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January 23, 2009

What's the best trivia night in Baltimore?

Believe it or not, in three/four years of covering Baltimore's nightlife, I have never covered a trivia night. Never.

Reason is, so many bars had trivia nights, none stood out enough for me to justify going to one. But I feel like I should try one out.

My question: Who has the best one in town? And don't just list a name -- I need to know why it's the best. Suggestions?

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Mos Def gotta be Wharf Rat. The small pretense and tiny prizes are made up for by humor and great tie breakers, like chug the beer or chug the beer and run around the block. The topics are topical and current and fun. The questions are original. After years of playing produced pub trivia overseas, the freshness of Wharf Rat Trivia night is uncountable.

Boy, if this post doesn't scream for "insiders" to suggest the bar they own/work at ...

I've participated in one at No Idea, and was at Hightopps while one was going on. No Idea's was def. fun. Hightopps was the regional championship or something (who knew they had those?) and had a bunch of teams representing a bunch of different bars from the area.

I have to second the Wharf Rat. Beyond being topical, they have great beer and a dense batch of nachos to help you keep your hands busy along with your mind.

TriviaMaryland quizzes are fun -- they're mostly at various Bateman's (which I hate), and Shuckers (which is tolerable). I like that they add in some visual questions on the TVs...though I'd prefer if the quiz writers' tastes in music and sports were a little more varied.

There are three pretty fun live trivia games that are "tournaments" in the area.

TriviaMaryland, as already mentioned, is a favorite. I find that game to have the best questions and be the most fun. It's at plenty of non-Bateman's, though.

ShowtimeTrivia is pretty good as well. The owner, Brian, runs a nice game with fun questions. He closed his Padonia Station game, I think, but he is still at many local bars and restaurants.

FinalScoreTrivia is ok. Similar to Showtime but crazy questions that just aren't fun to play.

Yes, the Wharf Rat on Tuesday night. Adam is a congenial, thoughtful host and prepares all of his questions himself...topics range from Socrates to the Simpsons to Norwegian white rats. very eclectic

Fun regulars make for spirited competition but might not be for hard-core triviots.

only downside -- it gets crowded.

It's been a while since I did the entire trivia circuit, and much of what I remember may not apply. So essentially it's about time I did the circuit again!

Mad River Trivia - Wednesdays, I think it's sponsored by Absolut or something. They give out shots to winning teams per round, and you have to turn in your answers to someone at the end of each round. So, there's no cheating, but it takes a long time. I've only been once and I didn't care for it. I know Sly Fox and Waterfront Hotel do a Wednesday trivia too.

Max's In Fells - Thursdays, and it's pretty hardcore. After talking to someone about it I to see what it was like, and it's definitely more involved that answering single questions - it's usually stuff like "List the top ten selling albums of all time in order" - and you get points based on which ones you get right. I don't remember what the prizes are.

but the one I'm most familiar with...

No Idea Trivia - Tuesdays, I've been going for years now on and off. Currently each trivia night is broken up into five categories, usually the final round is a musical category. There's also a "late night" category that happens after the main event. Each category has a prize (usually a gift certificate or bar swag) and an overall prize for the top three of the evening (gift certs, bottles of various booze).

Currently Bobby and Harvey do a stellar job of running 10 week trivia tournaments in which teams can sign up and maintain an ongoing score for the duration of the season, with the winning teams taking home big gift certificates and trophies (but don't try to drink out of the trophy). It gets pretty crowded during the summer when all of the teachers are off.

So No Idea is my personal favorite, the guys running it put a lot of effort it and really enjoy what they're doing.

Definitely gonna redo the circuit soon though...


Check is in the mail. Thanks!!

Hey after three years of enjoyment, making a lot of friends and winning tons of booze, I figure an endorsement is in order!

I've only been to the No Idea trivia night once, but i had an incredible time. Mex has a fairly informal one on thursday nights that draws a lot of people from Constellation Energy as an after work thing. Mex's is during happy hour around 6 or 7. Jason's crew at No Idea do a great job. Definitely worth checking out.

I've played final score and when i moved to the eastern shore, delmarva dj. Final Score is by far a better game, bigger bonus at the end and discourages using outside points of reference. Owners of the game are personable and friendly. I will contest it is a hard game but the people who make it up take their time with it.

I've liked both Mad River and Max's (first time there last night!), but I heard while at Max's that Wharf Rat is pretty great. Checking that one out next.

