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April 28, 2008

Weekend recap?

I'm toying with the idea of doing a weekly feature where everybody talks about their weekends on Monday mornings.

What do you guys think of it?

Lame? Potentially interesting?

More than anything else, I love to see a good conversation going on MS.

And I usually talk to friends and coworkers about their weekends on Monday mornings anyway.

So, why not talk to you guys about it too?

Let's try it. What did you guys do this weekend?

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Posted by Sam Sessa at 11:43 AM | | Comments (28)
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hmm, SAt. night, stayed home, listened to a book on tape, drank about 5 yeuinglings (or however you spell it) then called it a night. so exciting i passed out.....

I went to a relatively new bar in Canton on Saturday called Saute at the corner Linwood and Hudson.

Not a bad place, moderately expensive, but pretty chill. Pretty shocking to see a bachorlette party stroll in.

After that, walked up to the Square and got rained on.

Bonus: Saw a fight outside of Looney's!

Friday night went to Charlottes on Light Street to see a band play. First time there, it was pretty cool. Love a bar with a sofa. Before the band we made a pit stop at Dont Know for dinner. Wow, I had no idea they had food. It was pretty good. It gets kind of weird in there a little later with all the games. People trying to play pool, people playing air hockey...then they pull out that bean bag game thing that is kind of in the middle of everything.

Has anyone noticed that the outside of bars is so happening now? I bet everyone who lives near a bar HATES the smoking ban!! There are now ton of people on the street now...just hanging outside of the bars.

Overall a pretty good one.

Learned that empty stomachs and wine tastings are not good bedfellows. Ugh.

Drew, I hope by "saw" you mean "participated in." Fights are free, and we here at Midnight Sun take advantage of free things. FMEB!

i think it's a pretty good idea sam.

friday night was softball doubleheader and then hamburg st stoop party.

saturday was worthless except for making a badass peas and pasta dish, and coming up with a ridiculous recipe for homemade ketchup.

i have a thing in which i like to make a nice comfort dinner every sunday night. yesterday it was mini-burgers on a buttered roll, with sauteed onions and mushrooms, topped with aged irish cheddar cheese. roasted sweet potato rounds, and wilted fresh spinach leaves rounded out the plate. it wasn't bad, but i think the peas and pasta was the better dish.

I hit four establishments this weekend and came away happy each time: Minato, Owl Bar, Landmark theaters, and Zen West.

Sorry Sam, only viewed it from the other side of the street.

What did the Sessa do this weekend?

and counting down the days until the jfx farmers market is open for business.

The Sessa will share one experience from his weekend with all of you manana. It involves traitorous beer tops and Dude Code.

Friday: Rock and roll. J. Roddy Walston and the Business at the Ottobar (missed Soul Cannon; sorry). Sunday: The Baltimore Museum of Industry, which was my first time there. It's great. Lesson learned: nearly every job worked by Americans before 1950 could well result in a loss of a finger. Everything was shiny and dangerous.

Friday eve I hung with the brainiacs at JHU for a B-school reception under a big tent. Food was stellar and the wine kept coming. Now I know why tuition is high.

Sat afternoon I walked over to the EcoFestival at Druid Hill Park to see/photograph Caleb Stine and the Breakmen. Great weather and a beautiful setting.

Sun afternoon was spent at the FedHill Spring Block Party to see/photograph Jukebox the Ghost and my friends in the reserves. Drank a coffee to try and get warm!

Sam- I think its a great idea...Ill get back to you with what I did after I find someone who was slightly less housed- and can fill in the details!

Y is for Yeungling

Friday night worked, Saturday, worked a double. Worked Sunday day and got hammered within two hours at Fed Hill Festival. Saw the new Nobles, nice big space upstairs.
Nothing too exciting!

Friday: J. Roddy and Soul Cannon at Ottobar for a friend's 30th. Honestly though, we spent much of the night upstairs.

Saturday: Quiet night interrupted by a theme party—the theme was somewhat lame, so I shall not share it here—in Mt. Vernon.

Sunday: Saw _Into the Woods_ at McDonogh.

Monday: I still don't have my voice all the way back from Friday.

This is a great idea sam!

