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September 30, 2008

Angels Rock Bar disses Joel Madden

joel maddenThere's some serious drama bouncing around MySpace about Angels Rock Bar and Good Charlotte lead singer Joel Madden (pictured).

Now, I don't have both sides of this story because Reed Cordish never returned an e-mail I sent to him yesterday.

But I've heard the same story from a couple different people, and it's pretty wild, so I'll share it with all of you.

To celebrate its one-year anniversary, Angels Rock Bar in Power Plant Live booked Madden to DJ there this past Friday night.

However, Madden had to cancel a couple weeks before the gig. I'm not sure how far in advance of the gig or why he canceled.

What kills me is how Angels reacted to the cancellation: According to a couple sources, they printed up T-shirts which read "Joel Madden is a [cuss word often used to describe a cat]." ...

According to my sources, Angels also permanently banned DJs from playing Good Charlotte in the bar. Keep in mind, Good Charlotte is a local band done good that still has area ties and performs around here pretty regularly.

And Madden isn't the first person to cancel on Angels -- Tommy Lee bailed back when they opened.

If this Madden saga is true (and I believe it to be true), Angels just dropped to a new low. Cancellations happen. Get over it. Dragging Madden's name through the dirt like that is wildly uncalled for. And unless I hear that all of this is a lie, I am hereby banning any mention of Angels Rock Bar from Midnight Sun.

I don't support this kind of unnecessary stupidity. 

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Posted by Sam Sessa at 2:11 PM | | Comments (52)
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Good for you. Joel madden is a great guy that has a super-busy life! Something probably happened and he had to cancel. That is such riducoulous kid behaviour!! Poor Joel. Good father, good singer, good clothing company but he's still not good enough for some people!

He is terrible. Just ask anyone who grew up in Waldorf. Total clown!

I agree with Rachel. Joel is a wonderful man!!! I am probably one of his biggest fans and have met him several times. How sad that people from his home state have to act like a bunch of jerks, just because he had to cancel. I'm sure he had a good reason. He is a hard worker and dedicated to his music, be it Good Charlotte or his DJing. I say suck it up!!! At this rate, you are lucky he even wanted to DJ at your lousy bar! in the first place. He could have blown you off from the start!!

He dates Paris Hilton.

Joel Madden is the nicest guy one could ever come across. He's sweet and doesn't cancel gigs unless there is a reason. He's always doing something charitable for others. Sometimes cancellations happen. You have to be an adult to realize this. I'm from Maryland and I think Maryland should be more supportive of Good Charlotte then they are. I'm proud of GC and Joel Madden.

Remember folks, the whole story hasn't been told.

As is, it does sound petty and mean spirited to the extreme.

You are right, the whole story hasn't been told. The whole story is much worse then what has been written. It doesn't matter if you like GC or not, it's about supporting a scene. GC still comes home on a regular basis and hangsout in the same bars they did over 10 years ago. They support the scene, they have local openers to their shows. Their myspace still says "waldorf MD" they support their home state that gives them little support back and I think that is sick. Even their clothing line DCMA stands for District of Columbia & Maryland.
IF you want something Not to support then Don't support Rockbar.
Also, Joel doesn't date Paris (that's Benji).

Joel knocked up and married Nicole Ritchie.

For an ironic laugh, take a look at the lyrics for "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" juxtaposed with where Benji and Joel are now in their pop-punk career.

Who's Responsible for the Shirts with the Cus words? His name is Jake Miller and he is the Cordish employee who's idea that was. Typical childish reaction, though.

Benji who?? I'm pretty sure that she dates the boy from Good Charlotte.

I agree with The Truth. The fact is, Maryland should be more supportive of GC then it is. There is hardly ever any mention of all the good things GC has done in the way of benifits and charity events. If the dude wants to sell shirts with Joel's name on them with a slur..that just shows the immaturity and ignorance of the dude and not Joel Madden or GC. Come on Maryland! Show more support towards GC for a change!

He is they are brothers..

Good Charlotte is a terrible band
Angel's Rock Bar is a terrible bar
Who cares?

Well if this is true, that's pretty childish and just plain ignorant. Why are grown up people acting like 12 year olds?

Personally, I like Joel, and I know he only cancels when really necessary.

I forgot to add one more thing. Imagine the club telling all the DJs about how they can't play Good Charlotte. It's like, "Dude, don't ever play their music or else you'll banned as well!"
So "hardcore"!

Yet another moronic decision by Jake Miller -- what does the Cordish family see in this guy? -- he is single handedly destroying their reputation.

He has fired or forced out all employees that were of any quality, mostly because they question his foolish ideas and challenge his power.

He is creating quite of list of failed concepts -- I suspect Angels is next.

Sucks that these guys can't pay "celebrities" to dj or hang out at their bar -- especially when they hang out at Bedrock every time they are in town.