I've been playing weekly for over 7 years. Started with Final Score and now keeping up with TriviaMaryland. Each have many venues throughout the Balto Metro Area to play at. Both provide competitive games for the true trivia buffs, but work in a variety of topics that keep it interesting for the novice teams out for a fun night. The power point video presentations of TriviaMaryland set it apart from other question/answer trivia
games. Quick moving visual "Who are we?" character theme questions lend a unique and creative touch to the game.

I've played the three major games in the metro area - mostly in Catonsville and Columbia/Ellicott City. Some teams play several nights a week and hit up locations hosted by all three of these companies.

Trivia Maryland is run by Russ, and his questions definitely challenge players to study. The questions span U.S. presidents, world geography, flags, music charts, etc. His game features a PowerPoint that he projects on TV screens, and he has two picture questions each night where you have to identify people, movies, etc. We really enjoy the set-up of the game, which include multi-part questions where you get points for every answer you get right (i.e. Name the top 5 best selling albums of all time). The teams are very competitive, and the tournaments have big prizes. Russ is the best host of the bunch; we have been to his game at Bare Bones in Ellicott City (although it is crowded!). 17 locations.

Final Score Trivia was the first game we ever played. The questions are a bit more obscure, but it does have more pop culture and sports categories. We enjoy the host at Jilly's in Ellicott City. She has a goofy, dry sense of humor. Big prizes for tournaments, and some locations have $100 cash first-place prizes every week. 18 locations.

Showtime Trivia is a spin-off from the Final Score game. Brian, the owner, is fun and comes up with great questions. This game has the exact same game format as Final Score, but the questions are skewed for 20- and 30-somethings (which we enjoy). There are lots more current events, sports, music, movies, etc. The prizes are smaller, but the competition is less fierce. We've enjoyed the game at the Phoenix Emporium in Ellicott City. Meredith and Granma Dave are personable hosts and build relationships with the teams. 9 locations.

TriviaMaryland is the fastest growing and clearly the best for business in any establishment where other customers wish to enjoy the evening. With the power point presentations on the televisions, non-playing customers can both enjoy the game as a side line and enjoy there own conversation without interrupting the MC.

The questions include a local flavor and are geared to all ages. Russ has found some excellent MC's and could grow faster but he seems to prefer quality. With over 500 teams, up to 10 players per team, TriviaMaryland has the potential to make any club popular. Russ knows the business and has brought a much needed air of friendliness to trivia. Locations:


The Greene Turtle, Germantown 7:00pm

The Greene Turtle, Frederick 7:00pm

The Greene Turtle, Westminster 7:00pm

Bill Bateman's Bistro, Havre De Grace 7:30pm


Bill Bateman's Bistro, Severna Park 8:30pm
The Greene Turtle, Mt. Airy 7:30pm

Shucker's, Fells Point 8:00pm

The Greene Turtle, Towson 7:30pm


Bill Bateman's Bistro, Glen Burnie 8:30pm

The Barn, Carney 7:30pm

Bare Bones Grill & Brewery, Ellicott City 8:00pm

The Greene Turtle, Belair 7:30pm

Sullivan's, Laurel 7:00pm


Bill Bateman's Bistro, Towson 8:30pm

Waverly Grill, Woodstock 8:00pm

Adam's Ribs, Edgewater 7:30pm


Dean's Restaurant, Hampstead 8:30pm

I will have to plug Russ' Trivia Maryland. He uses a very cool Power Point presentation on all his questions which lets him expand into picture questions..."Who Are We", "Name the Band", name the Movie", etc. while many times he has a theme going on to guess for extra points. He is also very personable, unlike Glenn who used to run Final Score Trivia, but Kristi and her hubby are very nice. I just like Russ' game better. Form a personal perspective, most trivia question writers tend to pound a particular genre, TV show, Movie, etc. I am tired of too many Simpsons, Harry Potter and Cartoon Character questions. Just my input.

Go with Russ!

