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July 30, 2008

Midnight Sun soiree?

If I organized a party at a local bar, how many of you would come?

I'm thinking about throwing a Midnight Sun soiree to celebrate the end of my anonymity.  


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Posted by Sam Sessa at 9:28 AM | | Comments (74)
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Do I have to pay a cover?

If not, I will be there.

I'd be there....and I know what you look like. It would be fun to meet some of the "regulars" that post to your blog.

Count me and eCommerce in!

Maybe we should reopen Charlotte's for one night and have it there.

Are you sure you really want to meet these people in person?

[ducking and running...]

I would show if I don't have to work.


shots of chartreuse all around!

Chubbies Gentleman's Club on Eastern? :)~~

Party= good reason to drink=good idea. But your not completely anonymous. I met you at Clip Art one Thursday afternoon. (I work there one day a week). So I could pick you out in a crowd...

Colleen, you know, Amie and I had dinner at Mother's a couple weeks ago. (I put away one of those awesome deep fried heart-attack burgers). Afterward, I asked for you, and they said you were upstairs working a private party. I shed a few tears and left.

i'd show up. sounds like a fun time.

Sounds good to me- I'm betting I know who you are but not WHO you are...

Interestingly enough, Biff Baker and I were talking about this not 2 weeks ago- saying we've most definitely seen you out, and didn't know you were THAT Sam.

Only if it was at a random dive bar

Waltz Inn on Oddonnel has excellent karaoke.

You have to remember that those of us in the 21224 don't usually venture to that other neighborhood on the other side of the water.


This party screams - PALMA!!!

I'm down for Canton or Fed Hill. 21224 unite!!

I'd definitely be there, so long as its at Pure Aqua.

If it's on a Saturday I am down.

Palma is just not cheesy enough for him ... but rumor has it that Sam already reserved all of the beds at Pure Aqua and hired a flock of bikini models to follow him around putting gel in his hair, spraying him with axe body spray and carry his bottles of Belvedere and Crystal, LMAO!

Definitly Canton!!!!21224!!!!

Where and when?

The party favors better be something other than the chochkies on your desk.

I'm in...Off night, late happy hour (e.g. Tuesday 8 - 11) would rock.

Set it up with the right bar and I they'll give you a deal.

"Even if it means taking a chubby, I'll suck it up". You should definitely consider idle hour for this thang.

As long as Sessa doesn't drink up all of the bacon vodka, I am in. And no cover charges.

Hey Sam,
I am good for $2 Miller Lites and 25% off food. $5 Bombs for those who want to have a real good time.

Maybe we should auction it off? Can I hear $1 Millers and 35% off food? Everything but the kitchen Zink!

Seriously though, lemme think on it.

I will only reveal myself if you go to one of the weirdest/worst/stupidest places you've reviewed. I.E. Hoopers, Crossroads, silks, ful, pur,aqua etc. You know I'm on to something here.

Will there be a cover? If so, count me in.

Otherwise, no I want to be nowhere near Drew, the Gump from Greektown

The auction sounds good get the word out!

Speaking of "chochkies off your desk" ... 3,000th comment schwag must have gotten lost in the mail.

"$1 Millers and 35% off food?"
What is there to think about? Do it!

Let's go get some of those $5 Blue labels in Dundalk!!!

double in favor for a weeknight thing.

Poncabird Pub / Night Shift twofer

I will show up if "bryanintimonium" is not there. Otherwise, no deal.

Saturday day or anytime on Sunday, I am in.

Hollaata! I am in... I vote for Muir's Tavern or that no name bar at the end of Light. Maybe Brother would hook up a special on Schaffer cans?

I had somebody asked me about Evan last night, and everybody should be able to meet the awesome Queen (colleen_baltimore). Idle hour would be a great place to host it as long as they put their fabulous banners back up or even Captain Larry's with shots of bacon vodka for a toast. Maybe we can have a memorial for Homer! And I am sure Mr Twain can stop by and let everybody know about his new project...You should be able to walk home afterwards. 21230

Hey Smith, nice snytax of your sentence.

Man thanks for the shout out jason. And Sam, you and Aimee should come in for an early dinner on a Saturday night. (I start at 4pm). Out of curiosity did you like your heart attack on a plate?
Im honored that you guys asked for me! Thanks!
So yeah...maybe me posting comments at 2:50 am intoxicated is not in my best interest. Thanks for the editing. Im a dork. :)
Oh and I'm all for Idle Hour! I love the music they play there. But will we all fit?

Collen, I dunno if I'll fit into Idle Hour. I'm having problems with doorways after taking the Four-Meat Challenge.

Hey Bridget,

What do you mean by "taking a Chubby"? Just curious.

Thats some classic Tobias from Arrested Development. Which sadly means i am not actually a hussy, :(.

I'm in...and in love with Bridget for the Fünke reference!

depending on the day/time, i may even leave the eastern shore for this....maybe.

What a conditional party of revellers!
Sounds like a classic case of don't try to please everyone, no one will like it.

I'll only go on one condition, if GDA doesn't.

Now children, play nice.

