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October 20, 2008

Lindsay Lohan spotted at Mosaic

lindsay lohan, samantha ronsonMovie star Lindsay Lohan (pictured, on right) dropped by Mosaic in Power Plant Live Friday night to see her girlfriend, DJ Samantha Ronson, spin.

Lohan and Ronson arrived around 11:30 p.m. Lohan hunkered down in a booth during Ronson's set, event promoter Heidi Klotzman said. Klotzman's, HeidnSeek Entertainment, partnered with Mosaic for the show. 

"It was like a stampede," Klotzman said. "All the girls were going crazy and taking pictures." 

(AP photo)

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Posted by Sam Sessa at 3:28 PM | | Comments (85)
Categories: Celebrity sightings


big deal!

Ronson is an absolutely horrid DJ... Her brother Mark used to be tight, but has also completely lost his chops.

What a gorgeous woman! Samantha is lucky, cause I would love to have Lindsay!

Have you heard Sam DJ? How horrid could she B? As long as she has good songs she should be good to go!

There is definite chemistry between them and its obvious they really care for each other. So let em be.

They are a HOT ticket right now too. Power couple- youngest and most famous out Bi-sexual/lesbian- love Ellen and Portia but these two are it right now. Life is short and so is fame for many- they should put some money away and enjoy themselves. Most folks are jealous on some level.

And Lindsay is take your breath away beautiful- she is gorgeous! That girls has a double portion of IT- what ever IT is...she's fascinating and talented.

And Lindsay is take your breath away beautiful- she is gorgeous! That girls has a double portion of IT- what ever IT is...she's fascinating and talented.

i think the double portion of IT, is on her chest.

Blasted! the train has left town!

Come on ride that train....CHOO CHO!!!!! Maybe next time the train is in town I can hop on...

the TRAIN!

the KongStuff Express!!!

Lindsey Lohan Ballsharkin in the debths of Samantha Ronson at the Harbor......hope she brought her swim floats

I'd BALLSHARK the both of them!

image Ronson with addon and me...

Eiffle Tower in Baltimore.

Lohan is mad hot, but i would rather leave it up in Jim's mom.

Who's that dude next to Lohan?

that DUDE is Bignose's sock puppet....

a hand from the bottom and spackle on the grill.

You leave my mom out of this Keith. Let's focus on the issue at hand.
1) The shady guy on the left
2) And those two gigantic tumors on Lohan's chest.

Yes that is me next to Lindsey She thinks I am Samantha but she is in for a suprise when she visits the land down under.......Put em out Put em out!!!!!

Only you cant prevent forest fires...

They forgot to put in this blog that Lohans Mom was in bmore friday night!!! She was at my house waxing my car..

She was waxin' my dolphin!

i just want to put my head on those lovely tumors and remind her what trunk butt really is. the syphalis capital of the world....coincidence....I think not. At least there's something other than that Phelps character runnin around.

Phelps...... Lohan.... hmmm....

one swims like a fish and the other eats it...


Phelps....thats the little boy in the picture with Lohan??

who let all the 13 year olds comment?

Who let the people that have enough time to write that message on this blog? You are obviously doing just as little as we are.

Colleen! Help! This post unleashed an avalanche of immature, insulting and deviously funny comments. The teenagers have me cornered! HELP!

you gotta stop showing them [photos of lindsay's chest]! Even my seemingly mature boyfriend was gawking at the pic of lezlo's breasts! Whatcha gonna do? :)

Lindsay is hot as hell.


attractive, great hooters - otherwise uselesss news of a has been

Hmmmm.....have absolutely no opinion on the original topic but the comments are hilarious and way more interesting.

I guess Lohan is as exciting as that curly haired guy from American Idol (I really can't remember his name but he looks like Jonah Hill).

And were back!!!

I think you are talking about Carot Top...he was on American Idol wasnt he??

I'm glad we could spice up this blog. As for referencing us as teenagers, exactly how many teenagers that you know visit Immature as we may be, a good laugh is all we are looking for. Mission Accomplished. Just ask you boyfriend and the editor.

i believe we should have more images of the peaks of poon to review during business hours...


i believe we should have more images to review during business hours...


Was anyone actually there Friday that might have something useful to say? I want to know if she was hammered and staggering around everywhere like usual.

And now time for the celeb gossip blogging geek to weigh in. When Phelps was in the Olympics, apparently he made comments about having a crush on La Lohan - and she was texting him good luck and all that, prompting rumors that SaMANtha was getting jealous and annoyed... reference earlier Phelps coincidence comment, and maybe La Lohan is going back into the closet.

There are also rumors that SaMANtha proposed whist recently in Mexico, so if anyone was there and happened to notice her ring finger, please weigh in.

Hey Red, BigNose and Keith, I think a little toilet bowl humor was just what the doctor ordered.

Are these two friends or a couple? Looks like Lohan and a geeky boyfriend.

Chris Singh

Yes yes toilet bowl humor is the best kind of humor.....helps get through work day!!!!

Wait a second, Mike, when did childish humor become pointless? And even she was hammered stumbling around, what's wrong with that? Don't act like you haven't been there..

