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January 28, 2009

Thanks, Gutter

For the kind words. Back at ya!

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Posted by Sam Sessa at 9:24 AM | | Comments (29)
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Congrats Sam! They hit it right on the head.

niiiiice. not too shabby there sessa.

Whoo hoo! OK, I'm bias because Sam is kind enough to post my photos, but I do enjoy the lively exchanges, range of topics and openness to readers' input on this blog.

You the man Sam!!! I loved how jmg critcized the City Paper! Being a former famous letter writer for them i think the City Paper is class-less and does not care about its readers i know this..i have talked with several people there! As long as they sell ad's in there paper they could care less about there readers..thats why i no longer have any involvement with the City Paper!!

mud will continue to be flung, whose up to playing David?

"People like to say Sessa." - Jerry Seinfeld

Congrats Sam!

City Paper has its role and fills it well.

baltimore is lucky to have the city paper.

Ak and Adam no Baltimore is not lucky to have the City Paper! I was offered a job there writng reviews,and i told them i only want to write columns! There response you will never probally believe me but its 100% true..they said quote: just make stuff up then! Do you know the more advertising dollar bars and restaurants pay..the better the recomondation about there facility is! I was told if I wanted the job, the places not advertising that i could give them reviews so bad that it would embarass there facility! That would then make them want to advertise in the City Paper! Thats how they get so many advertisers Ak and Adam! They dont care about there readers and it shows by there rude profanity laced stories! Even there comics are you know there are probally some little kids reading there comics? Do you think the City Paper has enough class to even care? No they dont! I consider them at the bottom of Maryland newspapers! I wouldnt be here at Baltimore Sun Midnight Sun if it wasnt the top place to be! Sam Sessa is the best Bar and Restaurant reviewer in unlike City Paper..Sam doesnt take bribes! He does honest reviews...and if the readers want honesty than the Midnight Sun is second to none!

Yes. the CP does have it's place. And it shows esp. this week with a awesome cover story that's pretty engaging.

the Know Your Blog section of the site is dedicated to previewing local blogs that newbies and non-insiders know little about. Nothing negative or competitive.
thanks for all the support and comments. Check in daily for new junk.

J.M. you work for the City Paper because it sounds like it? Just curious you wouldnt happen to be Joe McLeod from City Paper would you? I noticed the J.M. if last name is Giordano it would be news to me! Because i carried Joe for a while with my letters in that publication! Every other word out his mouth is profanity..but all in all he has refused to except my writing challenge! If he is as crazy as he acts(he is a fake) then he would step up for once and except my challenge! I know I am better than him and it would be a honor to put his sorry writing to sleep! Little kids have access to that paper Joe..why the uncalled for language? When will you ever step too Lee Gardner! And quit using cussing in your comics!

I do know that the City Paper employees read this blog mainly to find out about new bars opening up. I don't blame them because I would too. The City Paper has a tremendous amount of potential but they don't even review bars anymore and for awhile there, they didn't even review restaurants. It does need a little more content but it is nice to see what's going on around town.

Yeah anon i could see why the City Paper would defiently check out Sams site for info! Sam actually does his job the right way! The City Paper offered me the dumb review job only a few months if they do get someone to write the may not exactly be honest! And last thing on there I said unfortunatly most people reading comics are kids,nothing wrong with adults reading comics...but if you are going to have comics so dirty they should be in a adult magazine, then they shouldnt be accesible in a paper stand...because you know there is at least a few hundred kids around 10-12 getting free paper out of stand just for there comics! All of us men cuss, i do when i get drunk(Ha Ha) but when it comes to being profeesional the City Paper does not care about who is reading there long as they sell ads(they sell alot of ads!) they could care less! Im sure it hurts the City Paper by hearing me say this...after all they seen me as next good writer for them...but when it comes to class and tradition nobody in Maryland beats the SUN!! They really do care about there readers!

I doubt Tim Lumber influences many people's opinions on the City Paper (or anything, for that matter).

JD i think you dont have any idea what your even talking about! Go drink another sounds like your bartender should have cut you off 2 hours ago..please dont try to drive a cab!

Real reason City Paper didn't hire Tim Lumber ... copy editors threatened to quit if they had to read his garbage on a regular basis.

Just in case it actually needs saying, no one at City Paper has ever offered Mr. Lumber any writing assignments, and advertising dollars don't influence our reviews either way. Also, water is wet and ice is cold.