Maybe Madden didn't play because he found out Jake fired his childhood friend who used to work at Cordish?

Jake sure knows how to burn bridges.

Typical Cordish & Co. when will those guys get it.

Nice Cordish Story about his project in Kansas City, Cordish making friends and influencing people....

The Cordish Group is all about money and image, not about customer service and common sense.

And just because they had a "possible guest DJ" lined up depending on if "he was in town at the time" doesn't make it right for them to slam Joel for backing out. Besides, he and Nicole are happy and busy working on the Richie-Madden Children's Foundation. Which to me sounds like Joel has his priorities in order.

Heck, I am not even a celebrity nor do I ever want to be... and I wouldn't DJ at Angel's Pop Bar. And yes, I typed 'pop' because they do play No Doubt, Madonna, Katy Perry, and Maroon 5.

Lots of kudos go out to those who support the local music scene and even more kudos for the Baltimore Sun for helping us all out.

Cordish Not playing Nice in the sandbox in Kansas City!!!!!!!! Some guys just cant get along with thier neighbors or friends.

I want to know when will the people at Cordish look in the mirror and realize that it is them that are messing things up. They have lost a lot of really good people from the main office to managers in power plant live because of their egos. They lost people with vission, with heart and that carred about what was going on in the city and replaced them with "yes" men.

Goodbye Rockbar, I wish I could say it was fun while it lasted... but I can't bring myself to lie.

Joel & GC... keep doing what you do and to the Real Rockbars in bmore (Fletchers, Ottobar, Sonar, Sidebar, Bedrock, and all the rest just keep keeping it real)

Thank you Sam & the Bmore Sun for posting the Truth!

This bar and band sucks. GC does not support the scene. They do not hang out at bars they did 10+ years ago(they were still in highschool), they do not go to shows other than the 9:30 club when they are in town, and they didn't go to any shows other than the 9:30 club/ Capital Ballroom back then (with the exception of the Christian joint used to play at in Waldorf).

rock is a ... pit. dundalk white trash kids, and sometimes their parents, getting 'dressed up' to go downtown, to da power plant, hon'.
i went there to meet some friends several months back and watch several 40 year old men make sexual gestures to young drunken girl who could hvae been their daughters age.

You can check my previous posts on Rock Bar and the Cordish Co. I am no fan of Rock Bar, the Cordish Co. in general, or the Cordishes personally.

That said, I find it really curious that you are "hereby banning any mention of Angels Rock Bar from Midnight Sun." It's your blog, Sessa, as evidenced by your decree.

How odd is it, though, that a member of the "free" press is now partaking in banning and censorship?

im pretty sure being a dad can be pretty hectic enough he had to cancel and plus he is A list celeb he probably has a lot to do .Joel is from MD and how does MD respects him with tshirts written about him. Im pretty happy then he lives in CA

you people are nuts. most of these celebrities act like sploiled children and get a total pass. i've never been to angel's, but now i thnk i'll go.

Good Charlotte sucks and people in the true scene know it. I guess they're cool if you're 14. Why would a bar book Joel Madden in the first place? They should thank him for cancelling. And take a look at some of the blogs above... I would like to tell all DJ's not to play Good Charlotte. The world would be a better place!

ooh a T-shirt!!! Like anyome cares. Funny how people get so worked up over sometnimg so stupid. Did you ever think that the bar is probably trying to get noticed over this? Sam you played right into it!!

Good Charlotte is a band for ....
Angel's Rock Bar is a bar for ....
Who cares?

How dare people (cough,Richard,cough) say Good Charlotte is cool if you are 14 years old. I happen to be 45 years old and I adore Good Charlotte. I know a lot of other women my age who feel the same way about them!! They have fans of all ages!! So Richard, put that in your pipe and smoke it. You must be smoking something to think Good Charlotte sucks!!

I agree with Tanya. GC does not suk at all and they have fans of many ages not just the teen scene! I am 53! Just because you don't like their music doesn't mean you have to diss them. I'm sure your choice in music doesn't appeal to everyone either! People need to grow up and quit being so narrow minded when it comes to music. And as for this club..perhaps in the long run..its a good thing Joel didn't show up.

I used to work with Benji and Joel in Annapolis at Acme Bar and Grill. They were part time busboys and full time musicians trying to make it big. If I recall Jimmie from JCS signed them to Fowl Records. And they were two of the nicest politest guys I've ever had the pleasure of working with. I cant say I'd know a GC song if you played it but I can't say a negative thing about them. Angels Rock Bar and Power Plant Live on the other hand...well lets just say thats where I send all the creepy weirdo's who want a "cool" place to go,

Teeny boppers and soccer moms.

I'm sure that's the target audience Good Charlotte was striving for when they started.