I was there on Friday and she and her man friend where sitting on my LAP!!!!!! BYHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAA

Come to find out her man friend HE was a SHE!!!! I was drunk and you know them drunk googles will get cha every time


"And even she was hammered stumbling around, what's wrong with that? Don't act like you haven't been there.."

sounds as though one has years of experience doing this.... possibly waking up with sailors? old sea captains? perveyors of the laptop motorboat?

Question is, why was BigNose paying attention to the he/she rather than the milk factory? Can't blame the alcohol for everything now can you? By the way, if you were there...syphalis makes you lose your mind....FYI

Donkey Punch, that's none of you buisness and I'll have you stay out of my personal affairs...besides...if you don't didn't happen...

The Milk Factory was an open door I was in an out all night but the he/she started attacking me and I was i went back in for more milk....

hey red and big nose... i see you have returned to the seen of the crime.... motorboats, poon peaks, toilet humor, and the rusty gillespi....

is there nothing you wont bring up?

i dont suppose you have those reports for me do ya?

Yeah Yeah I got the reports now let me get back to the Milk Factory and Motorboat

Sam, we need you to join the fray. It's just sad and pathetic if we don't get a response....well....MORE sad and pathetic anyway.....Keith was Donkey Punch don't let him fool you.

Who is Chris Singh? He sounds Indian or Pakistani.

"keith was donkey punch"

yeah.... Red Bully, umm yeah.... i'm going to need you to work on saturday.... and while your at it...

tell your mom i'm coming by and expect her to have taken a shower this time.

i want to wear lohan on my face like a gas mask!

Despite all the rumors you here on the news the picture above is actually Me and Lindsay........I am just sick and tired of people thinking I am a girl that looks like a Boy.....Can you accept me for who I am!!!!!!

I'm not gonna lie then BigNose.....You are for you get what you pay for....

Are you sure this wasn't at the Hippo instead of Mosaic?

Are you sure this wasn't at the Hippo instead of Mosaic?

Nah I'm just kidding thats totally a boy in that pic

Are you sure you weren't at the Hippo instead of Mosaic???

Red Bully,

“...syphilis makes you lose your mind....FYI”

I’ve photos of what long term syphilis does to the brain. It turns into something that looks like used coffee grinds that fill only about two thirds to the brain cavity.

I believe it causes dementia: “severe impairment or loss of intellectual capacity and personality integration, due to the loss of or damage to neurons in the brain.” From

Keith? You're Donkey Punch? Red Bully just pulled back the curtain ... OH SNAP!

is lohan the milk factory?

QueerB i was at the hippo dont you remember seeing me there....I saw you there with one of those tranny hookers from calvert street...

i can neither confirm nor deny my participation in Project Donkey Punch.

the only curtain Red is pulling back is the one in his Salli Home Maker playhouse...

He and nose are quite the couple....

Oh yeah she definately is the MIlk Factory...thats what we called her back in high school.

Nose... that isnt nice at all! you leave B8 alone... its no ones business if they were there with your "Aunt"....

"S"he is a wonderful guy when she tucks it back.

Now we're cookin. All kinds of input that further degrade this fine article. Sam, you've made the working communies' day that much better. I look foward to your next article....By the way, awesome use of 'OH SNAP'
...........................................................................BigNose has bigger breasts than Lohan's he-she..........

mud will be flung non stop at everyone - shields up


Lohan = Milk = Lactose Intolerance = Me throwing up on dem big cans.

but it's worth the mess.

Yes this was all in good fun and I thank everyone for their particiaption in the Make the Day go by fast debouchary posts....Thank you Bmore....You guys are the BEST.....

And yes my Breast are bigger than Lohans

BigNose has bigger breasts than Lohan's he-she..........
that's true but EVERYONE has bigger breast that Lohan's he-she

Ok ok no more about my breast thats a sensitive issue for me =-)

Red's grandmom's breast arent bigger... they're kinda concave... like an inverted snow cone..

wish marshmallow.

Like I said, you get what you pay for...
If you want tig ole biddies, BigNose is cheap....real cheap....

Not as cheap as Red Bully's father

karlosi wrote: "mud will be flung non stop at everyone - shields up"

I don't believe that is mud.

Wow!! It's crazy all the Bi- sexual chicks have come out. That's Cool! That's Hot! lol

Wow!! It's crazy all the Bi- sexual chicks have come out. That's Cool! That's Hot! lol

LOL! You guys are too funny :-) I have to admit that Lindsay really is very cute right now at the ripe old age of what? 22? Therefore, I will concur with earlier comments that Lilo should go for it and live it up while she can ... because with all that drug use, tanning and her genetic predisposition towards hideocrity its a given that in less than a decade the poor thing will look like a 60 year old trans-sexual. Have you ever seen her mom? AAARRRGGGHHH! The woman is only 43 ... but a walking add against drug use, tanning beds and smoking!

ITs great that all the Bi-sexual chicks have come out ....

ITs great that all the Bi-sexual chicks have come out ....

How come no bi-guys mentioned? A Yang to lohan's Ying.

She have a nice breasts, i want too ^^. She's dateing with girls...? OMG

The best part about this thread is that everyone is commenting on an article that's two years old. Brava gentlemen, brava.

I think Breastfast's comment, while spam, was still one of the funnier ones I've read on Midnight Sun.

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