.

Posted by: JD | February 9, 2009 8:04 AM

i'll second that emotion!

Who cares what you 2 losers think..JD ans SS2! What you 2 dorks got a crush on Clay Aiken also? You protecting Sam on this topic! JD and SS2 you's 2 are nerds....plain and simple!

Jd and SS2 all aint that so cute, you 2 want to take up for Sam how is all excited Clay Aiken ate at a Baltimore restaurant! Maybe you 2 have a crush on Clay also! If you think its normal for a man to act that way, then maybe you 2 dorks should go to the YMCA, you will find Clay Aiken, and Lance Bass there!

supernova meltdown achieved

This under regulation topic has flopped around on the desk more than long enough, can we throw it back over board and act like it was never pulled in.

With 46 posts, as group we all say belaboured.

I am all with JD and SS2. Lumber is painful to read. in more ways than one.

Who's taking all pains reading lumber? SS2 is a lot better.

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