(Bowling) Ben...leave my Bridget alone, she's taking my chubby at the party! jj

i personally would love it if GDA came. what better occasion to set aside our posting differences, and have a drink. GDA, if you come, I'll personally buy you 1 drink of your choice.

provided of course that its something i can pronounce, and also doesn't cost over $4.

now now fellas lets keep Sam's board clean... save it for the party it could some fun entertainment.

what's up Sam, is this party going on or what? When does the photo come out in the Sun? I still have a few days left to figure out who you are? You were(n't) at Larry's last night? Maybe tomorrow? You are not safe in this town, I'm going to find you and Homer!

GDA is only allowed to go if he brings Chris Sligh.


I think we should introduce ourselves as someone else!
"I'm Drew the Gump from Greektown!"
"No! I am Drew the Gump from Greektown!"

Perfect idea!
"I'm a totally cool hipster editor of an online magazine three MICA students check out...We'll start bashing The Sun as soon as we get bored with BMag...This totally should have been at Club Rendesvous"

"I am a lawyer with very real aspirations of opening a bar in Harbor East and who hates everything to do with the Sky Lounge, we can't have the party there!" or I might be the bad guy with a gun to Homer's head!

ECommerce guy can dye his hair blonde and shave his mustache and put on his Mother's shirt and come as the lovely Colleen! he already has the boobs! jj!

A boob critizing boobs, very funny and hypocrical. Surprised he didn't try to charge for his advice. Lawyers never do anything for free, except hand out their business cards.

American Single, pick your battles dude. that was not bashing this blog. It was just a party idea.
Why be sharp Cheddar when you could just be smooth Velvita? Less stress that way. ;)

Stilton, we can either have it @ Club Rendesvous or Club Spell Check. Either place is OK by us!

Why be sharp Cheddar when you could just be smooth Velvita?

@ JMGiordano, best use of a cheese pun, ever? i think so.

I'm guessing they don't serve "Velvita" at Club Spell Check.

ok....i deleted everything I was about to post...with the exception of the fact that I love the idea of having the party at "Club Spell Check"

Wish I had thought of that one. It made me giggle.
colleen_baltimore aka ECommerce's Doppelgänger.

Well, Sam, you could have it at Don't Know. But, we Don't Know if the A.C. will be working that week.

Kidding of course, Jason. :)

@ BA. We were talking about the brand of cheese made from deer velvet-Velvita ;)


ouch!!!! I got a 18k bill, double ouch!!!, from a HVAC guy, that says the AC better be working that day, or the drinks are on him.

To quote Homer (aka the ones that has dissapeared and who Sam has abandoned and forgotten about):

Cheddar is the original, American cheese is it's near beer type cousin, Velveeta is a cheese food not actually cheese. If Velvita is what Il Giordano says it is bring it to another function.


The only Velvita I found in doing a quick search was for this: "Velvita: Deer Velvet Antler: A Traditional Asian Medicine For Over 2000 Years"

At least as capsules, one doesn't need to actually taste it.

@GDA "Velveeta is a cheese food not actually cheese." oh yeah? try telling that to your average 'merican! That's like saying Formula One is racing, now NASCAR that's not really...
numsayin? ;)
oh yeah, since we're beein' all teacha like:
"Cheddar cheese is a fairly hard, pale yellow to orange, sharp-tasting cheese originating from the English village of Cheddar, in Somerset. Cheddar cheese has been made since at least 1170." American? hardly... :)
PS: the NASCAR thing was a keen-jerk city liberal reaction. PLEASE do not flood this thread with pro-NASCAR comments.

jm giordano,

Velveeta on the package itself describes it as a "Pasteurized prepared cheese product", Cheese Whiz does too. Your average 'merican, or other national, should occasional read the package of what they are putting in their mouth.

I guess the opening sentence would have been clearer stated as “Cheddar is the original, "and" American cheese is it's near beer type cousin,…”

The basic history of Cheddar I already knew. The natural colour of Cheddar is a slightly yellow shade of white. When it is orange, it’s because it was originally colored with carrot juice.

American Cheese is result of the Colonist attempt make Cheddar Cheese when it was unavailable because trade with the English was blockaded during The American Revolutionary War. This I learned from a documentary.
According to Wikipedia the term, in use, is used for a variety non-processed and process cheeses:
A few other sites I discovered show a surprising large number of people regard it with great distain, i.e. crap, plastic, better left to children, etc.

NASCAR is "stock car" racing, like any of those cars are what you can buy off any lot or are street legal.
The original drivers/mechanics were bootleg Whiskey and Moonshine drivers/deliveryman who went legit.

NASCAR purist, go here where I back checked on myself:

As far as Velvita goes, I defer to you.

BA, Chris Sligh will still on his "Back to School Tour" on the dates Sessa has proposed.


*sigh* gda, you just lost yourself a drink offer.

I get busy for a few days and get killed in the comments??? Zink, You better watch out next time I see you.

GDA. Red Bull is SO not for you!

Anybody for cheese vodka?! Heard it's a killer when mixed with Sam's bacon vodka stash!

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