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May 12, 2008

Monday morning roll call

So, kids, what'd you do this past weekend?

Anything exciting?

Friday, Amie and I went to Mosaic (at long last), then to the new Mother's on the Alley.

I'll tell you more about them in a bit.

Saturday, we had a delicious dinner with friends at the Annabel Lee Tavern, and later dropped by the Metropolitan Coffeehouse and Wine Bar for a nightcap.

Finally got the farmer's market Sunday, and then I went to see Iron Man.

It rocked. 

How was yours? 

(Photo by Andre F. Chung/Sun Photographer)

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Posted by Sam Sessa at 11:27 AM | | Comments (20)


Friday...worked the opening of Mothers on the Alley(Sam must have gone to a door I wasn't working)

Saturday...worked again...good to see the Kenny Chesney concert brought some business to the City as we got a huge rush of people right at 11 after the concert let out

Sunday... caught up on some sleep, traveled to Liberty City, beat up some prostitutes and killed some drug dealers


An off point question.
When the late nights turn into the late early mornings, where do you go for breakfast?

This will probably sound terse, but it's Monday and I am in bad work mood.

Friday night: Went up to Bel Air to Looney's for a birthday party. Why do I feel that all the city bar adaptions up there are terrible?

Additionally (Sam??), I heard that all bars in Bel Air must have an equal balance of food and alochol sales. For examples, if you sell $100,000 per month of booze, you must sell $100,000 per month of food. This, to me, sounds totally unfair.

Saturday, ate out in Canton and went to Looneys. Friends invited me to Coburns but after I found out they were charging men $5 to come in, I went to anther bar. I can't imagine how that place stays in business. Only Canton bar to charge cover.

Sunday, headed to Bay Cafe for a few. Pretty dead inside due to the rain.

Friday: went to dinner/drinks at iggies, then played drinking games at my friend's new (massive) apartment near the monument.

Saturday: Dinner at nick's for sunset, Capt. Larry's for some drinks, then on to rafters for some more drinks and a sweet bowling game they have there.

Sunday: Golfed, then headed down to see radiohead....what a story. If you wanna hear about my misery, check my review here:

Friday: REVEREND HORTON HEAT at Ram's Head, it was a totally amped up rock freakout HELLUVA show. Nashville Pussy rocked pretty hard as well, it was awesome. The Rev kicked out a 'rich kid' for throwing his beer at their equipment.

"First thing you learn in kindergarten - DON'T THROW THINGS! First thing you learn in college - DON'T WASTE BEER! Get this mother[guy] outta here!"

Saturday: drank all day while shopping for houses.

Sunday: Mothers and sons dinner at LP Steamers.


You're looking for a house? My sister and her husband have a ton of houses and condos available for sale and rent throughout the city and counties.

Send me an email with what you are looking for and I'll see if he has anything that may meet your criteria.

I went and saw LIVE at Sonar on Friday, good show and they have made a lot of improvements to that venue. It's night and day from what it was just a few months ago. Not to mention, they are reworking their deal with IMP and 9:30 Club, so there should be some pretty cool acts there again soon.

Saturday we hit up Red Horse in Canton then headed over to Mosaic. Mosaic was packed but dull. Red Horse had literally the worst bartender in the history of bartending working. I had to debate if I wanted to grab a forth beer. I didn't know if I could spare 20 min standing at the bar. No exhageration.

I really can't get over the improvements at Sonar. The place looks and sounds really good.

Saturday: Went to the Obits/ Night Marchers show at Ottobar....

Drew -- beats me. I've only been on a Bel Air bar tour once about a year ago. I'm not too familiar with liquor license codes in Harford County. Anybody else know?

The epicness of the experience of seeing the Radiohead show at Nissan Pavilion on Sunday is hard to describe. I've never shivered so much in my life, and for something I paid for.

Spent the weekend waiting for my ears to stop ringing after seeing the Drive-By Truckers at the 930 Friday night. They were there for two nights, so I don't know if they'll be coming back anytime soon, but next time they do, go see them if you like music with guitars even a little bit. Best rawk show going.

Wheelsee, I went in through the front door on Charles Street.

GDA -- good question. I'll do a post about it.

Sam sounds like a FFF to me, best drunken food spots...Better make sure Blue Moon is on there.

Friday: went to Charlotte's for the bands, but left early when the person I had watching my dog called to say he was sick. Yeah, I got a doggy babysitter when he's not feeling a problem with that?

Sat: Velvet Lounge benefit with Moscow Telephone, Appomattox, Imperial China, The Prisoner's Dilemma, and Len Bias. I was too tired and cut out before Len Bias, and committed the gravest of errors for a taper: I forget to press RECORD for The Prisoner's Dilemma (who turned out the best set I'd seen from them).

If interested, the audio for Moscow Telephone, Appomattox and Imperial China is here:

Friday: In Towson at the Rec Room celebrating a friends birthday.

Saturday: Down in DC for my first ever DJ gig at a club. This took place at MCCXXIII (1223). Nice place and the people appreciated some house music.

Sunday: Slept and went to my real world job working the night shift.

Hi Sam,

Any tips on scoring four seats at Annabel Lee on a weekend?

ah...hmm around midnight I was at the charles st entrance must not have been paying close enough attention


Yeah MCCXXIII is a pretty nice place. David (owner) has always made good decisions, sheesh; he has owned that place, what 8-10years? Maybe longer.

Things really started to change for the better when we put Rob in charge as GM a few years back.

It's one of those places where they seem to maintain a different environment on each floor without it distracting from the overall feel and atmosphere of the venue.

You should look at DJ'ing at Steve's Bar Room (a few doors down). It's hard to find, as you enter an office building and take an elevator to the second floor, which opens into the venue. The place is small and intimate, yet not pretentious at all. Hell, you can even get PBR for a buck out of a vending machine there!

Steve Swetlow is a DC legend. He managed Ozio (also around the corner) for years while we saved to open up his own place. He’s a very fair owner not know for screwing his staff or contractors over (rarer than you may think in DC).

They have DJ's every night and I believe they do house music a few nights of the week. Check them out.


Thanks for the heads up. I just checked out the site and it looks really nice and like a really good time. I am always down for doing house music where I am wanted.

To be honest it is looking like DC is the place to go to spin house. I would love to get something together more locally in Baltimore. A friend of mine who also DJ's and I are planning on getting some demos together; one for each of us and one together and trying to get some gigs in Baltimore. The problem is that it seems like a lot of places prefer to do the safe top 40/hip-hop to maintain their business or draw more people in. I respect that because people have to make that money, but I hope that things change in the area soon.

What kind of music are you planning on having at your future venues? My friend and I realize that both love house, but he also does hip-hop and I think that is the best way to go to get a variety of people, and I was quite impressed that MCCXXIII was able to do that last saturday.

Saturday afternoon I went to BMA with a friend to see the Photography exhibition, which was amazing. We had dinner at Paper Moon Diner and then saw "A New Brain" at the Spotlighters Theatre, which I really enjoyed. I'd never been there before, but I really liked the theatre.

Sunday I went to the farmer's market and then took my mom to brunch at Ryleigh's.

I am always looking for new talent or the next hot sound my venue is small but i am willing to work with positive serious poeple, dj's please feel free to contact me im am looking for a house vibe on a monday night.
Steve Swetlow

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