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October 6, 2008

98ROCK vs. Sam Sessa?

Mickey CucchiellaI hear Mickey (pictured) & Amelia of 98ROCK's morning show were talking some serious smack on Joel Madden and me this morning.

I say "I hear" because I listen to a much cooler radio station. There's a station like 98ROCK in every city. There's only one WTMD. And 98ROCK plays Nickelback. Enough said.

Now, I understand 98ROCK helped promote Madden's gig at Angels before he canceled. I'll bet that's why they're peeved.

Anyway, I would have gladly gone on the show and defended myself, but they didn't give me the chance ...

ameliaWhen I got to work, I checked my phone messages and got one from someone who works on the show around 9:05.

He was like, "If you get this in the next five minutes, call me back."

Come on guys -- plan ahead. Or was it just a slow morning?

And Mickey, after all of your gigs I've plugged, you wanna get personal?

This isn't the first time 98ROCK has taken pot shots at me either. 

Back in 2005, 98ROCK sponsored a kegs and eggs event with comedian Stephen Lynch. I arranged an interview with Lynch through his publicist, and met up with Lynch after the event.

In the article, I mentioned how a couple dozen people had shown up at for "an early bird radio performance."
The old morning show producer threw a hissy fit because I didn't name-check the station, and they spent all morning giving out my e-mail address and phone number and telling people to call me and let me know what they thought of me.

Of course, no one called or e-mailed. Yaaaaaaaaawn.

So Mickey/Amelia/other dude (Spiegel?), if you want to take the gloves off, bring it. But next time I need more than five minutes' notice.

(Photo of Mickey Cucchiella by Chiaki Kawajiri/Sun photographer and photo of Amelia by Elizabeth Malby/Sun photographer)

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Wow, look what this whole thing has turned into. Do people really not have anything better to do? That's just sad.

P.S. Sam, I think you're awesome.

Now I remember another reason why I turned them off.

Don't worry about it Sam. Plus, if Mickey wants to fight, you can take him. He probably only comes up to your kneecap.

Those two are hacks, recycling the same jokes and format that is so cookie-cutter across the nation. Their show stinks, and the Nickelback comment is spot on.

But regardless of their talent level, it's kind of low when you simply take shots and not look for a follow up from the subject of the shots.

Then again, I'm pretty sure neither of them went to journalism school. Should I seek a comment from them now?

Maybe 98Rock is jealous you don't drive a Camero or have a mullet. Seriously I am surprised that station is still on the air. I have Sirius, but I suppose their programming is still Zep, Ozzy & Van Halen 3 times an hour? C-ya!!

Duffster -- go for it. I'm more than willing to call in to their show.

Is this a test of loyalties, Sessa?

I enjoy listening to Mickey when he's on WBAL for the rundown on Fridays. They did this thing the other day: 4 words you never, ever want to hear. The winner: A caller chimed in with "I'm carrying Mickey's baby".

I've despised Mickey whatshisface ever since his I heard he was involved in the deal that turned Network/Daytonas in Pasadena into a CVS. How rock n roll is that?

Actually I have it on good authority that Sam did, in fact, once drive a Camaro. Reports of a mullet are unconfirmed.

Patchen is correct -- I have indeed owned and driven a green 1998 Camaro. It was my second car.

My first car was a 1966 Chevy Caprice. Pops and I (but mostly pops) reconditioned the engine. I loved that thing. Here's a picture of one that looks just like mine did:

The Caprice was great on the Eastern Shore, but didn't hold up so well in the city. Plus, old cars like that suck up gas and break down often. But I still miss it.

Sam, maybe for them it should be "cya", as in cover your a**.

Mickey, is he doing Gilbert Gottlieb impersonations?

Anyway, I guess their way of getting ahead of the competition is to be a week behind the curve of a news item and on the wrong side.

When did someone decide the way to get people to listen to a music station was break the flow with inane bluster? Sounds like Howard Stern wannabes.