Hard to blame them completely, they just followed the $.

I'm 25 and I listen to GC. Sue me.
People really need to get over themselves.

Regardless of whether you like GC or Joel Madden or not...

the whole tshirt thing- pretty tacky.

Angels Rock Bar -- I'm certain Chris Sligh is available for your event and would be happy to DJ.

Ive met the Madden brothers before, hell Benji used to live on my street (after they were famous), and from every experience I have had with them I can say for sure that they are both a bunch of two bit ... clowns.

when you book a gig to help promote a bar, especially in your home state where your most loyal fans are, your making a commitment to show up. Angel's dumped a lot of time and money into promoting this event and it makes them look bad when their "star DJ's" straight up cancel on them.

The T-Shirt idea is funny as hell by the way, I want one myself. As someone who used to love Good Charlotte and now can't stand to be in the same room while one of their new crap albums is being played, I say good riddance. Stay in California where all the rest of your wanna-be rock star (or rapper) friends live, theres no room in MD for you anymore.

Good Charlotte followed the money?! What? Quit being so disrespectful towards something you have no clue about! And you obviously don't if you are gonna sit there and say their target fans are teenyboppers and soccer moms. Seriously go educate yourself!

Devin..just because you lived on the same street as Benji and 'met them' doesn't mean you really know them or can form an opinion of them. Perhaps THEY formed an opinion of YOU and thats the problem you have with them. I've met them too. 3 times actually.. and at no time did I ever expererience anything but nice, sweet men who have the best manners I've ever encountered. There certainly IS room for them in Maryland. Their albums are NOT crap just because you don't like it.

Beverly ... and their albums aren't great just because you DO like it.

And Walk Away ... they definitely followed the money. They've become a bubblegum 'punk' band and are the exact thing they used to despise. When GC came out, they were so against 'celebrity' and all that came with it, now they are dating Nicole Ritchie and Paris Hilton. I'm sure their target fans never were teeny boppers and soccer moms, but that's who they've got now.

Good Charlotte is what's wrong with music. No talent, loud-mouth punks who act like rock stars. Music is absolutely talentless garbage. Who cares where he is from!! I'm personally embarrassed that so many of my fellow Baltimoreans feel the need to take up for this worthless little punk.
The Sun is pushing this because it doesn't care for the Cordish companies, not because they care 2 cents about Good Charlotte.

So continue with your uneducated rants about how incredible this jackass is, and fooling yourself that you have any taste whatsoever.

"I don't support this kind of unnecessary stupidity." - but your paper tends to support many, many other kinds.

Good Charlotte = Hot Garbage

Well, Joel Madden is a [cuss word often used to describe a cat].

Did you really say 'cuss word'?? What, are you 14?

Chris Sligh, actually is quite busy, but if he wasn't and given The Angels Rock Bar's immediate past history, he would pass on this particular venue.
I don't think that he has that much bulls**t tolerance.

anonymous - the old cliche applies to the Cordish Co - they think their sh*t don't stink but their farts give them away.

Their sh*t must stink...they haven't been at all successful...haha. Clueless, tasteless fans of garbage commenting on a thriving business. Enjoy flipping burgers, losers.

what a freakin [curse word]! he has his head stuck so far up his [fanny] he can lick his own tonsils. can't come back for one night to your home town that basically made you what you are today? what a [curse word].

karlosi & Brian Simmons,

All very interesting.

Being successful at business, doesn’t necessarily mean being someone you would respect enough to have as a friend or someone who has respect for their customers or even their own employees, ergo their sh*t could stink, but could still know enough to hire the right people to create and run a successful business(es), a la Richard Branson.

Business is business and this is probably just a hiccup or belch for each of these legal entities* that probably have minimal impact one either of their future's. There’s 50% likelihood at some future time they’ll enter into another money making venture, although not likely in the near future.

In this particular or peculiar incidence, no one is coming out remotely smelling like rose, at less not in this column.

All else said this is just partisan blather like the mouthpieces for Hilary Clinton & Obama going at it in the primaries.

Brian, may we all, at some future time, enjoy flipping burgers behind our McMansions.

* Madden to the IRS is probably Joel Madden, Inc.

Wow, some people.

What the H is Good Charlotte?


Funny thing is...those shirts sold out within a day.

Frankly, if he cared so much about his hometown roots he would have given an explaination other than, "I don't feel like coming to the East Coast".

Well maybe the East Coast don't need you coming over here anyways. Good Charlotte is over-rated anyways.

I'm from Baltimore, if you're gonna act like a punk and screw over the same people who helped you get where you are then maybe you are a (explicit term used for a cat).

Joel, don't forget where you came from dude. You may come back occassionally and play a show or help out with charities but you punked out on not only a venue but your fans who were waiting for the show.

Not me...I don't even like your music.

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