I have been playing trivia since 2002, I started off with Final Score at The coliseum in Cockeysville, which then moved to Padonia Station, and made its way to Bill Batemans in Reisterstown. We did fairly well, made it a few trivia bowl championships. However, I was disappointed in a playoff game when the question was, “in what film will you find Jeff Bridges, Joan Allen, Christian Slater?” I wrote on the sheet “Tucker”, which was an 1988 film about the automaker Preston Tucker. The score keeper, looked it up, because his answer to the question was “The Contender” and his response, The title is “Tucker: The man and his dream.” He wouldn’t accept it and we ended the game outside the championship because of that discretion by 1 point. This wasn’t an isolated incident. In a championship game back in 2005, he had an anagram of “Audio Ring Uphill” related to a person, Out of the twenty teams, only two figured it out, but he discredited both teams because they spelled Rudolph Giuliani as Rudolph Guiliani. In 2006, Final Score pulled all of the Bill Batemans locations due to personal conflicts between the owner of Final Score and the management. We tried to follow the game to Route 2, and other locations south of Baltimore. Our team was concentrated around Reisterstown and we had less team mate willing to drive long distances every week. In addition, the questions were getting to the point where other teams would go half way through a game with no points. Championship games, a possible 80+ points on the table, and teams would win with 31 points. The topics were obscure because teams couldn’t name Merle Haggard’s first #1 hit, couldn’t name the leading scorer in the NHL for 1954, or the first team to win the world cups in Soccer.

Bill Batemans revived the trivia night with Showtime trivia in 2007. The atmosphere is great at Batemans in Reisterstown, and the questions do not require the knowledge of the composition of polyisoprenes. I enjoy showtime trivia and you should check it out.

I have been almost all of the local trivia games for about 10 years. First, I think it is great for any establishment to host trivia, it gives patrons something to do at no cost, tests their knowledge and good across the board for the business, trivia companies/hosts and the customers.

There are 3 main games in the area that offer multiple locations - Final Score, TriviaMaryland and ShowTime.

I too started w/Final Score Trivia. The game is/was a good challenge. WE played for several years at various locations. It was a great game but the owner Glen has about the worst business owner I have ever seen customer service wise (and that is putting it extremely nice). The new owners are much better, I give them credit on that end. The rules can sometimes seem a little strict. Overall, it offers multiple locations, playoff type structure and a good challenge.

I have also played Max's, No Idea and James Joyce triva/pub quizes. They are more of a relaxed atmosphere. It all depends on what you are looking for, personally I find them too easy. But if you are looking for a social game where you might know most of of the answers and/or not care, those games might be good for you.

Showtime trivia is another good game, the owner Brian does a good job of running the game, probably one of the best hosts there is w/his humor and wit. It can be borderline too easy at times but still a well run game.

I have been playing TriviaMaryland the last few years which is my personal favorite. The main advantage is that Russ does it in a Power Point Presentation, there is no need to write down questions and much mor fun and relaxed. The questions are a good challenge, yet allowing partial credit for multi-part credits allows almost everyone to score atleast some points. The questions covered many different areas/age ranges too which is nice. There is a really good playoff structure in the game too w/cash prizes at the end.

I truly enjoy playing it wherever it is and hope the businesses continue to succeed in these tough economic times.

Wow, my thoughts echo many of the posts about Live Trivia over the past 10 years. Strange how everyone is on the same page, playing from different bars.

We too started with Final Score. That game started out fine but quickly went down hill with the CRAZY nature of the prior owner/host. He has been run out of MD to Ohio where the game is failing there too. The worst part is he still writes the games for the new owners of the MD game. I wish the new owners well but they need to break ties with the previous host.

We then started playing TriviaMaryland, a much better game, with a NICE owner & set of great hosts. (get well soon Russ) As mentioned the use of the TVs for questions & pictures is the big difference.

Trivia Maryland has large cash prizes at the end of the season and bar tabs at each game. The list of bars has been posted. Most bars are fun raucous games, a few are a bit quiet.

We haven't tried Showdown but it sounds like a great game. Our team will venture to find it soon.

"Fear the Crabs" are going Down this season. We have a big pot of water & Old Bay ready. :)

Trivia Maryland is the trivia game that has the questions that are true trivia questions, geared to all ages and categories. The owner, Russ, is the greatest, he tries to make the game fun and competitive for everyone. The TC monitors are a unique addition, and help to make the game more relaxing and fun. By the way, Trivia Dude, Fear the Crab is not afraid of a little hot water, and bring on the Old Bay!

I've been playing at the James Joyce for quite a while, and I think it's great. They run a national pub quiz called Brainstormer. The questions are in the Jeopardy ballpark, with a broad range of pop culture, history, sports, etc. There's a picture round and a matching round every week, and they have prizes of money off your tab for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. The guy who reads the questions is only ok, but the wait staff is awesome. I don't think it's as easy as kent says, but then again I haven't played most of the others.