Lee Gardner you finally respond! I still think its a disgrace how your paper uses profanity in it! Lee have you ever sat down one second and thought...maybe little kids pick up your papers to read the profanity...and rude gesture comics you print? Do you even care about that Lee? The water is wet...i never knew that Lee....Ice isnt actually hot? sound like Albert Einstein! I still know this Lee...I am the most talented writer to ever pass through your publication...I could win a debate against 10 of you City Paper writers! You need more troops Lee! And my phrase is maybe you should wear a life jacket when in a debate with me...because if not you will sink...just like the Titanic!!

JD you will be eating your words with your comment Tim Lumber doesnt influence many peoples opinion on City heard what I said about the profanity in the comics...i guarantee you in the next few months there will be none....thats why i speak up! I write for the people, i dont hide my feelings like 99.9% of other writers! Lee Gardner failed to mention anything on the comic comment I made...why...because any decent parent or person out there knows I am right! I will have to tell you a quick true story how this came to my step daughter was viewing a old City Paper where I had a letter published when she and her friend(note they are both 12 years old) read a Dina Kelberman..Important Comics..they were laughing saying the comic looked like a male private part and were laughing at profanity so bad it was a disgrace it was ever even published! That was my last straw with the scum bag City Paper writers! Then people want to debate me on this...if any of you have kids or are a respected Aunt or Uncle you should know I am right! I draw the line when kids are involved! If you were to buy a profanity comic at the Book store or Newscenter you would have to be 18 years of age! I noticed Lee Gardner got quiet after that comment! The Sun would never publish that type material..thats why its a honor writing columns on The Sun's website! I promise every one have seen history change at the City Paper...I bet the comics will get better...Lee was in a no win situation with he went mute!!

does Tim lumber have any clue that when you click on his name you are not directed to a web page or blog. Seriously. Is Tim Lumber a real person or a made up Internet persona? Was that even grammatical english? Tim Lumber if you are real come to Mother's. We have your nasty Old Crow. And I'll give YOU an Interview to submit for the readers of MS.

Sam, he made the rants too long!

tim lumber - point made but conciseness is more effective.
you can express your feelings without disorganized ranking and name calling.

tim do you proofread your stuff at all?
"Go drink another sounds like your bartender should have cut you off 2 hours ago..." schiziod crap

Queen_Colieen yes I am a real prove it Google the name Tim Lumber! I would love to get that free Old Crow drink at Mothers..I will stop down to sign a few autographs for your patrons this spring! There is only 1 photo of me posted..its a picture thats like 6 years sister posted it...I look like a nerd in photo! Honestly my wife is starting to recover in a serious and dangerous bout with diabetes which she is finally gaining her weight back! She was hospitilized for over 2 months...and she just come back home..when she gets better I will deffiently be willing to meet the readers! This is a dream come true to me...I love writing..even though Im against its rules I have great respect for it! Stebbin sorry about the name calling this is my last long rant(just for you) Me and City paper have had a on-going feud I just dont like what there about..very happy I write on a Sun blog...Sam Sessa is a world class writer! Karlosi..hello friend...The bartenders should never even allow me to buy beer or Old Crow in the 1st place Im too wild!! Thank you all very much!

Real quick Queen_Colleen(cool name!) when my wife recovers I will also give you that interview! Like I said google Tim sister startedd a myspace page for me...the photo is 6 years old..alot of people may be calling me a nerd after viewing it butit proves I'm real...several pages of stuff I've written just need to search through it..

Queen_Colleen my wife staying at her moms for another few weeks so if you want to come famous and be in a Tim Lumber column I will interview you! E-mail me and we can figure out a time! Dont worry I will bring a designated driver! Mother's Bar..are you sure your ready for Tim Lumber? I expect the red carpet to be rolled out when i enter the premises! All yeah(Mother's) free-be's are a good thing to me! Do I have to bring cash...Ha Ha! I will be more famous than Joe Flacco on his Mother's commercial....I would be great on a commercial! Queen_Colleen just remember I will give you tough questions to drink some beer before I arrive...have the manager get me a Old Crow on the rock...and put on your game face...your about to become famous....courtesy of me Tim Lumber! E-Mail

Tim I was going to interview YOU. And *cough* while free does make everything better, we here at Mother's are inclined to charge for alcohol consumed. I would however be happy to buy you a shot of old crow for your time. We are closing for a few days for our post holiday outing next week. The owners are taking us to Deep Creek. I'll email you some dates for when we return. And Tim Lumber while I appreciate your offer to make me famous, thats OSC. (Old School Colleen). So prepare for me to ask you some tough questions.

boy that Gutter blog...cough....sure is umm..good...
(in the words of the philosopher Homer:

Queen_Colleen sounds like a deal!

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