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October 8, 2008

The truth about meatheads and me

Got an email this morning from MD reader P.J. about today's meathead post. He writes:

"I understand that you might not like certain groups of people and there is nothing I can say to change your opinions but I would appreciate if you could better characterize those that you choose not to be around.

... While there are muscular people with tight shirts that like to fight in the Federal Hill & Canton bars they are far more the exception to the rule.

I am willing to accept preppy/yuppie/collegiate/immature/douche bag/etc. for people that wear collared shirts, chinos/jeans & baseball caps but don't use a term that does not paint an accurate picture of the bar patrons that bother you."

P.J., I think you raise a really good point here, and I want to address it ... 

For the record, I do not hate meatheads. Or hipsters. Or yuppies. Or natives. Or anybody else for that matter. I don't think I'm better than them. Heck, I have fallen into any one of these categories at a certain point in my life.

I'm a spinach farmer-turned-hippie-turned-hipster-turned-yuppie-turned-God knows what now.

However, I do enjoy poking fun at all of these stereotypes. And yes, there are times when I don't like being around certain crowds. But I'm not anti any of these groups.

And quite frankly, I don't think it's right to generalize or stereotype if you're being mean about it. I try really hard to keep Midnight Sun hate-free. I just enjoy making fun of the stereotypes. 

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You, of all people, should be aware some of these things play differently in print then when spoken. Whether intended or not, some of these included remarks do come off a sounding bit snide as a result.
Then there are people, who are always on the defensive, who will always take some these remarks the wrong way no matter how their stated.

But hey it's not like you ever said anything as extraordinary as this Jerry Della Famina remark.

"a tongue-in cheek slogan proposed for the client Panasonic during a brainstorming session -
From Those Wonderful Folks Who Gave You Pearl Harbor."

He later used it, in 1971, as book the about his life in advertising so far.


Good point, GDA. It can be hard for people to draw the line between poking fun and insulting a stereotype. And yes, I get a bit snide from time to time. But you can believe me, I have my tongue firmly planted in cheek. I don't mean any harm by it. I like to think most of the time, that comes across.

No Idea and Don't Know are for sale...

I feel the same way you feel about meatheads, when i see the upity hipsters who believe that they are different. WE get it, you eat vegan and drink wine, WE get it you dont like talking about getting laid, WE get it -you think its caddy and trite to wear tight clothes or pastels (except tight jeans with Avant Garde shirts --thats ok). God help us from the self rigtheous who dont realize the fallacy of their own self realizations..

well I do. having lived in Fed Hill for almost three years, there are two kinds of partiers in Fed excluding Mum's patrons of course ;)
1) douches
2) douchettes, which, given just the right amount of alcohol, are about 10 times worse at 2 a.m. than their male counter parts. When they're not shivering in the cold with their strands of purple beads rattling and shouting in their raspy voices "KARI!!! CRYSTALLL!! WHERE DID WE F$@&^ CAR??" or better "IF THAT $#$ing B$#@%! HAS SUMTIN TO SAY WHYNT SHE SAY IT TO MY FACE!", they are puking behind Mothers, Mad River, Magurks. So let's give the meatheads a break...

@ Robert, actually, when I take my girl out in Fed Hill, she's hit on by DBs ALL THE FREAKING time, as soon as I hit the john or am across the room talking to someone else! When I take her to "hipster" places i.e club charles, Brewers Art et's never an issue. so you see, there is a difference. It goes beyond vegan/wine/ hipster t-shirts., I'm lost. What's okay for me to wear and drink and say when I go out now? Non-collared shirts with sweat pants? Collared shirts with ninja pants?

JTK, you can't go wrong with this:

JMG - you shouldn't have told me that because now I am going to show up at Brewers Art in a Lesko/Riddler's outfit and start hitting on your lady friend as soon as you turn your back!

i don't care about the meatheads anymore, i am more worried about the encroaching 8 mile (heath st) crowd.

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