The Wharf Rat is also great, but it's a little more informal--score yourself, idiosyncratic rounds that can be awesome or frustrating (or both). It's a good time. The one time I played at Bill Bateman's in Towson, I remember not liking it that much, but I can't remember why.

Since I have seen this done, and want to provide a little balance.

Final Score Maryland is the biggest trivia game in Maryland and is great for business in any establishment where they want to fill a bar/restaurant with trivia players that are looking for a challenge and a big championship prize. . With prizes for the top 4 teams of $2000, $1000, $500 and $250 respectively Final Score Maryland is providing the biggest cash prize out there (far as I know). The questions are a real challenge while being from a varying range of topics and schools of knowledge. Christy (the new owner)has found some excellent MC's and has worked hard to distance herself and the current game from the previous owner (since he is no longer involved with the game in Maryland) while still keeping the tried and true format that has kept Final Score Maryland as the most successful and most copied game in the Maryland/DC area.. With nearly 20 venues Final Score Maryland is clearly the right choice for many establishments and trivia teams throughout the area. Final Score Maryland has the potential to make any club popular. Christy knows the business and has brought a much needed air of friendliness to trivia.



Manhattan Grill, Perry Hall 7pm

Second Chance Saloon, Columbia 7pm

Charred Rib, Timonium 7pm

Growlers, Gaithersburg 7pm


Hella's , Millersville 7pm

Jilly's, Pikesville 7:30pm

Glory Days, Towson 8:00pm

Glory Days, Glen Burnie 8:30pm


Charred Rib, Timonium 8pm

Jilly's, Ellicott City 7pm


Manhattan Grill, Perry Hall 7pm

Glory Days, Glen Burnie 8pm

Golden Bar and Grill, Ellicott City 7pm

Damon's Sports Bar, Crofton/Gambrills 8 pm


Applebee's, Padonia/Timonium 9pm

J.J. Muldoons, Gaithersburg 7:30pm


Jilly's, Ellicott City 8pm

Three Nines, Jessup 8:15pm

If you have not been to a Final Score Maryland game since the old owner was involved I would say you owe it to yourself to give them a try and not be shut out of the big money because you didn't like him.

So Trivia Guy, are you really saying that "the previous owner" of Final Score "is no longer involved with the game in MD"?

He is still writing the games is he not?

The same F'ed up BS from before.

Hi there,
One of my players brought this blog to my attention. I think it is fantastic that bar trivia is receiving so much attention. I played the game for more than 4 years before I became the sole owner of Final Score Maryland.

I have read all of the posts, and I think some very valuable information is being circulated. However, I would like to clear up a couple of misconceptions...

I am the owner, the only owner of Final Score Maryland and I personally write all of the questions used in my game (with the exception of aircraft or war questions which my husband enjoys writing). This is my full time job. Everyday I sit at my computer and research topic after topic in order to create fun, diverse, and accurate questions. Then my MC's are all required to independently verify the validity of the answers. Since I approach this as a former player I know how frustrating it can be to hear a wrong answer given. I am not perfect. But I certainly give it 100%, and I expect no less from my MC's.

Its not an easy job creating 120+ new questions a week, every week for the tournament. But I want your experience to be as close to perfect as possible.

Anyone who knows me knows how much I believe in this game and that I firmly believe that the players are the most important of the game. If people aren't enjoying themselves then what's the point?

My goal as the new owner is to bring everyone a fun, fair, and friendly competition.

Because of name branding, all Final Score games share the front page of the website. But, that is where it ends. From reading the posts I completely understand that people were frustrated with how the game was handled prior to my ownership. You can be assured this is my baby now, and if you haven't played in a while, please come out and give us a shot. If you are going to judge Final Score, please judge it on what I bring you, not what you recall from the past.

We would really love the opportunity to show you why nearly 2000 players love this game and how much fun we really are. My MC's are all friendly, professionally trained and hail mostly from the radio industry where their other jobs include teaching at the Baltimore School of Broadcasting, weekly commentator for the Anita Marks show, and announcing for the Baltimore Blast and UMBC sporting events. I invite you to talk with them, I am sure you will find them facinating.

Our game schedule is posted on If you have other questions feel free to contact me there. I love talking to the players! --christy--

Don't know if everyone is aware of this or not, but Showtime Trivia is having a 98 Rock theme game on Friday, March 6 at 8pm at Belisimo's. The Morning Show is coming out to play the game and teams can enter to win a chance to play on their team! $200 cash prize for the winner of the special game as well.