The Bar Which Be Unmentioned gets a lot of ad play on 98 Rock, I get the impression that between all the attention places like Baja, Cancun Cantina, A.L. Gators (back in the day), Steeltown (way back in the day), and every other grit venue in the Baltimore area gets on 98 Rock they're really just sticking up for a place that fits their audience. Plus it gives them material to work with since 99% of all morning zoo programs can't talk about anything more intelligent than [female anatomy] and pro midget wrestling.

I say, embrace the beef, it makes for good entertainment and could probably lead to some sort of bar-hosted showdown where WTMD and 98 Rock have a 'yo momma' contest or something..

Also this whole thing solidifies the old adage - The Internet: SERIOUS BUSINESS.

Mickey's an idiot. I've hated him since the first time I heard his voice on KML back in the '90's. Never take anything he's involved in seriously. To answer,
GDA's question, it WAS Howard Stern who started it all. Those of us who are old enough remember when he was on DC101 back in the early-'80's. The all-talk, no-music morning show began with him when he went to NYC from DC. Now every city in the country has 2 or 3 morning shows that try to copy him. Along with those other nationally sydicated shows, ie Don & Mike (RIP), Bob & Tom, Opie &Anthony, etc.

A digression,

Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence:

Vows are spoken
To be broken
Feelings are intense
Words are trivial
Pleasures remain
So does the pain
Words are meaningless
And forgettable



Check this out.

Kevin Ayers - Super Salesman

sam, while i totally agree with your opinion of 98 rock and wtmd, which station do you think is more likely to play the awful awful awful good charlotte? obviously it is 98 rock. i think you could pretty much replace your nickleback comment above with good charlotte and the meaning would remain the same. these guys have never been cool, relevant, whatever. all they have done is suck the teat of the rotting corpse of punk... it must have tasted like green day.

No such thing as bad press, Sam. I bet your blog readership just went up quite a bit from the free publicity they gave you.

Did 98Rock ever play Good Charlotte? I do not recall, but I do have a senility problem.

One person who has been awfully quiet in all this is Matt Davis, who hosts 98Rock's Noise in the Basement, perhaps he is ashamed of his own radio station's actions? I saw him at the rock bar the evening everything happened, but he sort of left quietly without a word.

Keep it up, Sam- you're doing an awesome job of keeping us in the loop!

dude. this is like a democrat being dissed by Fox. Who cares. Really.
That show has been crap since Kirk, Mark and Lopez (RIP Dude!) ended.

jmgiordano - dude, some people think what's in the National Inquirer is true.

amelia is hiding all kinds of ugly behind a microphone. nice turtleneck long sleeve t shirt combo. the pennsylvania dutch braid is by far the best, it beats mullet any day, unless you are actually pennsylvania dutch.

bring back the junkies!!!

Bill, you are wrong. Amelia is one fine woman and would totally be worth the climb, I assure you.

98 Rock has sucked since before most of you were born. WTMD rules for the car time and for at work! Commercial free programing.

on the flipside, guess where about half the producers/interns at 98Rock come from? dun dun dunnnn......WTMD.

Hey Sam, I am playing Mickey and Amelia in the 98 Rock Fantasy Football League this upcoming Sunday, maybe I should change my team name to Team Sessa! Not sure if people can still take a joke!

Jason -- do it! Strike now, while the iron is hot!

This blog is awesome. Sessa, I think you need to parlay this into more challenges. I say you pick a fight with the Washington Redskins next for some sort of off-the-wall reason and then challenge the Washington Redskins cheerleaders to a pudding wrestling match. Your reach is vast. Make it happen.


Where did you get that rare picture of Amelia on a bar stool at OEM's?


Go back and read the photio credit at the end of Sam's post.

Amelia looks so happy as if she's thinking, how did I wind up here?

ms. music,

does climb = poke?


she has rachel lapp hair.

sessa you suck and 98 rock is awesome flagship station of the ravens

Amelia is ugly has hell they had to air brush her onto the 98 rock homepage to make her look decent and Mickey that whacy little midget [expletive]. I would [expletive] his wife in a heartbeat.

I listen to their program because it makes me feel like I'm tuning into to Lazlow's talk radio in the Grand Theft Auto Video games. I'm sorry, I miss trashy people on the radio. You guys are so lame... The modern world makes me feel like I'm at a Kenny G concert.

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