Fri - JHU spring festival till 7, PJ's and then Rock Band until 4:30am or so. College life for an evening is pretty fun once in a while.

Sat - Fells Point, mostly Leadbetter's but made the rounds at all the cheesy party places for early drink specials. (cherry bombs are pretty awesome, not the drink but the grain-soaked kind)

Sun - FH Spring Block Party, cold and dreary outside but the allure of pit ham and chicken on a stick is too much to pass up! weekend was LAME. I went to Body Worlds with my pregnant sister. I feel dumb now. Someone get me a drink :(

I was downy ocean and filled some of my time crashing go carts into my closet friends on some of Ocean City MDs most treacherous tracks! Then I drank Budweiser alllllll night long. Top that, Sessa!

Great idea, Sam. But, unfortunately I was working all day Saturday and Sunday writing about football. That's bad sauce...

Saturday - lost our BSSC kickball game at Patterson High, drowned our sorrows at Looney's afterwards for a bit and watched the O's win and the Ravens trade down and then back up in the draft.

Had dinner (duck pizza) at Saute up the street, not bad but not great either. Then went for one more drink at Speakeasy and managed to get away without doing the free shot of Irish Mist the mgr was trying to force on us.

Sunday - had brunch at Gertrudes, excellent crab omlette. Saw "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" at the Landmark, bought a few things with the wife at Dogma and then retired home to watch some backlogged DVR selections.

Fri: Packed for moving day then went out for last night of drinks with old roommate in Locust Point.

Sat: Moved in morning then did some unpacking and had lunch with parents. Had drinks at the house with the new roommate and some of her friends. Then went to meet old coworker friends at Looney's.

Sun: FH Block Party to check out Jukebox the Ghost which I ended up missing, but I caught The Cheaters. Ate a lot.

Pretty busy and fun weekend!

A lot of you wanted to see Jukebox play this past weekend. Anybody going to see them at 1st Thursdays in the park in a couple days?

Pretty Crazy Weekend...

Let's just say Jumbo Slice's both Friday and Saturday.

All I can say is heaven in a box.

Great weekend in DC hitting both Local 16 and Adams Morgan.

Got back in Fed Hill just in time for the post festival sloppiness at MaGerks followed by Don't Know.

Which makes me have to ask... Does anyone ever work on Monday's in Baltimore?

I spent time in Bethany Beach ... and I shopped all the way down to the shore :-) Upon my arrival I was greeted by my dear friend Rosa's authentic Equadoran style Pernil, which was sublime with a glass of red wine. I ventured up to OC on Saturday night with my "young girl" posse. In true "young girl" style we downed a few of their homemade jello shooters prior to hitting the Party Block to see Mr. Greenjeans with the entire Salisbury State student body. I danced in the club room with some little boys to Tupac, JayZ and Little Momma ... and I have to say that you young girls "can't pop like this" LMAO! Ok, maybe I popped too much because my knee started hurting which required me to take a few chilled shots of Jack Daniels in an effort to remain mobile. But I stayed strong and fought through the pain living to dance, yet again, at Seacrets ... this time to reggae. We ended the night both literally and figuratively by downing a few "pain in the asses" and stopping at Tugo's for pizza :-) My weekend reminded me that sometimes it really is fun to be the old chick in the club ... especially if nobody knows that you are :-)

in California for the always-a-blast Coachella music festival. Highlights include:

Friday: midnight juggernauts, les savy fav, cut copy, and The Verve

Saturday: VHS or Beta, man man, Boyz Noize, Stephen Malkmus, Hot Chip, Portishead, and Prince

Sunday: Stars, My Morning Jacket, and Roger Waters (Pink Floyd)

Highly suggest it for people willing to travel for a great weekend of music.

Spent Saturday at the Hunt Cup. It was dope in a preppy way. Love those ladies in sun dresses!


I'll be at the Jukebox show at 1st Thurs, w/camera, zoom, flash....the whole schmere.

Sam, I'm down with the reflective glory of the weekend, but I wonder how you'd feel about putting out a Friday morning what you're doing this weekend blog, too.

It'll help people get some ideas for what to do for that weekend, and get some exposure for some potentially forgotten weekend gems.

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