My boyfriend and I have been playing Showtime Trivia almost from when they started and love it. They give out free movie screener passes each week and all kinds of movie related products. Trivia is meant to meant to be fun and entertaining and that's what you get when you play. Not sure why people are saying the questions are easy, I guess they must get every single answer correct, but I sure don't!

I am a big fan of "pub trivia" - my husband and I have been playing at least weekly for 5+ years on a team. It has also been a great girls night activity for a girlfiend and I on occasion.

We started playing Final Score Trivia years ago when Glen was the owner and always enjoyed it and were thrilled that someone took over when he left and has actually made it better!

The tournament format is great - and although I haven't yet been on a team that's won the Trivia Bowl I plan to keep on trying. I also really respect the integrity of this game - I've seen suspicious cell phone use at other triavia games and been pissed.

Finally another vote for Jilly's in Ellicott City, a lot of fun, definitely worth checking out.

I also have always like the plying at the Charred Rib when I can make it up there. And recently played a game at a new location in Columbia, the 2nd Chance Salon, which was much fun!!!

Sorry about the confussion Christy, I didn't realize you were now writing the questions for Final Score MD.

But I must say I know of about 8 teams that used to play Final Score that now play TriviaMaryland that don't want anything to do with your game because of the continued association with the "former owner".

Might I humbly suggest that if you want to draw the high caliber teams back that used to play Final Score you should break ALL ties with "the former owner" including his website that your game is still part of.

Go out on your own to be free of all the negative perceptions. Get your own website is my advice.

Good luck freeing your game from the tangled mess that was left to you.

I have played TriviaMaryland and it is a good game. I have not played Showtime. My favorite game though is FinalScoreTrivia. I do agree that Glenn almost ruined a great game but thankfully he is gone. Christy is the polar opposite of Glenn. If you hated Glenn you will love her. I always found mistakes in Glenn's game and he would ask some really bad questions on occasion. I can say I never find any mistakes now in the questions and they definitely don't have the look and feel of what we used to call "Glenn Type" questions. Again, it is just my opinion but I would suggest to the players who left FinalScore because of Glenn to try it again and see for yourself. If you have a chance to meet or talk to Christy please do, that will tell you all you need to know.

Christie, it belittles you to send these posts in under different names to look as though everyone is loving you and your game. Shame on you!!

One I haven't seen mentioned here is Charm City Trivia. I am not a shill for them, but we have been playing there for a little over a year. They are the host for the "Mad River" location that's been mentioned once or twice in this thread. We play at Mountain Branch Pub in Joppa.

They have games at a variety of locations. It's a good game. The owner, Branden, tries to give good questions - he writes them all himself. The hosts are usually pretty engaging, and Branden himself hosts often, and he's a hoot.

The questions have a great variety, and the game moves pretty quickly even though there are 24 questions. No visual aids, which is one negative I have mentioned to him repeatedly.

My team actually tried TriviaMaryland the last two weeks, and I really was not at all impressed. The PowerPoint on the screen was a nice feature, but we literally waited up to 5 minutes between questions. It should NEVER be more than one song between questions. And the kicker was when the host would start asking OTHER questions during the "real" questions. For example, we had a multi-answer question, and as we worked on our answer, he offered a beer to someone who could name the dog on "Hart-to-Hart." Huh?

We played at Bel Air, and the host didn't have much personality, to be honest. Nice enough guy.

It felt like TriviaMaryland was more for people who were going out for the night and felt like playing trivia while they were going to be out anyway, while Charm City Trivia feels more like a trivia night that you have to go to a bar to play... If that makes any sense. I just feel like Charm City is there to ask trivia questions and challenge you by not giving you 10 minutes to answer the question. Charm City gives 90-120 seconds.

I played TriviaMaryland at Greene Turtle in Towson, and the dude actually went outside and had a smoke between questions... Walked back in and said "Okay, two more minutes..." WHAT? :) Let's get a move on, pokey!

I have not tried FinalScore or Showtime. I just wanted to represent a little on Charm City Trivia and compare to what we encountered at TriviaMaryland. No offense intended!

As co-quizmaster for the Thursday night game at Max's Taphouse, I'd recommend not confining yourself to trying "one" out, as each location has a different vibe. At Max's (and at Alexander's Tavern on Wednesday night) we are definitely more laid back and not as worried about stumping the audience. Don't get me wrong - we have some tough questions. But our goal is to let people have fun regardless of whether or not they know an answer.

That being said, I would definitely say there are about 3 or 4 different "types" of bar trivia out there, and not everyone will enjoy each type.

We tried out FinalScore Trivia at Manhattan Grill in White Marsh on Monday. Good game, but the questions - at least this week - were super tough. We usually do well at trivia nights with our team, but there were just some very obscure questions, like "What state neighboring MD was hit by a tornado in 1945 that killed 200 people" (paraphrasing).

Rich, I agree with you... I think any trivia company is truly beholden to the host at a location, and even the location itself. We've done one trivia company's game at two different locations. One we LOVED, but the other was horrible because the host was terrible - bad attitude, mispronouncing, etc.

I've been playing on a Final Score team since January of 2003. My team has won a couple of Trivia Bowl championships and has come in third three times. I'm a history teacher and I enjoy more of the history/geography/current events type of questions. I have no serious complaints about the questions other than an occasional history question that I don't consider "real" history (For example...and this isn't an actual question, just an analogy...What year did Lay's introduce their _______ potato chip?). Some of these sort of questions should be categorized under different topics. Overall, however, the questions match the categories quite well. I agree with some other posters that some of Final Score's questions are very difficult and at times somewhat arcane. However, the hard questions for some are not difficult for others, such as some of the history and geography questions our team often gets right but others get wrong. Either you know a subject or you don't. The teams with a better knowledge base rise to the top. Those that don't know answers fall behind, no offense intended. It's a truth almost too obvious to state. I once played in a championship game held by one of the other outfits to help out one of our Final Score team members who plays in various leagues, and found the questions mostly limited to entertainment and sports and geared mostly toward the 20 and 30 somethings. I'm in my mid-40s and like the broader range (and difficulty) of the Final Score game. Don't get me wrong, I get frustrated with some of the questions, but overall I think Final Score challenges the player more than the other leagues. More visuals would be nice, though!

Just ran across this blog - interesting comments. I am the owner and producer of Charm City Trivia. While each location's success only goes as far as the MC hosting it, the format and questions are definitely what keep teams coming out every week. Folks like prizes, which we certainly have, but if the questions are no good, the game is pigeon-holed. And no serious player will appreciate the "honor system" for scorekeeping. (you games know who you are)

I have been to just about every game in the area and some of you run a pretty good show, but if you want to see "the game" in Baltimore, come to our flagship game at Mad River on Wednesday nights at 8pm. Better get there by 7:30 for best seating options. The questions are a good mix - easy, medium, and hard - across ALL topics. (i.e. history, science, pop culture, sex, drugs, and rock & roll) They can be challenging but they're fair. The prizes are worth wild, and the room energy is unmatched anywhere.

It's the juiced up version of all our regular games ( so it can be intimidating. Just ask the team who bowed out of the Irish Jig side contest against a 60 year old woman last night. Hilarious! This game is billed as the "Mecca of Trivia in Maryland". No small boast, but you just gotta see it. We don't get 130-160 people a week for nothing!

Second Chance Saloon in Columbia used to host a great game with Final Score Trivia on Mondays. That abruptly ended in recent weeks and another company, Challenge Trivia, took its place. My team attempted to investigate Challenge Trivia online, to check out the company, teams, locations, standings, etc... and there's no trace of the organization. Someone named Rick hosted this week's game there. Can anyone fill me in?

A quick update for those that have played trivia at Loafers Catonsville in the past. They will be starting TriviaMaryland's game on June 11th.

They will be having Live Trivia once again, on Thurs. at 7:00.

Yet another Final Score Bar switching to TriviaMaryland.

TriviaMaryland playoffs are May 28th & the final on May 30th. Good luck and I don't think we'll need any Old Bay this time.

Has anyone been to the Tuesday trivia at Dellaroses? I have a different Tuesday happy hour spot (and I'm not telling, haha), but would consider switching it up, as Dellas is closer to home. Any thoughts?

We go to trivia Thursday nights at Beer and Buffalo Wings in Glen Burnie. Leslie hosts and we LOVE her game. The same teams come every week and new teams are always showing up. The food is good and the service is great! Love it!

Just stumbled across this blog. I am the owner of Second Chance. i am replying to Brandon. I hope he is still reading. We are still having trivia on Mondays. The host is Rick and he is really great. Since he started we have doubled in teams and we are getting ready to start the next tourney for 1k next Monday. Get your team together. We are giving anyone that comes up with a new team a 2nd Chance t shirt, a free pitcher of beer and a fairly worthless goody bag of stuff. Rick is a lot of fun and we also have nightly prize.

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